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nelles, are the forty'two moneths of the Antichrifti- Part 2: an reign; forforty two moneths make exactly i 260 days. All the World is agreed, that these are the three years and a half of the reign of Antichrift, and that Antichrist and these two witnesses are abfo

lutely and exactly contempories. 'Tis therefore the È very same, as if the Holy Ghost had said, And when

the Beast, or the inan of jin, shall have finisht bisreign i of 1260 years, it shall make war against the two wito

nelles. This is therefore a persecution of Antichrift against the faithfull, and a persecution that must happen before the end of Antichrists reign.

These words, when they shall bave finisht, must not be understood as if the Holy Gholt would say, when the 1260 years shall be finisht. For after the 1260 years are finisht, there can be no persecution, seeing the Beast shall have lost his power. So that this persecution must begin and end within the 1260 years, but yet at the end of them, 'tis the ordinary custome, not only of Scripture, but of all men, to say, that something comes to pass, when this or that is finisht; because it happens when that thing is finishing , and very near its end. This is therefore the last persecution of Antichrist against the Church : This persecution hath its Characters; 1. It must continue a long time ; for 'tis compa. Of the lar

charaâers red to a war: The Beast that comes up out of the bot- persecutomless pit, shall make war again f them. 2. This d. war or persecution must end in a victory over the two witnesses, and shall overcome theni and kill them. Mark, that God does not reckon the death and mars cyrdom, which the faithfull suffer for the Truth, as a victory, that the Devil gains over them; (on the contrary, hereckons these to be a victory, which 'they gain over the World and the Devil: Hespeaks of Martyrs, when he saith, He that overcomes, I will


red to vit shall make 4 end in a victory illthem.
war or perfecund thall overcome the death a

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Part2. make him sit down on my Throne.) So that wheri

'tis here said, that the Beaft shallovercome the wit.
nejles', this signifies, that he shall make them faini
under the truall. Which thing ought to be well
observed that we may discern the fingular Chare-
{ter of this present persecution, that hath conquerd
and overcome above a million of souls.. Ž. This
victory of the Beast must prevail, even to a total
extinction of profession : there shall remain no
more signs of outward life in the faithfull, who
shall stand for the Truth : they shall lye on the
ground as dead bodies... 4. This murther and the
effect of this persecution shall be done in the Areet
of the great City. 5. The death of these witnesses
muft lait three years and a half, denoted by three
prophetick days and a half.. 6. During thele three
jears and a half, the Truth shall remain as it were
dead, but notwithstanding not buried : men shall
not dare to make profession of it ; notwithstanding
it shall be visible; the people who are neighbours of
them, who shall have llain it , fhall hinder it from
perishing and putrefaction, to which the bodies
that are in the grave are obnoxious. 7. At the
end of these three years and a half, the faithfull
who are oppressed, and whose profession fhiall have
been violently suppressed , shall rise again; after
that, shall ascend to heaven, and shallbe exalted in
the world. 8. At the same time, and after the exal-
tation of the faithfull, there fhall be an Earth-
quake , i.e. a great emotion and trouble in the
World, and in the Antichristian Kingdom. 9. In
this émotion , a tenth part of the City. shall fall,
1.e. a tenth part of the Antichristian Kingdom shall
be taken away from it. 10. Seven thousand men
shall perish in this Earthquake, and be buried un-
der the ruin of the City, 3. 6, that this shall be


brought about with some blood fhed, (though not Part 2. confiderable) in that part of the City, which shall be

taken away from the Pope and the Popedom. 1 1.And - lastly, within a little while; this tenth part of the z City, which shall be taken froin the Popedom , shall

give glory to God and be converted. Behold, what arethe Characters of this last Antichriftian pera fecution. Now, when I search after the time in which this persecution must happen, I cannot doubt but that it is that in which we now are. After this persecution shall be over, God will begin to strike those fore blows to destroy the Antichriftian King

dom, which must be destroyed within 25, or 30. in jears.

That none may wonder; that I speak so positively that the about a thing which seems to be as yet hid in futuri: present

et persecuti. ty; I entreat all equitable minds to consider, that I on is the have (as I think) with great evidence proved; lafta 1.' That the reign of the Popedom must last 1260 jears. 2: That these 1260 years began about the gear 450, or455, and consequently they must end about the year 1710, or 1715. this being so, we are but 2 or 36 years from the end of the Popisli Kingdom. And if this be so; the present perfecution mult needs be the last ; since there is no probability, that this present persecution being ended, the calm restored to the Church , should leave room for another persecution, which must happen before the fall of the Popish Kingdom. For we must allow the space of at least 20, or 25 years , in which popery shall be perfecuted and attacqued, and not be the aggressor and the perfecutor. "And certainly, a shorter time cannot serve, for the utter destruétion of this vaft Kingdom. For it shall not be deftroy'd in a way of violence , but in a way of perfwalion ; and because the charm that holds meny


being to, of the Babylonicain order to

Part2. enchanted, cannot ceafe in a moment.
The barvelt I have further proved, that the fall of this Popish

paltbile and Babylonian Monarchy is divided into two parts, ago, the the barvest and the vintage ; that the harvest is the multe come Reformation of the last Age, and the yintage is the specdily. Reformation that must be made in this that is present.

Now, the space of time that is already run out lince the Reformation of the laf Age, does already equal the proportion of time, that is between the natural harvest and vintage ; and consequently we must be very near the vintage, ie. the time wherein God will begin the first blows, in order to the final destructionofthe Babylonian Kingdon. These things being so, this persecution must be the last, and im mediately after it shall be ended begin the first events, which shall bring the Popish kingdom to its

final fall.... . A time of Ihave lastly observed, that the I oft hath some styled these two parts of the fall of the popish Kinglength must be af-dom, hạrvestand vintage ; to let us underitand, that, 6:ned for

i as the harvest and the vintage are not reapt iną mo

then of popery. ment, but require many dayes, nay, weeks : so the

two overturnings of the Babylonian Kingdom, must not be made in thetwinckling of an eye, but in fe. yeral years. This hath been already verified in the barvest, i.e, the fall which happened to popery in the last Age; for this took up five and twenty or thirty years, and more. And no fewer can serve to compleat the ruin of this Kingdom. But if thisbe so, this mulțneeds be the las persecution ; yea, it cannot last a great number of years longer. Forif the Babylonian Kingdom begin to decline 25 or 30' jears before its last and final destruation, it must begin to decline and fall within four or five years; fupposing that it be true, that it cannot last longer then the year 1710, or 1715. We must therefore


: see, if the characters of this present perfecution that Part 2..

the Church suffers, agree with those of the last pere Din fecution which the Church must suffer from the * Beast,according to the Text of the Revelation. And

we are about to find these Characters so agreeing, 15 and like, that what at first seem'd only a conjecture; 1. will be able to become a kind of certainty. , iu e . The last Antichristian persecution, of which this hi Chapter speaks, must happen when the witnesses

shall be almost at the end of their testimony, and in Antichrist near the end of his reign. Now we have Ć proved, by the Predictions and Types of the forea

going Chapters , that Antichrist is finishing his i reign ; therefore this must be the last persecution :

It hath already lasted 30 years; for it began in the i year 1655. when the Duke of Savoy undertook to

destroy the faithfull of the Vallies of Piedmont;
he sent thither. Sonldiers, who made a great mal-
fucre.; but because the time of faying the Wit.
nesses was not as yet come, God raised deliverance
for them : they defended themselves with success
and all the Protestant States of Europe, did concern
themselves to obtain from the Duke a Peace for
those poor people. A persecution began in Poland
a while after , and the Reformed were involved in
the same ruin with the Hereticks, Socinians, and
Antitrinitarians : they were driven out of that
Kingdom , and were scattered in Transilvania,
Hungary and Germany, : At the same timea perfet
cution begun in France : immediately after the,
Pyrenean peace, the project of the ruin of the
Protestanis was laid at Court, and hath been pro-
secuted, till it hath been executed, as we see at this.
day. In the year 1671. began the perfecutic of
the Churches of Silesia, Moravia, Hungary, the
conequents of which are, the almost urter extin.

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