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Manasseh with blood

14 Be thou my refuge, Lord, my hiding-place, Jerusalem fillid ;*

I know no force can tear me from thy side; In evil long harden'd

Unmov'd I then may all accusers face, The Lord he defied;

And answer ev'ry charge with “Jesus Yet he too was pardon'd

died." When mercy he cried.

5 Yes, thou didst weep, and bleed, and groan, 7 Of sinners the chief,

and die, And viler than ali,

Well hast thou known what fierce temptaThe jailor or thief,

tions mean; Manasseh or Saul;

Such was thy love; and now, enthron'd on Since they were forgiven,

high, Why should I despair,

The same compassions in thy bosom reign. While Christ is in heaven,

6 Lord, give me faith :-he hears: what And still answers prayer.

grace is this !

Dry up 'thy tears, my soul, and cease to HYMN X.


He shows me what he did, and who he is, The Waiting Soul.

I must, I will, I can, I do believe. 1 BREATHE from the gentle south, O Lord,

And cheer me from the north ;
Blow on the treasures of thy word,

And call the spices forth!
2 I wish, thou know'st, to be resign'd, 1 APPROACH, my soul, the mercy-seat
And wait with patient hope;

Where Jesus answers prayer,
But hope delayed fatigues the mind, There humbly fall before his feet,
And drinks the spirits up.

For none can perish there. 3 Help me to reach the distant goal, 2 Thy promise is my only plea, Confirm my feeble knee,

With this I venture nigh; Pity the sickness of a soul

Thou callest burden'd souls to thee, That faints for love of thee.

And, such, O Lord, am I. 4 Cold as I feel this heart of mine,

3 Bow'd down beneath a load of sin, Yet since I feel it so

By Satan sorely press’d, It yields some hope of life divine,

By wars without, and fears within, Within, however low.

I come to thee for rest. 5 I seem forsaken and alone,

4 Be thou my shield and hiding-place! I hear the lion roar,

That, shelter'd near thy side, And ev'ry door is shut but one,

I may my fierce accuser face, And that is mercy's door.

And tell him, “Thou hast died." 6 There, till the dear Deliv'rer come, 5 O wond'rous love! to bleed and die, I'll wait with humble prayer ;

To bear the cross and shame, And when he calls his exile home,

That guilty sinners, such as I, The Lord shall find him there.

Might plead thy gracious name.

6 " Poor tempest-tossed soul, be still, HYMN XI.

My promis'd grace receive :"

'Tis Jesus speaks-I must, I will, The Effort.

I can, I do believe. 1 CHEER up, my soul, there is a mercy-seat Sprinkled with blood, where Jesus answers

HYMN XIII. prayer; There humbly cast thyself beneath his feet,

Seeking the Beloved. For never needy sinner perish'd there.

1 To those who know the Lord, I speak, 2 Lord, I am come! thy promise is my plea, Is my beloved near?

Without thy word I durst not venture nigh; The bridegroom of my soul I seek,
But thou hast call'd the burden'd soul to O when will he appear !

2 Though once a man of grief and shame, A weary, burden'd soul, O Lord, am I!

Yet now he fills a throne, 3 Bow'd down beneath a heavy load of sin, And bears the greatest, sweetest name,

By Satan's fierce temptations sorely prest, That earth or heaven have known. Beset without, and full of fears within,

3 Grace flies before, and love attends Trembling and faint, I come to thee for rest.

His steps where'er he goes;

Though none can see him but his friends, * 2 Chron. xxxiii. 12, 13.

And they were once his foes.

4 He speaks-obedient to his call

2 Deep in unfathomable mines Our warm affections move;

Of never-failing skill, Did he but shine alike on all,

He treasures up his bright designs, Then all alike would love.

And works his sovereign will. 5 Then love in every heart would reign, 3 Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take, And war would cease to roar;

The clouds ye so much dread, And cruel and blood-thirsty men

Are big with mercy, and shall break Would thirst for blood no more.

In blessings on your

head. 6 Such Jesus is, and such his grace, 4 Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, O may he shine on you !*

But trust him for his grace; And tell him, when you see his face, Behind a frowning providence, I long to see him too.

C. He hides a smiling face.

5 His purposes will ripen fast,

Unfolding every hour;
Rest for Weary Souls.

The bud may have a bitter taste,

But sweet will be the flower. 1 Does the gospel-word proclaim Rest for those who weary be ?+

6 Blind unbelief is sure to err,* Then, my soul, put in thy claim,

And scan his work in vain; Sure that promise speaks to thee;

God is his own interpreter,
Marks of grace I cannot show,

And he will make it plain.
All polluted is my best ;
Yet I weary am, I know,

And the weary long for rest.

Welcome Cross. 2 Burden'd with a load of sin,

1 'Tis my happiness below, Harass’d with tormenting doubt,

Not to live without the cross, Hourly conflicts from within,

But the Saviour's power to know, Hourly crosses from without:

Sanctifying every loss : All my little strength is gone,

Trials must and will befall; Sink I must without supply;

But with humble faith to see Sure upon the earth is none

Love inscribed upon them all, Can more weary be than I.

This is happiness to me. 3 In the ark the weary dove

2 God, in Israel, sows the seeds Found a welcome resting-place;

Of affliction, pain, and toil;
Thus my spirit longs to prove
Rest in Christ, the ark of grace.

These spring up and choke the weeds

Which would else o'erspread the soil : Tempest-toss'd I long have been,

Trials make the promise sweet, And the flood increases fast;

Trials give new life to prayer; Open, Lord, and take me in,

Trials bring me to his feet, Till the storm be overpast.

Lay me low, and keep me there. 4 Safely lodg’d within thy breast,

3 Did I meet no trials here, What a wondrous change I find !

No chastisement by the way; Now I know thy promised rest

Might I not with reason fear, Can compose a troubled mind :

I should prove a cast-away, You that weary are, like me,

Bastards may escape the rod, t Hearken to the gospel call;

Sunk in earthly, vain delight; To the ark for refuge flee,

But the true-born child of God Jesus will receive you all!

Must not, would not, if he might. C.

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Thou mad'st me feel thy chast'ning rod,* They whom the world caresses most,

And straight I turn’d unto my God. Have no such privilege to boast.
4 What though it pierc'd my fainting heart, 6 Poor, though I amn, despis'd, forgot,*

I bless thine hand that caus'd the smart; Yet God, my God, forgets me not;
It taught my tears a while to flow,

And he is safe, and must succeed,
But sav'd me from eternal woe.

For whom the Lord vouchsafes to plead. 5 Oh! had'st thou left me unchastis'd,

C. Thy precepts I had still despis’d; And still the snare in secret laid,

HYMN XX. Had my unwary feet betrayed.

The Valley of the Shadow of Death. 6 I love thee, therefore, O my God! And breathe towards thy dear abode,

1 My soul is sad and much dismayed; Where in thy presence fully blest,

See, Lord, what legions of my foes, Thy chosen saints for ever rest. C.

With fierce Apollyon at their head,

My heavenly pilgrimage oppose !

2 See, from the ever-burning lake,

How like a smoky cloud they rise !

With horrid blasts my soul they shake, 1 THE billows swell, the winds are high,

With storms of blasphemies and lies. Clouds overcast my wintry sky;

3 Their fiery arrows reach the mark,t Out of the depths to thee I call,

My throbbing heart with anguish tear; My fears are great, my strength is small. Each lights upon a kindred spark, 2 O Lord ! the pilot's part perform,

And finds abundant fuel there. And guide and guard me thro' the storm; 4 I hate the thought that wrongs the Lord; Defend me from each threat'ning ill, Oh! I would drive it from my breast,

Control the waves, say, “ Peace be still.” With my own sharp two-edged sword, 3 Amidst the roaring of the sea,

Far as the east is from the west. My soul still hangs her hope on thee; 5 Come, then, and chase the cruel host, Thy constant love, thy faithful care Heal the deep wounds I have receiv'd! Is all that saves me from despair.

Nor let the powers of darkness boast, 4 Dangers of every shape and name

That I am foild, and thou art griev'd. Attend the followers of the Lamb,

C. Who leave the world's deceitful shore, And leave it to return no more.

HYMN XXI. 5 Though tempest-toss'd, and half a wreck,

The Storm hushed.
My Saviour through the floods I seek;
Let neither winds nor stormy main

1 'Tis past—the dreadful stormy night

Is gone, with all its fears! Force baek my shatter'd bark again. C.

And now I see returning light,

The Lord, my Sun, appears.

2 The tempter, who but lately said,
Looking upwards in a Storm.

I soon should be his prey, I Gop of my life, to thee I call,

Has heard my Saviour's voice, and fled Afflicted at thy feet I fall;t

With shame and grief away. When the great water-floods prevail,

3 Ah! Lord, since thou didst hide thy face, Leave not my trembling heart to fail ! What has my soul endur'd ? 2 Friend of the friendless and the faint! But now 'tis past, I feel thy grace,

Where should I lodge my deep complaint ? And all my wounds are cur'd! Where but with thee, whose open door 4 O wondrous change! but just before, Invites the helpless and the poor.

Despair beset me round, 3 Did ever mourner plead with thee,

I heard the lion's horrid roar, And thou refuse that mourner's plea ?

And trembled at the sound. Does not the word still fix'd remain, 5 Before corruption, guilt and fear,

That none shall seek thy face in vain ? My comforts blasted fell; 4 That were a grief I could not bear,

And unbelief discover'd near Didst thou not hear and answer prayer;

The dreadful depths of hell. But a prayer-hearing, answ'ring God, 6 But Jesus pitied my distress, Supports me under every load.

He heard my feeble cry, 5 Fair is the lot that's cast for me;

Reveal'd bis blood and righteousness I have an advocate with thee;

And brought salvation nigh.

* Psal. crix. 71.

t Psal. lxix. 15.

* Psal. xl. 17.

Eph. vi. 16

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7 Beneath the banner of his love

4 Sweet truth, and easy to repeat! I now secure remain;

But when my faith is sharply tried,
The tempter frets, but dares not move, I find myself a learner yet,
To break my peace again.

Unskilful, weak, and apt to slide.
8 Lord, since thou thus hast broke my bands, 5 But, O my Lord, one look from thee
And set the captive free,

Subdues the disobedient will, I would devote my tongue, my hands,

Drives doubt and discontent away, My heart, my all, to thee.

And thy rebellious worm is still.

6 Thou art as ready to forgive,

As I am ready to repine;
Help in Time of Need.

Thou, therefore, all the praise receive, 1 UNLESS the Lord had been my stay,

Be shame and self-abhorrence mine. C. With trembling joy my soul may say, My cruel foe had gain'd his end:

HYMN XXIV. But he appear'd for my relief,

Mourning and Longing. And Satan sees with shame and grief, 1 The Saviour hides his face! That I have an almighty Friend.

My spirit thirsts to prove 2 Oh! 'twas a dark and trying hour,

Renew'd supplies of pard’ning grace, When, harass'd by the tempter's power, And never-fading love.

I felt my strongest hopes decline ! 2 The favour'd souls who know You only who have known his arts,

What glories shine in him, You only who have felt his darts,

Pant for his presence, as the roe Can pity such a case as mine.

Pants for the living stream. 3 Loud in my ears a charge he read, 3

What trifles tease me now! (My conscience witness'd all he said,)

They swarm like summer-flies, My long black list of outward sin;

They cleave to every thing I do, Then bringing forth my heart to view,

And swim before my eyes. Too well what's hidden there he knew,

4 How dull the Sabbath-day, He show'd me ten times worse within.

Without the Sabbath's Lord ! 4 'Twas all too true, my soul replied,

How toilsome then to sing and pray, But I remember Jesus died,

And wait upon the word ! And now he fills a throne of grace:

5 Of all the truths I hear, I'll go as I have done before,

How few delight my taste ! His mercy I may still implore,

I glean a berry here and there, I have his promise, “Seek my face."

But mourn the vintage past. 5 But, as when sudden fogs arise,

6 Yet let me (as I ought) The trees, and hills, the sun and skies,

Still hope to be supplied ;
Are all at once conceal'd from view:
So clouds of horror, black as night,

No pleasure else is worth a thought,

Nor shall I be denied. By Satan rais'd, hid from my sight

7 The throne of grace and promise too.

Though I am but a worm,

Unworthy of his care, 6 Then, while beset with guilt and fear,

The Lord will my desire perform, He tried to urge me to despair,

And grant me all my prayer.

He tried, and he almost prevail'd;
But Jesus, by a heavenly ray,

Drove clouds, and guilt, and fear away,
And all the tempter's malice failid.

Rejoice the Soul of thy Servant.

1 WHEN my prayers are a burden and task, HYMN XXIII.

No wonder I little receive;

O Lord ! make me willing to ask,
Peace after a Storm.

Since thou art so ready to give:
1 When darkness long has veil'd my mind, Although I am bought with thy blood,

And smiling day once more appears, And all thy salvation is mine,
Then, my Redeemer, then I find

At a distance from thee my chief good,
The folly of my doubts and fears.

I wander, and languish, and pine. 2 Straight I upbraid my wand'ring heart,

2 Of thy goodness of old when I read, And blush that I should ever be

To those who were sinners like me, Thus prone to act so base a part,

Why may I not wrestle and plead, Or harbour one hard thought of thee!

With them a partaker to be? 3 Oh! let me then at length be taught, Thine arm is not short'ned since then, What I am still so slow to learn,

And those who believe in thy name, That God is love, and changes not,

Ever find thou art Yea and Amen, Nor knows the shadow of a turn.

Through all generations the same.


3 While my spirit within me is press’d

HYMN XXVII. With sorrow, temptation, and fear,

Bitter and Sweet. Like John, I would flee to thy breast,* .

1 KINDLE, Saviour, in my heart And pour my complaints in thine ear:

A flame of love divine: How happy and favour'd was he,

Hear, for mine I trust thou art, Who could on thy bosom repose !

And sure I would be thine: Might this favour be granted to me,

If my soul has felt thy grace, I'd smile at the rage of my foes.

If to me thy name is known, 4 I have heard of thy wonderful name,

Why should trifles fill the place
How great and exalted thou art;

Due to thyself alone?
But ah! I confess to my shame,
It faintly impresses my heart:

2 'Tis a strange mysterious life The beams of thy glory display,

I live from day to day; As Peter once saw thee appear;

Light and darkness, peace and strife,

Bear an alternate sway: That, transported like him, I may say,

When I think the battle won, " It is good for my soul to be here." +

I have to fight it o'er again; 5 What a sorrow and weight didst thou feel,

When I say I'm overthrown, When nail'd, for my sake, to the tree!

Relief I soon obtain. My heart sure is harder than steel,

3 Often at the mercy-seat, To feel no more sorrow for thee; Oh! let me with Thomas descry

While calling on thy name, The wounds in thy hands and thy side,

Swarms of evil thoughts I meet, And have feelings like his, when I cry,

Which fill my soul with shame: · My God and my Saviour has died !"I

Agitated in my mind,

Like a feather in the air, 6 But if thou hast appointed me still

Can I thus a blessing find?
To wrestle, and suffer, and fight;

My soul, can this be prayer?
O make me resign to thy will,
For all thine appointments are right:

4 But when Christ, my Lord and Friend, This mercy, at least, I entreat,

Is pleas'd to show his power; T'hat, knowing how vile I have been,

All at once my troubles end, I, with Mary, may wait at thy feet,

And I've a golden hour:

Then I see his smiling face, And weep o'er the pardon of sin.

Feel the pledge of joys to come;

Often, Lord, repeat this grace,

Till thou shalt call me home.
1 Dear Lord ! accept a sinful heart,

Which of itself complains,
And mourns, with much and frequent smart,

Prayer for Patience.
The evil it contains.

1 Lord, who hast suffer'd all for me, 2 There fiery seeds of anger lurk,

My peace and pardon to procure, Which often hurt my frame;

The lighter cross I bear for thee And wait but for the tempter's work,

Help me with patience to endure. To fan them to a flame.

2 The storm of loud repining hush;

I would in humble silence mourn; (bush 3 Legality holds out a bribe To purchase life from thee;

Why should the unburnt, though burning And discontent would fain prescribe

Be angry, as the crackling thorn? How thou shalt deal with me.

3 Man should not faint at thy rebuke, 4 While unbelief withstands thy grace,

Like Joshua falling on his face,*

When the curs'd thing that Achan took And puts the mercy by, Presumption, with a brow of brass,

Brought Israel into just disgrace. Says, “Give me, or I die.”

4 Perhaps some golden wedge suppressid,

Some secret sin, offends my 5 How eager are my thoughts to roam

Perhaps that Babylonish vest,
In quest of what they love;
But, ah! when duty calls them home,

Self-righteousness, provokes the rod.
How heavily they move!

5 Ah! were I buffeted all day,

Mock’d, crown'd with thorns, and spit upon, 6 O cleanse me in a Saviour's blood ! Transform me by thy power;

I yet should have no right to say, And make me thy belov'd abode,

My great distress is mine alone. And let me rove no more.

C. 6 Let me not angrily declare,

No pain was ever sharp like mine,


• John riji. 2 1 John er. *

Matth. xvii. 16
Luke vii. 38

* Joshua vii. 10, IL

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