Apocalypse and Millennium: Studies in Biblical Eisegesis

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Cambridge University Press, 2000 M08 10 - 252 pages
"Apocalypse and Millennium argues that far from being a random sequence of bizarre statements, millennial schemes (including the setting of dates for the second coming of Christ) are more often characterised by highly complex and internally consistent interpretations of scripture. Such interpretations do not always result in positive outcomes. As an example, the work of David Koresh is examined at length. Koresh, styled by some the 'Wacko from Waco', clearly had views which some would find odd. However, his interpretation of scripture did not lack system or context, and to see him in that light is to begin to understand why his message had appeal, particularly to those of the Seventh-day Adventist tradition. The final three chapters in this book outline Koresh's thinking on end-time events and trace the line of his interpretative tradition from nineteenth-century Millerism through Seventh-day Adventism and Davidianism (which began in 1929)."--BOOK JACKET.

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Any book that touts itself as an examination of "American Millerism and Seventh-day Adventist uses from 1800 to David Koresh," is written by an author with doubtful command of his subject matter. Seventh-Day Adventism and Millerism do not date to 1800. Millerism dates to about 1840 and SDA to the 1850s.
Still, the chapter on Methodism is worth a read, but before you cite this book, confirm claims by consulting the sources cited.
Wildly overpriced for what it is.


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