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These loosen'd joints, these knees which The world may worship, you must counsel smite each other,

me. Betray I'm but a man a weak one too! He who declares the secret of the king, 1st court. In truth, 'tis passing strange, No cominon honours shall await his skill; and full of horror!

Our empire shall be tax'd for his reward, Belsh, Send for the learu'd magicians, And he himself shaliname the gift he wishes, every sage

A splendid scarlet robe shall grace his Who deals in wizard spells and magic limbs, charms,

[Some go out. His neck a princely chain of gold adorn : 1st court. How fares my lord the king? Meet honours for such wisdom : He shall Belsh. Am I a king?

rule What pow'r have I? Ye lying slaves, I am the third in rank throughout our Babylon. not.

2d Astr. Such recompence becomes BelOh, soul distracting sight! but is it real ?

shazzar's bounty. Perhaps 'tis faney all, or the wild dream Let the king speak the secret of his soul; Of mad distemperature, the fumes of wine! Which hcard, his humble creatures shall I'll look upon’nt no more !-So-now I'm unfold. well!

Belsh, (points to the wall.) Be't so-look I am a king again, and know not fear,

there-behold those characters! , And yet my eyes will seek that fatal spot, Nay, do not start, for I will know their And fondly dwell upon the sight that blasts meaning! them!

Ha! answer; speak, or instant death awaits Again, 'tis there ! it is not fancy's work,

you ! I see it still! 'tis written on the wall! | What, dumb ! all dumb! where is your I see the writing, but the viewless writer, | boasted skill ? Who! what is he! Oh, horror! horror ! hor

[They confer together. ror!

Keep them asunder-10 confederacy-It cannot be the God of these poor Jews;. No secret plots to make your tales agree. For what is He, that he can thus afflict? Speak, slaves, and dare to let me know the 2d court. Let not my Lord the king be worst!

They kneel. thus dismay'd.

1st Astr. (), let the king forgive his faith3d court. Let not a phantom, an illusive ful servants! shade

2d Asir. () mitigate our threatened doom Disturb the peace of him who rules the of death; world.

If we declare, with mingled grief and shame, Belsh. No more, ye wretched sycophants! We cannot tell the secret of the king, no more!

strike, Nor what these mystic characters portend! The sweetest note which flatt’ry now can Belsh. Oft with their heads! Ye shall not Harsh and discordant grates upon my soul. live an hour! Talk not of pow'r to one so full of fear, Curse on your shallow arts, your lying sciSo weak, so impotent! Look on that wall; ence ! If thou wouldst soothe my soul explain the 'Tis thus you practice on the credulous writing,

world, And thou shalt be my oracle, my God! Who think you wise because themselves O tell me whence it came, and what it

and what it are wcak! means,

But, miscreants, ye shall die! the pow'r to And I'll believe I am again a king!

punish Friends! princes! ease my troubled breast, Is all that I have left me of a king. and say

1st court. Great sire, suspend their puWhat do the mystic characters portend ? nishment a while 1st court. 'Tis not in us, I king, to ease Behold Nitocris comes, thy royal mother!

thy spirit; We are not skill'd in those mysterious arts

Enter QUEEN. Which wait the midnight studies of the Queen. ( my misguided son ! sige:

Well may'st thou wonder to behold me here: But of the deep diviners thou shalt learn, For I have ever shunn'd this scene of riot, The wise astrologers, the sage magicians, Where wild intemperance and dishonour'd Who, of events unborn, take secret note, I mirth And hold deep commerce with the unseen Hold festival impure. Yet, () Belshazzar ! world.

I could not hear the wonders which befel,

And leave thee to the workings of despair: Enter astrologers, magicians, sc. Sc. For, spite of all the anguish of my soul Belsh. Approach, ye sages, 'tis the king At thy offences, I'm thy mother still! commands,

[They kneel. Against the solemn purpose I had form'd Astrologers, Hail, mighty king of Ba- Never to mix in this unhallow'd crowd, bylon !

The wondrous story of the mystic writing, Belsh,

Nay, rise : Of strange and awful import, brings me I do not need your homage, but your help; L here;

! If hip’ly I may show some likely means Thou shalt be great beyond thy soul's amTo fathom this dark mystery.

bition, Bel,

Speak, ( queen! And rich above thywildest dream of wealth: My list’ning soul shall hang upon thy words, Clad in the scarlet robe our nobles wear, And prompt obedience follow them! And grac'd with princely ensigns thou shalt Then hear me.

stand Among the captive tribes which hither came Near our own throne, and third within our To grace Nebassar's triumph, there was empire. brought

Daniel. O mighty king, thy gifts with thee A youth nam'd Daniel, favour'd by high remain, Heav'n

And let thy high rewards on others fall.
With pow'r to look into the secret page The princely ensign, nor the scarlet robe,
Of dim Futurity's mysterious volume. Nor yet to be the third within thy realm,
The spirit of the holy gods is in him; Can touch the soul of Daniel. Honour, fame,
No vision so obscure, so deeply hid, All that the world calls great, thy crown
No sentence so perplex'd but he can solve it: itself,
He can unfold the dark decrees of fate, Could nerer satisfy the vast ambition
Can trace each crooked labyrinth of thought Of an immortal spirit; I aspire
Each winding maze of doubt, and make it Beyond thy pow'r of giving; my high hopes

Reach also to a crown-but 'tis a crown
And palpable to sense. He twice explain'd Unfading and eternal.
The monarch's mystic dreams. The holy 1st cour.

Wond'rous man !

Our priests teach no such notions. Saw, with prophetic spirit, what befel Daniel.

Yet, ( king ! The king long after. For his wond'rous skill Though all unmov'd by grandeur or by gift, He was rewarded, honour'd, and caress’d, I will unfold the high decree of Heaven, And with the rulers of Chaldea rank'd: And strait declare the mystery, Though now, alas! thrown by, his services Bel.

Speak, 0 prophet !
Forgotten or neglected.

Daniel. Prepare to hear what kings have
Send with speed

seldom heard ; A message to command the holy man Prepare to hear what courtiers seldom tell; To meet us on the instant,

Prepare to hear, the Truth. The mighty Nitocris,

I already

God, Have sent to ask his presence at the palace; Who rules the screptres and the hearts of And lo! in happy season see he comes. Enter Daniel.

Gave thy renown'd forefather* here to

reign, Bel. Welcome, thrice venerable sage! With such extent of empire, weight of approach,

pow'r, Art thou that Daniel whom my great fore- And greatness of dominion, the wide earth father

|Trembled beneath the terror of his name, Brought hither with the captive tribes of And kingdoms stood or fell as he decreed. Judah !

Oh! dangerous pinnacle of pow'r supreme ! Daniel. I am, O'king!

Who can stand safe upon its treach'rous top, Bel. Then, pardon, holy prophet; Behold the gazing prostrate world below, Nor let a just resentment of thy wrongs, Whom depth and distance into pigmies And long neglected merit, shut thy heart Against a king's request, a suppliant king! And not grow giddy? Babylon's great king · Daniel. The God I worship teaches to Forgot he was a man, a helpless man, forgive.

Subject to pain, and sin, and death, like Bel. Then let thy words bring comfort to others. my soul,

But who shall fight against Omnipotence? I've heard the spirit of the gods is in thee; Or who hath harden'd his obdurate heart That thou can'st look into the fates of men, Against the Majesty of Hear'n, and prusWith prescience more than human!

per'd ? Daniel.

Hold, O king! The God he had insulted was aveng'd; Wisdom is from above ; 'tis God's own gift; i From empire, from the joys of social life, I of myself am nothing; but from Him He drove him forth; extinguish'd reason's The little knowledge I possess, I hold :

lamp; To him be all the glory!

Quench'd that bright spark of deity within ; Bel.

Then, () Daniel ! Compellid him with the forest brutes to If thou indeed dost boast that wond’rous gift, roam That faculty divine; look there, and tell For scanty pasture; and the mountain dews me!

Fell, cold and wet, on his defenceless head, () say, what mean those mystic characters? Till he confessid, -Let men, let monarchis Remove this load of terror from my soul, hear! And honours, such as kings can give, await thee,

• Nebuchadnezzar.


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Till he confess'd, PRIDE WAS NOT MADE | Conditional are all Heav'n's covenants : FOR MAN !

And when th' uplifted thunder is withheld, Nicotris, ( awful instance of divine dis- 'Tis pray'r that deprecates th' impendins plesure!

bolt. Bel. Proceed ! my soul is wrapt in fix'd Good Hezekiah's* days were number'd too; attention!

But penitence and faith were mighty pleas: Daniel. O king! thy grandsire not in At Mercy's throne they never plead in vain, vain had sinn'd,

[He is going. If, from his error, thou hadst learnt the Bel. Stay. prophet, and receive thy pro

truth, The story of his fall thou oft hast heard. I mis agit;. But has it taught thee wisdom? Thou like The scarlet robe and princely chain are him,

I thine: Hast been elate with pow'r, and mac with That Daniel stands, in dignity and pow'r,

LPrude; And let my herald publish through the land Like him, thou hast defy'd the living God. The third in Babylon. These just rewards

| Thou well may'st claim, though sad thy more bold. Thou hast outwrought the pattern he qe-l creer

prophecy! nt the pattern ne qe-l Queen. Be not deceiv'd my son! nor let queath'd thee

thy soul And quite outgone example ; hast profan'd's With impious hand, the vessels of the tem

Snatch an uncertain moment's treach'rous

rest, ple :

On the dread brink of that tremendous gulf
Those vessels sanctify'd to holiest use,
Thou hast polluted with unhaliow'd lips,

Which yawns beneath thee

() unhappy king And made the instruments of foul debauch.

| Know what must happen once may happen Thou hast ador'd the gods of wood and

soon, stone, Vile, senseless deities, the work of hands,

Remember that 'tis terrible to meet

Great evils unprepar'd! and, o Belshazzar! But HE, THE KING OF KINGS, AND LORD in the wild moment of dismay and death, OF LORDS,

| Remember thou wast warn'd! and, I reIn whom exists thy life, thy soul, thy

member, breath, On whom thy being hangs, thou hast deny 'd.

Warnings despis'd are condemnations then. 184 cour. '( aside to the others. ) With

[Exeunt Daniel and queen. what an holy boldness he reproves him! Bel. 'Tis well-my soul shakes off its 2d cour. Such is the fearless confidence load of care : of virtue!

stain | 'T'is only the obscure is terrible. And such the righteous courage those main- Imagination frames events unknown, Who plead the cause of truth. The small- In wild fantastic shapes of hideous ruin ; est word

And what it fears creates !-i know the He utters had been death to half the court, worst; Bel. Now let the mystic writing be ex- And awful is that worst as fear could feign : plain'd,

But distant are the ills I have to dread! Thrice venerable sage!

What is remote may be uncertain too!Daniel.

() mighty king! Ha! princes ! hope breaks in !—This may Hear then its awful import : Heav'n has not be. number'd

18t cour. Perhaps this Daniel is in league Thy days of royalty, and soon will end with Persia ; them.

flance And brib'd by Cyrus to report these horrors, Our God has weigh'd thee in the even ba-To weaken and impede the mighty plans Of his own holy law, and finds thee wanting: Of thy imperial mind.. And last thy kingdom shall be wrested from Bel,

'Tis very like, thee;

Thossess it. 2d cour. Return we to the banquet. And know, the Mede and Persian shall Bel.

Dare we venture ? Bel, (starts up) Prophet, when shall 3d cour. Let not this dreaming seer disthis be?

turb the king. Daniel

In God's own time ; | Against the pow'r of Cyrus and the Mede Here my commission ends ; I may not utter Is Babylon secure. Her brazen gates More than thou'st heard; but (: remember Mock all attempts to force them. Proud

live! Euphrates, Thy days are number'd : hear, repent and A wat’ry bulwark, guards our ample city Bel. Say, prophet, what can penitence From all assailants. And within the walls avail ?

Of this stupendous capital are lodg'd It Heaven's decrees immutably are fix'd, Such vast provisions, such exhaustless Can pray’rs avert our fate?

stores, Daniel. They change our hearts, Asatwice ten years siege could never waste. And thus dispose Omnipotence to mercy. Tis man that alters; God is stiil the same. I 2 Chron, chap. xxxiii. Isaiali, chap. xxxviji.


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Bel. (embraces him.) My better genius !!

Sife in sich resources,
I mock the prophet.—Turn me to the ban-

Enter Daniel and Jews. (As they are going to resume their places at Dan. Bel boweth down,* and haughty the banquet, a dreadful uproar is heard, Nebo stoops! tumultuous cries, and warlike sounds. The idols fall; the god and worshipper All stand terrified. Enter soldiers with Together fall! together they bow duwn! their swords drawn and wounded.] Each other, or themselves they cannot save.

(), Babylon, where is thy refuge now? Soldier. Oh, helpless Babylon! Oh, Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, meant to wretched king!

save, Chaldea is no more, the Mede has con- Pervert thee; and thy blessing is thy bane! quer'd!

Where are thy brutish deities, Chaldea? The victor Cyrus, like a mighty torrent Where are thy gods of gold ?-Oh, Lord of Comes rushing on, and marks his way with life! ruin !

| Thou very God! so fall thy foes before thee!, Destruction is at hand; escape or perish. 1st Jew. So fell beneath the terrors of Bel. Impossible! Villain and slave, thou Thy name ly'st !

The idol Chemosh, Moab's empty trust; Euphrates and the brazen gates secure us. So Ammonitish Moloch sunk before Thce; While those remain, Belshazzar laughs at So fell Philistine Dagon : so shall fall, danger,

To time's remotest period, all thy foes, Soldier. Euphrates is diverted from its Triumphant Lord of Hosts! course;


How chang'd our fate! The brazen gates are burst, the city's taken; Not for myself, () Judah! but for thee Thyself a pris'ner, and thy empire lost." I shed these tears of joy. For I no more

Bel. Oh, prophet! I remember thee in- Must view the cedars which adorn the brow · deed!

Of Syrian Lebanon; no more shall see

Thy pleasant stream, 0 Jordan! nor the [He runs out. They follow in the utmost 'Acks confusion.] .

Which whiten all the mountains of Judea ;

No more these eyes delighted shall review Enter several Jews, Medes, and Babylo-,

yo-Or Carmel's heights, or Sharon's flow'ry nians,

vales. 1st, Jew. He comes, he comes ! the long I must remain in Babylon ! So Heav'n, predicted prince,

To whose awards I bow me, has decreed. Cyrus, the destin'd instrument of Heaven, I ne'er shall see thee, Salem ! [am old ; To free our captive nation, and restore | And few and toilsome are my days to come. JEHOVAH's temple. Carnage marks his But we shall meet in those celestial climes, way,

| Compar'd with which created glories sink ; And Conquest sits upon his plume-crown'd Where sinners shall have pow'r to harm no helm.

more, 2d Jew. What noise is that?

And martyr'd Virtue rests her weary head. 1st Jew. Hark! 'tis Belshazzar's voice! Though ere my cay of promis'd grace shall Bel. (without.) () soldier, spare my life, come, and aid my flight!

I shall be tried by perils strange and new ; Such treasures shall reward the gentle deed Nor shall I taste of death, so have I learn'd, As Persia never saw. I'll be thy slave; Till I have seen the captive tribes restor'd. I'll yield my crown to Cyrus; I'll adore 1st Jew. And shall we view, once more, His gods and thine-l'll kneel and kiss thy thy hallow'd towers, feet,

Imperial Salem? And worship thee. It is not much, I ask Dan. Yes, my youthful friends! I'll live in bondage, beggary and pain, You shall behold the second temple rise, t. So thou but let me live.

With grateful ecstacy ; but we, your sires, Soldier.

Die, tyrant, die ! Now bent with hoary age; we, whose Bel. o Daniel ! Daniel Daniel !

charm'd eyes

Behold the matchless glories of the first,
Enter Soldier.

Should weep, rememb’ring what we once Soldier.

Belshazzar's dead ! had seen, The wretched king breath'd out his furious

That model of perfection !

2d Jew. soul

Never more In that tremendous groan.

Shall such a wond'rous structure grace the 1st Jew. Belshazzar's dead !

earth ! Then, Judah, art thou free! The tyrant's fallen!

Isaiah, chap. xlvi. Jerusalem, Jerusalem is free!

+ Ezra, cbap. i.

ary :

Dan. Well have you borne affliction, men | In the still seeming safety of retreat, of Judah!

| Than where the world her snares entanWell have sustain'd your portion of distress: gling spreads, And, unrepining, drank the bitter dregs More visible to sense. Guard every thought: Of adverse fortune! Happier days await Who thinks himself secure is halt undone ; you.

For Sin, unwatch’d, may reach the sanctuO guard against the perils of success! Prisperity (dissolves the yielding soul, l'l'is not the place preserves us. Righteous And the bright sun of shining fortune melts Lot The firmest virtue down. Beware my Stem'd the strong current of Corruption's friends,

tide, Be greatly cautious of prosperity!

E'en in polluted Sodom ; safe he liv'd, Defend your sliding hearts; and, trembling, While círcumspective Virtue's watchful eye think

Was anxiously awake: but in the shade, How those, who buffetted Amiction's waves Far from the obvious perils which alarm With vig'rous virtue, sunk in Pleasure's With palpable temptation, secret sin calm.

Ensar'd his soul; he trusted in himself; He, * who of special grace had been allow'd Security betray'd him, and he fell. To rear the hallow'd fane to Israel's God, 2d. Jew. Thy prudent counsels in our By wealth corrupted, and by ease de- hearts shall live bauch'd,

As if a pen of adamant had grav’d them. Forsook the God to whom he rais'd the 1st Jew. The dawn approaches; let us fane;

part, my friend, And, sunk in sensual sloth, consum'd his Secure of peace, since tyranny is fallen, dars

Dan. So perish all thine enemies, O In vile idolatrous rites.-Nor think, my sons, 1 Lord! That virtue in sequester'd solitude

So mighty God, shall perish all who seek Is always found. Within the inmost soul | Corrupted pleasures in the turbid waves The hidden tempter lurks; nor less betrays Of life's polluted stream, and madly quit

The living fountain of perennial grace! • Solomon.


The righteous is delivered out of trouble, and the wicked cometh in his stead.

Proverbs of Solomon.
On peut des plus grands rois surprendre la justice.

Incapable de tromper,
Ils out peine a s'echapper

Des pieges de l'artifice.
Un caur noble ne peut soupconner en autrui

La bassesse et la malice
Qu'il ne sent point en lui.

Esther. Tragedie de Racine.

PERSONS OF THE DRAMA. Daktus, king of Media and Babylon.

ARASPES, a young Median lord, friend PHARNACES, I courtiers, enemies to Daniel.

and convert to Daniel. SURANCS, su

SceneThe city of Babylon.
The subject is taken from the sixth chapter of the prophet Daniel.

| And not Darius! Daniel guides the springs

Which move this mighty empire, High he PHARNACES, SORANUS,

sits, Phar, YES! I have noted with a jealous Supreme in favour with both prince and eye,

... people. The pow'r of this new fav’rite! Daniel Where is the spirit of our Median lords, reigns,

| Tamely to crouch and bend the supple knee

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