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= 'the head, the whole and the parts were cover'd over Part 2 with this dismal corruption. And further, it cannot be express'd how great a This cors

coruption plague , how fóre a blow this See received from Es hence. For this gave occasion to the Emperors to this day

to meddle with the affairs of Rome and its Bishop's. blowita # The Successors of Charlemaine , having let go this Popery i ; fair patrimony, kept themselves in Germany, du- .

ring which time the Popes got strength and made

themselves Masters. But the excelles of the Court de of Rome, obliged the Dtho's Emperors of Germany ed to march into Iraly, there they corrected and dei posed some Popes, and chose others to their mind. 1 They revived the ancient right, which the EmpeE gors had of confirming Popes after their election,

which was a very sore mortification, of which they I did not recover untill Gregory the VII. And beo

sides, this corruption rendred the Sée of Rome con-
temptible to all nations. In some Countries men

took liberty to write very bitterinvectives against s it; some of which are come to our hands. This is

a wound that bleeds even at this day, and affords
us a very strong argument against the pretentions
6f infallibility and supremacy , challeng'd by the
Church of Rome. For we will never cease toob-
ject, and very rationally, that God is too good and
too wife, to suffer the seat of his Vicar, and of an
infalliblë Vicar, to be infected with so difmal a cor-
ruption. These considerations let us see that none
ought to object against us, that we make one of
the plagues of the Anticbristian Empire to be that
corruption, which is one of its Characters. The
same thing we shall see in the fourth plague, where
We willmake it appear, that the tyranny of the Ara
tichristian Kingdom,which is one of its Characters. is
notwithstanding become one of itsplagučs. When


Ject, and of Rome. fuprema


Part 2., these Characters are risen to an immoderate heighi,

they become senâble, they discover Antichriftianism, and by discovering it they destroy it; for its safety consists in being a mystery; it is a mystery o iniquity. This is the first plague, and the first pe. riod of Antichriffs declining ; this period laste: above a 150 years; for this corruption continued for a good space of the eleventh Age. The second and third plagues are thus set down.

v.3. And the second Angel pour'd out his vie! upon the sea, and it became as the blood of a dead man, and every living foul dyed in the sea.

V.4. And the third Angel pourd out his viol upon the rivers and fountains of waters, and they

became blood. Waters fig.

Observe, that the sea and waters in Prophetick nify peo. visions , signify people or nations ; this is so well ple, the sea in Of blood“ known, that it needs not to be proved. And suppothe Croie fing that this Emblem is not common in other

Prophets, it is most evidently so in St. John. Come, Chap. 17. faith the Angel to him, I will shew thee the judgeY.IS.

ment of the great whore, which sits upon many wa-
ters. The waters which thousawest, where the whore
fits, are peoples , and multitudes, and nations, and
languages. The first viol was pour'd out upon
the earth, i.e. upon the whole Globe; for earth
contains both dry and moist. The corruption of
manners was spread over the head and the members,
over the papal Seat and all its subjects. But this
second viol is pour'd only upon the waters, the
sea and the rivers, i.e. upon the people of the Anti-
christian Empire, or upon the different Nations,
Tribes, and Languages (as the Spirit does express
it) it falls not upon the Head and the Seat, on the
contrary, it is the Seat of the Beast, which contri-
butes to this Plague. The waters of the sea were


tarnod into blood, and every living soni dyed. What Part 2 more native and lively representation could have been made of the Rage of the Croifades. In all languages and in all sorts of style, a fea of blood, rivers of blood , streams of blood, signify a very great flaughter. Now the proper Character of the Croisades, is Naughter, murther, which falls not upon the head of the Antichristian Empirez but upon the people, all was there turn’d into blood. Never was there such a prodigious effufion of blood in the sea, i.e. among the peoples, In the first Croisade', there dyed more then two millions of men in three or four years. 'Tis evident that God did lead these wretched creatures as it were to the shambles, that they should find the punishment of their crimes: he took away so great a quantity of blood, that he might cure the Vicers of Christendom. For that he might purge it of that vast rabble, he permitted the Devil to inspire them, either with such a sottish superstition; or an extra vagant ambition; that they must go and deliver the holy Land, or goand conquer Kingdoms in the East. This plague lighted only on the sea, not at all on the dry land : upon the subjects of the Popedoman not at all upon the Popes. On the contrary, the Popes improved that evafion to greaten their power, to plunder whole Countries, to make Generals of Armies; to act as foveraign Monarchs; and to lay a heavier yoke upon Kings : whom they order'd to march, and sent them as their faves into the East, and during their absence plundred their Kingdoms.."

We must not imagine that all the plagues laid down by St. John, muft tend to the ruin of the See of Rome, or to the diminution of its power; for fome are to light upon the head of that Empiré, to crush



Part 2, it, others upon the people to punish them, because

they worship the Beast : the plague of blood and Daughter is for the people.

This plague of the Croisades is divided into two plagues, because of its long duration, for it lasted 200 years, from the end of the eleventh Age, untill the end of the thirteenth. The third viol which makes the third plague, fell only upon rivers, i.e. upon lesser waters; because after a hundred years the fury abated , there was no more marching of the whole West unto the East, only that of some particular nations, as of the Freneh among others under the conduct of St. Lewis; and consequently the effusion of blood was much less, there were only rivers of blood, whereas the former Croisades had made a sea. I shall add this explication which I have given, does exactly agree with the Genius and Emblems of the Prophets. The Prophet Ezec. 32.6. says to Egypt, I will water with thy blood the land wherein thon swimmest, even to the mountains. There must be no less then a sea ofblood, to overflow a Countrey with blood, even to the tops of the mountains. The mountains shall be melted with their blood, faith Isaiah 34.3. there must be rivers of blood to do this.

V.5. And I heard the Angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast,

and shall be, because thou hast judged thus: . ..v.6. For they have shed the blood of Saints and

Prophetsgand thou hast given them blood to drink, for they are worthy.

There will not want some, who from these words will object and say, that untill this time there had been no persecution on the account of Religion, · and that the Popedom had in no wise shed the blood of Saints and Prophets. To this I answer. First,

vith the

'Tis not true, that during the time of the Croisa. Part 2, , des, no blood had been shed on the account of Re. Why God

chargeth ligion; for it was exactly in the middle of the Croia AntichriSades, that that horrible barbarity was used against hija the Waldenses and Albingenfes. Innocent III, pu- blood

which she blisht the fifth Croisade at the end ofthe twelfth Cen. Had not Inry, and at the same time gave sentence of death shed. against the poor Albigenfes. But that which is especially to be observed in this matter, is this, that: those who make this objection, must make a stron-, ger against those words of Jesus Chrift, That the Luc. i1.50; blood of all the Prophets, which was shed from the sto foundation of the world, maybe required of this generation. From the blood of Abel, &c. verily I say, it shall be required of this generation. What reason to require of the Jews, who lived in the times of Christ, the blood of Abel and other holy men, who were slain before the Flood ? what reason to require of them the righteous blood, shed before

Abraham? Nay,what reason to require of them the blood of the Prophets flain by their fathers, since they disapproved the deeds of their fathers? Why, this is the reason, God when he executes judge ment, ought to hear the cries of all the righteous blood that is Thed ; for these cryes make up but one voyce; and the race of murtherers makes up but one people, on which God will charge that blood. It matters not, that it was shed by the Parents or the Children, before the one were born, or-after the death of the others, this makes no difference; God looking upon this murthering raceall in one body, will charge the whole upon the whole in the lump. Which evidently appears from that which God here speaks of this generation of Antichrift; they have shed the blood of Prophets, he faith not of Apostles, he goes back as far as the

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