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Price £3 3s., Vol. II., in quarto, containing upwards of 1000

pages, MÉCANIQUE CELESTE. By the Marquis De La PLACE. Translated, with a Commentary, by NATHANIEL BOWDITCH, LL.D. F.R.S., &c. &c. &c.

"The idea of undertaking a translation of the whole Mécanique Céleste, accompanied throughout with a copious running Commentary, is one which savours, at first sight, of the gigantesque, and is certainly one which, from what we have hitherto had reason to conceive of the popularity and diffusion of mathematical knowledge on the opposite shores of the Atlantic, we should never have expected to have found originated, or, at least, carried into execu. tion, in that quarter. The first volume only has as yet reached us; and when we consider the great difficulty of printing works of this nature, to say nothing of the heavy and probably unrequited expense, we are not suprised at the delay of the second. Meanwhile the part actually completed is, with few and slight exceptions, just what we could have wished to see,-an exact and careful translation, exceedingly well printed, and accompanied with notes appended to each page, which leave no step, in the text, of moment, unsupplied, and hardly any material difficulty either of conception or reasoning unelucidated.”

Quarterly Review. *** A few copies of the first volume may still be had at 21. 12s. 6d. in cloth


12mo, price 12s. bound, LOGARITHMIC and TRIGONOMETRIC TABLES; to se ven places of decimals, in a pocket form, in which the errors of former tables are corrected. By F. R. HASSLER.

One vol. in 8vo., price 14s., INTRODUCTION to the HISTORY of PHILOSOPHY. By VICTOR COUSIN, Professor of Philosophy of the Faculty of Literature at Paris. Translated from the French by HENNING GOTFRIED LINBERG.

“Those who do not adopt the system of Cousin, cannot fail to admire the profoundness of his views, the extent of his learning, his fearless spirit, his reverence for religion, and his just respect for humanity. His genius, alike brilliant and profound, has given an attraction to the subject of metaphysics, altogether unprecedented in the annals of philosophý.—North American Review.

“ The translator has executed his task with great ability and fidelity; he manifestly possesses a kindred spirit with Cousin; and has enriched the work with some original notes equally useful and profound.”-Athenæum.


No. 48, for January, 1833, The AMERICAN JOURNAL of SCIENCE and ARTS; conducted by B. SILLIMAN, M.D., L.L.D., &c. Published Quarterly, with numerous Plates. Price 7s. 6d.

“We know not if the strictures of the Edinburgh Review, on an early volume of the American Philosophical Transactions, has tended to excite the national energies, or whether we may not with more propriety conclude, that genius, either in America or elsewhere, will display itself whenever inducements are held out for its exertion. However contemptible American literary productions might appear to European critics in 1805, the fact is indisputable, that the contrast afforded by the present state of polite literature and scientific acquirements, on the other side of the Atlantic, is in the highest degree creditable to American talent; and a perusal of the work now before us would satisfy any reasonable mind, that Professor Silliman has contributed largely to its successful cultivation. It has seldom been our lot to meet a philosophical work so interesting to the general reader," &c.-Mining Review, No. 6.

Vol 1 to 3, in Folio (to be completed in four volumes) price

£3 3s. each, AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGY, or the Natural History of Birds inhabiting the United States, not given by Wilson. With figures drawn, engraved, and coloured from nature. By CHARLES LUCIEN BONAPARTE.

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No. 1 to 4, in 8vo., with 10 coloured plates to each, price 7s. 6d.,

AMERICAN CONCHOLOGY, or descriptions of the Shells of North America, illustrated by coloured figures from original drawings executed from nature. By THOMAS Say, F.M., L. S., &c. , New Harmony, Indiana, printed at the School Press.


In 2 vols. 8vo. and Atlas, price £1. 11s. 6d., THE LIFE OF GEORGE WASHINGTON, compiled under the inspection of the Honourable BUSHROD WASHINGTON, from original Papers bequeathed to him by his deceased Relative. By John MARSHALL, Chief Justice of the United States. A new edition, revised and corrected by the Author. Philadelphia, 1832.

“This work was originally composed under circumstances which might afford some apology for its being finished with less care than its importance demand. ed. The immense mass of papers which it was necessary to read, occupied great part of that time which the impatience of the public could allow for the appear. ance of the book itself. It was therefore hurried to the press without that previous careful examination which would have resulted in the correction of some faults that have been since perceived. In the hope of presenting the work to the public in a form more worthy of its acceptance, and more satisfactory to himself, the Author has given it a careful revision. The language has been in some instances altered-he trusts improved ; and the narrative relieved from tedious repetitions of the same suffering. The work is reduced in its volume, without discarding any essential information.”—Preface.

In 2 large 8vo. vols., price £1. 1ls. 6d., THE ANNALS of AMERICA, from the Discovery by Columbus in the Year 1492 to the Year 1826. By ABIEL HOLMES. 2d Edition. Boston, 1829.

“ The new edition of the American Annals, with such improvements as the author has introduced into it, we consider amongst the most valuable productions of the American press.—Many and valuable improvements have been introduced into this second edition. The history is brought twenty-one years further down, and a great many new notes are added. One of the most agreeable and in structive parts of his performance is the short biographical notices of distinguished Americans, which are contained in the notes."-North American Review, No. 65.

In 3 vols. 8vo. Portrait. £1. 168., THE LIFE OF GOUVERNEUR MORRIS, with Selections from his Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers, detailing events in the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and in the Political History of the United States. By JARED SPARKS.

“ The narrative which Mr. Sparks has given, relates to the life and character of one, who, if not foremost among the glorious company of which we have spoken, was certainly not undistinguished among the eminent men of our country. He has brought to his task so much of intelligent research, so much historical anecdote and rich and various illustration, that his work is of real, as it will be of lasting value.-North American Review.

“ These volumes will be universally deemed a valuable and curious contribution to the history of the era at which Gouverneur Morris flourished. He shines in them as one of the earliest, boldest and most active, useful, eloquent and accomplished of the revolutionary patriots. An attentive perusal of them can alone furnish an adequate idea of the extent, variety, constancy and worth of his public services, and his superior merit as a public counsellor and economist, a diplomatic correspondent and agent, and a philosophical observer. They contain a great deal that is applicable to the affairs of our own times, many instructive and interesting sketches of character, and deep reflections drawn from a wide and sagacious survey of human nature at home and abroad."--Nat. Gazette.

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