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be merry. [One knocks at the Door.] Look who's at the gate there: Ho! who knocks? [Exit Davy. Fal. Why, now you have done me right.

[TO SILENCE, uho has drunk a Bumper. Sil. (Singing.] Do me right, and dub me knight,

Samingo. Is't not so ?

Fal. 'Tis so.

Sil. Is't so? Why, then say, an old man can do somewhat.

Enter Davy.

Davy. An it please your worship, there's one Pistol come from the court with news.

Fal. From the court? [They rise.] Let him come in.

[Exit Davy. Enter PISTOL and DAVY. How now, Pistol ?

Pist. Heaven save you, Sir John!
Fal. What wind blew you hither, Pistol ?

Pist. Not the ill wind which blows no man to good. -Sweet knight, thou art now one of the greatest men in the realm.

Sil. By ’r lady, I think ’a be; but goodman Puff of Barson.

Pist. Puff?
Puff in thy teeth, most recreant coward base !
Sir John, I am thy Pistol, and thy friend,
And helter-skelter have I rode to thee;
And tidings do I bring, and lucky joys,
And golden times, and happy news of price.

Fal. I pr’ythee now, deliver them like a man of this world.

Pist. I speak of Africa, and golden joys.

Fal. O, base Assyrian knight, what is thy news? Let King Cophetua know the truth thereof. Sil. (Singing.) And Robin Hood, Scarlet, and

John, Pist. Shall dunghill curs confront the Helicons ? And shall good news be baffled? Then, Pistol, lay thy head in Furies' lap.

Shal. Honest gentleman, I know not your breeding. Pist. Why, then, lament therefore.

Shal. Give me pardon, sir,- If, sir, you come with news from the court, I take it, there is but two ways ; either to utter them, or to conceal them. I am, sir, under the king, in some authority.

Pist. Under which king, Bezonian? speak, or die.
Shal. Under King Harry.
Pist. Harry the Fourthi or Fifth?
Shal. Harry the Fourth.

Pist. Fourth in thy teeth!-
Sir John, thy tender lambkin now is king;
Harry the Fifth's the man. I speak the truth:
When Pistol lies, do this; and fig me, like
The bragging Spaniard.

Fal. What! is the old king dead?
Pist. As nail in door: the things I speak are just.

Fal. Away, Bardolph; saddle my horse.—Master Robert Shallow, chuse what office thou wilt in the land, 'tis thine,-Pistol, I will double-charge thee with dignities.

Bard. O, joyful day!—I would not take a knighthood for my fortune.

Pist. What? I do bring good news?

Fal. Carry Master Silence to bed. (Dave and the SERVANTS remove the Tables, fc. and carry

SILENCE away.] Master Shallow, my Lord Shallow, be what thou wilt, I am fortune's steward. Get on thy boots;

we'll ride all night:-0, sweet Pistol !-Away, Bardolph. [Exit BARDOLPH.] Come, Pistol, utter more to me; and, withal, devise something to do thyself good.-Boot, boot, Master Shallow; I know, the young king is sick for me. Let us take any man's horses; the laws of England are at my commandment. Happy are they which have been my friends; and woe to my Lord Chief Justice!



The Palace.

Enter the EARL OF WESTMORELAND, meeting the

LORD CHIEF JUSTICE. West. How now, my Lord Chief Justice; whither

away? Ch. Just, I would, his majesty bad calld me with


The service that I truly did his life,
Hath left me open to all injuries.
West. Indeed, I think, the young king loves you

not. Ch. Just. I know, he doth not; and do arm my.

To welcome the condition of the time;
Which cannot look more hideously upon me
Than I have drawn it in my fantasy.

West. Here come the heavy issue of dead Harry :-
Oh, that the living Harry had the temper
Of him, the worst of these three gentlemen!
How many

nobles then should hold their places, That must strike sail to spirits of vile sort !

Enter PRINCE John, Prince HUMPHREY, and

Prince THOMAS. P. John. Good morrow, cousin Westmoreland. P. Humph. Oh, good my lord, you have lost a

friend, indeed. P. John. Though no man be assur'd what grace to

find, You stand in coldest expectation : I am the sorrier: 'would, 'twere otherwise. P. Thom. Well, you must now speak Sir John Fal

staff fair; Which swims against your stream of quality. Ch. Just. Sweet princes, what I did, I did in ho

Led by the impartial conduct of my soul;
And never shall you see, that I will beg
A ragged and forestallid remission :
If truth and upright innocency fail me,
I'll to the king, my master, that is dead,
And tell him who hath sent me after him.
West. Here comes the king.

[Exit the LORD CHIEF JUSTICE. Enter KING HENRY THE FIFTH. P. John. Good morrow; and Heaven save your

majesty! K. Hen. This new and gorgeous garment, majesty, Sits not so easy on me as you think.Brothers, you mix your sadness with some fear; This is the English, not the Turkish court; Not Amurath an Amurath succeeds, But Harry, Harry :-Yet be sad, good brothers, For, to speak truth, it very well becomes you ; Sorrow so royally in you appears, That I will deeply put the fashion on, And wear it in my heart. Why then, be sad: But entertain no more of it, good brothers,

Than a joint burden laid upon us all;
For me, by Heaven, I bid you be assurd,
I'll be

your father and your brother too!
Let me but bear your love, I'll bear your cares.
Yet weep, that Harry's dead; and so will I:
But Harry lives, that shall convert those tears,
By number, into hours of happiness.
P. John. We hope no other from your majesty,
K. Hen. Come, let's to council, brothers; where

you soon Shall have an earnest of my true intents. [Exeunt,


A public Place near Westminster Abbey,


and PAGE. Fal. Stand here by me, Master Robert Shallow ; I will make the king do you grace: I will leer upon him, as ’a comes by; and do but mark the countenance that he will give me.

Pist. Heaven bless thy lungs, good knight!

Fal. Come here, Pistol; stand behind me.-Oh, if I had had time to have made new liveries, I would have bestowed the thousand pound I borrowed of you. (To Shallow.) But 'tis no matter; this poor show doth better: this doth infer the zeal I had to see him ;

Shal. It doth so.
Fal. It shows my earnestness of affection,
Pist. It doth so.

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