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pure fountain of the primitive Church, are distinguished for their lively and animating fervour. The writings of the venerable Bishop Andrews, of Bishop Taylor, Bishop Kenn, Bishop Hall, Dean Hickes, Dean Stanhope, Bishop Wilson, &c.-(the enumeration might be extended)--and the late eloquent and pious Bishop Horne, not less instruct by sound and forcible reasoning, than animate and warm by the sacred fervour which pervades them. Far be it from the writer, humble in attainments as in years, to presume to range himself, even in the lowest seat, with these eminently distinguished servants of the sanctuary. Happy may he esteem himself, if, from the study of their works, which, next to the inspired volume he sacredly cherishes as the invaluable standard of his principles, and the animating guide of his devotions, he has caught even a feeble spark of that celestial spirit which made them burning and shining lights in the Church on earth; and has prepared them for the highest seats of Glory in the Church triumphant.

For the errors and imperfections which he fears will be found in the work, he must offer as his best, though (he is sensible) feeble apology; that from some unavoidable circumstances, the work, amidst the pressure of professional duties, was written and printed with a haste and rapidity that prevented those frequent and careful corrections, by which only a young and humble writer can hope to attain accuracy and excellence.

That the work, notwithstanding its imperfections, may tend to excite the attention of the careless to that inestimable ordinance which is the means and pledge of the Saviour's Grace and Mercy-that it may aid the Christian to receive, with lively penitence, gratitude and faith, the hallowed symbols of the Body and Blood of his blessed Redeemer, by which he is to be nourished and strengthened unto everlasting life is the humble but earnest Prayer



New-York, May, 1804.

The reader is requested to note the following ERRATA,

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6, for "then" read than.

20, for "grace" read strength.

13, for "utter able" read unutter able. 76,... 20, for "unalterable" read unutterable. 12, dele "from."




107, 132, 135,




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8, for "tremenduous" read tremendous. 11, for "lively thy" read thy lively.

5, for "calamities" read evils.

28, after "worthy" insert of.

33, for" disappointed" read disappointing.

6, for awakens” read awaken.

10, from bottom, for" exhilerating"read exhilarating 22, for "doth" read dost.

1, for " establishes" read establish.

17, for "baptism" read passion.

274, 8 and 15, for " Apostles" read Apollos.

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