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Scripture Exercises. ANSWER TO No. IX., p. 180. 1. The home of Philip. “THE WORD OF GOD” (Rev. xix. 13).

2. One of Job's friends. 1. Timothy. 2 Tim. lii. 15.

3. At what place did the fire of the

Lord consume the Israelites ? 2. H ezekial. 2 Kings xix. 14-16.

4. A kingman of St. Paul. 3. E unice. 2 Tim. i. 5.

5. A river several times spoken of as 4. Wonderful. Isa. ix. 6. 5. O lympas. Rom. xvi. 15.

a "great river"?

6. The father of Noah. 6. Rahab.

Josh. ii. 6. 7. D rusilla. Acts xxiv. 24.

1. The mountain to which Balak took 8. O nesiphorus. 2 Tim. i. 16, 17. 9. Faith. Hebrews xi. 6.


2. The father of Samuel. 10. G allio.

Acts xviii. 12. 11. O badiah. Obad. v. 1 and fol.

3. One of the daughters of Zelophehad. 12. D amaris. Acts xvii. 34.

4. One of Saul's sons.

5. An Israelite who went to sojourn No. X.

in the land of Moab on account of the

famine. Two places memorable in the history of one of the patriarchs.

6. The name of Bethel at the first.




2 3






Тн O God, Thou hast taught me from my youth

(Psa. lxxi. 17).
F Cast thy burden on the Lord (Psa. lv. 22).
S Toe God of my mercy shall prevent me

(Psa. lix. 10).
O God, Thou knowest my foolishness (Psa.

lxix. 5).
M Be Thou my strong habitation whereunto I

may continually resort (Psa. Ixxi. 3).

Exalt the Lord, and worship at His footstool

(Psa. xcix. 5).
W Remember the word unto Thy servant, upon

which Thou has caused me to hope (Psa.

cxix. 48);
ΤΗ Ye are all the children of God by faith in

Christ Jesus (Gal, iii. 26).
F Bear ye one another's burdens (Gal. vi. 2).
S Let us not be weary in well doing (Gal. vi. 9).

Be ye angry and sin not, let not the sun go

down upon your wrath (Eph. iv. 26).
M Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God' (Eph.
Τυ Walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us

(Eph. v. 2).
W Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of

his might (Eph. vi. 10).
TH| Put on the whole armour of God (Eph.

vi. 11).
F Let your moderation be known unto all men

(Phil. iv. 5).

17 S Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in

all wisdom (Col. iii. 16).
18 5 When thou goest, it shall lead thee (Prov.

vi. 22).
19 M For the commandment is a lamp, and the law

is light (Prov. vi. 23).
20 Tu Reproof of instruction are the way of life

(Prov. vi. 23).
21 W The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth and

in thy heart (Rom. x. 8).
22 Ta Whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in

the name of the Lord Jesus (Col. iii. 17).
23 F Be content with such things as ye have (Heb.

xiii. 5).
24 S Let patience have her perfect work (James

i. 4).
25 $ If any man among you seem to be religious

and bridleth not his tongue, that man's

religion is vain (James i. 26).
26 M To him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it

not, to him it is sin (James iv. 17).
27 To The judge standeth before the door (James v. 9).
28 W Is any among you afflicted ?

Let him pray
(James v. 13).
29 Tu Love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous

(1 Pet. iii. 8).
30 F

The Lord is long suffering to us-ward (1 Pel. 31 S Be diligent that ye be found of him in peace

(2 Pet. iii. 14).

9 10 11


iv. 30).




iii. 9).



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By the Rev. G. EVERARD, M.A. HAD the charge of lasting joy. Here was one who had lost a Parish Union everything that makes life seem desirable. upwards of thirty She had been brought low from a very years ago.

One much better position. She had no prosof the inmates pect before her but to close her days in

than a place where there is so much that is seventy years of painful and trying. But she could age at the time, triumph over all. The thought of being and she had lost a child of the Great King, the wonderful every relation in love of God in receiving and adopting the world, and also her into His household, the bright hopes the fair compe- that such a position inspired, these filled

tency which once her heart with praise, and thankfulness, she had enjoyed. So the union was her and joy. only resource. But she was not unhappy. Rich indeed was she, and rich are all She had God with her as her stay and who are like this woman, whether in a refuge, and He found for her a post where cottage, an attic, a parish union, or in a she could be very useful. She had charge better home, for in their possession are of the young women's ward, and she was wealth and peace and hope, of which no enabled to exercise very considerable in- change can possibly rob them. fluence amongst a very depraved class of And poor are they, though in possesgirls. She did her utmost to check bad sion of all the world affords, who are language, and to awaken any that she journeying on through life strangers to could to the fear and love of God. I am the love of God! not aware of any decided conversions Behold, what manner of love !" amongst them as the result of her work, You remember when David sat before but I have no doubt that much sin and the Lord, He marvelled at God's goodness evil was prevented through her faithful to him as he recounted the past and efforts.

looked forward to the promises yet in One Sunday morning I went into her store for him and his house. And then room, before the service in the chapel. he added, “and is this after the manner I found her alone, with a large Bible of man, O Lord God!” open

before her. She was reading a por- So may the believer look back and look tion in the first Epistle of John, and her forward, and worship and adore the goodwhole soul seemed absorbed in the blessed ness that hath led him hitherto, and that hopes that it suggested. Lifting up her shall still follow him through his pilhands, she exclaimed, “Behold, what grimage. “My thoughts are not your manner of love! What manner of love thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, the Father hath bestowed upon us that saith the Lord. For as the heavens are we should be called the sons of God.” 1 higher than the earth, so are My ways

As I left the ward, I could not help higher than your ways, and My thoughts reflecting on the marvellous power of the than your thoughts.” 1 Gospel to lift the soul above all surround- What manner of love to stretch out the ing circumstances, and to give a deep and arm of mercy to sinners, the ungodly,




1 John iïi. 1.

1 Isaiah lv. 8, 9.

- Are you a

rebels, and enemies, and to reckon them But can you claim it as your own? as dear children !


indeed one of God's own reconWhat manner of love to give His own ciled, forgiven children? What is your well-beloved Son to ransom and rescue position ? What is your standing before them, to become the Son of man that they Him? might become sons of the Lord God ! Some

years ago I saw three or four lads What manner of love to pity them, to looking in at a shop window, and carewatch over them, to tend them day by fully examining a picture of our Queen day, to provide for their wants, and to and of her children and grandchildren. give them His own blessed Spirit, teach- They were trying to make out the names ing them to cry, “Abba, Father!” of each of them.

What manner of love to assure them So I said to one of them, “ Are you a of an eternal home with Himself, to member of the Royal Family ?” They reckon them joint heirs with Christ, and were very surprised at my question, so to prepare for them an inheritance in- I repeated it, and said, “Are you a memcorruptible, undefiled, and that fadeth ber of the Royal Family of Heaven?” not away!

I added a few words to explain to them Christian, be this your confidence, your what I wanted them to learn, and then resting-place amidst all the changes and left them to ponder the question. chances of this mortal life.

How is it with you? Unworthy though I be, yet in Christ member of the Royal Family?” Are you I am owned and accepted as a beloved a son or daughter of the Great King ? child. I am a son or daughter of the Have you become such by a true and most High God, and He will keep me from living faith? It is written, “ Ye are all all evil, supply all my needs, and bring the children of God by faith in Christ me safely to my everlasting home. I will Jesus.”ı And none but those who have trust, and not be afraid. If I lose those received Jesus and believed in Him have dearest to me on earth, I have a loving the right to regard themselves as sons of Father to whom I can always turn. If I God.? be poor or lonely, full of pain, or sorrow, And have you the family likeness? Is or distress, my Father knows, and He there about you something of the mind will not fail me nor forsake me.

and spirit of the Lord Jesus? Have you “Fathers may hate us or forsake,

His Holy Spirit abiding in your heart? God's foundlings then are we:

Are you following Him in meekness, in Mother on child no pity take,

patience, in love, in good works? Is it But we shall still have Thee.**

your constant prayer day by day to be What manner of love!

more conformed to His image? Make Wonderful indeed is this love. None sure of this point. And then for ever can tell its height or depth, or breadth thank God for the grace He has bestowed or length. It is “marvellous loving- upon you. kindness," far beyond any human thought. i Galatians iii. 26. 2 John i. 12.


LEAK winter's snows had passed

away, Its biting frosts were o'er, Green buds were opening day by


About our cottage door.
My little Rose would often go

To watch the springing shoots,
Whose snowy shroud had slid below

To feed their thirsty roots.

My bonnie lassie loved the flowers,
And loved the Lord, who still
Gives shining sun and gracious showers

Alike to good and ill.
There first appeared above the mould

Some tiny threads of green,
Then crocus cup of living gold,

And snowdrop white were seen.
Each morning, when to work I went,

My little girl would bring
Some blossom fresh, which God had sent

Among the flowers of spring.
Her dainty fingers fixed it in

My coat of corduroy,
With smiles about her dimpled chin,

And laughing words of joy.
“ Come home, dear father, soon,” she'd say,

“ Directly work is done,
And take me up the hill to-ray

To watch the setting sun.”
I grieve to say the little maid

Would sometimes wait in vain
To see me, in the evening shade,

Come turning up the lane.
I loved to share a friendly glass,

And with my comrades stay,
And often found it hard to pass

The "public" by the way.
I was no drunkardI'd have spurned

With keenest indignation,
The faintest hint that I'd not learned

The strictest moderation.
But though my life seemed bright and gay,

My feet already trod
In slippery paths, that lead away

From holiness and God.
I laughed to scorn a friendly word

That warned me of my foe,
And said, “Your fears are quite absurd,

I know how far to go.

“A friendly chat, a glass of ale,

When daily work is done,
You surely, mate, would not curtail,

I seldom take but one.
“I hate the drunkard's slavish vice,

His swearing tongue condemn, No sinners shall my feet entice

To walk in sin with them."
Alas! I did not guess how weak

My boasted strength might be,
Nor from the strong One courage seekga

Nor any danger see.
In windy March, one morning bright,

I wished the child good-bye,
She said, “ Come very soon, to-night,

And now I'll tell you why;
“See all my snowdrops blooming here,

And everyone I save,
I want to take them, father, dear,

To little Willie's grave.
“Come, bear me, father, up the hill,

And show me where he lies,
And does he love the wild flow'rs still,,

With angels in the skies?
6. And will he see that sister brings

A bunch of snowdrops white ?
And can he look on earthly things

From out that glory bright?”
I kissed the pretty upturned face,

My eyes were full of tears.
The songs of yonder holy place

Seem ringing in my ears.
For when we hailed the Saviour's birth:

With joy on Christmas Day,
There came an angel down to earth,

And took our child away.
Scarce three short years he'd lived below

Amid these shadows dim,
When Jesus called the child to go

On high, and dwell with Him.
“ Yes, I will take you, dear,” I said,

“So all the snowdrops save, And you shall lay them at the head!

Of little Willie's grave.”
And as she watched me through the gate,

And down the winding lane,
I thought, “To-night I won't be late,

And grieve the child again.”
And while I drove the plane all day,

The glossy wood to shave, “ Let's take the flowers," a voice would say,

6. To'little Willie's grave.”

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