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worthy of death is done unto green tree, what mall be done him. I will therefore chastife in the dry? And there were him, and release him. For of ne- also two other malefactors led cessity he must release one unto with him to be put to death. them at the feaft. And they And when they were come to cried out all at once, saying, the place which is called CalAway with this man, and re- vary, there they crucified him, lease unto us Barabbas : (who and the malefactors; one on for a certain sedition made in the right hand, and the other the city, and for murder, was on the left. Then said Jesus, caft into prison.)Pilate therefore Father, forgive them, for they willing to release Jesus, spake know not what they do. And again to them. But they cried, they parted his raiment, and saying, Crucify him, crucify him. caft lofts. And the people stood And he said unto them the third beholding: and the rulers also time, Why, what evil hath he with them derided him, saying, done? I have found no cause of He saved others; let him save death in him: I will therefore himself, if he be Chrift the chaftife him, and let him go. chosen of God. And the foldiers And they were instant with alfo mocked him, coming to Joud vcices, requiring that he him, and offering him vinegat, might be crucified. And the and saying, if thou be the King voices of them and of the chief of the Jews, fave thyself. And prietts prevailed. And Pilate a superfcription also was writgave sentence that it hould be ten over him in letters of Greek, as they required. And he re- and Larin, and Hebrew, THIS Jeased unto them him that for IS THE KING OF THE fedition and murder was cast JEWS. And one of the male. into prison, whom they had factors which were hanged raile defired; but he delivered Jesus ed on him, saying, if thou be to their will. And as they led Christ, save thyself and us. But him away, they laid hold upon the other answering rebuked one Simon a Cyrenean, coming him, saying, Doft not thou fear out of the country, and on him God, seeing thou art in the they laid the cross, that he same condemnation? And we might hear it after Jesus. And indeed justly: for we receive there followed him a great com- the due reward of our deeds; pany of people, and of women, but this man hath done nothing who also bewailed and lament- amiss. And he said unto Jesus, ed him. But Jesus turning unto Lord, remember me when thou them, said, Daughters of Jerusa- comeft into thy kingdom. And lem, weep not for me, but weep Jesus said unto him, Verily I for yourselves, and for your say unto thee, To-day shalt thou children. For behold, the days be with me in paradife.. And are coming in the which they it was about the sixth hour : and tall say, Blessed are the barren, there was darkness over all and the wombs that never bare, the earth, until the ninth hour, and the paps which never gave and the fun was darkened, and fuck. Then shall they begin to the vail of the temple was rent fay to the mountains, Fall on in the midst. And when Jesús us; and to the hills, Cover us. had cried with a loud voice, he For if they do these things in a faid, Father, into thy hands. I


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commend my spirit: and having that they may be saved among
faid hus, he gave up the ghost. the remnant of the true Ifrael-
Now when the centurion faw ites, and be made one fold un-
what was done, he glorified der one shepherd, Jesus Chrift
God, saying, Certainly this was our Lord, who liveth and reign-
a righteous man And all the eth with thee and the Holy Spi-
people that came together to rir, one God, world without
that right, beholding the things end. Amen.
that were done, Imote their The Epistle. Hebr. 10. 1.
breasts, and returned. And all THE law having a mhadow of
his; acquaintance, and the wo good things to come, and
men that followed him from not the very image of the
Galilee, ftood afar off behold- things, can never with those fa-
ing these things.

crifices which they offered year

by year continually, make the Good Friday,

comers thereunto perfect: for The Colleets.

then would they not have cealLmighty God, we beseech ed to be offered ? because that this thy Family, for which our should have had no more conLord Jesus Christ was contented science of fins. But in those sato be betrayed, and given up in- crisces there is a remembrance to the hands of wicked men, again made of sins every year. and to suffer death upon the For it is not pollible that the cross; who now liveth and blood of bulls and of goats reigneth with thee and the Holy should take away sins. Where. Ghost, ever one God, world fore when he cometh into the without end. Amen.

world, he faith, Sacrifice and God, by whore Spirit the a body halt thou prepared me : whole body of the Church is go- In burnt-offerings and sacrifices everned and fanctified; Receive for sin thou hast had no plea

our supplications and prayers fure : Then said I, Lo, come which we offer before thee for (in the volume of the book it is all estates of men in thy holy written of me) to do thy will, Church, that every member of o God. Above, when he said,

the same in his vocation and Sacrifice and offering and ministry, may truly and godly burnt-offerings, and offering for serve thee, through our Lord fia thou wouldeit not, neither and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen. hadst pleasure therein, which

Merciful God, who hast are offered by the law; then nothing that thou haft made, will, o God. He taketh

away bnor wouldeft the death of a fin- the first, that he may establish ner, but rather that he should the second. By the which will be converted, and live; Have we are sanctified, through the

mercy, upon all Jews, Turks, offering of the body of Jesus Infidels, and Hereticks; and Christ once for all. And every take from them all ignorance, priest standeth daily miniftering

hardness of heart, and contempt and offering oftentimes the of thy word; and so fetch them fame facrifices, which can nehome, bletred Lord, to thy flock, ver take away Ins. But this


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man, after he had offered one went forth again, and faith unto facrifice for tins, for ever fat them, Behold, I bring him forth down on the right hand of God; to you, that ye may know that from henceforth expecting till I find no fault in him. Then his enemies be made hi. foot came Jesus forth, wearing the ncol. For by one offering he crown of thorns, and the purple hath perfected for ever them rohe. And Pilate faith unto that are fanctified; whereof them, Behold the man! When the Holy Ghost also is a witness the chief priefts therefore and to us : For after that he had said officers saw him, they cried before, This is the covenant that out, saying, Crucify him, cruciI will make with them after fy him. Pilate faith unto them, these days, faith the Lord, I Take ye him, and crucify him : will put my laws into their for I find no fault in him. The hearts, and in their minds wil! Jews answered him, We have I write them; and their fins a law, ard by our law he ought and iniquities will I remember to die, because he made himno more. Now where remiflion self the Son of God. When Pi. of these is, there is no more late therefore heard that saying, offering for fin. Having there he was the more afraid; and fore, brethren, boldness to erter went again into the judgementinto the holiest by the blood of hall, and faith unto Jefus, Jesus, by a new and living way, Whence art thou? bar terus which he hath confecrated for gave him ro apfwer. Then faithi us through the vail, that is to Pilate unto him, Speakest thou say, his Aesh: and having an not unto me! Knoweft thou high Priest over the houfe of not that I have power to crucify Göd; let us draw near with a thee, and have power to releate true heart, in full assurance of thee? Jesus answered, Thou faith, having our hearts sprink couldert have no power at all led from an evil conscience, againit me except it were given and our bodies washed with thee from above: therefore he pure water. Let us hold fant the that delivered unto thee profession of our faith without hath the greater fin. And from wavering ; (for he is faith!ul that thenceforth Pilate rought to repromised:) and det us consider leale him: but the Jews cried one another to provoke unto out, saying, If thou let this man love, and to good works; not go, thou art not Cesar's friend: forlaking the affemhling of our Whofoever maketh bimself selves together, as the manner King, speaketh against Cefar. of some is; but exhorting one When Pilate therefore 'heard another, and so much the more, that saying, he brought Jesus as ye see the day approaching. forth, and sat down in the judge

The Gospel. S. John 19. 1. ment-feat in a place that is callILATE therefore took Jesus ed the Pavement, but in the

Hebrew, Gabbatha. And it was soldiers platted a crown of the preparation of the passthorns, and put it on his head, over, and about the fixth hour; and they put on him a purple and he saith unto the Jews, Berobe, and said, Hail, King of the hold your King ! But they cried Jews! and they (mote him with out, Away with him, away with their hands. Pilate therefore him, crucify him, Pilate faith



unto them, Shall I crucify your faith he' to the disciple, Behold King! The chief priests answer- thy mother. And froin that hour ed, We haye no King but Cesar. that disciple took her unto his Then delivered he him there own home. After this jesus, fore unto them to be crucified : knowing that all things were and they took Jesus, and led him now accomplished, that the away. And he bearing his cross, Scripture might be fulslied, went forth into a place called, faith, I thirst. Now there was set The place of a scull, which is a veifel full of vinegar : and called in the Hebrew, Golgo- they filled a spunge with vinctha: where they.crucified him, gar, and put in upon hystop, and two other with him, on ei- and put it to his mouth, when ther side one, and Jesus in the Jesus therefore had received the midit. And Pilate wrote a title, vinegar, he said, It is finished: and put it on the cross; and the and he bowed his head, and writing was JESUS OF NA- gave up the ghost. The Jen's ZARETH THE KING OF therefore, because it was the THE JEWS. This title then preparation, tbat the bodies read many of the Jews: for Thouid not remain uron the the place where Jesus was crus crofi on the fabbath-day (for cified was nigh to the city: and that fabbath-day was an high it was written in Hebre n, and day) befought Pilate that their Greek, and Latin. Then said the legs might be broken, and that chief prietts of the Jews to Pi- they might be taken away. Then Jare, Write noi, The King of the came the soldiers, and brake the Jews; but that he said, I am legs of the first, and of the other King of the Jews. Pilate an- which was crucified with him. fwered, What I have written, I But when they came to Jesus, have written. Then the soldiers, and saw that he was dead alreas when they had crucified Jesus, dy, they brake rot his legs. But took his garments, and made one of the soldiers with his spear four parts; to every soldier a pierced his fide, and forthwith part; and also bis coat: now the came there out blood and water. coat was without leam, woven And he that saw it bare record, froin the top throughout. They and his record is true : and he faid therefore among themselves, knoweth that be faith true, that Let us not rend ir, but caft lots ye might believe. For there for it, whose it thall be: that the things were done, that the Scrip. Scripture might be fulfilled, ture should be fulfilled, A bone which faith, They paried my of him shall not be broken. And raiinent among them, and for again, another Scripture faith, my, vesture they did cast lots. They fall look on him whom

These things therefore the fol. they pierced.
diers did. Now there stood by
the cross of Jesus his mother,

Easter Even. and his mother's lifter, Mary

Toe Colle-7. ine wife of Cleopas, and Mary Glaptized into the death of Magdalene. When Jesus there fore saw his mother, and the thy blessed Son our Saviour Jedisciple Itanding by whom he sus Christ; so by continual morloved, he faith unto his mother, tifying our corrupt affections, Woman, behold thy foa, Then we may be buried with him, and



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that through the grave and gate chres Now the next day that of death, we may pass to our followed the day of the preparajoyful resurrection, for his me- tion, the chief priests and Pharits, who died, and was buried, rifes came together unto Pi'ate, and rose again for us, thy Son saying, Sir, we remember that Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. that deceiver faid, while he was

Tbe Epiftle. I S. Pet. 3. 17. yet alive, After three days I will I

be fo, that ye fuffer for well- that the sepulchre be made sure doing, than for evil-doing. For until the third day, lest his dirChrist also hath once suffered ciples come by night, and iteal for îns, the just for the unjust; him away, and say unto the peo(that he might bring us to God) ple, He is risen from the dead : being put to death in the flesh, so the last error shall be worse but quickened by the Spirit: bý than the first. Pilate said unto which also he went and preach them, Yehave a watch; go your ed unto the spirits in prison; way, make it as sure as you can. which sometime were disobedi. So they went, and made the seent, when once the long-suffer- pulchre fure, sealing the stone, ingi of God waited in the days and setiing a watch, 1,12379 of Noah, while the ark was a preparing; wherein few, that

EASTER DA Y. is, eight fouls, were saved by q At Morning Prayer, instead of water. The like figure whereunto, even baptism doth also

the Psalm (0 come let us fing, now save vus, (not the putting

&c. Jthese Antbems. fall be jung away the filth of the fesh, but

or suid. the answer of a good confcientia Chacrif

YHRIST our pass-over is

facrificed for us : therefore on of Jesus Christ; who is gone let us keep the feast; into heaven, and is on the right Not with old leaven, neither hand of God, angels and autho- with the leaven of malice and rities and powers being made wickedness : but with the un. subject unto him.

leavened bread of sincerity and The Gospel. s. Matth. 27. 57.

truth. I Cor. 5. 7. HEN the

HRIST being raifed from there came a rich man of the dead, dieth no more: Arimathea, named Joseph, who death hath no more dominion also himself was Jesus difciple. over him; He went to Pilate, and begged For in that he died, he died the body of Jefus. Then Pilate unto fin once ; but in that he commanded the body to be de- liveth, he

liveth unto God. livered. And when Joseph had. Likewise reckon ye also youttaken the body, he wrapped it 'felves to be dead indeed unto fin: in a clean linen cloth, and laid but alive unto God, through Jeit in his own new tomb, which fus Christ our Lord. Rom. 6.9.

HRIST is rifen from the and he .rolled a great stone to the door of the fepulchre, and fruits of them that Nepti? departed. And there was Mary * For fince by man came death : Magdalene and the other Mary by man came also the resurrecbirting: 'over-against the sepul- tion of the dead,

11. For


even was come,

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he hati hewn out in the rocki Cdead: and become the first

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