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No. I Symphony.

No. 2 LORD my God, my spirit was in heaviness and deep affliction. But, LORD, Thy consolations have my soul restored.

No. 3

Sighing, weeping, sorrow, need, anxious longing, fear of death, rend my troubled heart in twain:I am torn by grief and pain.

No. 4

Why hast Thou then, O God, in this my need, in this my fear and anguish, thus quite forsaken me? Ah! know'st Thou not Thy child ? Ah! hear'st Thou not the mourning of those who to Thyself in faith and truth are bound ? Thou hast been my delight, and now I see Thee

I seek for Thee in ev'ry place; I call, I cry to Thee alone. My grief and woe are full, when Thou, O GOD, regardest not.

No. 5

Fast my bitter tears are flowing,

Find I none to comfort me.
Waves and storms are o'er me going,

All this dark and troubled sea
O'er my fainting spirit rolleth ;
Mine affliction none consoleth.
Floods of sorrow close me round.
Where can light and help be found ?

No. 6 Wherefore grievest thou, O my spirit, and art so unquiet in me ? hope thou in God, for to Him I will give thanks ; for He is the help of my countenance, and my God.

No. 7

LORD Jesus, my Repose, my Light, where art Thou


Behold, O spirit, I am with thee.
With me? but here is only night!

I am thy faithful Friend, that watcheth in the night, when evil is abroad.

Then comfort with Thy light and radiance enter in!

The hour is coming soon, when, all thy conflicts o'er, thou shalt a sweet reward secure.

No. 8

Come, my Saviour, and restore me,
Yea, I come, and will restore thee,
(Shed Thy grace and gladness o'er me,
Shed My grace and gladness o'er thee,
O'er this spirit that shall perish,
Yea, thy spirit I will cherish,
That shall its continual sorrow never vanquish,
Nor beneath continual sorrow shalt thou languish,
But shall still in sorrow languish.
But shalt all thy sorrow vanquish.

(Yea, ah yea, I am rejected.
Nay, ah nay, thou art elected.
Nay, ah nay, Thou hatest me.

1 Yea, ah yea, I care for thee.
LORD JESUS, Thou bringest me joy and salvation.
Soon thou for thy sorrow shalt find consolation.
Come, my Saviour, and restore me,
Yea, I come, and will restore thee,
Shed Thy grace and gladness o'er me.
Shed My grace and gladness o'er thee.

No. 9

Now again be thou joyful,
O my spirit; thy reward is of thy God.
Of what avail our bitter sorrow ?
Of what avail our pain and grief?

Of what avail that each new morrow
Still finds our woe beyond relief?
The weight of every cross and care,
We make but greater by despair.
Think not, when high thy trouble swelleth,
That thou by God forsaken art,
That He in distant darkness dwelleth,
Who fills with joy thy waiting heart.
The future all thy woe shall end,
Relief and comfort God will send.

No. 10

Rejoice, O my spirit, in thy consolation,
For now from thy sorrow thou findest salvation.
The water of grief God hath changed into wine,
All sadness is over, and gladness is mine.
Within me there burneth and shineth the pure light of

And of comfort, in spirit and heart,
For Jesus doth my consolation impart.

No. 11

The Lamb that was slain for us is worthy to have all power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and praise. Praise, and honour, and glory, and power, be to our God for evermore and evermore. Amen. Hallelujah.

J. S. Bach.


Now shall the grace, and the strength, and the rule, and the might of our God and His ChrIST be declared ; for he to nought is come, which hath reviled us day and night to God.



No. I

O Light everlasting, O Love never failing,
Our darkness illumine, and draw us to Thee;
May we from Thy Spirit receive inspiration,
And grant us, most Highest, Thy temple to be ;
In Thee may our souls find their peace and salvation.

No. 2
LORD, in our inmost hearts we hold
Thy word the truth to be.
With us Thou dost vouchsafe to dwell,
O knit our hearts to Thee;
LORD, ever near us be!
If Thou within us but abide,
We need not aught beside.

No. 3

Rejoice, ye souls, elect and holy,
Whom God His dwelling deigns to make ;
He doth His great salvation send us,
Unnumber'd mercies still attend us,
And all from God's own hand we take.

No. 4

The LORD doth choose a holy dwelling
Whereon to shed His peace :
His boundless grace our lips would fail in telling ,
How He to bless His chosen doth not cease.
It is our Father's everlasting will
To bless His children still.

No. 5

Peace be unto Israel !
Thank the LORD Whose love attends us,
Thank Him Who on us hath thought,
Yea, His love this grace hath brought.
Peace be unto Israel,
Peace and rest our Saviour sends.

J. S. Bach.


JESUS, Saviour, I am Thine,
Thou hast bid me call Thee mine;
All things else I count but loss,
Find my glory in Thy cross ;
In this only plea confide,
That for sinners Thou hast died.
*O Fount of love unbounded,

So full, so sweet, so free;
My thoughts are all confounded,

Whene'er I think of Thee.
For me Thou cam'st from heaven,

To suffer and to die;
That, purchased and forgiven,

I might ascend on high. * (From The Passion,” Nos. 19, 21.) J. S. Bach, Steae.

-* Sometimes sung as a separate Anthem.

Though all men should forsake Thee,

Yet will not I, O LORD;
Though death should overtake me,

I'll not deny my God.
Since sorrow, pain, and anguish

Thou didst endure for me,
Till I in death shall languish,
Myself I'll give to Thee.
(From "The Passion," No. 23.) J. S. BACH.

O Father, let Thy will be done!

For all things well Thou doest.
In time of need refusest none,
But helpest e'en the lowest.

In deep distress

Thou still dost bless,
In wrath rememb'rest mercy.

Who trusts in Thee

Shall ever be
In perfect peace, from danger free.

(From * The Passion," No. 31.) J. S. Bach.

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