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his kind permission to print the words of Nos. 1546—1'
to Sir Herbert S. Oakeley, M.A., Mus. Doc., Professo
Music in the University of Edinburgh, for his kind permiss
to print the words of No. 1222, his copyright; to the late 1
Henry Littleton, who took a great interest in the work durir
the early stages of its compilation ; and to many others f
advice and assistance.


Assistant Vicar Choral, St. Paul's Cathe November 2, 1888.

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In issuing this new edition with an Appendix consistin of upwards of four hundred Anthems which have recenth appeared, the special attention of Precentors, Organist and Choirmasters is directed to the index of Antheri suitable for certain days or seasons," which has beer considerably enlarged, in the hope that it will be found more valuable to those whose duty it is to select the music for “quires and places where they sing," and to assist them in making their selections with due regard to the sentiment of the words and their suitability for certain days or seasons."

Thanks are hereby tendered to the proprietors of “Hyn . Ancient and Modern," for their kind permission to print tł. words of several hymns; also to the Rev. F. G. Ellerton fu. No. 1766; to Messrs. Macmillan & Co., for Nos. 1666 and 1741, by the late Lord Tennyson; to Messrs. James Nisbet & Co., for Nos. 1686 and 1901, by the late Dr. Bonar ; Messrs. Smith, Elder & Co., for No. 1738, by the la Mrs. Browning; and to the Committee of the Provider (Row) Night Refuge, for whose benefit 1769 was written the late Miss Proctor.

H. K. Ascension Day,

May 19, 1898.







ABT, FRANZ Wilhelm. Born 1819. Died 1885.
O LORD, most holy

970 ADAMS, THOMAS. Organist of St. Alban's, Holborn. Alleluia ! Now is CHRIST risen. 1895 Like as the hart ...

92 Come unto Me

364 Nearer, my God, to Thee 1861 He shall be great

1915 Oh, how great is Thy goodness 1863 If any man sin

1859 The earth brought forth grass ... 1862 If I go not away 1860 The eyes of all

406 ADLAM, FRANK. Open to me the gates

1854 | Unto us a Child is born ... 1855 AGUTTER, B. Mus. Bac., Oxon., 1870. Mus. Doc., Cantuar, 1891.

Organist of St. Peter's, Streatham, 1867. Arise, O LORD




Aitken, G. B. J. Organist of Hampstead Parish Church.
CHRIST is risen from the dead

1747 ALBERT, PRINCE CONSORT. Born at Rosenau, Coburg, 1819. Died

1861. Out of the deep

1333 Alcock, John. Mus. Doc., Oxon., 1761 (? 1765). Born 1715. Chorister

of St. Paul's. Organist of Lichfield Cathedral, 1749. Died 1806. Out of the deep ..

1334 | Wherewithal shall a young man? 333 ALDRICH, Very Rev. Henry, D.D.

Born 1647

Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, 1689. Died 1710. Behold now, praise the LORD 206 Not unto us

256 By the waters of Babylon 570 O give thanks unto the LORD 904 God is our Hope and Strength 231 O praise the LORD, all ye heathen 278 Hide not Thou Thy face 11 Out of the deep ...

1334 I am well pleased 257 We have heard with our ears

258 b






ALEXANDER, A. Organist of St. Andrew's Church, Southport.
O love the LORD...

1534 | Why seek ye the living ? ... 1102 ALLEGRI, GREGORIO. Born 1580. Died 1652. Miserere mei, Deus

18 ALLEN, G. B. Mus. Bac., Oxon., 1852. Born April, 1822. Died at

Brisbane, November, 1897.
Almighty and everlasting God.. 1654 LORD, what love have I ?

286 By the waters of Babylon 569 Now is CHRIST risen

1655 In the beginning was the Word 1113 O God, Who hast prepared 697 Let my complaint

418 The LORD is my Shepherd 545 Listen, O isles

1114 Amps, W., M.A. Organist of King's College, Cambridge, 1855-1876. When I consider ...

1120 Anerio, Felice. Born at Rome about 1560. Alleluia, Christ is risen

44 | Alleluia ! Christus surrexit 44 ANONYMOUS. O Rex Gloriæ (O King of Glory)

1582 Arcadelt, Jacques. Chapel Master in Lorraine, and one of the

earliest Madrigal writers. A.D. 1490-1556. Give ear unto my prayer 5 | Hail, thou that art highly

6 ARMES, PHILIP. Mus. Doc., Oxon., 1864. Organist of Durham

Cathedral, 1862. Give ear, O ye heavens 1267 The Lord is my light

1269 I will sing a new song 118 The LORD preserveth

739 O send out Thy light 586 They that be wise

1540 Rejoice in the LORD, O ye 1268 Thou wilt keep him

1030 My doctrine shall drop as the We wait for Thy loving-kindness rain ... ... *1267 (verse 8)

... 1131 ARNOLD, G. B. Mus. Doc., Oxon., 1861. Organist of Winchester

Cathedral, 1865. Praise the LORD, O my soul 176 | The Lord is my Shepherd 934 ARNOLD, Samuel. Mus. Doc., Oxon., 1773. Born 1740. Pupil of

Dr. Nares, whom he succeeded as Organist and Composer to the

Chapels Royal, 1783. Died 1802. All Thy works praise Thee 395 O praise the LORD, all ye heathen 277 Doubtless Thou art our Father *665 The heavens declare

614 Give the LORD the honour due 1491 The Lord is King

740 Have mercy upon me

Wherewithal shall a young man

334 Hear, 0 Thou Shepherd


Who is this? ASTORGA, EmanueLL BARON D'. Born at Palermo, 1681. Died 1736. Stabat Mater





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