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and in truth. And hereby we unto the servant, Go out into know that we are of the truth, the highways and hedges, ad and shall assure our hearts be- compel them to come in, that fore him : for if our heart con. my house may be filled : For 1 demn us, God is greater than say unto you, that none of those our heart, and knoweth all men which were bidden thall things. Beloved, if our heart taste of my supper. condemn us not, then have we confidence towards God: And

The third Sunday after Trinity. whatsoever we ask, we receive

The Colleft. of him, because we keep his LORD, we beseech thee commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his grant that we, to whom thou fight. And this is his command- hart given an hearty desire to ment, That we should believe pray, may by thy mighty aid be on the Name of his Son Jesus' defended and comforted in all

Christ, and love one another, as dangers and adversities, through 1. he gave us commandment. And Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. he that keepeth his command

The Epifte. I S. Pet: 5.5. ments dwelleth in him, and he LL of you be subject one in hiin: and hereby we kncw that he abideth in us, by the with humility ;' for God refiftSpirit which he hath given us. eth the proud, and giveth grace

The Gospel. S. Luke 14. 16. to the humble. Humble yourA

supper, and bade many ; ty hand of God, that he may and fent his fervant at supper- exalt you in due time; casting time to say to them that were all your care upon him ; for he bidden, Come, for all things are careth for you. Be sober, be vinow ready. And they all with gilant: because your adversary one consent began to make ex, the devil, as a roaring lion, walkcule : The first said unto him, I eth about seeking whom he may have bought a piece of ground, devour : whom reiift Itedfast in and I must needs go and see it; the faith; knowing that the same I pray thee bave me excused?

afflictions are accomplithed in And another faid, I have bought your brethren that are in the five yoke of oxen, and I go to world. But the God of all grace, prove them; I pray thee have who hath called us unto his eme.excused': And another said, ternal glory by Christ Jésus, afI have married a wise, and there- ter that ye have suffered awhile, fore I cannot come. So that ser: make, you perfect, Itablith, vant came, and Mewed his lord strengthen, fettle you : To him these things. Then the inafter be glory and dominion for ever of the honfe, being angry, said and ever. Amen. to his fervant, Go out quickly The Gospel. S. Luke 15. I.

into the streets and lanes of the 'HEN drew near unto him È city, and bring in hither the

all the Publicans and finners e poor, and the maimed, and the for to hear him. And the Pha

halt, and the blind. And the ser- rifees and scribes murmured, vané faid, Lord, it is done as faying, This man receiveth fin thou hast commanded, and yet ners, and eatech with them. And there is room. And the lord faid he spake this parable unto them,


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saying, What man of you have manifeftation of the fons of ing an hundred Meep, if he lose God. For the creature was made, one of them, doth not leave the subject to vanity, not willingly, ninety and nine in the wilder- but by reason of him who hath ness, and go after that which is subjected the same in hope; be. loft until he find it? And when cause the creature itself also shall he hath found it, he layeth it on be delivered from the bondage his Thoulders rejoicing: And of corruption, into the glorious when he cometh home, he call- liberty of the children of God. eth together his friends and For we know that the whole neighbours, saying unto them, creation groaneth and travaileth Rejoice with me, for I have in pain together until now : And found my sheep which was loft. not only they, but ourselves alfo I say unto you, that likewise joy which have the first-fi nits of the saali be in heaven over one lin- Spirit, even we ourselves groan ner that repenteth, more than within ourselves, waiting for over ninety and nine just per- the adoption, to wit, the refons which need no repentance. demption of our body. Either what woman having ten pieces of silver, if she lose one

The Gospel. S. Luke 6. 36. piece,

doth not light a candle, BE ve Eherefore mercifol, as diligently till the find it? And Judge nct, and ye shall not be when the hath found it, the call- judged: condemn not, and ye eth her friends and her neigh- give, and ye shall be forgiven:

Thall not be condemned: forwith me, for I have found the give, and it shall be given unto piece which I had lost. Likewife you: good measure, pressed I say unto you, There is joy in down, and shaken together, and the presence of the angels of God running over shall men give inover one finner that repenteth.

to your bosom. For with the fame measure that ye mete with

al, it shall be measured to you The fourth Sunday after Trinity. again. And he spake a parable The Colleet.

unto them, Can the blind lead O

that trust in chee, without fall into the ditch? The disciple whom nothing is strong, non is not above his master : but thing is holy; Increase and mul- every one that is perfect shall be tiply upon us thy mercy, that as his master. And why beholdthou being our ruler and guide, est thou the mote that is in thy we may fo pass through things brother's eye, but perceiveft not temporal, that we finally lose the beam that is in thine own not the things eternal : Grant eye? Either how canst thou say this, O heavenly Father, for Je-. to thy brother, Brother, let me fus Christ's sake our Lord. filmen. pull out the mote that is in thine

The Epistle. Rom. 8. 18. eye, when thou thyself beholdI

Reckon that the sufferings of est not the beam that is in thine

this present time are not wor own eye? Thou hypocrite, caft thy to be compared with the out first the beam out of thine glory which shali be revealed in own eye, and then shalt thou us. For the earnest expectation fee clearly to pull out the mote of the creature waiteth for the that is in thy brother's eye.


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courteous :

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The fifth Sunday after Trinity. Thip. Now when he had left
The ColleEl.

speaking, he said unto Simon, RANT, O Lord, we beseech Launch out into the deep, and let world may be so peaceably or

And Simon answering, said unto dered by thy governance, that him, Mafter, we have toiled all thy Church may joyfully serve the night, and have taken nothee in all godly quietness, thing, nevertheless, at thy word through Jesus Christ our Lord. I will let down the net. And Amen.

when they had this done, they The Epifle. 1S. Pet. 3. 8.

inclosed a great multitude of

. compassion one of another; they beckened unto their partlove as brethren, be pitiful, be ners, which were in the other

not rendering evil thip, that they Nould come and for evil, or railing for railing; but help them. And they came and contrariwise, blessing; know

filled both the thips, so that they ing that

ye are thereunto called, began to link. When Simon Pethat ye should inherit a blessing ter saw it, he fell down at Jesus” For he that will love life, and knees, saying, Depart from me, fee good days, let him refrain for I am a finful man, O Lord? his tongue from evil, and his For he was astonished, and all lips that they speak no guile: that were with him, at the let him cfchew evil, and do draught of the fishes which they good : let him seek peace, and had taken: and so was also ensue it. For the eyes of the James and John the sons of ZeLord are over the righteous, and bedee, who were partners with his ears are open unto their Simon. And Jesus faid unto Siprayers; but the face of the mon, Fear not; from henceforth Lord is against them that do thou shalt catch men. And when evil. And who is he that will they had brought their ships to harm you, if ye be followers of land, they forlook all and folthat which is good? But and if lowed him. ye suffer for righteousness fake, happy are ye; and be not afraid

The fixtb Sunday after Trinity. of their terror, neither be trou

Tbe Collet. bled; but fanctify the Lord God O God, who haft prepared

, The Gospel. S. Luke 5. 1. such good things as pass man's IF

I came to pass, that as the understanding : Pour into our

people prefied upon him to hearts such love toward thee, hear the Word of God, he food that we loving thee ahove alí by the lake of Gennesareth, and things, may obtain thy promises, faw two mips standing by the which exceed al} that we can lake; but the fishermen were defire, through Jesus Christ our gone out of them, and were Lord. Amen. waihing their nets. And he en The Epislle. Rom. 6. 3. tered into one of the ships, which , Know se were taptized in

NOW'ye not that fo many that he would thrust out a little Jesus Christ, were baptized into from the land : and he sat down, his death? Therefore we are and taught the people out of the buried with him by baptism into

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death; that like as Christ was then come and offer thy gift, raised up from the dead by the Agree with thine adversary glory of the Father, even so we quickly, whiles thou art in the allo should walk in pewness of way with him : left at any time life. For if we have been plant- the adversary deliver thee to the ed together in the likeness of his judge, and the judge deliver thee death, we shall be also in the to the officer, and thou be calt likeness of his resurrection ; into prison. Verily I say unto knowing this, that our old man thee, Thou Malt by no means is crucified with him, that the come out thence, till thou hait body of lin might be destroyed, paid the uttermost farthing, that henceforth we should not ferve fin, For he that is dead is The seventh Sunday after Trinity. freed from fin. Now if we be

Tbe Colleft. dead with Christ, we believe ORD of all power and might, that we shall alto live with him ; knowing that Christ being raised from the dead, dieth no more ;

er of all good things; Graft in

our hearts the love of thy Name, death hath no more dominion increase in us true religion, nouover him. For in that he died, rith us with all goodness, and he died unto sin once: but that he liveth, he liveth unto the fame, through Jesus Chrift

of thy great mercy keep us in God. Likewise reckon ye also our Lord. amer, yourselves to be dead indeed

The Epiftle. Rom. 6. 19. unio fin, but alive unto God, through Jesus Chrift our Lord.' I speak latere the manner of The Golpel, S. Matth. 5. 20, ty of your fiel : for as ye have

o Except your righteousness to uncleanness, and to iniquity, ihall exceed the righteousness of unto iniquity; even so 'row the Scribes and Pharisees, ye yield your members servants to Thall in no case enter into the righteousness, unto hc liness. For kingrlom of heaven. Ye have when ye were the servants of heard that it was said by them fin, ye were free from righteoufof old time, Thou shalt not kill: nels. What fruit had he then

in and whosoever fall kill, mall those things whereof ye are now be in danger of the judgement. alhamed for the end of those But I say unto you, That who things is death. But now being foever is angry with his brother made free from sin, and become without a cause, Mail be in dan- fervants to God, we have your ger of the judgement : and who- fruit unto holiness, and the end loever thall fay to his brother, everlasting lite. Raca, Mhall be in danger of thé of fin is death: but the gift of council: but whofoever shall God is eternal life, through Jefay, Thou fool, shall be in dan- sus Christ our Lord. ger of hell-fire. Therefore, if The Gospel. S. Mark 8. 1. thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there remembereft that thy being very great, and having brother hath ought against thee; nothing to eat, Jefus called burs leave there thy gift before the disciples unto him, and faith unaltar, and go thy way, first be to them, I have compassion on reconciled in this brothers and the multitude, becaulo they have

For the wages

with band he asked them, How Be which come to

you in

now been with me three days, The Spirit itself beareth witners and have nothing to eat and with our Spirit that we are the if I send them away fafting to children of God. And if childtheir own houses, they will faint ren, then heirs; heirs of God, by the way; for divers of them and joint-heirs with Chrift: if came from far. And his disciples fo be that we suffer with him, answered him, From whence that we may be also glorified can a man fa:isfy these men together. with bread here in the wilder The Gospel. S. Matth. 7. 15:

Eware of falle prophets, many loaves have ye? And they said, 'Seven. And he command- Theep's clothing, but inwardly ed the people to sit down on the they are ravening wolvez. Ye ground: and he took the seven fhall know them by their fruits. loaves, and gave thanks, and Do men gather grapes of thorns, brake, and gave to his difcipies or figs of thirtles? Even so every to set before them; and they good tree bringeth forth gocd did fet them before the people. fruit; but a corrupt trée bringAnd they had a few finallfishes: eth fortla evil fruit: A good tree and he blessed, and commanded cannot bring forth evil fruit ; to set thein also before them. So neither can a corrupe tree bring they did eat, and were filled : forth good fruit. Every tree that and they took up of the broken bringeth not forth good fruit, is meat that was left seven baskets. hewn down, and cast into the And they that had eaten were fire. Wherefore by their fruits about four thousand. And he ye shall know them. Not every fent them away:

one that faith unto me, Lord,

Lord, mall enter into the kingThe eigbib Sunday afrer Triniry. dom of heaven; but he that I be Collect.

doeth the will of O Goodwidehicle oever failing which is in heaven. things botla in heaven and earth; The nineb Sunday after Trinity. We humbly beseech thee to put

Tbe Collect, from , "RANT to us, Lord, we bebe profitable for us, through think and do always such things Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. as be rightful, that we, who

The Epiftle. Rom. 8. 12. cannot do any thing that is good

Rethren, we are debtors, not without thee, may by thee be flesh. For if ye live after the will, through Jesus Chrift voor flesh, ye shall die; but if ye Lord. Amen. through the Spirit do mortify The Epifle. 1 Cor. 10, 1.. Live. For as many as are led by Brethrenna would not that ye the Spirit of God, they are the all our fathers were under the fons of God. For ye have not cloud : and all pafled through received the spirit of bondage the fea; and were all baptized again to fear; but ye have re unto Moses in the cloud, and in ceived the Spirit of adoption, the sea ; and did all eat 'the fame whereby we cry, Abba, Father, fpiritual meat; and did all drink


my Father

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