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Teacher point, class name line or space. (No.) Repeat rapidly abcdefg, defgabc, cdefgab, etc. Repeat rapidly e, g, b, d, f and f, a, c, e.

Teacher point line or space, class name tone repre


Teacher name tone, class name line or space which

Third Grade. Fourth Grade. Fifth Grade. Sixth Grade. Seventh Grade. Eighth Grade

[blocks in formation]

represents it. (1st line, 2d space, etc.)

[blocks in formation]


Teacher dictate tones by letter, class sing syllables.

[blocks in formation]


Teacher call tones by number, class sing by syllable.
Name tones (letter-name) when called upon.

11 Steps and half-steps (distances).

12 Kinds of intervals, (major and minor 2nds and 3ds).

13 Write exercises in notes on staff from figures.

14 Derive minor scales from major.

[blocks in formation]

addresses of the ... Annual Meeting

National Educational Association (U.S.). Meeting

[blocks in formation]
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