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in hurrying to the spot where they were told the bleeding Count lay.

The group paused on beholding the solemn spectacle that met their gaze.

At the foot of the bed stood Fray Antonio, still offering up a silent prayer, unconscious of those who had entered—he was thinking only of Futurity! By the bed-side knelt Dolores and Fernando, the cold hands of the Count resting upon their heads; whilst Petrus supported the wounded man, unconscious that the sinner's soul had fled for ever!

Alas! the gay—the profligate Orlando Alcan'ara was no more !-He had invoked a blessing—he had prayed for pardon--and now, his soul had gone to its account !

And Alba and his companions trembled ; -well might they quake, for they were in the presence of that most potent MonarchDEATH!!


William Stevens, Printer, Bell Yard, Temple Bar.

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