The California Homoeopath, Volume 6

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Page 374 - in any country. It contains the names of all patentees and title of every invention patented each week. Try it four months for one dollar. Sold by all newsdealers. If you have an invention to patent write to Munn A Co., publishers of Scientific American,
Page 292 - The successful adjustment of the diet—an adjustment in which the quality and quantity of food allowed for each meal are accurately adapted to the powers and requirements of the patient—is a matter which can be properly learned only by experience, and which often makes large demands upon the tact,
Page 229 - from right to left along the course of the colon; and you may take at the two greater meals of the day a dessert-spoonful or more of the best Lucca oil. It is rather a pleasant addition to potatoes or to green vegetables. (9.) If the use of drugs is unavoidable, try the aloin pill. Take one-half an hour
Page 229 - day, when assistance should be taken. The simplest and best will be a small enema of equal parts of olive oil and water. The action of this injection will be greatly helped by taking it with the hips raised, and by previously anointing the anus and the ‘lower
Page 37 - IN old persons (men I should say), who from cold or other causes cannot urinate, or where there is a frequent desire to pass water and only a few drops pass with much straining—. frequently with a mucous discharge from the bowels with much rumbling and rolling in the abdomen—no remedy has proved more efficacious than
Page 374 - Their experience is unequaled and their facilities are unsurpassed. Drawings and specifications prepared and filed in the Patent Office on short notice. Terms very reasonable. No charge for examination of models or drawings.
Page 277 - phos., and eight days later the patient was able to be out and at his calling. A young girl about 18 consulted me (so writes a student of medicine) for painless vomiting which had, existed for a long time, and occurred after almost every meal. The color of her face, and the visible
Page 230 - drops in an ounce of water either on retiring to bed or before dinner. And when neither aloin nor cascara agrees, you may succeed by taking before the mid-day meal two or three grains each of dried carbonate of soda and powdered
Page 352 - can be held in solution in this liquid. We publish the correction from the same source as the original quotation as an act of justice to all concerned, regretting that we in common with our Boston contemporary were in any manner misled by what
Page 288 - The Use of Electricity in the Removal of Superfluous Hair and the Treatment of Various Facial Blemishes,

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