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he induced them by all the ways of deceit and violence to do homage to him, and submit themselves to his dominion ; Saying to them that dwell on the Earth, that they should make an image to the beast. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as wonld not worship theimage of the Beast, should be killed. This here is an admirable place. The Roman Church is an Empire. However, it is but an image of an Empire, an imaginary Empire, founded only on the deceived imagination of men. They need but fay NOT, to destroy this Empire. The reality of an Empire confifts in citadells , in fortresses , in armies. The Roman Church hath none of all this. For the little armies that the Pope might raise, is not that which secures his Em. pire. 'Tis not therfore a true Empire. The Convents of the Monks are his Citadels. The Monks are his Souldiers and Armies. The Priests are his Emissaries. The Bishops and Arch-Bishops are his Licvtenants. But all these are but images. Nevertheless this image of an Empire fpeaks, acts, makes decrees , railės all Europe, and causes all those to be killed, that will not pay it the like homage, which was render'd to the ancient

homage empire.

I both small and for in their

v. 16...And he canseth all , both small and great, &c.

to receive a mark in their right band', or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy, or fell, favehe that had the mark or the name of the Beaft. The Forehead is the seat of profession. Thence it came, that ancient Christians fignified their profession of Christianity by a sign of the Cross on the forehead. The Hand is the instrument of action. The inhabitants of the Earth can


aborefcore and it and his nimetat: for it is an.
great deal : here woulzuch had n

ceis neither buy, nor fell, under the dominion of the

Papifm, that is to say, partake of its favours and
its riches , unless they have the Profeffion of

a Papift on their Farebead, and the actions of one on in their Hands. This is what is meant by the

Mark of the Beast, and not fome particular
mark , and one Properly so called.

Here is wisdom ; let him that hath understan- V. 18.
ding count the number of the Beast : for it is the
number of a man, and his number is fix hundred
threefcore and fix. If fo much had not been wrote
about this, here would be a fubject to write a
great deal upon. But in a few words, I can't
doubt, but that they who have reckoned the
numeral power of the letters of the name of the

Roman Church, and of its Pope, have hit upon
E the sense of the Prophecy. *T is the number of

his name ; that is to say, expreffely contained
in his name. 'Tis a number of a man; that is to fay,
'tis a number that must be understood according
as men do count ; not in a prophetical and
Mysterious style, which oftentimes under one
number hides another unknown number. But in

what language most we count the numeral letters B, of the name of the Beast ? 'Tis easy to determin

that. The Prophecies must be explained according
to the language of the Prophers. There are two

languages of the Prophets, Hebrew and Greek. . Look for the name of the Roman Church in these

two languages. In Hebrew you will find Ranriyth,
and in Greek Lateinos. The first signifies the
Roman Beaft, or the Roman Church. The second
fignifies the Emperour or the Latin Pope. And
in the one and in the other there is exactly fix
hundred threescore and fix.

Here I might stop with reference to the

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number 666. And ’ris with some difficulty that I' enter upon the depths of the interpretation of those Authors, who would have this Numo ber 666. respect not the Name of the Beast, but of his Empire, They pretend, that as the

Number 144. is consecrated to signify the EmThe num. pire of 7. Christ, which appears by the 144. ber 144. thousand Sealed ones, pretty often mention'd in the whole the Revelation ; in like manner the Numbex Church, 666. mystically denotes the entire Empire of the becaule of twelve , Beast and its principal Characters. They obferve, its Square that the Number 144. hath for its square root 2007.

the Number, twelve. For twelve multiplied by it self, twelve times twelve makes 144. The Number of twelve is sacred, becaule of the twelve Patriarchs of the ancient Ifrael, and the twelve Apostles, that are the Patriarchs of the new Israel. So the Number 144. that mystically signifies the whole Church of 1. Christ, is founded on the Number twelve. That is to say, the whole Christian Church is founded on the Apostles, who make one divine Hierarchy. Wherfore the number twelve bears sway in all the parts of the description of the Jerusalem, which we read of in the 21. Chap. of the Revelation. She hath twelve Foundations, twelve Gates , iwelye angells, twelve Tribes, twelve thousand Furlongs. The Tree of Life, which is in the midst of the place, bears twelve Sorts of fruits every year; and lastly, the Wall is of 144. Cubits, i.e. twelve times twelve. So the Church, which hath her root in the number twelve, by the multiplication of this number twelve by it self, makes 144. a sacred Number. But the number 666. which is exorbitant, and which exceeds the number oftwelve, and hath not this number twelve for its root, **.!


is the emblem of the Antichristian Church,
which is not founded on the twelve Apostles,
which hath not twelve Articles of Faith, but
many more. In a word, as the Number 666.
hath no relation to that of twelve, so the Anti-

christian Church hath no relation to the Christian i and Apostolical Church. .

An Engliss Divine , one Potter, hath carried Potter's i. this notion further than others have done, in an henum

express treatise , which he hath made about the ber 666.
mystery of the Number 666. He pretends, that
as the Number of 114. is not mystically designed
to signify the Church and the Empire of 1. Christi,
but for the sake of the Number 12, which is
its square root, and on which it is built ; in like
manner also the Number 666. is not mystical,
but by reason of the Square root, on which it is
raised; so he would have it, that we should extract
the root of the Number 666. and believes, 'tis
in this root that we must seek after the Mystery
of the Empire of the Beast. Arithmeticians call the vvhate
Square root of a Number given , that number, square
by which in multiplying it by it self, the number root isa
given is produced, whether there be any remain-
ders or no. For instance, 10 is the square root
of an 100, because ten multiplied by it self, 10
times to make a 100 without any remains. The
Square root of 55. is seven , because multiplying
7 by it self, 7 times 7 make 49, and a remainder
of 6 makes 55. According to this, the square 25. Is the
root of the number 666 is 25, for 25 multiplied Square rool,

of 666. by itself makes 625. with a remainder of 4 1. which makes 666.

This being supposed , that 25 is the Square root and the foundation of the Number 666, he pregends,, that as 144 founded upon 12 represents the

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whole Charch, founded upon the holy Hierarchy of the 12 Apostles; in like manner 666 represents the whole Antichristian Empire of the Papirm, founded upon the Antichristian Hierarchy. And to make appear how exact the opposition to the Christian Hierarchy is, he shews, that as the Number 1 2. bears Iway in the whole composition of Jerusalem, which is the Church and the holy City, 12 Foundations, 12 Gates, 12 Angells, 12 thousand Furlongs , 12 sorts of Fruits ; in like

manner the number 25 bears sway in all the poo The num-'pib Hierarchy. I. In the number of the Cardia berzina nals, who according to their first institution, were in the l'a? 25 , wheras the Apostles were but 12. II. In pal Hie

e regard to the number of Churches into which RoLaachy. Come Christian was at first divided, which were

25. wheras the heavenly Jerusalem hath but 12
Gates: The Churches in which they did baptizė,
answering to the Gates of the City , because
Baptism is the entrance into the Church. III. In
the number of the Parishes or Tribes , which in
Rome were 25; wheras the ferusalem that comes
down from above , hath büt 12 Tribes, as
appears by the 21 of the Revelation. IV. In
the number of the Foundations of Rome, which
are 25 Cardinalls, originally and anciently com.
posing the facred Colledg, that is called the foun-
dation of the Church; wheras the Holy City
hath but 12 foundations, which are the iż
Apostles. : V. In the number of Angels, i.e.
Påstors, who are in number 25 Pastors, Cardi.
nals, Pastors of Pastors ; whéras the Jerusalem
in the Revelation knows but 12 Angels, 12

principall' Paftors, which are the 12 Apostles. '- VI. In the number of the Gates of Rome, which

were 27. wheras Jerusalem hath but 12. VII,

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00:25 Cardinalise Foundatione velation

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