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Partā. Papists themselves, that have discredited these false ' worships, than we shall find in all the fore going

Ages. From that The Tyranny of the Popealso fince that time hath very time the power, suffer'd a visible decay. In the past age, the Popes. of ihe Pope hodnotou

people had pretty well recover'd thai blow, which the diminisht Council of Constance, and the reformation of Lu

ther and Zwinglius had given them. Iulius the se-
cond, and Leo the tenth , aflembled the last Lateran
Council, which abrogated all that had been done
ágainst their Authority. The Council of Trent in-
deed did not pronounce the superiority of Popes
ábove Councils, and the Temporality of Kings;
but it left them in a full and entire poffeffion of their
pretended Rires, without so much as touching of
them. Yea, it did confirm them, if not by its de-
crees, at least by its practice, in submitting all its
Canons to the Pope, in declaring they had no design
to diminish the authority of the Holy See, and de-
manding from thence the confirmation of their de-
crees. In truth, the Popes remained in possession
of that superiority, and of that power, as well over
Councils as Kings. They deposed since the Council
of Irent, the Kings Hinry the third, and Henry the
fourth of France. They caused these two Henries
to be assassinated; and also during the minority of
Lewis the XIII, the Pulpits and assemblies rung
with nothing but the Soveraign power of the Pope
over Soveraigns, and the power they have to de-
pose them. In the States in the year 1616. The
Clergy of France had the insolence to maintain this
Doctrine so prejudicial to the authority of Kings,
by the mouth of Cardinal Perron. Edm. Richer,
a Doctor of the Sorbon, in the year 1611. made a
Book with this title, De Ecclesiastica & Politicâ Poo
tcftare, which was the Epitomy of that which we

have at this day under the title of Apologia pro 70-Partz. hanne Gerfono. Therein he proved the superiority of the Council above the Pope, and the independance of Kings. - The Author was deprived of the dignity of Syndic of the Sorbon , and of his benefices. His Book was censured by two Provincial Councils held in the year 1612, one at Paris, the other at Aix, and was confuted by :D.du Vat.

But since the year 1620, Richer is advanced again to the throne , the power of the Pope hath been always diminisht. And at this day, 'tis in so great a declension, that it will never more rife up. So that Antichristianism falls precisely by the same degrees by which it rose: "It was a hundred yearsa budding before it was blown; it shall be a hundred years det elining, before it shall be entirely overthrown. It had its firit beginnings in the year 360. Its great declena fron began precisely 1260 years after. It was born about the year 450. It shall dye about the year 1710 just 1260 years after its birth. This may happen Fooner; for the Roman Empire even under Valenti. nian, whom I reckon for the last of the Roman Emperors, was very much dismembred. But I do not tee that it can oo much further, unless it may be to 1714, reckoning the 1260 years after the death of Valentinian. .

This, I profefs, doth not seem to me to be altogether a simple conjecture, by reason of two passages lo exprefsi. He that doth let, or possess, will let, or possels, till he be taken out of the way, and then shall that wicked one be revealed. The ten horns are ten Kings, which have received no Kingdom us yet; but receive power as Kingsione bour withthe Beast. But that which I fhall now add , is a conjecture to.. which men may give such entertainment as they please. . ..

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Part 2. 'Tis a consequent from what we have faid of

Antiochus Epiphanes, and the duration of the persecution, to which the Prophet assigns four times, 2300 mornings and evenings, that is to fay,' 1150 days. Three years and a half, that is to say 1260 days. 12yo days, and 1335 days. We have fáid, that the number of 1260 days, is that of the time of the duration of the prophanation of the Sanctuary, till the time that fudas Macchabeus having taken out of the Temple the Idol of Jupiter Olympius, began the cleansing of the Sanctnary; that he was a month in taking away all the impurities; wherefore Da. niel after the number of 1260 days, adds 30 thereunto, and faith, that it shall be for 1290 days. Lastly, we have supposed, that Judas Macchabeus spent 45 other days in preparing all things for the dedica

tion of the Temple. The order That the type may answer the truth,ifthe Empire in which of the Papism must fall, and be abolisht about the the enrire restoration year 1710, we may believe the Church shall not be of the perfectly reformed and cleansed for all that. It may must be ef- be, that all Christians, although they agree to chase feated, away Idolatry , and beat down Tyranny, yet they

will not agree in every thing. So that I suppose 30 years shall pass, for the reuniting all Christians in the fame communion, and that this union shall be effected about the year 174.0. ... ,

This reunion shall be a path-way for the calling the rest of the Pagan and infidel Nations, who are yet almost innumerable. For we must not hope, that Pagansand Infidels shall enter into the Church, while they see it divided. Into what part of it should they put themselves? It shall be the unanimous consent of all Christians in one only Religion, that shall overcome the obstinacy of the enemies of Jesus Christ. To effect this reunion of all Chris

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Year 1785, in whi 45 to 1740 Pare them for th

Itians, no less than ze years as I suppose, will be ne-Partz. cessary; and that was figured by the 30 days, which reMacchabeus employed in purifying the Temple of , Jerusalem. After the purgation of the Temple, he i spent 45 days to prepare the vessels for the dedicaition. I suppose, that in like manner, when the re

union shall be effected, no less than 45 days, that u is to say 45 years, will be requisite to run overall a the Earth, and convert the Nations that are stranbe gers to the Covenant, to prepare them for the last ni dedication. Add 45 to 1740, that will fall on the ei year 1785, in which shall come the glorious reign of on 1. Christ on the Earth, of which we shall speak after# wards. And 'tis in these 45 years, that the fews

Thall be converted, and shall.finish the conversion of the Infidel Nations; their oblinacy shallhold out to the end, and shall not be overcome but by an extraordinary event, and moreextraordinary than the fall of Babel shall be.

There is no ground to believe, that the Kingdom The Em of Jesus Christshall come in the time that God shall pire of An. employ in the destru£tion of the Antichristian Em-6 pire. For that Empire shall fall with noise, wars, ed before

J. Christ troubles, effusion ofblood. Now the Spirit of God comes. is not in the wind that breaks the rocks; 'tis in the thin and gentle one. When Jefuis Christ shall come, there mult be a profound peace on the Earth. Nei.. ther shall he come in the time wherein men shall endeavour the conversion of the Infidel Nations ; for that shall be a time of contesting and disputings; those things must coafe when Jesus Christ shall. come, : i The number of 2300 éyenings and mornings, A type of which make 1150 days, to me seems to signify pre-which ina

the time in cisely the days in which the daily sacrifice was in- ges were terrupted ; an interruption that began not, till.ted.

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Part 2. some months after the Sanctuary had began to be i prophaned by impure sacrifices, added to the daily

facrifice that yet was continued. And even the Idol
of Jupiter Olympius seems not to have been brought
into the Temple, 'till two months after the cessation
of the daily sacrifice. So that the introduction of
the Idol , was not till fix or seven months after the
prophanation of the Temple. This seems to me to
have a typical relation to that which happened in
the Christian Church, by the introduction of the
adoration of Images. They were brought into the
Churches in the fifth Age; but we do not find, that
Images were adored and served before the fixch
Age, from the year 560 to the year 600. Now
one may say, that then the abomination, the Idol of
Pupiter Olympius was introduced into the I.emple,
and placed on the Altar; one may say, that then the
daily sacrifice entirely ceased; whereas the Divine
service had been only polluted:by the invocation of
Saints, it was entirely spoiled by the adoration of
Images. Compute this cessation of the daily facris
fice, that is to say, of the fervice of God, from the
year 560,or thereabouts, add thereunto. 1150 years
of interruption by the adoration of Images, this will
fall on the year 1710 or thereabouts, the time
wherein Images shall be entirely abolisht. with.

in n i Although See what I had to say, to confirm my notions Antichris Pianism be- about the time, in which I do believe that the 1260 man in the years of the Antichristian Empire must begin and fifth Age, all the end. Without doubt, fome Protestants, together: of thattime w

m with all the Papists, will judge that I ascend.very were not. high, and that in placing the birth ofthis Empire in

the Popedom of Leo the first, I hayemade Antichrists: of many good Bishops of Rome, to Gregory the great," inclusively; and all the Christians since that time,



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