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dear Lord had so filled her with benevolence, | prove an encouragement to my friends who that she was ready to exert herself to her have children. May we not conceive the last breath, in hopes of saying something Lord saying to us, as Pharaoh's daughter said that might be uselul to others after she was to the mother of Moses, “Take this child. gone.

and bring it up for me, and I will pay thee Towards seven o'clock, I was walking in thy wages?" How solemn the trust! How the garden, and earnestly engaged in prayer important and difficult the discharge of it! for her, when a servant came to me and said, but how rich the reward if our endeavours “She is gone.” O Lord, how great is thy are crowned with success! And we have power! how great is thy goodness! A every thing to hope from his power and days before, had it been practicable and law- goodness, if, in dependence upon his blessiny, ful, what would I not have given to procure we can fully and diligently aim at tultilling her recovery? Yet seldom in my life have I his will. Happy they who will say at lic known a more heart-felt joy, than when these last day, “Behold, here am I, and the children words, She is gone, sounded in my ears. I which thou hast given me.” ran up stairs, and our whole little family The children of my friends will likewise were soon around her bed.—Though her see my narrative. May it convince them aunt and another person were sitting with that it is practicable, and good, to seek the their eyes fixed upon her, she was gone per- Lord betimes! My dear Eliza's state of haps a few minutes before she was missed.languor prevented her from associating with She lay upon her left side, with her cheek young people of her own age, so frequently gently reclining upon her hand, as if in a and freely as she might otherwise have done. sweet sleep. And I thought there was a But these papers will come into the hands of smile upon her countenance. Never surely some such, whom she knew and whom she did death appear in a more beautiful, inviting loved. To them, I particularly commend and form! We fell upon our knees, and I re- dedicate this relation. o my dear young turned (I think I may say) my most unfeign- friends, had you seen with what dignity of ed thanks to our God and Saviour, for his spirit she filled up the last scene of her life, abundant goodness to her, crowned in this you must have been affected by it! Let not last instance, by giving her so gentle a dis- the liveliness of your spirits, and the gaiety mission. Yes, I am satisfied. I am comfort of the prospect around you, prevent you from ed. And if one of the many involuntary tears considering, that to you likewise, days will I have shed, could have recalled her to life, certainly come (unless you are suddenly to health, to an assemblage of all that this snatched out of life) when you will say and world could contribute to her happiness, I feel, that the world, and all in it, can afford would have laboured hard to suppress it. you no pleasure. But there is a Saviour, and Now my largest desires for her are accom- a mighty One, always near, always gracious plished. The days of her mourning are to those who seek Him. May you, like her, ended. She is landed on that peaceful shore, be enabled to choose Him, as the Guide of where the storms of trouble never blow.- your youth, and the Lord of your liearts. She is for ever out of the reach of sorrow, Then like her, you will find support and sin, temptation, and snares. Now she is comfort under affliction, wisdom to direct before the throne! she sees Him whom not your conduct, a good hope in death, and by having seen she loved ; she drinks of the death a happy translation to everlasting rivers of pleasure which are at his right hand, life. and shall thirst no more.

I have only to add my prayers, that a She was born at St. Margaret's, Rochester, blessing from on high may descend upon the February 6, 1771. Her parents settled at persons and families of all my friends, and Anstruther, in Fife, in 1773. She returned upon all into whose hands this paper may to us -March 15, 1783. She breathed providentially come. her spirit into her Redeemer's hands a little

JOHN NEWTON. before seven in the evening, on October 6, 1785, aged fourteen years and eight months. Charles's Square, Hoxton,

I shall be glad if this little narrative may Oct. 13, 1785.

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