Review of Reviews, Volume 3

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Albert Shaw
Review of Reviews., 1891

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Dr Anderson is a professional, caring and truly knowledgeable. I have been suffering with a chronic cough for more than a year. The cough had escalated to such a degree of choking and shortness of breath. It gave me an irregular heartbeat. On top of this chronic cough I had to have an ICD unit implanted in my chest to regulate my heart. This cough was truly destroying the quality of my life. Unfortunately, reviews seem to be regulated to five stars. Dr. Anderson deserves much more than that.
I had visited with more than 1/2 dozen doctors, some were supposed to be the best ENTs. I tried every possible remedy medications and including acupuncture, my life was not only fading away I was hurting physically and mentally. No doctor could find a remedy, I had cameras inserted through my nose and also on other treatments through my throat, doctors could not find any defects or remedy. Dr. Anderson was recommended to me by my regular ENT. He spoke very highly of her as a specialized ENT doctor. In my first meeting with her I felt very comfortable, she took her time in listening to my chronic problem. I explained she was my last resort. After inserting a tool/camera down my throat she recognized damage to vocal cords and explained I needed to have surgery. I had never planned on this being an 80-year-old man with an ICD implant. At this point I would have done anything and was extremely scared not only of the anesthesia but, another hospital procedure. Dr. Anderson met with me again and assured me she felt very confident doing the surgery. On the morning of the surgery Dr. Anderson visited with me another time. My wife and I could never explain the time and comfort factor with Dr. Anderson, a true knowledgeable professional with wonderful bedside manners. We proceeded with the surgery and after recovery returned home. My throat was very uncomfortable and the slightest irritation or itch would cause coughing in my sore throat. In the few days after the surgery I met with Dr. Anderson. She re-examined and felt the surgery was successful. I was instructed not to use my voice and a diet a very soft foods, applesauce became my best friend. Within a week after that visit my cough had stopped. My breathing improved and I felt much better, overall physically and mentally. This has been a long review but, people considering being treated by Dr. Anderson should read this review again. I prayed both in church and at home for a remedy to this chronic cough which was destroying my life. Dr. Anderson must have been sent to me by God as he only knows my suffering. Dr. Anderson is without a doubt a true professional, congenial and certainly very knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend her. She has changed my life.

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It just doesn't get any better than seeing the gorgeous "Mrs. Anita Pelaez" over at her and her husband "Captain Kutchie's" place..Some Folks Also Call Him.."The KutchMan!"....(Anita and Kutchie's Key West, Key Lime Pie Factory and Grill)...Just watching the lovely couple baking together all those Yummy Key Lime Pies at their Key Lime Pie Factory and Grill in Asheville. ...It's always worth the trip to visit them in they're Historic Key Lime Pie Factory and Grill...It should be on everyone's bucket list for sure..And The World's Best Key Lime Pies!..YUM-YUM-YUM....."Talk About World Class" What An Understatement!.......AAHHHHH!....The Magic Of The Lovely.."Mrs. Anita Pelaez" And Her Delicious Key Lime Pies Baked With Pure Love...Always.... 

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Page 473 - And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.
Page 260 - A yet nobler result of the religious revival was the steady attempt, which has never ceased from that day to this, to remedy the guilt, the ignorance, the physical suffering, the social degradation of the profligate and the poor.

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