American Monthly Review, Issues 13-14

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Hilliard, Gray and Company, 1833

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Page 99 - Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.
Page 123 - There is a native tone of grandeur and authority in his teaching. He speaks as a being related to the whole human race. His mind never shrinks within the ordinary limits of human agency. A narrower sphere than the world never enters his thoughts. He speaks in a natural, spontaneous style of accomplishing the most arduous and important change in human affairs. This, unlabored manner of expressing great thoughts is particularly worthy of attention. You never hear from Jesus that swelling, pompous,...
Page 14 - From which and many other similar phenomena of nature, such as the seven metals, etc., which it were tedious to enumerate, we gather that the number of planets is necessarily seven. " Moreover, the satellites are invisible to the naked eye, and therefore can have no influence on the earth, and therefore would be useless, and therefore do not exist.
Page 30 - This I saw, and suffered by it. But when I look back upon the ruin of families, the bloodshed, the decay of common honesty, and how the former piety and plain dealing of this now sinful nation is turned into cruelty and cunning, I praise God that he prevented me from being of that party which helped to bring in this Covenant, and those sad confusions that have followed it.
Page 33 - Mar-Prelate, but other venomous books daily printed and dispersed ; books that were so absurd and scurrilous, that the graver Divines disdained them an answer. And yet these were grown into high esteem with the common people, till Tom Nash appeared against them all, who was a man of a sharp wit, and the master of a scoffing, satirical, merry pen...
Page 34 - Christ to save them ? No, I will not be afraid to say to such a one, You err in your opinion ; but be of good comfort ; you have to do with a merciful God, who will make the best of that little which you hold well ; and not with a captious sophister, who gathereth the worst out of every thing in which you are mistaken.
Page 124 - A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON RAILROADS, AND INTERIOR COMMUNICATION IN GENERAL— containing an account of the performances of the different Locomotive Engines at, and subsequent to, the Liverpool Contest ; upwards of two hundred and sixty Experiments with Tables of the comparative value of Canals and Railroads, and the power of the present Locomotive Engines.
Page 14 - There are seven windows given to animals in the domicile of the head, through which the air is admitted to the tabernacle of the body, to enlighten, to warm, and to nourish it...
Page 35 - A New Greek and English Lexicon ; principally on the Plan of the Greek and German Lexicon of Schneider...

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