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As there may appear something novel in the title of the work now laid before the public, the Author of “ Visits to the Religious World” is desirous that the motives which induced such a production may not be misunderstood. This opportunity is therefore taken, of stating, that it was not written with a view of disclosing to the world at large, the errors and failings of what are styled “professing Christians ;” though it is admitted, that their errors have been commented upon ;—it is hoped without satire, and apart from personal allusion: It was not written in order to furnish the light and unthinking reader with a ground for triumph over what he might term the unnecessary sanctity of persons more serious than himself:still less was it sent forth with the idea of being taken up as an “interesting Religious Tale."

For what definite purpose, then, it may be asked, was this volume penned? The author requests the indulgent reader to peruse the work for himself, and to draw his own conclusions. If the human heart can in any degree be fathomed, and if there be a shadow of purity of intention in man,-these pages were written with the desire to promote the glory of the Reedemer's kingdom on earth, and with the hope that some unprejudiced minds might receive benefit.

The error and infirmity which mingles with all our performances, will probably be readily discovered in this; should it, notwithstanding, meet with encouragement, and should any good result to the cause attempted to be advocated, the gratitude will be ascribed where it is due; -the censure must, and it is hoped, can, be endured.

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