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gin it about the 450 or 454th year, it must end in the Part 2,
year 1710, or one of the following years to
į 'Tis clear by the event , that we must not begin
the 1260 years, neither from the year 360, nor
that of 393. For the. Antichristian Empire, did not
fall in the years 1620, and 1653, as it should have
done according to these calculations. In those times,

in the year 360, and the year 393, superstition was , yet but in its birth; thé worship of the creatures was not yet establish in the publick service. Great. cautions also were used not to confound the service of God with the service of the creatures, which was just ready to receive its birth. Moreover, the pride of the Bishops of Rome was moderate, and their tyranny did not yet extend it self very far. Men reckon the years of the life of a man from the time of his birth? not from that of his conception, Idolatry and tyranny were as yet buț like a fatus's, that were forming and perfe&ting, but were not yet perfected, i But the principal reason, why God would not The prin:

cipal reas have us count the birth of Antichristianism from con the years 360, and 393, is, because there was a God will fourch Character of the birth of that Antichriftiàn the 1250 Empire, that had not yet happen'd; that is, the years of

the reign of ten Kings, that were to take their power together Antichrist with the Beast. These ten Kings are ten Kingdoms, begin, buc into which the Roman Empire was to be Tubdi- Age. vided. . And the ten horns which thou sawejt, are Rev. 17.11 ten King's, which have received no Kingdom as yét, but receive power as Kings one hanr with the Beast. These words are admirable ; tome they appear express, and I am astonisht, that it hath not been ob. served, that they precisely mark the time, wherein. we must begin to reckon the reign of the Beast.



So in the 4th


Part 2.

f St. Paul, he will be be takerealed. That is ma

Especially, if we conGider them with the words of St. Panl, he who now letteth, or possesseth, will let, or polless , untill he be taken out of the way; then shall that wicked one be revealed. That is to fay, till the time that the head of the Roman Em. perors be destroyed. These two passages signify expresly, from what time we must compute the 1260 years. 'Tis from the time, that the Goths, Vandals, &c. after having a long time harrassed, and rent the Roman Empire, at last divided it into ten pieces.

Moreover, the falsification of the tranålátion of the Port-Royal, that render it thus, the ten Kings shall take power for a little time with the Beast, would not destroy the evidence of the Oracle', though we should suffer the ill translation of these Gentlemen to pass. For if we must translate it for a little time, by that little time we įnust understand, the three years and a half of Antichriff's duration. And seeing we have invincibly proved, that these three years and a half consist of 1260 Prophetical days, i. e. 1260. years, 'tis clcar, we muft understand that liitle time in a prophetical and compendious fense, for three years and a

have invincin

Prophetic three years


That which is essential here , and which the rashness of men hath not been able to take away, is, that the ten Kings were to receive their power together with the Beast, that is to say, at the fume time. Whether it be for a short, or a long one; 'țis still certain, that this Oracle plainly teaches us, that we must seek for the birth of the Antichristian Empire in the time when we find ten Kingdoms arise from the dismembred Roman Empire. We must therefore see, when that was thus dilmembred.. The greatest part of men make the Roman Ema

pire to subsist till the year 475 , under certain Parta. petty Kings, that retained the name of Roman Emperors ; because they did yet possess the City. of Rome from Valentinian the third to Auguftulus. But the truth of it is, that the Roman Empire was parcelled out, and rent in pieces, and entirely deitroyed immediately after the death of this Valentinian, who was killed by Maximus. Genferic King of the Vandals comes from Africk, being called in by the Empress Eudoxia to revenge the death of her husband. He takes Rome , carries away all the riches, precious things, and rarities, of it. They spent fifteen whole days in spoilingit of its treasuresGenferic' transported them into Africa together with the Empress , her daughters, and the principal men of Rome. Just in the fame manner as Nebuchadnezzar carried away the vessels of the Temple, and led the flower of the people into captivity. Tis affuredly from this very time, that we must compute the entire ruin of the Eắpire; of the Giry of Rome, though it had still a shadow of a Kingdom ; under the images of Emperours, that lasted about twenty years Jeremy reckons 70 years for the captivity of Babylon. Yet it is certain , that from the last ruin of? Jerusalem till the return, there were not fixty years: But the Prophet counts upon Jerusalem as defroya ed, and its Kingdom as entirely ruined from Jehojakim's time, under whom in truth was the first transportation of the people : And since whose time, the Kingdom of Judak under Zedekiah, was but a shadow of that of his Predecessors, because he was the Chaldæans vaflal. On this account, I say; God reckons it for nothing. By the like.. reason, we must reckon for nothing those petty Kings of Rome, who having as it were nothing

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Part 2, more than the City of that name, retained how.

ever the name of Roman Emperors to Angust n

lus's time. we mult.. Then therefore from the wrecks of the Roman reckon the Empire were formed. 1. The Kingdom of the dismem. bring ofthe Britains in Britanny. 2. Of the Saxons. . 3. Of Roman Em- the Franks. 4. Of the Burgundians in the Gauls. Dive into hen King 5. Of the Visigoths in the South of Gaul and in doms from Spain. 6. Of the Sueves in Gallicia and Portuof Valensia gal. 7. Of the Vandals, first in Spain, and then manathe in Africa. : 8. Of the Allemans in Germany. third.

9. Of the O Arogoths in Pannonia. 10. Of the Greeks in the Eait. They took their power with the Beast, that is to say, with Antichristianism; therefore Antichristianism received its birth and power with the ten Kings. That is its Epocha, or Date.

According to which, we shall place the future fall of the Antichristian Empire in the beginning of the 18th Age. I believe it would be very difficult, to set down precisely the very year. For God doth not so exactly, observe Chronology in his Prophecies. A few years more or less, Ggnify, nothing. -. However one may say, that according to all appearance, it must happen between 1710,

and 1715. The con. ?Tis, I say, the concourse of these four Characters, course of four Chår that must conduct us to find out the beginning of racters the 1260 years of Antichristianism. 1. Thebirth make the mokha' of of Idolatry. 2. The birth of Pride and Tyranny. the birth 3. The progress of corruption of manners. 4. The. of the Ano, zichristian division of the Roman Empire into ten parts. Till Empire. these four Characters meet together, we cannot be

gin the computation of the 1260 years. Therefore I do not reckon them from the year 430, though that be an Epocha that is notable enough, having

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e some entirely by pultbe heainshe?

Christ as an fallees.

its original in the destruction of the Temple of Part 2,
Jerusalem. According to which, the accomplisha
ment of the 1260 years would fall on the year 1690,
four years hence. I reckon them not from thence,
I say, because in the year.430, the Roman Empire,
was not yet entirely dismembred.

Withal it appears not, that then things were
ripe for so great an event. We must not imagine,
that the Empire of Antichrist and of Idolatry, will -
fall and be destroy'd in four or five years. He will
have some partisans remaining a long time before
he shall be entirely brought to nought.

See one thing, that must be well observed. 'Tis Antichris this, that though we do not begin the 360 years of Rianism was

born by the Churches purity , atthe first year of 1. Christ as degrees'; ic we might have done, to end them in the both year also falls

by degrees. of the fourth age, according to which the Émpire of Pride and Idolatry should have ended in the year 16.20., 65 years ago; nevertheless, as superitition and tyranny began to be establisht in the middle of the fourth Age, a hundred years or thereabouts, before the point which God marks out for the birth of Antichristianism ; in like manner op hundred years before the entire destruction of this Antichristianism, the tyranny and superstition of the Papiím sensibly grow less and less, and are vistbly falling Counting the first original ofsuperstition from the Antichrio'

ftianism is year of our Lord 360, and reckoning after this the tending to 1260 years of its reign, it falls as we have seen, on es laftruin

lisas w.cnavcicon, on since the the year 1620. At which time Idolatry and tyran- year 1620. ny must begin to fall, as they did begin to appear in the 360th year of our Lord. And indeed it is certain, that since that time , Images and Saints have extremely lost their credit. And since the year 1620, we hhall find more persons among the

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