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THE Continued Patronage of our numerous Readers, notwithstanding the multiplication of similar Works, demands an Annual Tribute of Gratitude from the Editors; which they now respectfully tender, with the greatest readiness and pleasure. It is gratifying, in a high degree, to find that their constant Endeavours to furnish the Religious Public with Subjects worthy of their attention, are crowned with permanent Success; and they beg leave to renew their Assurances, that their diligence in procuring Materials the most useful and acceptable, shall not be remitted.

It is yet a higher source of pleasure and gratitude to learn, that the GOD of all Grace still vouchsafes to smile on this Work, by rendering it the instrument, in his hands, of promoting the knowledge and experience of the glorious Gospel; especially as the Editors have abundant reason to believe, that this Miscellany circulates among many persons who have little opportunity to procure, or to peruse, larger treatises. The Memorials of Pious Men excite in the breasts of Ministers and others, a holy emulation to be followers of those who, through faith and patience, inherit the promises.' The Obituaries, it is certain, afford much consolation to numbers of God's children, who are liable to bondage, through fear of death,' by exhibiting, in a striking man

ner, the power and grace of the dear Redeemer, in the support of weak believers in the hour of trial. The Religious Intelligence, which this Work has an opportunity of obtaining, superior to that enjoyed by any other periodical publication, is increasingly interesting, as it shews, to the joy of every Observer of Divine Providence, that, even in these disastrous days, the walls of our British. Jerusalem are built with unprecedented zeal; and that, amidst the wide-spreading Desolations of War, the Prince of Peace is extending the dominions of his


With these convictions of the Utility of the Work, and with a firm persuasion that their labours are not in vain in the Lord,' the Editors are determined, by divine. assistance, to PERSEVERE in their Original Plan, with every Improvement that their own experience, or the judgment of others may suggest; and for this end they again earnestly solicit the kind Assistance of their Brethren in the Ministry, and of all others who are qualified and disposed to enrich the Publication by their Evangeli cal Productions.


December, 1810.

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