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THE various Collections already published

1 and adopted in schools, might seem to render this superfluous; yet the Editor, unintimidated by that reflection, ventures to offer this Selection to the Public, with a full conviction, that judicious teachers will immediately perceive its obvious utility. That excellent Collection of moral and instructive Essays, &c. THE PLEASING INSTRUCTOR, and other popular books of a like kind, have become so familiar in schools, that they pall upon the mind, and boys are inclined to consider the reading of them as a kind of task, and therefore disregard the precepts they contain.-Since the time of their first publication, many excellent authors have added sufficiently to the stock of modern literature to shew the necessity for a Compilation that might combine the beauties. contained in their works, with those we find in Authors that have previously been had recourse to.

The Editor's chief purpose in making this selection was, to inculcate in the minds of youth strong impressions of their moral obligations, the danger of the slightest deviation

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from the path of virtue, and those refined sensibilities of the human mind, which elevate man so infinitely beyond the rest of the creation, and fit him for rational enlightened so- , ciety.-The early cultivation of the virtuous, generous, and humane principles of the mind, is certainly a matter of the greatest importance; therefore he who contributes to exalt: and confirm those dispositions, which adorn and ennoble human nature, may surely escape censure, even if the slightness of the means he adopts do not entitle him to any high degree of general approbation.

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On the conduct of youth .
On an excessive and indiscriminate love of company
The journey of a day; story of Obidah
On virtue - - -
Reniarks on the swiftness of time .
Filial affection; the story of Fidelia
Family disagreements the frequent cause of immoral conduct 20
The voyage of life, an allegory
The necessity of forming religious principles at an early age 30
The virtue of gentleness. ..
Religion never to be treated with levity :
The balance of happiness equal :
Alcander and Septimius - -
The acquisition of a virtuous disposition a necessáry part

of education - - -
Valuable opportunities once lost can never be recalled
On benevolence and humanity . ..
On the advantages of conversation
The hill of science, a vision : ::.. fins
On cruelty to animals ..
Damon and Pythias ..
Valentine and Unnion
The folly of inconsistent expectations
On good-nature
The siege of Calais



. ..
On betraying private conversation ...
The continence of Scipio Africanus.
Liberty and slavery - ..
On a classical education -
On cruelty to inferior animals.
The two bees - - - -
On ambition
On the knowledge of the world.
The story of Le Fevre .
Albert Bane ... .

On education
On envy -
Nancy Collins


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The arts of deceiving conscience -

On the guilt of incurring debts, without an intention or

prospect of payment . - : - . 121

Learning should be sometimes applied to cultivate our

· morals

The story of Maria, from Sterne ·

The want of piety arises from the want of sensibility



The distresses of a modest man .

The story of Dionysius the tyrant -


The vision of Theodore the hermit of Teneriffe

The vision of Theodore continued .


The grateful Turk - i ., ,.


On the respect paid by the Lacedemonians and Athenians

to old age •

Parental affection -

The mountain of calamity

The history of Joseph abridged

On extravagance...:

The story of a disabled soldier

Scene between Col. Rivers and Sir Harry

The story of Melissa -


Story of Melissa continued ..

On hope .

An address to a young scholar.. .

On the advantages derivable from national adversity

Reinarkable instance of filial duty . -

On the importance of governing the temper

The impression of truth on the mind when suggested by

striking analogy • •

The story of Abbas - -

On the importance of a good character, considered only

with respect to interest


Good-natured credulity


History of the Empress Catherina - -


On impudence and modesty"


Filial affection - ..


On the folly and wickedness of war


On the beauty and happiness of an open behaviour and an.

ingenuous disposition .


A remedy for discontent ..

· 259

The resignation of the Emperor Charles V. -


The whistle, a true story --


On good-breeding ."

. 269

Dignity of manners


iners -

- -


Lying " . .

i • -*-274

Gentleness of manners, with firmness or resolution of mind 276

On the moral character .

- wi .." 278


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