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Part 2. this is now a doing : France making herself the

executioner of thole thundring Arrests, which she had procured at the Court of the Duke: which per. haps is the most singular example of the fpirit of persecution, which was ever feen. All other perseCutors have been content to persecute their owņ Subje&ts, or Countrey-men. But behold persons, who after they have reduced the Subje&ts of their own King,to the utmost extremities, go and make them. selves the Hangmen & Murtherers ofthe Subjects of Forreign Princes. Ifthe three years and a half of the death of the Witnesses,must be reckon'd from the de Itruction of these Waldenses ; here is one years delay of the deliverance of the French Churches. Who knows, whether there be not other Countries, which we do not know, or are not willing to name , in which the Profession of the Truth must be extin. guisht, before we enter upon the three years of the death of the Witnesses? Who knows, if God will not reckon these three years and a half, from the time in which there shall not be so much as one in France who stands firm, and is not fallen? We know not, whether such a misery mustcome, tho I hope it shall not. There areas yet in France more then a hundred thousand persons, who either have not signed, or have repented after their signing. If all these must fall off, there is yet a long time to tar. ry. Lastly, who knows, whether God will not begin to reckon the three gears and a half, untill other Princes have wholly extinguisht thę Reformation in their Dominions? 'Tis therefore ralhness to affirm, that deliverance muft exatly come in fucle year. But that.which I am perswaded of, and be. lieve that others may be perswaded of without rashness, is, that we are now in the last perfecution; that this persecution shall be most effectual, as it is


I hope itundred thousanared after their

lieve But that.whimse muß exatile ralhness to

the most terrible that was ever seen ; that the Wit-Part 2. 4 nesles of the truth, that is to say, all preaching of the purity of the Gospel under the Cross, and under popisto Princes, will shortly be suppressed:chat, from . that time, the three years and a half must be reckon'd, at the end of which we shall see come to pass the most wonderful events ofour days. Many now alive, shall without doubt see them; for I believe the thing is very near at hand.

Among the considerations laid down by me in the Preface, which induce me to believe, that this persecution is the last. I mention'd the singularities of it, I named several such ; Behold one, which in my judgement deserves to be added to the rest. 'Tis the horrible Ediet, which commands, that the new Converts being sick , shall communicate after the popish way: This is the worst effect that ever was produced by the spirit of rage and reprobation. And’is not conceivable, họwa Clergy that will be called Christian, can do such horrible actions. The Edikt ordains, that they who will not communicate, Thall be sent to the Galleys, if they recover. There iş none who is somórtally lick, that is sure that he Thall dye, and fearing to recover, he willalso fear to go to the Gallies; and this affrighting object, iš able to induce a fick man to communicate without faith, and to worship that which hejudgeth to be a piece of bread: that is to say, to commit a horrible

Sacriledge, and an act of Idolatry, and consequently 2. to damn himself certainly. So that properly this

Edi&t is a trick of the Clergy, to procure the dam. nation of all the new Converts. This is perfectly to imitate that Italian, who , that he might take a compleat vengeance, having his enemy in his power, promis'd him his life, on condition, that he would deny God; which having done , he murs


Part ž. ther'd both his body and soul. 'Will men ne

yer open their eyes, to behold such objects as

these? TheRefor- And the spirit of life from God entred into them. marion is: The foretold by These words teach us, how the Reformation shall | three fi-. be re-establisht in France : for in these Prophecies butonin "* I find three ways , by which the Truth is esta. Difying three Me- blisht, or re-establisht ;. The first is by lighıningi, thods,

voyces and thunders; thus after the seventh viol was pour'd on the air, the Reformation in the last Age was made by lightnings, voyces and thunders, the preaching of the Divine Oracles. And the feventh Angel pour'd out bis, viol into the air , and there were voyces, and lightnings, and thunders. In this Prophecy thunders always fignify the Divine Oracles. The seven thunders that uttered their boyces in the tenth Chaptèr , are the Oracles of God, which ought to be uttered in the sequel. Thus the Reformation was made in the last Age, in a most

sensiblemanner, by the preaching ofthe word. The Refore. But behold a second way of reforming: A Spirit shall come of life from Göd enters again into the dead Witinto France nesses; i.e. those who are at this day under oppref internal fion, shall fuddenly rise up again by a secret operagrace.

tion of grace, and an extraordinary motion ; noć by the means of preaching the word, not by the ministry of some new Preachers, but by a heavenly -operation, that shall open the eyes of them who are as yet in darkness, and strengthen again the hearts of those who at this day have fallen through weakness. At that time in all appearance, the yoke of the Persecutor shall be broken, a time of eafethall come, and all those who at this day groan under the Captivity of Babylon , shall lift up their heads, and shall improve that season of calm to repair that which they are now forced to do by violence. Tis,



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that he leareth, this ancietby th

hefe words signify ; a Spirit of life from God, not Part 2, From any man, nor by the ministry of any man, but From God, entred into them, and their zeal was enlivened again. But things shall not stay there, God is preparing other wonders. There is a third Rea formation, which shall be set on foot by way of Authority, by the Royal power, and this is expressed in the words that follow. i. And the Witnesses heard a great voyce from bea- . ven, saying unto them, Come up hither; and they alcended up to beaven in a cloud, and their enemies beheld them. In the style of the Prophets, heaven, Whať head and lifted up to heayen, is the Throne , and to be vier exalted to dignity, greatness and power, even in to heaven the language of heathen Prophets : for Apomafarmine in his Apostelifmata infomniorum ,. faith, if à King phecies. dreams that he firs upon the clouds, and is carried where ever he pleaseth, this fignifies thar his enemies shall serve him. But if he fancieth, that he is car. ried up to heaven, where the stars are, this presages that he shall be lift up above all Kings. The Prophets of God do also make use of these representations to fignify the same thing. Isaiah describes is

CCCS Isa. 14:13: the exaltation of the King of Babylon, by an ascen." ding up into heaven. I will ascendinto heaven, I

will exalt my Throne above the stars. And Jesus 3 Christ faith of Capernaun, that she had been lift

up unto heaven, but should be brought down unto hell. 'Tis therefore evident', that God does herë fignify, that some time after these three years and a half of death, the Reformation shall be lifted np to a great glory, but not every where ; 'tis only in that place, which is called the street of the great City, and is after called the tenth part of the City : for the total destruction of the Antichriftian Kingdom must not happen untill some years afterward.


Part2. And after; These words signify, that when the There will Reformation thall be establisht again in France, bi shortly be a Reforma- way of Divine immediate operation, by which th. tion in hij zeal of the Apostate's j and of others who know th: the Royal truth, but with-hoid it in unrighteousness, shall Authority. be quickned again; some space of time shall pass,

probably some years, before France shall wholly throw off the yoke of popery. That Kingdom shall hot be entirely Reformed by way of Authority, immedately after our Reformation shall be again set on fooć by way of infpiration, and recovering of zeal. For, and after, lignifies an interval of time; but whether it shall be thort, or long, is not expressed: notwithstanding, I see nolikelihood, that it shall be very long, nor do I believe so. Then heard a great voyce from heaven. Yet once again, Heaven is the Throne , 'tis the Soveraign dignity, which in a State is exactly the same : that Heaven is to the Earth , in light, in lustre, in good or bad influences in scituation, and in elevation. From

Heaven, i.e. from Authority, and the Prince who · reigns; they heard a voyce, they received an order ; not a sinall clandestin silent voyce, but a great voice, i.c. a publick command, a folemn Edict; and this voyce said to them, Come up hither. Then the Traih fhall get up into the Throne'; and as God hath con trary to all probability , given a popish Prince to England, so God will give 'a Proteftant Prince to France, in spight of all oppositions of the Papists. And they ascended up to heaven in a cload, 1.e. Their elevation, and that of the Reforried Religion, shall be made publickly; as the elevation of Elijah , and of Jesus Christ, who were lift up above the clouds.

And their enemies beheld them. Popery shall not as yet be destroy'd in France, when this shall happen. The Priefts, the Clergy, and Monks shall be


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