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• 5. The fifth Principle, That the Antichristian Part 2. ! Kingdom is here represented under a figure drawn s. Princi. from the Systeme of the World : Hence it is, that Antichristie mention is made of the Earth , of the Sea, of an

* is repreRivers, of the Sun. The Earth is the entire Globe, sented un

der an Emcomposed of Land and Water, and this signifies the bio whole mass of the Antichristian World, both the systeme of head and the members. The Sea and the Rivers, the Gignify the people, according to the constant style of the Prophets. But the people distinguisht from their head and foveraign, the Sun denotes the soveraign of this Kingdom, as will be made out clearly in the sequel. All these my judgement are clear, and whoever will examine. them well by the Text, and the Commentariesan. nexed, will not doubt of their truth. Let us see how ill the modern Interpreters have followed them.

The first Plague is, a noyfom and grievous fore Seven 10upon the men that had the mark of ihe Beast. Spretation 1. Forbes understands by this, the filthiness of the first Clergy, their pride, covetousness, and other vices: but he does not restrain this to any period ; affirm. ing, that this corruption is to be conßdered, as ta.. king in, or reaching unto the whole duration of the Antichristian Empire. 2. Coccejus understands this of the schisms, and divisions, and dia, Sputes, which have been and Itill continue in the Popedom : Instances disputes about Images; about the single life of the Clergy i about Inveftitures i the several schisms of Popes; the grand fchifme of the West; the disputes between the Scotifts and Thou mists; the quarrels about the Auchority of the Pope : So that according to him, this plague hath laited near a thousand years , i.e. ever luce the contentions betwixt the Iconoclasts and the Iconos : Dife of the of Poppeenthe Auchorolagueba

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Part 2. batres , or Patrons of image-worship untill our

times. It is not poffible that a man should be more
miftaken then this Author; and I wonder, that an
Author, who had so much studied Prophecies,
should not perceive that the viols signify here Pe..
riods, and different times, and consequently, that
we must not make run the same plague to all these
times: Besides, there is no exactness in this con.
ception, nor any agreement between divisions, and
a noysome fore. 3. Joseph Mede, takes this noy-
some sore to be the fury and rage, with which the
papijt's were seised upon the preaching ofthe Wal..
denses. 4. Dr. More follows him in this, as almost
in all other things. ' 5. De Launay also, will have
it to be that vexation of Spirit, which the subjects
of Antichrist must feel , when they shall see his
compleat ruin. 6. Teftard is of the same opi-
nion. 7. James Durrham , a Scotish Minister at
Glascow afferts, that the Earth in this first plague
is the Authority of the Pope; and that this noy:
some sore signifies the diminution which that Au-

thority hath suffer'd by the Reformation. Seven In- . The second Plague is, Tihe sea turned into blood; Topsco and the fishes dying in the rea. One would think the second that Authors have with earnestness strove, who Penguce should keep farthestfrom the very likeness of truth

in this matter. 1. According to Forbes, this feate turned into blood. is tht universal reproach, under which the worship of Popery is fallen, together with its doctrines; for instance, its worship of Images, its Purgatory, its sacrifice of the Mass,&c. Behold, what an agreement there is between this, and a sea of blood. 2. Cocceius afferts, that this sea signifies the reduction of the Lombards , Hungarians, Poles, Bohemians, Vandals, Goths, Danes, Saxons, Franks, &c. in a word, of all the Weftern nations;

i. unto

(unto the obedience of the Church of Rome. But Part 2. : :besides, that in this there is no shadow of resem

blance between the Prophetick Emblem, and that Ale which is pretended to be signified by it; this cons r tradicts the evident Principle, that these plagnes h never signify good to the Antichristian Empire: le The reduction of fo many Nations underthe obea se dience of the Pope ,jis the greatestadvantage that ni hath happened to the Anrichristian Kingdom.

3. According to Mede, it is the popåslo fea, lain and ch: turn'd into blood by the Reformation, which was Mi done in the last Age: 4. According to De Launay, ime it is the government of foveraign Princes allied

with the Pope, which shall become tyrannicaland: bied odious to their subjects. 5. Teftard-thinks that

it signifies, that many States shall withdraw them-*
felves from the jurisdiction of the Pope, so that .
this domination shall become like a bloody cará
kass, which putrifies the waters. 6. Accarding to :
Durrham, the waters are Ecclefiaftica conftituri.
ons, decrees, Canons, worship, Mass&cc. And that
the viol shall make all these become deadly to those
who use them: 7. Lafly, in the judgement of
Dr. More, the fishes here fignify men, and thefense
is, that men shall withdraw. themselves from the
dominion of tlie Pope, so that no.more any men íhaly
be found under thardominion. . ini !

The third Plague is, The Rivers turned into Interpreta-
blood. 1. According to Forbes, these are the Do-tion of the.
stors, Bishops, and Priesis of the Church of Rome, plaguc.
which must become stinking unto the people, even
as Rivers of blood. 2. According to Cocceius,.this
signifies the wars and divisions, which have spilt
fo much blood among Christian Princes, since the
time of the Waldenses and Albigenfes. 3. Accord-
ing to Made, the Rivers are the Emissaries, Agents;



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Part 2. and Prote&kors of popery, whose turn shall come to

suffer the deaths and torments, which they had caufed the faithful to suffer; which he says came to pass in England in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. 4. According to de Lannay, this is the Doctrine of popery, that shall become odious to all its fol. lowers. 5. Teftard follows the Interpretation of Mede. 6. Durrham does the like. 7. And fo

does Dr. More. Interpre. The fourth Plague is, The Sun, whose heat anda the fourth

* Scorching beams do burn men. 1. According to plaguçu Forbes, this is the Light of the Gospel, which is

renewed, and doubled by the Reformation, and which fills the Papists with despair. 2. Cocceius faith almost the same thing, that the Sun is Jesus Christ, the beams are his efficacy and light, which destroys the superstitions of poperyby discovering them. 3. Mede thinks that the Sun in this fourth Plague is the Emperor, or some other great Potentate,who shallabandon popery and torment it. 4. De Launay judges, that the Sun is the Pope, (and this is the only thing in which he hath guessed right) aud that the burning caused by the Sun, Gignifies that remorse of Conscience, which Papists subjects of the Pope will feel. 5. Testard , who every where follows Mede, does leave him here and fol. lows Forbes. 6. Durrham follows Mede: 7. AndDr,

More is of the opinion of Forbes and Core

ceins. Interpre. The fifth Plague falls upon the seat of the Beast, aations of the fifth

which is darkned: by it. 1. According to Forbes, plague. this is the diminution of credit and anthority,

which happened to popery by the Reformation. 2. According to Cocceins, the throne of the Beast fignifies a multitude of Nations, upon whom the Pope did fit, and this throne was overturn'd by the


in d. card hath folor. More fi

cions of::

Council of Trent, which by its excommunicati- Part 2. ons hath seperáted a multitude of Nations from the See of Rome. 3. According to Joseph Mede, this Gignifies, that the City of Rome shall be utterly destroy'd a considerable time before popery be com. pleatly ruin'd. 4. This is also the opinion of de Launay. 5. Testard hath followed them both. 6. And Durrham likewise. 7. D.r. More faith, that the plague which falls upon the seat of the Beast, and darkens it, is the discovery of the falshood of the pretended infallibility of the Pope.

The sixth Plague falls upon Euphrates, whose Interpreta: waters are dryed up, that a way may be open'd to the the sixth Kings of the East. 1. According to Forbes, Eupbra- plague, tes lignifies the Papal power and domination; the Kings of the East are Turks and Jews : this Papal domination is an obstacle to the conversion ofthefe! Kings of the Eaf; when it shall be abolisht that which is signified by the drying up of the River Euphrates, the Turks and Jews thalt be converted. 2. According to Cocceius, Euphrates signifies also the power of the new Babylon. This Euphrates (faith he) this Roman power, hath been much weakned in this present äge by the wars, which have happened between the Spaniards, the French, the Germans, the Hollanders. The Kings of the East are the Turks, which must come; but he knows not how far they must come. 3. According to Joseph Mede, Euphrates dryed up, signifies the ruin of the Mahometans; and the Kings of the East who shall come, are the fews, who shallbe converted. 4.'De Launay, says almostthe same thing; save that by the Kings of the East who shall come, he understands allthe Nations which are on the other side of the Bosphorus, who shall be converted to the Faith. 5. Testard exactly follows the conjecture

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