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cept when the application was made to
keep him in custody, when he expressed
symptoms of great surprise, and locked
very sted tastly at the Court.
The total defalcation of Aslett, by
Exchequer Bil's purloined from the Bank,
amounted to 322, ocol ; of which 91, ooo'.
that had been pawned, was redeemed for
70, oool. So prosperous are the affairs of
the Bank, that there will be no reduction
in the dividends on Bank Stock.
General Meetings of the Lieutenancy
have been held in the different counties,
in conformity with the Ast for the De-
fence of the Realm. -
A letter has likewise been sent by the
Commander in Chief to the General Offi-
cers commanding districts, requiring them
to assist in carrying into effect the plans
of defence adopted, or to be adopted, by
his Majesty's Lords Lieutenants. He
dwells on he importance of the corps of
guides and pioneers; but particularly on
the services which the irregular troops
may perform, in harrassing the enemy, if
an invasion should take place. The chief
danger to which an irregular force is ex-
posed, arises from a want of confidence
and perfect understanding in regard to the
purpose which it may have in view, and
which begets a feeling of danger from the
absence of mutual dependence. When,
therefore, previous assembly and discipline
cannot be obtained, his Royal Highness
advises, that no Company should be
formed of a greater number of people
than are already known to each other; to
act under Leaders known to each indi-
vidual, and on whose intelligence and
prudence all have equal confidence; upon
the assembly therefore of this description
of force, each Company will remain in-
dependent, without any other bond of
union than what arises out of the emula-
tion and zeal of men animated by a com-
nnon cause,
From the first moment of a landing
being made, the great objećt of the irre-
gual troops must be to has ass, alarm,
and fatigue an enemy. Nothing can more
effectually contribute to this objećt, than
the operations of small bodies of men,
well acquainted with the country, who
will approach and fire upon the advanced
pots of his army, without ever engaging
in serious action, or hazariting the m'eives
in any lituation where their own natural
inte!, gence and watchfulness do not en-
sure them from the danger of being cut
off. So long as they are watchful to this
point, it must be evident, that with the
country open in their rear, and with the
advantage of knowing all the avenues and

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