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The Dilworth,



English Tongue:

In Five P ARTS.


II. A large and ufeful Table of
Words, that are the fame in
Sound, but different in Significa-
tion; very neceffary to prevent
the writing one Word for another
of the fame Sound.
III. A fhort, but comprehenfive
Grammar of the English Tongue,
delivered in the most familiar and
inftructive Method of Question
and Anfwer; neceffary for all fuch
Perfons as have the Advantage,
only of an English Education.
IV. An ufeful Collection of Sen-
tences in Profe and Verfe, Divine,
Moral, and Hiftorical; together
with a felect Number of Fables,
adorn'd with proper Sculptures,
for the better Improvement of
the Young Beginners. And
Forms of Prayer for Children,
on feveral Occafiom.

I. Words, both common and proper, from one to fix Syllables: The feveral forts of Monofyllables in the common Words being diftinguished by Tables, into Words of two, three, and four Letters, &c. with fix fhort Leffons at the End of each Table, not exceeding the order of Syllables in the foregoing Tables. The feveral forts of Polyfyllables alfo, being ranged in proper Tables, have their Syllables divided, and Directions placed at the Head of each Table for the Accent, to prevent falfe Pronunciation; together with the like Number of Leffons on the foregoing Tables, placed at the. End of each Table, as far as to Words of four Syllables, for the eafier and more fpeedy Way of teaching Children to Read. The Whole, being recommended by feveral Clergymen and eminent Schoolmafters, as the most useful Performance for the Inftruction of Youth, is defigned for the Ufe of SCHOOLS in Great Britain, Ireland, and in the several English Colonies and Plantations abroad.


The Fifty-fourth Edition.




Printed and Sold by RICHARD and HENRY CAUSTON (Succeffors to the late Mr. HENRY KENT) at the Printing Office, No. 21, i Finch-Lane, near the Royal Exchange. M,DCC,XCIII.




HEREAS (everas Spurion Editions (and thofe ones) of the New Guide to the English Tongue, have appeared in the World, which has tended to the Detriment of the fair Trader, and especially of us Richard and Henry Couston, the only Proprietors of the true and genuine Azu Guide to the Enga Tongue This is therefore, to inform all Perfons, who ar defirous of fing the laid true and genuine New Guide to the Enguh Tonque, that it may very easily be known, by the Name of Richard and Henry aufton being inferted at the Bottom of the Title Page, whereas the Spurious Editions are dative in that Particular; and fome of them in the Onion XFthe Referimendatory Names, and other Advertisements of the Author.

N B. This Edition is printed on new Types; and the
Head-pieces of the Fables are alfo entirely new.
Just Published (Price 1s. 6d.)

[blocks in formation]

The Whole being delivered in the most familiar Way of Question and fufwer,isrecommended by feveral eminentMathematicians, Lecomptants and Scbolrafters, as neceflary to be used in schools. The Centp Eourth Erifum.

By THOMAS DILWORTH, AUTHOR of this New Guide to the English Tongue, &c. histed and Sold by RICHARD & HENRY CAUSTON, the Printing Office, No. 21, in Finch-Lane, near the


Reverend and Worthy Promoters of the feverat Charity-Schools in Great-Britain and Ireland.



HE tender Regard, which You have always fhew'd, and ftill continue, for the Salvation of Souls, is eminently difcovered in Your Care for the Education of Children.

To You it is, that the poorer Sort of People owe their Obedience, and indeed thefe Kingdoms their Thankfulness, for Your endeavouring to rescue fo many poor Creatures from the Slavery of Sin and Satan.

Thus, GENTLEMEN, it is Your Happiness, that You are, at the fame time, promoting the Glory of GOD, by Your careful Undertaking to fave thefe little Ones from utter Deftruction.

Your Preference of the Preteftant Religion is herein gloriously discovered by thofe Principles of that best constituted Church, as profuffed in the Church of England, which You caufe to be taught, and ingrafted in the tender Age of Your Pupils. Therefore,

Go on, WORTHY SIRS, with Your wonted Zeal for the Glory of GOD, and the Public Good of thefe Nations, united in the true Faith of CHRIST: and that Your pious Endeavours may always obtain their defired Succefs, and Yourselves that Reward which is promifed to thofe, who convert a Sinner from the Evil of bis Way, is the earneft and hearty Prayer of,


Wapping-School, Your most obedient and bumble Sensa
June 14, 1740,


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