The light in the robber's cave, by A.L.O.E.

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Read this splendid book in the Lamplighter edition. The theology rings so true to experience that it sheds a light of probability on an otherwise fantastical plot. My younger brothers are spellbound to hear it read aloud.

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Page 132 - And darkness and doubt are now flying away ; No longer I roam in conjecture forlorn ; So breaks on the traveller, faint and astray, The bright and the balmy effulgence of morn: See Truth, Love, and Mercy, in triumph descending. And Nature all glowing in Eden's first bloom ! On the cold cheek of Death smiles and roses are blending, And Beauty Immortal awakes from the tomb.
Page 17 - UDGE not ; the workings of his brain And of his heart thou canst not see ; What looks to thy dim eyes a stain, In God's pure light may only be A scar, brought from some well-won field, Where thou would'st only faint and yield. The look, the air, that frets thy sight, May be a token that below The soul has closed in deadly fight With some infernal fiery foe, Whose glance would scorch thy smiling grace, And cast the shuddering on thy face.
Page 156 - All that's bright must fade, The brightest still the fleetest; All that's sweet was made But to be lost when sweetest.
Page 17 - The fall thou darest to despise, May be the angel's slackened hand Has suffered it, that he may rise And take a firmer, surer stand ; Or, trusting less to earthly things, May henceforth learn to use his wings.
Page 27 - A something, light as air a look, A word unkind or wrongly taken Oh ! love, that tempests never shook, A breath, a touch like this hath shaken.
Page 207 - The brave man is not he who feels no fear, . For that were stupid and irrational, But he, whose noble soul its fear subdues, And bravely dares the danger nature shrinks from.
Page 82 - AY, watchman, what of the night? Do the dews of the morning fall ? Have the orient skies a border of light, Like the fringe of a funeral pall ? " The night is fast waning on high, And soon shall the darkness flee, And the morn shall spread o'er the blushing sky, And bright shall its glories be.
Page 27 - Alas how light a cause may move Dissension between hearts that love ! Hearts that the world in vain had tried, And sorrow but more closely tied ; That stood the storm, when waves were rough, Yet in a sunny hour fall off, Like ships, that have gone down at sea, When heaven was all tranquillity...
Page 73 - THE dawn has broke, the morn is up, Another day begun ; And there thy poised and gilded spear Is flashing in the sun, Upon that steep and lofty tower Where thou thy watch hast kept, A true and faithful sentinel, While all around thee slept. For years, upon thee, there, has poured The summer's noon-day heat, And through the long, dark, starless night, The winter storms have beat ; But yet thy duty has been done, By day and night the same, Still thou hast met and faced the storm, Whichever way it came.
Page 203 - I sink in deep mire, where there is no standing: I am come into deep waters, where the floods overflow me. 3 I am weary of my crying: my throat is dried: mine eyes fail while I wait for my God.

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