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'Tis the king's gift. Without proportion'd intellect and valour, But thou art right; it suits not me, my bro-Strikes not my soul with rev'rence or with ther!

awe, Nor sword I mean to use, nor spear to poise, | Eliab. Near, and more near he comes! I Lest men should say I put my trust in arms, hold it rash Not in the Lord of Hosts.

To stay so near him, and expose a life Eliab. . Then thou indeed Which may, hereafter serve the state. Art bent to seek thy death?


[Exit. David.

. And what is death? Is it so terrible to die, my brother?

(GOLIATH advances, clad in complete arOrgrant it terrible, is it for that

mour. One bearing his shield precedes The less inevitable? If, indeed

him. The opposing armies are seen at a We could by stratagem elude the blow, distance, drawn up on each side of the When some high duty calls us forth to die, valley. GOLIATH begins to speak before And thus for ever shun it, and escape

he comes on. David stands in the same The universal lot,—then fond self-love, place, with an air of indifference. ] Then cautious Prudence, boldly might pro

Goliath. Where is this mighty man of duce Their fine-spun arguments, their learn'd

war, who dares

Accept the challenge of Philistia's chief? harangues, Their cobweb arts, their phrase sophistical,

What victor king, what gen'ral drench'd in

blood, Their subtle doubts, and all the specious

Claims this high privilege? What are his trick Of selfish cunning lab’ring for its end.

rights? But since, howe'er protracted, death will

| What proud credentials does the boaster come,

bring Why fondly study, with ingenious pains,

To prove his claim? What cities laid in To put it oft! To breathe a little longer

ashes? Is to defer our fate, but not to shun it.

What ruin'd provinces? What slaughter'd Small gain! which Wisdom with indiff'rent


What heads of heroes, and what hearts of ere Beholds. Why wish to drink the bitter


In battle kill'd, or at his altars slain, dregs Of life's exhausted chalice, whose last run

Has he to boast? Is his bright armory

Thick set with spears, and swords, and nings, Ev'n at the best, are vapid ! Why not die

coats of mail (If Heav’n so will) in manhood's op’ming Subdu'i? Where is the mortal man so bold,

Of vanquish'd nations, bv his single arm bloom, When all the flush of life is gay about us ;

So much a wretch, so out of love with life,

| To dare the weight of this uplitted spear, When sprightly youth, with many a new

Which never fell innoxious. Yet I swear, born joy,

I grudge the glory to this parting soul
Solicits every sense! So may we then
Present a sacrifice, unmeet indeed,

To fall by this right hand. 'Twill sweeten (Ah, how unmeet!) but less unworthy far,

death, Than the world's leavings; than a worn out

ar: To know he had the honour to contend

With the dread son of Anak. Latest time heart, By vice enfeebled, and by vain desires

From blank oblivion shall retrieve his name Sunk and exhausted!

Who dar'd to perish in unequal fight Eliab. Hark! I hear a sound

With Gath's triumphant champion, Come, Of multitudes approaching !

advance. David. 'Tis the giant !

Philistia's gods to Israel's. Sound, my he

raldI see him not, but hear his measur'd pace. Elab. Look, where his pond'rous shield Sound for the battle strait. is borne before him!

[Herald sounds the trumpet. David. Like a broad moon its ample disk David,

Behold thy foe! portends,

Goliath. I see him not. But soft what unknown prodigy appears? David.

Behold him here! A moving mountain cas'd in polish'd brass !! Goliath.

Say, where! Eliab (getting behind David,) How's this? Direct my sight. I do not war with boys. Thou dost not tremble. Thy firm joints David. I stand prepar'd: thy single armı Betray no fear; thy accents are not broken; to mine. Thy cheek retains its red; thine eye its lus Goliath. Why this is mockery, minion ! tre,

it may chance He comes more near! Dost thou not fear To cost thee dear, Sport not with things him how ?

above thee! David, No

But tell me who of all this num'rous host The vast colossal statue nor inspires Expects his death from me? Which is the Respect nor fear. Mere magnitude of form, man VOL. I.


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Whom Israel sends to meet my bold defi- And yet not tamely, since hy me 't was won. ance ?

When with this good right arm I thinn'd David. Th' election of my sov’reign falls. your ranks, on me,

And bravely crushi’d, beneath a single blow Goliath. On thee! On thee! By Dagon, Theclosen guardians of this vaunted shrine, 'tis too much!

| Hophnand Phineas. The fam'd ark itself Thou curled minion! thou a nation's cham- I bore to Ashdod. pion!


I remember too, ''Twould move my mirth at any other time; Since thou provok'st th' unwelcome truth, But trifling's out of tune, begone, light | how all boy!

Your blushing priests beheld their idol's And tempt me not too far.

shame ; David.

I do defy thee, When prostrate Dagon fell before the ark, Thou foul idolator! Hast thou not scorn'd And your frail god was shiver'd. Then The armies of the living God I serve? | Philistia, By me he will avenge upon thy head, Idolatrous Philistia, flew for succour Thy nation's sins and thine, “Arm’d with To Israel's help, and all her smitten nobles This name,

Confess’d the Lord was God; and the
Unshrinking, I dare meet the stoutest foe 1 bless'd ark,
That ever bath'd his hostile spear in blood. Gladiy, with reverential awe restor'd.
Goliath. (ironically) Indeed! 'tis wond- Goliath. By Ashdol's fane thou ly'st.
rous well,

I Now will I meet thee,
Now, by my gods,

Thou insect warrior, since thou dar’st me
The stripling plays the orator! Vain boy! thus!
Keep close to that same bloodless war of Already I behold thy mangled limbs,

Dissever'd each from each, ere long to feed And thou shalt still be safe. Tongue-valiant The fierce blood-snuffing vulture, Mark warrior!

me well, Where is thy sylvan crook, with garlands Around my spear I'll twist thy shining hung,

locks, Of idle field flowers ? where thy wanton And toss in air thy head all gash'd with harp,

wounds Thou dainty finger'd hero? better strike Thy lip yet quiv'ring with the dire convulIts notes lascivious, or the lulling lute Touch softly, than provoke the trumpet's Of recent death !-Art thou not terrify'd ? rage,


No: I will not stain the honour of my spear | True courage is not mov'd by breath of With thy inglorious blood, Shall that fair words: cheek

While rash bravery of boiling blood, Be scar'd with wounds unseemly? Rather go Impetucus, knows no settled principle. And hold fond dalliance with the Syrian A fev'rish tide, it has its ebbs and flows, 'maids;

As spirits raise or fall, as wine inflames, To wanton measures dance, and let them Or circumistances change : but inborn braid

Courage, The bright luxuriance of thy golden hair; | The gen'rous child of Fortitude and Faith, They, for their lost Adonis, may mistake Holds its firm empire in the constant soul; Thy dainty form.

| And like the steadfast pole-star, never once David. Peace, thou unhallow'd railer! From the same fix'd and faithful point de( tell it not in Gath, nor let the sound

clines, Reach Askelon, how once your slaughter'd Goliath. The curses of Philistia's gods be lords

on thee! By mighty Samson* found one common This fine-drawn speech is mcant to lengthen grave :

out When his broad shoulder the firm pillars That little üife thy words pretend to scorn. heav'd,

| David. Ha ! say'st thou so? Come on And to its base the tott'ring fabric shook. I then, Mark us weli. Goliath. Insulting boy! perhaps thou hast Thou com’st to me with sword, and spear, not heard

and shieldi; The infamy of that glorious day,

In the cread name of Israel's God I come; When your weak host at Eben-ezert pitch'd The living Lord of Hosts, whom thou deTheir quick-abandon'd tent? Then when ty’st! your ark,

| Yet though no shield I bring, no arms except Your talisman, your charm, your boasted These five smooth stones I gather'd from pledge

the brook, Of safety and success, was tamely lost!

Commentators say, thar Challee paraphrase makes • Judges, c. xvi.

Goliath hoast that he had hile Hepimi and Phineas, #Suno, e v.

, and taken the ark prisoner.

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With such a simple sling as shepherd's use- Those shouts proclaim it! Now, O God of Yet all expos'd defenceless as I am,


Saul The God I serve shall give thee up a prey If vet thou hast not quite withdrawn from To my victorious arm, This day I mean Tay light and favour, prosper me this once! Tomake th' uncircumcised tribes confess But Abner comes ! I dread to hear his tale! There is a God in Israel. I will give thee, Fair hope, with smiling face but ling'ring Spite of thy vaunted strength and giant bulk, foot, Toglut the carrion kites. Nor thee alone; (Has long deceiv'd me. The margled carcases of your thick hosts | vibner.

King of Israel, hail ! Shall spread the plains of Elah, till Philistia, Now thou art king indeed. The youth has Through all her trembling tents and flying conquer'd : bands,

Goliath's dead. Shall own that Judah's God is God indeed! | Saul. Oh speak thy tale again, -I dare thee to the trial.

Lest my fond ears deceive me!
Follow me Abner,

Thy young champion In this good spear I trust.

Has slain the giant. Dard.

I trust in Heav'n! Saul. Then God is gracious still, The God of battle stimulates my arm, In spite of my offences ! But good Abner ! And fires my soul with ardour not its own. How was it? Tell me all. Where is my

champion ? Quick let me press him to my grateful heart,

And pay him a king's thanks. And yet, who - PART V.


[foe! This forward friend may prove an active Scene- The tent of Saul.

No more of that. Tell me the whole, brave Saul ( rising from his couch.) Oh! that Abner!

I knew the black and midnight arts and paint the glorious acts of my young Of wizard sorcery ! that I could call

Abner. Full in the centre of the camp he The slumb’ring spirit from the shades of stood! hell!

Th'opposing armies rang'd on either side Or, like Chaldean sages, could foreknow In proud array. The haughty giant stalk'd Th’event of things unacted! I might then Stately across the valley, Next the youth Anticipate iny fortune, How I'm fallin! With modest confidence advanc'd. Nor The sport of vain chimeras, the weak slave pomp, Of fear and fancy; coveting to know Nor gay parade, nor martial ornament, The arts obscene, which foul diviners use. His graceful form adorn'd. Goliath strait, Thick blood and moping Melancholy lead With solemn state began the busy work To baleful Superstition—that fell fiend, JOf dreadful preparation. In one place Whose with’ring charms blast the fair His closely jointed mail an op'ning left bloom of Virtue.

For air, and only one: the watchful youth Why did my wounded pride with scorn re- Mark'd that the beaver of his helm was up. ject

[told me? | Meanwhile the giant such a blow devis'do The wholesome truths which holy Samuel. As would have crush'd him. This the youth Why drive him from my presence? he perceiv'd, might now

| And from his well-directed sling quick Raise my surk soul, and my benighted mind hurl’d, Enlighten'd with religion's cheering ray. With dext’rous aim, a stone, which sunk, He dar'd to menace me with loss of empire; deep lodg’d, And I, for that bold honesty, dismiss'd him. In the capacious forehead of the foe. 'Another shall possess thy throne,' he cry'd: Then with a cry, as loud and terrible

A stranger !! This unwelcome prophecy As Lybian lions roaring for their young, Has lin'd my crown and strew'd my couch Quite stuun'd, the furious giant stagger'd, with thorns.

reel’d, Each ray of op'ning merit I discern

And fell: the mighty mass of man fell prone. In friend or foe, distracts my troubled soul, With its own weight his shatter'd bulk was Lest he should prove my rival. But this bruis'd. morn,

His clattering arms rung dreadfully through Evin my young champion, lovely as he the field, look'd

And the firın basis of the solid earth In blooming valour, struck me to the soul Shook. Chok'd with blood and dust, he With Jealousy's barb'd dart, () Jealousy !! curs'd his gods,

[youth Thou ugliest fiend of hell! thy deadly venom And died blaspheming! Strait the victor Preys on my vitals, turns the healthful hue Drew from his sheath the giant's pond'rous Of my fresh cheek to haggard sallowness, I sword, And drinks my spirit up.

And from th' enormous trunk the goary (A flourish of trumpets, shouting, &c. head

What sounds are those? Furious in death he sever'd. The grim viThe combat is decided. Hark! again sage

Look'd threat’ning still, and still frown'd Expell’d the melancholy fiend, whose pow'r. horribly.

[queror! Enslav'd thy spirit. Saul. O glorious deed ! ( valiant con- Saul.

This the modest youth, Abner. The youth so calm appear'd, so Whom for his skill and virtues I preferr'd nobly firm,

|To bear my armour ? So cool, yet so intrepid, that these eyes David.

I am he, ( king! Ne'er saw such temp'rate valour so chas- Saul. Why this concealment ? tell me, tis'd

valiant David,

[now By modesty.

Why didst thou hide thy birth and name till Saul. Thou dwell'st upon his praise David, ( king! I would not aught from With needless circumstance. 'Twas nobly favour claim, done;

Or on remember'd services presume; But others too have fought !

But on the strength of my own actions stand Abner. None, none so bravely. Ungrac'd and unsupported. Saul. What follow'd next?

| Abner,

Well he merits Abner.

The shouting Israelites The honours which await him. Why, O On the Philistians rush'd, and still pursue king, Their routed remnants. In dismay, their Dost thou delay to bless his doubting heart bands

With his well-earn'd rewards! Thy lovely Disorder'd fly, while shouts of loud acclaim daughter, Pursue their brave deliverer. Lo, he By right of conquest his! comes !

Saul. ( to David. ) True: thou hast won Bearing the giant's head and shining sword, shining sword,' her.

. (past. His well-earn'd trophies.

She shall be thine. Yes, a king's word is SAUL, ABNER, DAVID.

| David. ( boundless blessing! What shall

she be mine, [David bearing GOLIATH's head and

For whom contending monarchs might resword. He kneels and lays both at Saul's

nounce feet.

| Their slighted crowns! Saul. Welcome to my heart,

[Sounds of musical instruments heard at a My glorious champion ! My deliverer wel

verer wel. 1° distance. Shouting and singing. Agrand come!

I procession. Chorus of Hebrew women. ] How shall I speak the swelling gratitude Of my full heart! or give thee the high s.

Saul. How's this ! what sounds of joy

Salute my ears! What means this needless praise Thy gallant deeds deserve !

_pomp! David. O mighty king! el

This merry sound of tabret and of harp ! Sweet is the breath of praise when giv'n by

bu What means these idle instruments of trithose

[they give.

umph ? Whose own high merit claims the praise

These women, who in fair procession move, But let not this one prosperous event,

Making sweet melody? By heav'n directed, be ascrib'd to me; 1. Moner:

To pay due honour I might have fought with equal skill and To David are they come.

Saul. (aside.) A rival's praise courage, And not have gain'd this conguest ; then had is discord to my ear! They might have shame

[me: spar'd Harsh obloguy, and foul disgrace, befallenThis idle pageantry; it wounds my soul! But prosp'rous fortune gains the praise of [Martial symphony : after which, chorus of valour.


women sing.. Saul. I like not this. In every thing suHe soars above me ( aside. )-Modest youth PREPARE ! your festal rites prepare! thou’rt right.

(praise Let your triumphs rend the air ! And fortune, as thou say'st, deserves the Idol gods shall reign no more: . We give to human valour.

We the living Lord adore! David,

Rather say | Let heatlien hosts on human helps repose, The God of Hosts deserves it.

Since Israel's God has routed Israel's foes. Saul, Tell me youth,

II. What is thy name, and what thy father's Let remotest nations knowhouse?

(sire : Proud Goliath's overthrow, David. - My name is David ; Jesse is my Fall’n Philistia, is thy trust, An humble Bethle’mite of Judah's tribe. ] Dagon mingles with the dust! Saul. David, the son of Jesse ! Sure that Who fears the Lord of Glory, need not fear name

The brazen armour or the lifted spear.
Has been familiar to me. Nay thy voice

Thy form and features, I remember too, See, the routed squadron fly!
Though faint and indistinctly.

Hark the clamours rend the sky !

In this hero Blood and carnage stain the field ! Behold thy sweet musician; he whose harp See, the vanquish'd nations yield !


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How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, who didst weaken the nations !-- Isaiah.

BALSHAZZAR, king of Babylon.

DANIEL, the Jewish Prophet.
NITOCRIS, the queen mother.

Captive Jews, &c. &c.
Courtiers, Astrologers, Parasites.

Scene-Babylon. Time-Night.
The subject is taken from the fifth chapter of the Prophet Daniel.

Scent-Near the palace of Babylon.

What ail'd thee, that thou stood'st still, DANIEL AND CAPTIVE JEWS.

() sun! nor did thy flaming orb decline !

| And thou, () moon ! in Ajalon's low vale, Dan. PARENT of Life and Light! Solel Why didst thou long before thy period Source of Good !

[time, shine ? Whose tender mercies through the tide of

In long successive order, have sustain’d, I Was it at Joshua's dread command,
And sav'd the sons of Israel! Thou, whose The leader of the Israelitish band ?

| Yesat a mortal bidding both stood still; Deliver'd righteous Noah from the flood, ''Twas Joshua's word, but 'twas Jehovah's The whelming food, the grave of human will. kind!

III. Oh Thou, whose guardian care and out What all-controlling hand had force stretch'd hand

To stop eternal Nature's constant course? Rescued young Isaac from the listed arm, | The wand'ring moon to one fix'd spot conRaisd, at thy bidding, to devote a son,

fine, Anonly son, doom'd by his sire to die: | But His whose fiat gave them first to shine ? (0 saving faith, by such obedience prov'd!! Dan. ( Thou! who, when thy disconO blest obedience, hallow'd thus by faith!)

tented host, Thou, whu in mercy sav'dst the chosen race Time of Jehovah's rule desir'da king. in the wild desert, and did'st there sustain | In anger gav'st them Saul; and then again them

Did'st wrest the regal sceptre from his hand By wonder-working love, though they re-| To give it David-David, best belov'd! bellid

Illustrious David! poet, prophet, king; And murmur'd at the miracles that sav'd

|Thou who did'st suffer Solomon the wise them!

To build a glorious Temple to thy name, O hear thy servant Daniel! hear and help!

p!O hear thy servants, and forgive us too ! Thou, whose almighty power did after If by severe necessity compellid,

raise Successive leaders to defend our race ;

We worship here-we have no temple Who sentest valiant Joshua to the field,

now :

| Altar or sanctuary, none is left, The people's champion, to the conqu’ring | field,

CHORUS OF JEWS. Where the revolving planet of the night, O JUDAH ' let thy captive sons deplore Suspended in her radiant round, was stay'l; Thy far-fam' temple 's now no more ! And the bright sun arrested in his course, Fall'n is thy sacred fane, thy glory gone! Stupendously stood still!

Fall'n is thy teinple, Solomon!

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