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8 Thou hast brought a vine 3 Blow up the trumpet in the out of Egypt: thou hast cast out new-moon : even in the time the heathen, and planted it. appointed, and upon our solemn

9 Thou madeft' room for it: featt-day: and when it had taken root, it 4 For this was made a statute filled the land.

for Israel : and a law of the God 10 The hills were covered of Jacob. with the (hadow of it; and the 5 This he ordained in Joseph boughs thereof were like the for a testimony : when he came goodly cedar-trees.

out of the land of Egypt, and had II She stretched out her heard a strange language. branches unto the sea : and her -6 I eased his shoulder from the boughs unto the river.

burden : and his hands were 12 Why hast thou then broken delivered from making the pots. down her hedge : that all they 7. Thou calledft upon me in that go by pluck off her grapes troubles, and I delivered thee :

13 The wild boar out of the and heard thee what time as the wood doth root it up : and the storm fell upon thee. wild beasts of the field devour, 8 I proved thee also: at the it.

waters of Itrife. 14 Turn thee again, Thou God 9 Hear, O my people, and I of hosts, look down from hea- will assure thee, 'o Israel : if ven : behold, and visit this vine; thou wilt hearken unto me,

15 And the place of the vine 10 There Tall no strange god yard that thy right hand hath be in thee : neither thalt thou planted : and the branch that worship any other God. thou made ft so strong for thy III am the Lord thy God, self.

who brought thee out of the 16 Jt is burnt with fire and cut land of Egypt: open thy mouth down: and they shall perish at wide, and I shall fill ic. the rebuke of thy countenance. 12 But my people would not

37 Let thy hand be upon the hear my voice : and Israel would man of thy right hand : and not obey me. upon the son of man whom thou 13 So I gave them up unto madest so strong for thine own their own hearts lusts : and let felf.

them follow their own imagi. 18 And so will not we go back nations. from thee : 0 let us live, and 14 that my people would we shall call upon thy Name. have hearkened unto me: for if

19 Turn us again, O Lord Israel had walked in my ways, God of hosts : Thew the light of 15 I should soon have put down thy countenance, and we shall their enemies : and turned my be whole,

hand against their adversaries.

16 The haters of the Lord PSAL. 81. Exultate Deo. should have becn found liars : ING ye merrily unto God but their time mould have en

our full noise unto the God of Ja.'

17 He should have fed them cob.

also with the finest wheat flour : 2 Take the psalm, bring his and with honey out of the Mony ther the tabret : the merry harp rock should I have satisfied with the lute,



EVENING PRAYER. 8 Afur also is joined with

PSAL. 82. Deus ftetit. them' ; and have holpen the GOD OD ftandech in the congre- children of Lot.

gation of princes : he is a 9 But do thou to them as un. Judge among gods.

to the Madianites : unto Sisera, 2 How long will ye give and unto Jabin at the brook of wrong judgement : and accept Kison; the persons of the ungodly? 10 Who perifned at Endor:

3 Defend the poor and father and became as the dung of the Jess : see that such ac are in need earth. and necessity have right.

u Make them and their princes 4 Deliver the out-cast and like Oreb and Zeb : yea, make poor : save them from the hand all their princes like as Zeba and of the ungodly:

Zalmana; 5 They will not be learned 12 Who say, Let us take to nor understand, but walk on ourselves : the houses of God in still in darkness : all the foun- poffeffion. dations of the earth are out of 13 O my God make them like course.

unto a wheel : and as the stub. 6 I have said, Ye are gods": ble before the wind; and ye are all the children of the 14 Like as the fire that burn. most Highest.

eth up the wood : ard as the 7 But ye shall die like men : flame that consumeth the mounand fall like one of the princes.

tains. 8 Arise, O God, and judge 15 Persecute them even so with thou the earth : for thou malt thy tempeft: and make them a. take all heathen to thine inheri. fraid with thy storm, tance.

16 Make their faces ashamed, PSAL 83. Deus, quis fimilis?

O Lord : that they may seek thy OLD not thý tongue, Othy Name.

God, keep not ftill silence : 17 Let them be confounded refrain not thy self, O God.

and vexed ever more and more: 2 For lo thine enemies make a let them be put to shame and murmuring: and they that hate perith. thee have lift up their head. 18 And they shall know that

3. They have imagined craftily thou, whose Name is Jehovah : against thy people and taken art only the most Highest over counsel against thy secret ones.

all the earth. 4 They have said, Come, and let us root them out, that they

PSAL. 84. Quam dileta! be no more a people : and that the name of israel may be no

How amiable are thy dwel. O

lings : thou Lord of hosts! more in remembrance.

2 My soul hath a desire and 5 For 'they have cast their longing to enter into the courts heads together with one con of the Lord : my heart and sent : and are confederate a. my Aesh rejoice in the living gainst thee;

God. 6 The tabernacles of the E. 3 Yea, the sparrow hath domites and the Ishmaelites : found her an houre, and the the Moabites and Hagarens; swallow a neft, where she may

7 Gebal, and Ammon, and lay her young: even thy alcars, Amalech : the Philiftints, with O'Lord of hosts, my King and them that dwell at Tyre.


my God,

4 Blessed

4 Blessed are they that dwell and quicken us : that thy peein thy house : they will be al- ple may rejoice in thee ? way praising thee.

7 Shew us thy mercy, O Lord : Ś Blessed is the man whose and grant us thy salvation. strength is in thee : in whose 8 I will hearken what the heart are thy ways;

Lord God will say concerning 6 Who going through the me: for he shall speak peace unvale of misery, use it for a well: to his people, and to his faints and the pools are filled with that they turn not again. water

9 For his salvation is nigh 7 They will go from strength them that fear bim : that glory to strength : and unto the God may dwell in our land. of gods appeareth every one of 10 Mercy and truth are met them in Sion.

together : righteousness and 8 O Lord God of hosts, hear peace have killed each other, my prayer : hearken, O God of

II Truth shall flourish out of Jacob.

the earth : and righteousness 9 Behold, O God our defen- hath looked down from heaven. der : and look upon the face of 12 Yea, the Lord fhall (hew thine Anointed.

loving-kindness : and our land 10 For one day in thy courts : hall give her increase. is better than a thousand.

13 Righteousness shall


be. II I had rather be a door- fore him : and he shall direct his keeper in the house of my God: going in the way. than to dwell in the tents of ungodliness.

MORNING PRAYER. 12 For the Lord God is a light and defence : the Lord will give

PSAL. 86. Inclina, Donine. France and worthip, and no good Bowd down thine car,

o Lord,

hear meam them that live a godly life.

and in misery. 130 Lord God of hosts : bler 2 Preserve thou my soul, for sed is the man that putteth his am holy : my God, fave thy trust in thee.

servant that putteth his trust in PSAL 85. Benedixifti, Domine, thee, ORD, thou art become gra

3 Be merciful unto me, haft turned away the captivity thee. of Jacob.

4 Comfort the foul of thy Ź Thou hast forgiven the of- fervant : for unto thee, O Lord, fence of thy people : and co. do I lift up my soul. vered all their fins.

5 For thou, Lord, art good 3 Thou hast taken away all tly and gracious : and of great merdispleasure : and turned thyself cy unto all them that call upon from thy wrathful indignation.

thee. 4 Turn us then, O God our 6 Give ear, Lord, unto my Saviour : and let thine anger prayer : and ponder the voice of cease from us.

my humble detires. 5 Wilt thou he displeased at 7 In the time of my trouble us for ever : and wilt thou I will call upon thee : for thou stretch out thy wrath from one heareft me. generation to another?

8 Among the gods there is 6 Wilt thou not turn again none like unto thee, O'Lord :


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there is not one that can do as also : and they of Tyre, with thou doeft.

the Morians; lo, there was he 9 All nations whom thou haft born. made, mall come and worship 5 And of Sion it shall be re. thee, O Lord : and shall glorify ported, that he was born in her: thy Name.

and the most High fhall ftablish 10 For thou art great, and her. doest wondrous things : thou 6 The Lord shall rehearse it art God alone.

when he writeth up the people : · 11 Teach me thy way, O Lord, that he was born there. and I will walk in thy truth : 0 7 The fingers also and trum. knit my heart unto thee, that I peters shall he rehearse : all my may fear thy Name.

fresh springs shall be in thee. 12 I will thank thee, O Lord

PSAL. 88. Demire Deus. my God, with all my heart : and will praise thy Name for ever Lord God of my salvation,

13 For great is thy mercy to- before thee : O let my prayer ward men and thou hast deliv. enter into thy presence; incline ered my soul from the nether. thine ear unto my calling. moit hell.

2 For my soul is full of trou. 14 O God, the proud are risen ble : and my life draweth nigh against me : and the congre- unto hell. gations of naughty men have 3 I am counted as one of them fought after my soul, and have that go down into the pit : and not set thee before their eyes.

I have been even as a man that 15 But thou, O Lord God, hath no strength; art full of compassion and mer 4 Free among the dead, like cy fong-suffering, plenteous in unto them that are wounded and goodness and truth.

lie in the grave : who are out of 160 turn thee then unto me, remembrance, and are cut away and have mercy upon me : give from thy hand. thy strength unto thy servant, 5 Thou haft laid me in the and help the son of thine hand lowest pit: in a place of darkmaid,

ness, and in the deep. 17 Shew some token upon me 6 Thine indignation lieth hard for' good, that they who hate upon me: and thou hast vexed me, may see it, and be asham me with all thy storms. ed : because thou, Lord, hast 7 Thou hart put away, mine hoipen me, and comforted me, acquaintance far from me : ard PSAL. 87. Furdamenta ejus.

made me

to be ablerred of H Н TER foundations are upon them.

the holy bilis : the Lord 8 I am so fast in prison : that loveth the gates of Sion more I cannot get farth. than all the dwellings of Jacob. 9 My fight faileth for very

2 Very excellent things are trouble : Lord, I have called spoken of thee : thou city of daily upon thee, I have streichGod.

ed forth my hands unto thee. 3

I will think upon Rahab 10 Dost thou thew wonders and Babylon : with them that among the dead : or, shall the know me.

dead rise up again and praise :4 Behold ye the Philistines thee?

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u Shail

I shall thy loving-kindness 7 And what is he among the. be thewed in the grave : or thy gods : that shall be like unto faithfulness in destruction ? the Lord ?

12 Shall thy wondrous works 8 God is very greatly to be be known in the dark : and thy feared in the council of the righteousness in the land where saints ; and to be had in reall things are forgotten ?

verence of all them that are 13 Unto thee have I cried, round about him. o Lord : and early shall my 90 Lord God of hosts, who is prayer come before thee.

like unto thee : thy truth, most 14 Lord, why abhorrest thou mighty Lord, is on every fide. my soul : and hideft thou thy io Thou ruleft the raging of face from me?

the fea : thou stilleft the waves 15 I am in misery, and like thereof when they arise. unto him that is at the point to I Thou hast subdued Egypt, die : even from my youth up and destroyed it: thou hast scat thy terrors have I suffered with tered thine enemies abroad witle a troubled mind,

thy mighty arm. 16 Thy wrathful displeasure 12 The heavens are tline, the goeth over me : and the fear of earth also is thine : thou haft thee hath undone me.

laid the foundation of the round 17 They came round about me world, and all that therein is, daily like water : and compassed 13 Thou hast made the north me together on every side. and the south : Tabor and Her.

18 My lovers and friends haft mon shall rejoice in thy Name. thou put away from me: and 14. Thou hast a mighty arın : hid mine acquaintance out of my strong is thy hand, and high is fight.

thy right hand.

15 Righteoufness and equity EVENING PRAYER, are the habitation of thy feat : PSAL. 89. Misericordias Domini. mercy and truth shall go before MY Y song, shall be alway of thy face.

the loving-kindness of the 16 Blessed is the people, O Lord : with my mouth will I Lord, that can rejoice in thee : ever be Thewing thy truth from they Mall walk in the light of one generation to another.

thy countenance. 2 For I have faid, Mercy 17 Their delight mall be thall be set up for ever : thy daily in thy name : and in thy truth halt thou sablish in the righteousness shall they make heavens.

their boat. 31 have made a covenant with 18 For thou art the glory of my chosen : I have sworn unto their strength : and in thy lovDávid my servant;

ing-kindness thou Malt lift up 4 Thy reed will I ftablish for our horns. ever : and set up thy throne from 19 For the Lord is our deone generation to another. fence : the Holy One of Israel

5.0 Lord, the very heavens is our King. shall praise thy wondrous works: 20 Thou speakest some time in and thy truth in the congrega- vifions unto thy saints, and faidft; tion of the saints.

I have laid help upon one that is 6 For who is he among the mighty;l have exalted one chofen clouds : that shall be compared out of the people. unto the Lord ?

21. I have found David mg L

fervant :

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