The European Magazine, and London Review, Volume 44

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Philological Society of London, 1803

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Page 247 - Thus was dissolved, in a premature manner, a partnership perhaps of as singular a kind as is to be found in the annals of literature ; nor was Cullen a man of that disposition to let any engagement with him prove a bar to his partner's advancement in life. The Articles were freely given up...
Page 107 - If cuibmers flight your goods, and undervalue them, endeavour to convince them of their miftake, if you can, but not affront them : Do not be pert in your...
Page 409 - ... furface of them was not quite fo blue and fmooth, but had the appearance of. very white wool ; and where this cloudy ocean, as I may .call it, touched the fhore, it feemed to foam like billows breaking on the fhore.
Page 247 - William, afterwards Doctor, Hunter, the famous Lecturer on Anatomy in London, was a native of the fame part of the country ; and not being in...
Page 107 - They may think that you are dear in the articles they want ; but, by going to another, may find it not fo, and probably may return again ; but if you behave rude and affronting, there is no hope either of returning, or their future cuftom.
Page 85 - Find, if you can, in what you cannot change. Manners with fortunes, humours turn with climes, Tenets with books, and principles with times.
Page 460 - It is the place which my birth assigns me which Europe which the English nation expect me to fill and which the former assurances of your majesty might naturally have led me to hope I should occupy. After such...
Page 107 - Do not evade your creditors by any shuffling arts, in giving notes under your hand, only to defer payment; but, if you have it in your power, discharge all debts when they become due.
Page 408 - ... forth an odoriferous fmell. Near the houfes are fome fields of maize or Indian corn : in feveral places on this fide of the ifland, the natives have two crops of this grain. Mounting again, we travelled for fome time on a fteep road, and got into the woods and the clouds juft as it grew dark ; we...
Page 364 - Ten years' exile; or, The memoirs of the Baroness de Stael-Holstein. 1821. C8 S778 T14. Stephens, Alexander. The history of the wars which arose out of the French revolution: to which is prefixed, a review of the causes of that event.

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