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Pollard, Mr. Epping
Potter, Mr. Surgeon, Ongar
Prentice, Mrs. Prittlewell, Essex, 5 copies
Prentice, Mr. Golding, Junior, Ditto, 3 copies
Prickett, Mr. Epping

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Raban, Rev. J. Wallingford
Rackstraw, Mr. Lumber Court
Ralph, Rev. E. Maidstone
Ralph, Mr. James, Cranbrook
Rankin, Mr. Epping
Read, Miss, Epping
Reed, James, Esq. London
Renwick, Captain, R. N.
Ridgeway, Mrs. Heuley
Rivers, Mr. Senior, Cornhill
Rivers, Mr. T. Islington
Robarts, Mr. N. Henrietta Street
Robinson, Mrs. Westminster Road

Sadler, Miss, Islington
Sadler, Mr. Watling Street
Sadler, Mrs. Trinidad
Sadler, Miss, Oxford
Scholefield, Miss, Cullum
Shakespear, Mr. 1, Ranelagh Street
Shaw, Mr. Blackfriars
Simmons, Mr.J. near Henley
Slater, Mrs. near Ongar
Smith, Mr. W. Islington
Snelgar, Rev.Jacob, Wycombe

Soundy, Mr. W. Wargrave, Berks, 4 copies
Soundy, Mr. W. Junior, Ditto
Soundy, Mr. G. Ditto, Ditto
Soundy, Miss, Ditto.
Soundy, Miss Mary, Ditto
Soundy, Mr. George, Hurley, Berks, 2 copies
Starkey, Mr. W. Princes Street, 3 copies
Starkey, Mr. H. Ongar
Stevens, Mr. G. Portsea, 3 copies
Stiff, Mr. New Street, Covent Garden
Stollery, Rev. T. 10, Vine Street, Piccadilly
Sutton, Miss, Epping

Taylor, Miss, Cheapside
Taylor, Mr. Red Cross Street
Thonger, Miss, Henley
Till, Mr. Ongar
Tomes, Mrs. Oxford
Toomer, Mrs. Southampton
Toomer, S. Esq. Basingstoke

Vines, Mr. D. B. Henley, 5 copies

Walker, Rev. Mr. Senior, Peppard
Walker, Rev. Mr. Junior, Reading
Walker, Mr. Surgeon, Ongar
Wall, Rev. W. Shacklewell
Wase, Master, Epping
West, Mr. E. Church Street, Hackney
West, Mrs. Biggleswade
White, Mr. Epping

Whitewood, Mr. Portsea, 6 copies
Wilks, Rev. M. Old Street Road
Willats, T. Esq. Henley, 7 copies
Williams, Mr. Stationers' Court, 12 copies
Williams, Mr. T. Edgeware Road
Wilmshurst and Jackson, Messrs. Reading, 2 copies
Wilson, Mr. Rupert Street
Wilson, Mr. Hill, Liverpool
Winter, Rev. John, Newbury
Winter, Rev. R. D. 'D.
Wood, Rev. T. Reading
Wright, Mr. W. C. 51, Well Close Square
Wright, Mr. Senior, Ongar
Wyndowz, Mr. H. Battersea, 2 copies

Young, Mr. Surgeon, Henley
Young, Miss, Oxford

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Introductory Observations.

1. UNBELIEF is a sin predominant in every unrenewed heart. It is natural to us; being the patrimony received from our first parents. To produce this evil disposition in the minds of Adam and Eve, was evidently Satan's grand aim in that crafty parley, which he carried on with them in Paradise. See Gen. iii. 1-5. As their fall began in a discrediting of the divine threatenings, so unbelief in natural men occasions a disregard to the whole of the divine testimony respecting them. There is no fear of God before their eyes. Rom. iii. 18. And as unbelief takes off all restraint from the soul, and frees it from any dread of the misery threatened against sinners, it hesitates not to pursue evil, as the object of its choice. This choice was the immediate fruit of unbelief in Adam and Eve,


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