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THE Editors think it necessary to signify,

T that the three Volumes of Sermons, now offered to the Public, are the last of Archbishop Secker's Works, which they intend to print. Of these, the fifth and seventh consist of miscellaneous Sermons, not at all inferior, as they conceive, to the former Volumes. The fixth contains a Series of Discourses, on Scripture, on the English Liturgy, and against Popery, some of which they once doubted whether it would be adviseable to make public. . But several of the Author's Friends, who had heard them preached, and received great Satisfaction from them, were extremely desirous to have them all collected into one Volume, and added to the two others. This induced the Editors not only to give these Discourses a second and more careful Examination, but to submit them to the Perusal of a Person of high Rank in the Church and acknowledged Abilities, who thought them much too useful and instructive .: : . a 2


· to be suppressed : especially as both the Nature

of the Subjects, and the Manner of treating
them, gave them fome Affinity to the Lectures
on the Church Catechifm. On these Grounds,
the Editors now give them to the World; and
have little Doubt but that these concluding
Volumes will meet with the same Approbation
which the preceding ones have received from
all Ranks of People.

It may be proper to add, that the nine Ser-
mons, on the War and Rebellion, published in
the Year 1758, by the Author himself when he
was Bishop of Oxford, which were out of Print,
and much sought after, are now reprinted, by
the Booksellers, with the Addition of the An-
swer to Dr. Mayhew, and the Letter to Mr.
Horace Walpole. This Volume, together with
the fourteen occafonal Sermons, printed by his
Grace in 1966, the two Volumes of Lectures ont
the Church Catechism, one of Charges, &c. and
seven of Sermons, published since his Death,
complete his Grace's Works in twelve Volumes


the Time, which he had diligently enquired of the wife Men.

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· Prov. xii. 22. Lying Lips are Abomination to the Lord: but they, that deal truly, are bis Delight.

p. 135, 159 SERMON IX.

On Patience.

LUKE xxi. 19. In your Patience pollefs ye your Souls. p. 185


On Contentment.

Phil. iv. 11. I have learned, in whatsoever State I am, therewith to be content.

p. 214 SERMON XI.

On Resignation.

PSALM xxxix. 10. I became dumb, and opened not my Mouth : for ! it was thy doing.

p. 237


On giving Thanks for all Things.

. Eph. V. 20. Giving Thanks always for all Things unto God and the Father, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

p. 263 SERMON XIII. Preached at St. James's Church, June 25,

1738, being the first Sunday that the Prince and Princess of Wales came to Church after the Birth of the present King.

· PsALM. cxxviii. 5, 6. The Lord shall bless thee out of Zion, and thou Malt see the Good of Jerufalem all the Days of

tby Life. Yea, thou shalt see thy Childrens Children, and Peace upon Ifrael.

p. 287 SERMON XIV. Preached on Ath-Wednesday,

Matth. vi. 16. Moreover, when ye fast, be not as te Hypocrites,

P. 305


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