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INDEX to the Third Volume of THE LITERARY JOURNAL.


Academy of To)

Acetitc of alumine, 191

Acctum prophylacticum, 191

Achillea millefolium, 101

Acid, fumigation for infected cattle,.... 787

Acorns, a substitute for coffee, lgl

/Col ian Harp, on the term, 38

Agust earth

Agustine, phosphate of lime, 191

Air disinfected by muriatic acid gas,.... 787

Alfiri, Victor, death of, i so

Amber, remarkable piece of, 3S3

Ancient Speculum, 254

AntiHuellen's, defence of the hypothesis respecting Shakspeare's Hamlet, 363

——— reply to the same, 497

Antiquarian Society, sitting of, 80

Antiquities discovered at Rome, 573

in digging the canal

Cormoul's Eversion, 490

Correspondence of Lord Redesdale with the

Earl of Fingal, 225

Mr. Adam and Mr. Bowles


Crespigny's Letters to her Son, 89

Cumberland's Sailor's Daughter, 58

Dallas's Reply to H. M. Williams, 679

Daniel's African Scenery, 228

, reply to the same, 37 Davidson's Two Sermons to Volunteers, 103

. 5l2|Davies's Cckic Researches, 506

Davies's Sermon at Cranbrook, 6S0

Daubeny's Trial of the Spirits 419

D'lvetnbis's Military Preparations of France

400 Dissertation sur le Cholera Morbus, . .. iss

Dramatic Synopsis, 551

Drummond's Sermons, 66S

Dubois's Translation of Decameron, .. 149

Duchess of La Valliere, 743

Durham's Norrisian-Prize Essav, 681

Edgeworth's Popular Tales, ..." 605

at Aguemortis, 767 i Edward's Sermon on the Death of Dr.

Asde's, Thomas, Esq. library, 1261 Priestley, .. 54'J

Astrachan, trade and population of,.... 256

1 Astronomer, at the age of ten, 572


Bamberg museum, 445

Baron, professor, biographical notice of 1 ng Bartley's method of feeding ewes with pota

toes, 447

Basalts, on the origin of, 17a

Bavarian Seminaries 445

Bergmann, the traveller, accounts from, 189 Bones of an animal found in Gypsum Quarries near Paris 319

Books decayed, art of restoring, 70 j


Academic Correspondence, 93

Account of Louisiana 355

Accum's Analysis of Minerals, 657

Address of the Society for the Suppression

of Vice, 105

'to the Inhabitants of Bristol, .. 549

Aikin's Letters to a Young Lady, 204

Amasina, the American Foundling, . ..2QO

.' Amazement, a Novel 491

Answer to Mr. Pitt's Attack of Earl St. Vincent, 679

Anticorsican or War of Liberty, 749

Art of Ingeniously Tormenting, 227

A-pland's Sermon on the Fast Day,.... 284

Barons of FeWhcim, 153

Baron de Fleming, 682

Barre's French Consulate, 27

Barrow's Travels in Africa, 385

Bell on the Peasantry of Ireland 742

Bdsham's Discourse on Dr. Priestley, .. 880 Bet ham's Biographical Dictionary of Women,


Essay on the Political Relations between

France and Russia, 74]

Essays on the Art of being Happy 010

Eve of San Pietro, 743

Examination of Llandaff's Speech, 355

Exposition de la Doctrine du Docteur Gall,


Lobenstein Village, 487

Lucifer, Gog, and Bonaparte, 609

Maclean's Excursion in France, 478

M'Gregor's Medical Sketches, 858

M'Kinnen'sTour in the Brit. W. Indies, "10

Malvina, by Miss Gunning 103

Man in the Moon, 349

Marriot's Elements of Religion, 343

Marshall's Life of Washington, "05

Martial Biography, 34

Martin's Sermons, 6SO

Memorial Topographiqur, 789

Mercy's French Grammars, 33

Modern Faults, 882

A Literature 742

Montague's Testacea Britannica, 25

Mooie s Sermon to Volunteers, 163

Murray House, 600

Narrative of the Quakers in Ireland, ... 6«3

America, ..683

Neale's Observations on the Plague, ... 725

Bijland on the Study of History, 476

B:shop of London's Charge, 1803, 341

Bissett's Reign of George III. 140, 334, 400

Biter Bit, 552

Blaik Agnes, 421

Bioomfield's Good Tidings, 669

Bowles's Picture, a Poem, 150

F.yre s Observations at Paris 415

Faber on the Calvinistic and Socinian Con-
troversy, 419

Fables from the Spanish of Yriarte, 742

Facts better than Arguments 608

Falconei's Shipwreck with Life, 504

Fashionable World Displayed, 744

Kate of Sprang Castle, 33

Fcllowes's Guide to Immortality 262

First Night of my Wedding, 682

*FIowers of Literature, 1803, 422

Frend on Patriotism, 672

Galatea, by Miss Highley, 611

General Review of Men and Measures, 541

Gilpin's Two Essays, 743

Godwin's Life of Chaucer, 12, 25

Gordon's Apology for the Gordons, .... 483

Grant's, (Mrs.) Poems, 730

Greathead's Account of the Life Boat, . 220

Hall's Fast Sermon 19

Hankin's Letter to Sir F. Burdett, 490

Harrison on the Rot in Sheep 400

Harry Clinton, 151

Haworth's Lepidoptera, 472

Hcliodora, fiio

Highmore's History of the Artillery Com-
pany, 417

Hindoo Costume, 286

History and Antiquities of Pleshy, .... 144

Holcroft's Travels from Hamburg, 481

Hollar's Dance of Death, ail

Honorina, 291

Honour and Infamy, 289

Horseley's Ordination Sermon 418

■Humourists Miscellany, 104

Hunter's Posthumous Sermons, 323

Hutton's Scarborough Tour, 489

ciety, 218

——— on his Correspondence with Mr.

Adam, 421

Breed's Pedestrian Tour, 602

Campbell's Grampians Desolate 727

'Beauties of Literature, 2uy

Cartwright's Military /Egis, 270

Cave of Cosenca, 30

Clarke's Fast Sermon, 102

Clayton's Sermon to Volunteers, 549

Clapham's Selected Sermon's, Vol. II... 549
Cockbume's Account of Lord Camclford,

3so Colpitis on the French Annies, ....... 163

Confessions in Elysium, 4S0

Bowles's, (John) View of the State of So- jane Talbot, !!""!!" 403

Jerram on the Atonement Sl9

Johnson's Animal Chemistry 323

Karamsin's Russian Tales, 34

Kellc\'s Gaelic Grammar 33

Kendall's Tales and Poems 681

Lackington's Confessions, 351

Lambert's Genus Pinus, ,... 24

Langhorne's Poetical Works 227

Churchill s Works with Life and Notes, 19*, Langdon's Sermon at Leeds, 290

273 'Letters of a Mameluke 96'

Letters from a Father to his Daughter on the

Death of her Sister, ..2281

to Robert Ward, Esq 540

Lewes Library Society 491

Lewis's Comic Sketches, 682

Light and Shade, 104

Lives of English CivUians,....«, gg

Neve's Letter to Cockburn, 421

Notes, &c. of Lord Chief Justice Wilmot,

70/ Nouveau Dictionnaire Historique, .... 740

Nouveaux Principe; de Geologic 159

Observations on Non-residence, 548

—; a Tour in Scotland, ... 60s

Old Wife and Young Husband 550

Opportunity, or Reasons for an Alliance

with St. Domingo 741

Parkes's Newton Refuted, 236

Parr's Fast Sermon, 1803, so

Peep at the World, 32

PercivaPs Cape of Good Hope, 713

Peter Nicked, or the Devil's Darling, . .357

Petrarca, a Selection of Sonnets, 268

Philosophical Transactions Abridged, ..259

Picture of Life 510

Plan of National Improvement, ogi

Plain's Letter to Wm. Pitt 679

Plowden's Ireland, 79, 129, 207

. Postliminious Preface, 346

■Plumptre's Stories for Children 10X

Plymley's Agriculture of Shropshire, .. 643

•Poetical Magazine, Vol. I 550

Register, 1802 ..265

■Pocsie Liriche de Egineo, 22a

Political Proteus 407

Remarks and Observations,...

«•_ u:_. r /-. ,1

Polwhele's History of Cornwall 400

Polyanthea, a Collection of Fragments, 104

Poole on Foreign Corps 663

Pott on the Christian Covenant, 405

Pride of Ancestry, 163

Proofs of Holy Writ, 39

Rake and Misanthrope, 548

Recall of Morns, esi

Reply by an Impartial Observer, 22s

of a Near Observer, 540

Result of Opinions on the Volunteer Establishment, 34

Revolutionary Plutarch, 33

Rivalite de la France et de L'angleterre, 157

Salutary Effects of Vigour 14s

Seward's Life of Darwin 193

Sheffield (Lord) on the Navigation System,

■^ M7

Sherwood Forest, 554

Short Appeal to the People, iei

Sketches of the Strength of France and

Russia, .j-g)

Skinner's Defence of Episcopacy, 391

Something Odd, 491

Spencer's Year of Sorrow, 413

spirit of Journals, 1803, jsi

Strange's Hint to Bonaparte, Ass

Summary of Ancient History, ioo

Supplementary Epistle to the Coirespondenci'

of Mr. Bowles and Mr. Adam, 2*7

Swiss Emigrants, jay

Sydney Smith's Sermon on Invasion, ., 355

Tale without a Title, 403

Talisman, •«... 491

Taylor's Translation of Plate, ....499, 577
Tears of St. Peter M 101

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