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I have written a review in my blog :
These are highlighted points.
Advantages of this book :
1. Most of the testing comes with examples and detail description. So, it gives clear idea and useful information before start practicing and implementing.
2. Very good explanations on side technology that are used( i.e. - Regular Expression , JSON etc)
3. Very useful explanation on advance topics like session, cookie, URL rewrite.
4. Spatial chapter on server monitoring (profMon) and distributed testing which are very helpful & necessary for industry standard testing.
5. The packaging of the books is very good. I got a hard copy of the book.
Some Disadvantages:
1. I admit, the book could have more image to explain. I guess, author want to keep book more thin and cheap.
2. The book could add some more detail chapters on how to get useful reports. As we know, jmeter used to provide raw results (unlike load runner), we have to process the results in to report manually. Some example with ideas regarding reporting would have been very useful.
3. The books still looks a bit technical not from be beginning but in later on. So, if we run through chapter without practicing, it might be little complex.

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