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for placing a city under French mili- dated April 19, states, that the negroess tary execution, we thall Itate what it by way of retaliation for the cruelties is: a certain number of soldiers are practiled against them, whenever they quartered upon the inhabitants, who got poffeffion of a white man they inare to find them in board as well as Hict' a thousand tortures on him:lodging, and to give them so much they pullout bis eyes with corkscrews, money per day. The excesses which and tear out his nails. The mafiacres the soldiers commit in private houses that have taken place within a year are winked at, and the unhappy town surpals all belief. Thousands of inmay almost be considered as delivered nocent people have been thrown into up to pillage. If the men ordered to the tea, merely to get rid of them. The be furnished by the place be not forth- blacks, who are in this le:ter called coming in a certain time, the number rebels, fight in the name of the French of foldiers quartered upon the inha. Republic, and tell the French troops bitants is doubled.]

that they are emigrants and Brigands. LEGHORN, May 30.-The following Several engagements have taken place Proclamation has been published here, between the French and the blacks, in by order of the Commander in Chiet which the latter have always had the of the French troops in Italy, dated advantage. Wherever they go they May 27,

spread havoc and devastation. All the Art I. Leghorn is placed in a state plantations in the plain of Cayes have of liege,

been burnt. There is not sugar Art II. General Oliver is invested enough in the colony for the inhawith full military powers in the places bitants to drink with their coffee. e. in a state of liege.

veral bodies of workmen joined the (Signed)


blacks.-From other letters of a later A Russian squadron consisting of infeited with black pirates, who seize

date, it appears, that the coaits are eleven thips of war, arrived at Warne- every vessel they meet with. All trade munde, near Rostock, on the roth in. and cultivation in the colony are at an stant.

end. The negroes have all Aed from By letters from Constantinople of the plantations, and retired to the the roth uit. we learn that Cairo has mountains, where they receive food been wrested from the Porte by the and ammunition. The rebels have Albanians, who mutinied for want of their woods, where they wear out the pay. By the acquisition of Louisiana, the them by ambuscades. It also appears

regular troops; and at last destroy United States of America will gain that the French Generals, though de. 450,000 square miles of territory in feated and disgraced in every part of one of the most fertile and well-watered the island, exercise a ferocious tyranny countries of the world, the centre of which is about the thirty-third degree

over the whites. of northern latitude. The whole ex

Accounts from Guadaloupe, dated tent of the United States will then be molt violent thocks of an earthquake

the 12th of March, mention that five 1,680,000 square miles; or, in English had been felt in that island. The Coracres, 1,074,200,000, or about fixteen respondent writes, “ I was undressed, times and a half larger than Great in my bed chamber, and felt the vi; Britain and Ireland!!!

brations so violent, that I staggered MISERIES OF ST. DOMINGO.-In- against the bedstead; in a few moments tercepted letters from persons in St. the street before my lodgings was Domingo to their Friends in France, crowded with women and children give a molt nocking picture of that making a dilmal noise, fome screaming, country. One of these, of the date of and others praying on their knees, to April 10, is from a settler, who had that Providence which most of the loit all his property, and is now a pri- people of that place have affected to foner in Cape Francois. Another, deride."



DOWNING-STREET, JUNE 23. Admiral Montagu, Commander in

Chief at Portsmouth. THE King has been pleased to cause it to be signified by the Right

SIR, Albion, Portsmouth, June 24. Honour able Lord Hawkesbury, his

I have the honour to acquaint you, Majelty's Principal Secretary of State that cruising, pursuant to your direc. for Foreign Affairs, to the Ministers of tions, in his Majesty's hired armed cutNeutral Powers residing at this Court, ter Albion, of fix guns, 27 men; at that the necessary measures having been three P. M. June 24, we saw a cutter taken by his Majesty's command for ftanding towards,-made fail in chace; the blockade of the entrance of the at five we brought her to action, when, River Elbe, in consequence of the after a close engagement (within pistol forcible occupation of part of the banks lot), of an hour and twelve minutes, of that river' by the French troops: the itruck her colours, and proved to the said river is declared to be in a be the Marengo French cutter pri. state of blockade; and that from this yateer, of four carriage guns, 26 men, time all the measures authorized by John Sieur Granger, Captain, belongthe Law of Nations and the respectivé ing to Cherbourg: she is a new veslei, Treaties between his Majesty and the pierced for eight guns; had painted on different Neutral Powers, will be adopta her itern, “ Fly of Cowes ;” two days ed' and executed with respect to all from Cherbourg, and had not taken veliels which may attempt to violate any thing. There was not any person the said blockadeLord Hawkesbury wounded on board the Albion; we had has been further commanded by his a few shot in our hull, and one gun Majetty' to 'signify to the Ministers of dismounted; the Marengo had three the Neatral Powers, that whenever the men wounded, one badly, and his French troops' will evacuate the po- fails and rigging cut to pieces. fitions which they now occupy on part

I have the honour to be, &c. of the banks of the Elbe, and will re

MAYSON WRIGHT. move to such a dittance from them as to leave the course of that river per: fectly free and secure to the vessels of ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, JULY 2. his subjects, as well as of other Nations,

(Captain Munday, of the Hydra, in his Majesty will immediately direct his

a letter to Admiral Montagu, announces Ships of War, which may be stationed his having, in company with the Rose at the mouth of the River Elbe, for the purpose of blockading the same, to Cape Barfleur, la Phæbe, French cut

cutter, captured, on the 25th ult. off be withdrawn,

ter privateer, of four guns and two swivels, three days from


TUESDAY, JULY 5. [Two Letters from Admiral Corn. ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, JULY 5. wallis, one from Capt. Williams, of the Extract of a Letter from Captain MailRostel, and one from Captain Aylmer,

land, of la Loire, to Sir 7. Colpoys, of the Dragon, announce the capture K. B. of the French National brigs Betsey and la Colombe, from Martinique for Loire, off l'ide de Bas, June 28. Breit; the former in so bad a state, having neither provisions nor stores on “ I have the pleasure of informing board, that Captain Williams destroyed you, that, last night, three of the boats her; and two Dutch galliots sent to of H. M. S. Loire, commanded by Plymouth. Accounts of these captures Lieuts. Temple and Bowen, in a most have been for leveral days before the gallant manner boarded, and after a Public.)

very severe conflict of nearly ten mi. The following is a Letter from Lieu- nutes on her deck, carried the nas tenant Wright, of the Albion hired tional brig Venteux, bearing four long cutter, employed in rai&:g men, to 18-pounders, and fix 36-pound brass


" SIR,


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carronades, commanded by N1. Mont- ing four guns, and having on board 37
fort, Lieutenant de Vaisseau, lying close men, from Nantes.-Slie has been
wider the batteries of the Ile of Bas.- scuttled.
When it is considered that the Venteux,
perfectly prepared, manned with 82

SATU RDAY, JULY 9. men, all of whom were upon deck, and covered with very heavy batteries, was (This Gazette contains a Letter opposed to the crews of two of our from Captain Paget, of the Endymion, boats (as the third, from rowing heavy, dated the 25th ult. announcing the did not get up till the brig was capture of the French corvette la Bacpletely gained possession of), Į feel chante, of 18 twelve-pounders and confident that yce will view it as one 200 men.-Captain Paget says, " The of those brilliant exploits which add Captain perlifted so long in his enlustre to the British arms.-The fuc- deavoures to escape, that the Endycess of Mr. Temple's daring attempt mion's chale-guns killed her Second fpeaks sufficiently for his conduct, and Captain and leyen men, and wounded that of every one under his command, nine others. I am happy to add, her to render it superfluous for me to enter fre did us no harm.”---Captain Dixon, into any eulogium on the present oc- of the Apollo, announces the capture cafion.-Mr. Bridges has served his of the Dart French National brig, with time, and passed for Lieutenant nearly four gunsand 45 men, from Martinique a year; of whose conduct Mr. Temple for L'Orient.] fpeaks in the highest terms, together with that of every officer and man un

TUESDAY, JULY 12. der his command.-I am very forry to add, the loss on our hide is rather heavy, [This Gazette contains a letter from Mr. M'Gwier, the Boatswain, is to le. Captain Wallis, of the Naiad, to Adverely wounded as to render him inca- miral Cornwallis, dated Bay of Breit, pable of doing his duty for a confider- July which itates, that on the pie. able time. Four seamen and a marine ceding evening he lent the boats of the are also badly wounded; iwo of the fliips under his command to cut out a seamen, I fear, past recorery.---The French schoner from the Saints. Venteux had her second captain and They compleiely succeeded in their two seamen killed : the captain, with object, without experiencing the least four officers, all ave had, and eight accident.--She proves to be la Pro. seamen, wounded. She was itationed vidence, of near 200 tons burihen, at the the of Bas, to guard the coait, only two guns mounted, and had 22 and regulate the convoy's of stores, men, commanded by Citizen Freville, &c. bound to Brelt; is a verlel of large who, on the approach of our boats, dimentions, being 74 feet long and 24 got on shore with his officers and crew, wide, and perfectly in a condition im except one man and two boys. She mediately to be employed.

was bound to Breit, from the foundry I have the honour to be, &c. near Nantes, and is laden wiih heavy

F. MAITLAND. cannon of 36, 24, and 18, French The Gazette also contains a letter pounders, and some choice timber for from Admiral Cornwallis to Admiral their Navy.-Our boats were under Campbell, announcing the capture, by the orders af Lieutenant Deine, of the Doris, of a small. French privateer, whom the Captain 1peaks in the highest of 24 tons, called la Pelagie, mount terms.)


N the 4th ult. a ball of fire struck the It appeared like a luminous ball of con-

White Bull public-hon:ė, kept by fiderable magnitude; and, on coming in John Hubbard, at East Norien: the contact with the house, exploded with a chimney was thrown down by it ; the great noise, and a very oppressive fulroof partly torn off; the windows that. phureous imell. Some fragments of this tered to atoms; and the dairy, pantry, ball were found near the spot, and have &.c. conỹerted into a heap of rubbish been subjected to a chemical analyas by

a gentleman in the neighbourhood, who and carried the whole off without detec. has found them to conlist of nearly one tion.-[He has been fince taken.) half fliceous clay, thirty-five parts of 25. In the afternoon, a young child oxidated iron, twelve of magnesia, and a

belonging to Mr. Lobb, corner of Folter{mall portion of nick:1, with some lule lane, Cheapfide, while playing at the three phur.' The surface of these stones is of a pair of stairs window, fell into the Itreet, dark colour, and varnilhed as if in a state and died in conlequence. of fusion, and bearing numerous globules of a whitish metal combining tulphur and

26. As Belcher, the pugilift, was playnickel: from some indentures on the fure ing at tennis, in Martin's-sireet, Hayface, it appears probable that the ball market, the ball, rebounding with great was soft when it descended, and it was

furce, struck him in the eye, and forced

it out of its focket. obviously in a state of fusion, as the grass, &c. is burnt up where the fragments fell. 27. In the Court of King's Bench, Its motion while in the air was very Philips and Shipman, two failors, who rapid, and apparently parallel to the bo had conspired with others falsely to acrizon.

cuse their Captain of the murder of his 22. A General Court was held at the apprentice at Demerara (for which he Eart-India House; when on the motion was tried and acquitted) were brought of Mr. Twining, seconded by General up for judgment. One of them having Harris, it was proposed to submit to a added perjury to his conspiracy, the fenGeneral Court of Proprietors, to allow tence of the Court upon them was," That Mr. Tatem, the late Director, an annuity Richard Shipman should be imprisoned in of zool.

the House of Correction, Coldbath-fields, 24. About six o'clock in the evening, for two years, during which time he thall as a Richmond Itage was passing along itand in and wpon the pillory for one Fleet-street, nearly opposite Chancery hour. That Benjamin Philips do suffer lace, one of the tore-wheels broke down, the same sentence for the conspiracy; and which caused the coach immediately to for the perjury be imprisoned one month' uplei; and three passengers on the top, a in Newgate, and then be transported beman, a girl, and a boy, were precipitated yond the feas for the term of seven years." on the pavement. The boy escaped with 29. A meeting of the Livery of Lon. out much injury, but the man was very don was held at Guildhall, to confider much bruiled. The poor girl was in a the propriety of inftrueting the City much worse state than any of the rest, for Members to oppose, with all their ina' after she had fallen upon the ground, the fluence in Parliament, the Tax on Incoach fell upon her. In this pitiable come. A number of Resolutions were fituation the thrieked for help, and the read, declaratory of the impolicy, injufpassengers came to her assistance. Having tice, &c. of the Tax, which were all got her out from under the coach, they carried in the affirmative. At the close took her, as well as the man, into a che of the business, a resolution was proposed, milt's in the neighbourhood. It was found and unanimously passed, “ That the Lia that several of her toes were broken, and very of London felt the importance of ber body much bruiled; but it is not sup- fupporting Government at this important posed that her lite is in danger. The juncture, and were uniformly ready to coachman was very little hurt. A woman contribute in all juft and equal imposts, was the only inside passenger, and the re to the vigorous prosecution of the contest ceived not the least injury:

in which the country was engaged." The same day, a seafaring man, lately Being the latt day of Trinity term, arrived in the port of London, fent for Captain Brisac, late of the Iris, convicted his wife from the country to come on of a fraud upon Government in the purboard the ship, lying off Ratcliff Cross, chale of stores, was brought up to receive where the ttaid some time. On parting, judgment; when Mr. Juitice Grofe passed as she was descending the thip's side, a the sentence of the Court; which was, that ballaft-lighter, by the strength of the tide, he should pay a fine of 3001. be imprisoned kruck the fide of the thip, by which the eighteen months in the King's Bench, unfortunate woman was jammed to death. and once during that time Itand in and

24. After an elegant dinner given by upon the pillory, opposite the Admiralty. Lord Athlone, in Sloane-street, his foot. -[The King, in consequence of a Mea man, a foreigner, packed up all the plate, morial prelented to him, has ordered to with a variety of his Lordihip's apparel, be remitted that part of Captain Brisac's VOL. XLIV. JULY 1803.



fentence, which directed his being put in of 20001 'The return he had made thewed the pillory.]

how well he had merited fuch fingular 30. A Court of Common Council was attentions and kindneis. The plaintiff held at Guildhall, when the Lord Mayor was married in the vear 1790, had four informed the Court, that he had called children living by his wife, who was a them together tor the purpose of contie very handsome wonian, and, till within dering a letter which he had received from a year of the injury taking place, they the Secretary at War, respecting the rum. had lived on terms of mutual love and ber of men to be raised hy the city; when affe Aion, 'the defendant being considered the Court resolved that 800 men be volun. as a brother in the family. From that tarily raised for the service, and referred period the plaintiff discovered an unac, it to the Militia Committee to conlider countable change in his wife's conduct; and report on the best means to be adopted her affe&tions appeared to be alienated; for raising the faid men.

The became inattentive and regardless of A man being discovered, about three the duties both of a wife and a mother. o'clock in the morning, leaving lead from At this conduct the plaintiff was greatly the top of a house in Rusell-Iquare, he distressed. At length the begged, the was pursued by a number of persons, trom might be allowed to separate from him; one house to another ; at length an irha- The had private seasons for urging it, and bitant of Hunter-itreet fired a blunderbuis actually removed a short distance from at the poor wretch, the contents of which Birmingham, to a house in the town; entering his body, he expired in a few from whence, on the eleventh of March minutes,

1802, the eloped with the defendant, went One day last werk the wife of Daniel to Edinburgh (living together in open Taylor, ot Chalfont S. Peter's, labourer, adultery), where the miscarried of a child, was delivered of Ihree male intants, all of the fruits of their criminal connexion. whom, as well as the mother, are now From the time of their elopement the living, and likely to do well. The family peace of the plaintiff's mind had been have tour more children, all giris under ruined, his health broke, and he had, ten years of age, and no other dependance ever tince, been labouring under the effects man on the poor man's work, as a com. of misery and oppreffion. The marriage mon day-labourer in husbandry.

and the adultery were proved; the latter, A few days since the wife of one of the by a Mr. Hayward, who followed the privates, belonging to the Stafford hire plaintiff's wife and defendant to Edin. Militia, was lately delivered of three girls, burgh. at the barracks in Windsor ; they lived The defendant's Counsel endeavoured but a fhort time, though the mother is to lew, by cross-examining the plaintiff's likely to do well,

witnelles, that he had negiected her, and JULY 6. The following action for been the means of his own fhame : but Crim. Con. was tried in the Court of this turned out to be so far from the fact, King's Bench.-SMITH versus SMITH, that every witnels concurred in giving -The damages were laid at oooo!. him the best of characters, as a kind,

Mr, Eiskine, in addrelling the Jury, tender, and affectionate husband, faid, the plaintiff and detendant were Lord Ellenborough delivered an excelbrothers' children, living at Brming. lent charge to the Jury; who, after a ham, the former about forty years of age, minutes deliberation, found a verdi&t for and the latter only twenty-tour. The the plaintiff, Three Thousand Pounds dadefendant was left an orphan, in his early mages; being, as they voterved, all the infancy, and conligned to the guardian defendant was worth. care of the plaintiff. He executed that 6. The Recorder made his Report to care with the greatelt tendernels. He his Majelty of the prisoners under sen. superintended his education, and brought sence of death in Newgate, convicted in him to his own home in all the vacations May leffions; Jobn Grant, for wilfully from the school. When he became of and maliciously thooting at Spencer George maturer age, he fought and found an Town ihend, Esq.

, with a pittol, loaded apprenticelhip, which might be the means with powder and ball, at his own door, of his future good. When that alio was in St. James's-place, was ordered for exexpired, he introduced bim to bufrelsi ecution on Wednesday next. The others and, that he might be at no expence, gave were respited. him part of his own house at Birmingham 7. As the King went to the drawing. for a warehouse, under whose auspices room, the mother of the above unfortuhe had acquired property to the amount nate young man fell on her knees, and

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