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BOWDLER, CYRIL William. Mus. Bac., Dublin, 1864. LL.D., 1896. Thou shalt shew me the path of life

. 1703

Bowes, Ch. F. Mus. Bac., Dunelm, 1892.
Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?

... 1910


Boyce, William. Born 1710. Pupil of Dr. Maurice Greene.

Succeeded Weldon as Composer to the Chapels Royal, 1736.
Mus. Doc., Cantab., 1749. Organist of the Chapels Royal, on the

death of Travers, 1758. All kings shall fall

*275 O give thanks unto the Lord, and 115 Be Thou my Judge

693 O give thanks unto the LORD, for 598 Blessed is he that considereth... 563 O praise our God, ye people 1596 Blessed is the man that feareth 152 O praise the LORD, ye that fear... 600 Blessing and glory

235 o sing unto the LORD a new By the waters of Babylon


596 Give the king Thy judgments ... 275 O where shall wisdom be found ? 608 Give unto the LORD

573 Ponder my words, O LORD... ... 601 Great and marvellous

*613 Praise the LORD, ye servants 447 Hear my crying, O GOD 388 Save me, O GOD

189 How long wilt Thou forget me 64 Sing, O Heavens

610 I am the Resurrection 269 Sing praises to the LORD

612 I cried unto the LORD 574 Sing unto the LORD

609 If we believe 575 Teach me, O LORD

727 I have set God always 261 The Heavens declare

613 I have surely built

578 The LORD is full of compassion 177 I will alway give thanks 1195 The Lord is King (Solo)

617 I will magnify Thee, O GOD


The Lord is King (Verse, A.T.B.) 624 Let my complaint 419 The Lord is my light

1270 Like as the hart desires... 585 The Lord liveth...

618 LORD, what is man? (Duet) 168 Turn Thee unto me (Solo) 619 LORD, what is man? (Solo) 580 Turn Thee unto me (5 voices)... 622 LORD, who shall dwell ?...

581 Wherewithal shall a young man? 335 O be joyful in GOD




Bradley, Chas.
Seek ye the LORD



... 1485

BRAHMS, JOHANNES. Born 1833. Died 1897.
A saving health to us is brought 1228 Requiem”
Lord, how long wilt Thou 1227

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Eternal source of every joy ... 1668 Think not that they are blest
Father, hear the prayer we offer 1669 alone

1671 The strong foundations of the To bless Thy chosen race 1672 earth

1670 While with ceaseless course the

1673 BRIANT, ROWLAND. Come now, let us reason together

1881 BRIDGE, Joseph Cox, M.A. Mus. Doc., Oxon., 1884. Organist of

Chester Cathedral, 1877.
O that men would praise the LORD



BRIDGE, J. FREDERICK. Mus. Doc., Oxon., 1874. Organist and Master

of the Choristers of Westminster Abbey, 1875. Conductor of the

Royal Choral Society, 1896. Knighted, 1897. Behold My servant 1736 O most merciful ...

. 1479 Blessed be the LORD thy God... 1471 O send out Thy light

586 CHRIST became obedient 1472 Rock of Ages

1470 Crossing the bar 1741 Sing unto the LORD

1740 Give unto the LORD 1474 Sunset and evening star

1741 God hath not appointed us 1473 The blessing of the LORD 1742 Great and marvellous 1737 The Cradle of CHRIST

1743 Happy is the man 1263 The God of heaven

1480 He giveth His beloved sleep 1738 The LORD hath chosen Zion 1481 Highest Omnipotent good LORD 1464 The Lord ordereth

1482 Hope thou in the LORD

1465 Thus saith the high and lofty One 1484 It is a good thing 1467 Unto you that fear

1483 I will feed My flock 1739 We declare unto you

1487 Jesus, pro me perforatus 1470 When my soul fainted within me 1744 LORD, I call upon Thee 1475 Who shall ascend






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Give the king Thy judgments

1219 BUCK, ZECHARIAH. Mus. Doc., Cantuar, 1853. Organist of Norwich

Cathedral, 1828-1877. Born 1798. Died 1879. Have mercy upon me

23 BÜHLER, FRANZ G., Abbé. Born 1760. Died at Augsburg, 1824. Jesu, dulcis memoria

41 | O praise our God, ye people 590

BULL, JOHN, Mus. Doc., Oxon. et Cantab. Born 1563. One of the

Children of the Chapels Royal. Organist of Hereford Cathedral, 1582. Gentleman of the Chapels Royal, 1585. Organist of the same, 1591-1613, when he was superseded. The first Music Professor in Gresham College who lectured in English, 1596-1607. Organist of Notre Dame, Antwerp, 1617. Died at Antwerp and

buried in the Cathedral, 1628. O LORD, my GOD




Bunnett, EDWARD. Mus. Doc., Cantab., 1869, Organist to the

Corporation of Norwich, the Festivals, and St. Peter Mancroft. Arise, shine 1660 O how amiable

911 Blessed be Thou...

1125 O LORD, Thou art my GOD 1554 If we believe that Jesus died 575 Out of the deep

1332 If ye love Me


The Lordhath prepared His seat 184 I was glad

105 The Lord is my Shepherd 543 O clap your hands



CALDICOTT, Alfred James. Born 1842. Mus. Bac., Cantab., 1877.

Professor R.C.M. Died October 24, 1897. Behold, brethren, how good and joyful



CALKIN, J. BAPTISTE, Professor of Music at the Guildhall School of

Music. Behold now, praise ye the LORD 1190 Praised be the Lord daily 445 Blessed be the man (No. 20) 1583 Rejoice in the Lord

1206 Blessed is He that cometh 1191 Rend your heart...

1002 He that soweth (No. 9)... 1583 The Lord redeemeth

1207 If we say that we have no sin... 868 The righteous shall flourish 1304 I will alway give thanks 1192 The sacrifices of God

892 I will magnify Thee, O God 398 Thou visitest the earth

1208 Keep innocency 1466 Thou wilt keep him

1030 Let your light (No. 1) 1583 To the Lord our God

1209 O GOD, have mercy, 1205 Unto Thee will I cry

204 O send out Thy light

586 Whoso hath this world's (No. 16) 1583 Out of the deep ...



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Born 1807

Callcott, WILLIAM HUTCHINS. Son of the above.

Died 1882.
Give peace in our time, O LORD 961 | Thou visitest the earth...


CAMBRIDGE, F. Mus. Bac., Dunelm, 1893. Organist of Croydon

Parish Church. The steps of a good man




CAMIDGE, JOHN. Born 1790. Succeeded his father as Organist of York

Minster, 1844. Mus. Doc., Cantuar, 1855. Died 1859. Fret not thyself


CAMIDGE, MATTHEW, Born 1764. Pupil of Nares. Organist of York

Minster, 1803. Died 1844. Consider, and hear me


CARISSIMI, GIACOMO. Born at Padua about 1582. Chapelmaster of the

Pontifical Chapel, 1640. Died at Rome about 1674. My soul truly waiteth ... 1324 | O Lord in Thee have I put 85


CARNALL, ARTHUR. Mus. Bac., Cantab., 1873. Organist of St. John

the Evangelist, Penge. Hail, thou that art

1810 Man goeth forth to his work 1813 In the end of the Sabbath

My heart was glad


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Cecil, Rev. R., M.A. Born 1748. Vicar of Chobham, Surrey, 1800.

Died 1810. I will arise...


Champneys, Frank H., M.A., M.R.C.S.
O praise the LORD, for it is 321 | 0 Thou most merciful JESU


CHAWNER, Rev. C. F. F.
Devout men carried Stephen

Born 1840 (?). Died 1867.

864 | Precious in the sight of the LORD *864

CHERUBINI, M. L.C. 2. S. Born at Florence, 1760. Died at Paris, 1842. Strengthen, O LORD, Thy work 733 | Turn Thee, O LORD


CHILD, WILLIAM. Born at Bristol, 1606. Pupil of Elway Bevin.

Mus. Bac., Oxon., 1631. Organist of St. George's Chapel, Windsor, and of the Chapel Royal, Whitehall, 1636. Chamber Musician to King Charles II., 1660. Mus. Doc., Oxon., 1663. Died at Windsor,

1697. Behold, how good and joyful 632 O pray for the peace

107 If the LORD Himself

820 Praise the LORD, O my soul 178 O clap your hands 1238 Sing we merrily

51 O LORD, grant the king... 455 Thou art my King, O GOD




Chipp, E. T. Born 1823. Mus. Doc., Cantab., 1861. Organist of Ely

Cathedral, 1866. Died 1886. As I live, saith the Lord

986 | The Lord hath been mindful ... 992 Behold, happy is the man

The LORD is righteous ...

*987 Blessed be the LORD

991 The LORD gave, and the LORD... 987 God is a Father ... 990 They that sow in tears

989 LORD of all power and might... 562


CLARI, GIOVANNI CARLI MARIA. Born 1669. Died about 1745.
Be merciful

331 Stabat Mater

1 O LORD, in Thee



CLARK, JEREMIAH. Pupil of Dr. Blow, whom he succeeded as Master

of the Boys and Almoner of St. Paul's Cathedral in 1693. Organist, 1695. Gentleman of the Chapels Royal, 1700. Joint Organist of

the Chapels Royal with Dr. Croft, 1704. Born 1670. Died 1707. Bow down Thine ear

131 O LORD God of my salvation ... 265 How long wilt Thou forget me? 64 Praise the LORD, Ó Jerusalem... 227 I will love Thee, O LORD

215 The LORD is my strength 218


CLARKE, J. HAMILTON. Organist of Llandaff Cathedral, 1866. Mus.

Bac., Oxon., 1867. Organist of Queen's College, Oxford, 1866-1871. Behold, how good and joyful 632 I have set God always before me 261 Be Thou my Judge 694 LORD, how are they increased ?

239 By the waters of Babylon 1704 The Lord hear thee

1399 CHRIST is risen 1345 The LORD is my light

1271 GOD so loved the world




CLARKE, Walter J., M.A. Succentor of St. Mary's, Edinburgh, 1888.

1891. Rector of St. Andrew's, Kelso, 1893. Flee from evil



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Born 1770.

Clarke-Whitfeld, JOHN.

Mus. Doc., Dublin, 1795 ; Cantab., 1799; and Oxon., 1810. Organist of Armagh Cathedral, 1794 ; Trinity and St. John's Colleges, Cambridge, 1798; and Hereford Cathedral, 1820. Professor of Music in the University

of Cambridge, 1821. Died 1836. Behold, how good and joyful 632 I will arise

1427 Behold now, praise the LORD 206 I will lift up mine eyes

283 Blessed is the man that feareth 154 O LORD God of my salvation 267 Enter not into judgment

464 O praise God in His holiness 163 Hear, 0 Thou Shepherd

711 Praise the LORD, ye servants 448 In Jewry is God known 1136 The Heavens declare

616 I will alway give thanks





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COBB, G. F., M.A. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Arise, O LORD

1453 My soul truly waiteth Arise, shine

1358 O pray for the peace Beloved, let us love one another 1700 Surge, illuminare I heard a great voice

1701 Thus saith the LORD


107 1358 1357


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