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Mare, the sea; marine, maritime.
Mars, martis, the god of war; martial.
Mater, matris, a mother; maternal,

Matūrus, ripe; maturity.

Medius, middle; mediator, medium.
Melior, better; ameliorate.
Memor, mindful; memorable.
Mens, mentis, the mind; mental.
Mergo, mersum, I plunge; emerge, im- Nuntio, I tell; announce.
Nutrio, I nourish; nutriment.

Mereor, meritus, I deserve; merito- Obliquus, aslant; obliquity.
Oblivio, forgetfulness; oblivion.
Octo, eight; octagon, octave.
Oculus, the eye; oculist.
Odium, hatred; odious.
Odor, smell; odoriferous.
Oleo, I smell; redolent.
Omnis, all; omnipotent.

Onus, a burden; onerous, exonerate.
Opacus, dark; opacity, opaque.
Opto, I wish; adopt, option.
Opus, a work; operation.
Orbis, a circle; orbit.
Ordo, order; ordain.
Orior, I rise; oriental.
Orno, I adorn; ornament.
Oro, I beg; oral, orator.
Os, a bone; ossify.

Oscillo, I move backwards and for-
wards; oscillate.

Merx, mercis, merchandise; commerce.
Metior, mensus, I measure; mete.
Mico, I shine; emication.
Migro, I remove; migrate.
Miles, militis, a soldier; militant.
Mille, a thousand; millennium.
Minister, a servant; administer.
Minor, less; minor, minority.
Minuo, I lessen; diminution, diminish.
Miror, I gaze; mirror, admire.
Miser, wretched; miserable
Mitis, mild; mitigate.

Mitto, I send; remit.

Modus, a measure; mode, modify.
Mola, a millstone: emolument
Moles, a mass; molest.

Mollis, soft; mollify.
Moneo, I warn; admonish.
Monstro, I point out; demonstrate.
Mors, mortis, death; mortal.
Mos, moris, a manner; moral.
Moveo, motum, I move; remote.
Mucus, slimy matter; mucilaginous.
Multus, many; multiply.
Munio, I fortify; munition.
Munus, muneris, a gift; remunerate.
Murus, a wall; mural, immure.
Musculus, a tendon; muscle.
Muto, I change; mutable.
Nasus, the nose; nasal.
Nascor, natus, I am born;

Nomen, nominis, a name; denominate.
Norma, a rule; enormous.
Nosco, notum, I know; note, recognise.
Novus, new; novel, renovate.
Nox, noctis, night; nocturnal.
Nubo, I marry; connubial.
Nudus, naked; denude.
Nullus, none; annul.
Numěrus, a number; numeral.

Navis, a ship; naval, navigate.
Necto, I tie; connect.
Nego, I deny; negative.
Negotium, a thing; negotiate.
Nervus, a sinew; enervate.
Neuter, neither; neutral.
Niger, black; negro.
Nihil, nothing; annihilate.
Noceo, I hurt; innocent, noxious.

Ovum, an egg: oval.

Pando, I spread; expand.
Par, equal; parity.
Pareo, I appear; apparent.
Pario, I produce; parent.
Paro, I prepare; repair.
Pasco, pastum, I feed; pastor.
Pater, a father; paternal.

Patior, passus, I suffer; patient.
Patria, native country; patriot.
Pauci, few; paucity.

Pauper, poor; pauperism.

nascent, Pax, pacis, peace; pacific, pacify.
Pectus, the breast; expectorate.
Pecunia, money; pecuniary.
Pellis, a skin; pellicle, peel.

Pello, pulsum, I drive away; expel.
Pendeo, pensum, I hang; depend.
Pendo, pensum, I weigh or pay; com-
pensate, expend.

Pene, almost; peninsula.

Penetro, I pierce; penetrate.

Perior, peritus, I try; experiment,

Rapio, raptum, I seize; rapacious, rap


Pes, pedis, the foot; pedestal.

Peto, I seek; petition.
Pingo, pictum, I paint; depict, Picts.
Pio, I atone for; expiate.
Piscis, a fish; expiscate.
Pistillum, a pestle; pistil.
Pius, pious; piety.
Placeo, I please; placid.
Placo, I appease: placable.

Planus, plain; plano-convex.
Plaudo, I clap hands; applaud.
Plebs, the common people; plebeian.
Plenus, full; replenish.

Pleo, pletum, I fill; complete.
Plico, I fold; complicate.

Ploro, I wail; deplore.
Plumbum, lead; plumber.
Plumula, a little feather: plumule.
Pœna, punishment; penal.

Pollen, fine flour; pollen.
Polus, the pole; polar.
Pono, 1 place; depone.
Populus, the people; popular.
Porto, I carry; export, portable.
Potens, powerful; potentate.
Præda, plunder; predatory.
Pravus, wicked; depravity.
Precor, I pray; deprecate.
Prehendo, I take; apprehend.
Premo, pressum, I press; compress.
Pretium, a price; appreciate.
Primus, first; primary.
Privo, I take away: deprive.
Probo, I prove; probable.
Probus, good; probity.
Propago, I cut down; propagate.
Proprius, one's own; appropriate.
Pudens, bashful; impudent.
Puer, a boy; puerile.
Pugna, a fight; pugnacious.
Pulvis, dust; pulverize.
Punctum, a point; punctuation.
Pungo, I prick; pungent.
Pupula, the apple of the eye; pupil.
Puto, I lop, I think; amputate.
Putris, rotten; putrefaction.
Quaero, I ask; query.
Quatuor, four; quadruped.
Queror, I complain; querulous.
Quinque, five; quinquennial.
Radius, a ray; radiate.
Radix, a root; radical.
Rado, rasum, I scrape; eraso.
Ramus, a branch; ramify.

Rarus, scarce; rarity, rarefy.
Ratio, reason; rational.
Recens, new; recent.
Rectus, straight; rectilineal.
Rego, I rule; regal, rector.
Res, a thing; reality.
Rete, a net; retina.
Rideo, I laugh at; deride.
Rigeo, I am stiff; rigid.
Rigo, I water; irrigate.
Robur, oak, strength; corroborate.
Rodo, I gnaw; corrode.

Rota, a wheel; rotation.

Rumen, the throat; ruminate.
Rumpo, ruptum, I break; eruption.
Rus, the country; rustic, rural.
Sacer, sacred; sacrifice.
Sagax, wise; sage.
Sal, salt; saline, salary.
Salio, I leap; salient, salmon.
Saliva, spittle; salivary.
Salvus, safe; salvation.
Sanctus, holy; sanctify.
Sanguis, blood; sanguinary.
Sanus, sound; sane, insanity.
Sapio, I taste; sapid, insipid.
Satis, enough; satisfy.
Satur, full; saturate.

Scala, a ladder; scale.

Scando, 1 climb; scan, ascend. Scindo, I cut; rescind.

Scio, I know; science.

Scribo, I write; inscribe.

Scrutor, I search diligently; scrutiny. Sculpo, I carve; sculpture.

Seco, sectum, I cut; dissect.

Secundus, second; secondary.
Sedeo, I sit; sedentary.

Semen, seed; seminary, disseminate.
Semi, half; semicircle.
Senex, old; senior.

Sentio, I feel; sentient.

Sepio, septum, I enclose; transept.
Sepultus, buried; sepulchre.
Sequor, I follow; subsequent.
Servo, I keep: preserve.
Sidus, a star; sidereal.
Signum, a sign; signal.
Silex, flint; silicious.

Silva, a wood; silvan, savage.
Similis, like; similar.

Simul, at the same time; simultaneous.

Simulo, I feign; dissimulation.
Sisto, I stop; assist, desist.
Socius, a companion; social.
Sol, the sun; solar, parasol.
Solor, I comfort; console.
Solus, alone; sole, solitude.
Solvo,solutum, I loose; dissolve,solution.

Sono, I sound; sonorous.
Sopor, a deep sleep; soporific.
Sorbeo, I suck in; absorb.
Sors, a lot; assort.


Speculum, a mirror; specular.
Spina, a thorn; spine.

Spiro, I breathe: conspire, expire.
Spolium, plunder; spoil, spoliation.
Spondeo, I promise; respond.
Spongia, a sponge; sponge.

Spargo, sparsum, I spread; asperse.
Spatium, space; spacious, expatiate.
Species, a form; specific.

Testis, a witness; testify, attest.
Texo, textum, I weave; texture.

Specio, spectum, I look at species, Thorax, the breast; thoracic.

Tollo, I lift up; extol.

Torreo, I roast; torrid.


Statuo, I set up; statue, constitute.
Stella, a star; constellation.

Torqueo, tortum, I twist; extort.
Totus, the whole; total.
Tracto, I handle; tractable.
Traho, tractum, I draw; extract.
Treino, I tremble; tremulous.

Sponte, of one's own accord; spontane- Tribuo, tributum, I give; distribute.

Trudo, I thrust; intrude.
Tuber, a bump; protuberance.
Tubus, a tube; tubuler.
Tueor, I see; tuition, intuitive.
Tumeo, I swell; tumour, tumult.
Tunica, a waistcoat; tunicle.
Turba, a crowd; turbulent.
Turgeo, I swell; turgid.

Templum, a temple; contemplate.
Tempus, temporis, time; temporal.
Tendo, tensum, tentum, I stretch; dis-
tend, extent, intense.

Suavis, sweet; suavity.
Sugo, suctum, I suck; suction.
Sulphur, brimstone; sulphuric.
Summus, highest; summit.
Sumo, sumptum, I take; assume.
Surgo, surrectum, I rise; insurgent,

Teneo, tentum, I hold; contain.
Tento, I try, tentative.

Tenuis, thin; tenuity, attenuate.
Tepidus, warm; tepid.
Terminus, a boundary; termination.
Tero, tritum, I rub; contrite.
Terra, the earth; terrestrial.
Tertius, third; tertiary.

Sterilis, barren; sterile, sterility.
Sterno, I throw down; consternation.
Stigma, a mark or brand; stigmatize.
Stillo, I drop; distil.

Stimulus, a spur; stimulate.

Stinguo, stinctum, I put out; extinct Turpis, base; turpitude. extinguish.

Stipula, a straw; stipulate.

Uber, fertile; exuberant.
Ultimus, last; ultimate.
Umbra, a shadow; umbrella.
Unda, a wave; undulate.

Stirps, the trunk of a tree; extirpate.

Sto, I stand; stature, stagnant.
Stringo, I bind; stringent, strict.
Struo, structum, I build; structure,

Unguo, unctum, I anoint; unguent.
Unus, one; uniform, unit.
Urbs, a city; urbanity.

Stultus, foolish; stultify.

Uro, ustum, I burn; combustion,
Utilis, useful; utility.

Stylus, a pen; style.

Suadeo, suasum, I advise; dissuade, per- Vacca, a cow; vaccination.


[blocks in formation]

Vaco, I am empty; vacation, evacuate,


Vado, I go; invade, wade.
Vagor, I wander; vagrant.
Valeo, I am strong; prevalent.
Vallum, rampart; interval.
Valvae, folding-doors; valve.
Vas, vessel; vase.

Vasto, I lay waste; devastation.
Veho, I carry; vehicle.
Vello, vulsum, I pull; convulse.
Velox, swift; velocity.

Vena, a blood-vessel; vein.
Venio, ventum, 1 come; advent.

Venter, the belly; ventriloquism.
"Ver, the spring; vernal.
Vergo, I incline; diverge.
Vertex, the top; vertical.
Verto, versum, I turn; avert.
Verus, true; aver, verity.
Vestis, a garment; invest.
Vetus, old; veteran.
Via, a way; deviate, obvious.
Vibro, 1 shake; vibrate.
Vicīnus, neighbouring; vicinity.
Video, visum, I see; visible.
Vigil, watchful; vigilant.
Vinco, I conquer; invincible.

Achos, pain; ache.

Acros, highest; acrogenous.
Aër, the air; aërial.
Agōgos, a leader; demagogue.
Akouo, I hear; acoustics.
Allēlōn, each other; parallel.
Aněmos, the wind; anemone.
Aner, andros, a man; monandria.
Angello, I tell; evangelist.
Anthos, a flower; anthology.
Anthropos, a man; philanthropy.
Archo, I rule or begin; monarch, hep-

tarchy, archbishop.


Chymos, juice; chyme.
Cubos, a cube; cubic.
Daktylos, a finger; dactyl.
Deka, ten; decalogue.
Demos, the people; epidemic.
Dendron, a tree; rhododendron.
Despotes, a lord; despotie.
Dis, twice; dissyllable.
Dotos, given; anecdote.
Doxa, opinion; orthodox.
Dromos, a race; dromedary.
Drys, an oak; druid, dryad.
Dynamis, power; dynamics.
Ecleipo, I fail; ecliptic, eclipse.
Eidos, a form; idol, cycloid.
Eiron, a dissembler; irony.
Ekklesia, the church; ecclesiastic.
Elauno, I drive; elastic.
Embryon, a bud; embryo.
Entoma, insects; entomology.
Epitomé, an abridgment; epitomize.
Epos, a word; epic, orthoepy.
Eremos, a desert; hermit.
Ergon, work; energetic.
Ethos, a custom; ethics.
Eu, well: eulogy.
Gala, milk; galaxy.
Gamos, a marriage; bigamy.
Gaster, the belly; gastric.
Gé, the earth; geography.
Gennao, I produce; oxygen.
Glossa, glotta, the tongue; glossary.
Glypho, I carve; hieroglyphics.
Gonia, a corner, an angle: polygon.
Gramma, a letter; grammar, telegram.
Grapho, I write; autograph.
Gymnos, naked; gymnastics.
Gynè, a woman; monogynia.
Haima, blood; emerods.
Hedra, a seat; cathedral.

Arctos, a bear, the north; arctic.
Aristos, best; aristocracy.
Arithmos, number; arithmetic.
Arōma, odour; aromatic.
Asthma, breath; asthmatic.
Astron, a star; astronomy.
Athletes, a wrestler; athletic.
Atmos, vapour; atmosphere.
Autos, one's self; autograph.
Ballo, I throw; parable.
Bapto, I dip; baptism.
Baros, weight; barometer.
Basis, the bottom; base.
Biblos, a book; bible.
Bios, life; biography.
Bolbos, an onion; bulbous.
Botané, an herb; botany.

Chalyps, chalybos, steel; chalybeate.

Charis, love; eucharist.

Cheir, the hand; surgeon.
Chloros, green; chloride.
Cholé, bile; choleric.
Christos, anointed; Christ.
Chronos, time; chronometer.
Chrysos, gold; chrysolis.
Chylos, juice; chyle.

Vindex, defender; vindicate.
Virus, poison: virulent.
Viscus, bird-lime; viscid.
Vita, life; vital.

Vivo, I live; survive.
Voco, I call; revoke.
Volo, I will; voluntary.
Volo, I fly: volatile.
Volvo, volutum, I roll; evolve.
Voro, I devour; voracious.
Voveo, votum, I vow; vote.
Vox, vocis, the voice; vocal,
Vulcanus, the god of fire; volcano.
Vulgus, the rabble; vulgar.

Helios, the sun; aphelion.
Heměra, a day; ephemeral,
Hemisys, half; hemisphere.
Hepta, seven; heptagon.
Heteros, different; heterodox.
Hex, six; hexagon.
Hieros, holy; hierarchy.
Hippos, a horse; hippopotamus.
Hodos, a way; exodus.
Holos, the whole; catholic.
Homos, similar; homologous,
Hydor, water; hydrostatics.
Ichnos, a footstep; ichnography.
Isos, equal; isosceles.
Kakos, bad; cacophony.
Kalos, handsome; kaleidoscope.
Kalypto, I cover; apocalypse.
Kalyx, a cup; calyx.
Kausis, a burning; caustic.
Komos, an ode; comedy.
Kratos, strength; aristocracy.
Kreas, flesh; pancreatic.
Kryptos, hidden; crypt.
Krystallos, ice; crystal.
Kyklos, a circle; cycle.
Kylindo, I roll; cylinder.
Kyon, a dog; cynic.
Laos, the people; laity.
Lithos, a stone; lithography.
Logos, a word; catalogue.
Lysis, a loosening; analyze.
Malasso, I soften; amalgam.
Mania, madness; maniac.
Martyr, a witness; martyr.
Mathēma, science; mathematics.
Mechané, a machine; mechanic.
Melan, black; melancholy.
Melos, a song; melody.
Meter, a mother; metropolis.
Meteoros, lofty; meteor.
Metron, a measure; geometry.
Micros, little; microscope.
Misos, hatred; misanthrope.
Monos, alone; monosyllable.
Morphè, shape; metamorphosis.
Mythos, a fable; mythology.
Naus, a ship; nautical.
Nekros, dead; necromancy.
Neos, new; neology.

Nesos, an island; Peloponnesus.

Nitron, nitre; nitrogen.
Nomos, a law; astronomy.
Octo, eight; octave.

Ode, a song: melody, comedy.
Oikos, a house; economy.
Oligos, few; oligarchy.

Oön, an egg; oolite.
Optomai, I see; optical.
Orgǎnon, an instrument; organic.
Ornis, ornithos, a bird; ornithology.
Orthos, right; orthography.
Oxys, acid; oxygen.

Pais, paidos, a boy; pedagogue.
Pas, pan, all; panoply.
Pathos, feeling; pathetic.
Penté, five; pentagon.
Petalon, a leaf; petal.
Petros, a stone; petrifaction.
Phaino, I appear: phenomenon.
Phemi, I speak; blaspheme.
Philos, a friend; philosophy.
Phobeo, I terrify; hydrophobia.
Phone, a sound; euphony.
Phren, the mind; frenzy.
Phthongos, a sound; diphthong.
Physis, nature; physical.
Phyton, a plant; zoophyte.
Polěmos, war; polemical.
Poleo, I sell; bibliopole.
Polis, a city; metropolis.
Polys, many; polygon.
Poros, a passage; pore.
Potămos, a river; hippopotamus.
Pous, podos, the foot; antipodes.
Presbyteros, older; presbyterian.
Pteron, a wing; aptera.
Pyr, fire; pyramid.

Sarks, sarkos, flesh; sarcophagus.
Schizo, I divide: schism.
Scleros, hard; sclerotic
Selené, the moon; selenite.
Sitos, corn, food; parasite.
Skopeo, I see; telescope.
Sophos, wise; philosopher.
Sphaira, a globe; sphere.
Spora, a seed; spore.
Stalazzo, I drop; stalactite.
Stello, I send; apostle.
Stereos, solid; stereotype.
Sykon, a fig; sycophant.
Taphos, a tomb; epitaph.
Technè, art; technical.
Telè, distant; telescope.
Temno, I cut; atom.
Tereo, I keep; artery.
Theoreo, I see; theory.
Theos, God; atheist.
Thermos, warm; thermometer.
Thesis, a placing; hypothesis.
Topos, a place; topography.
Zoon, an animal; zoology.


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