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AVov. 1804, p. 1072. Mon. Rev., lxi. 236; lix. 231.]

SHORT (a) appendix to the life of Edmund Stanton, D.D. Wherein some passages are further cleared, which were not so fully held forth by the former authors. [By William FULMAN.]

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S H Q RT but serious reasons for a national militia. [By Soame JENYNs.] London: MDCCLv1.1. Quarto. Pp. 8." [Bodl.]

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SHORT (a) character of His Ex. T. E. of W. L. L. of I [the Earl of Wharton, Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland.] With an account of some smaller facts, during his government, which will not be put into the articles of impeachment. [By Jonathan Swift, § London : 1711. Octavo. Pp. 29." The above work subsequently appeared under the following title: A short character of the late M - - - - - s of W - - - - - - n. Together with an account of some smaller facts, during his G -------- t [government] in I-------- d [Ireland], which would scarce have reach'd to an impeachment. Extracted from an Irish manuscript, by the author of the Tale of a tub. London: [date cut off.] Octavo. Pp. 20.

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SHORT (a) declaration of the purpose and decree of the everlasting counsel of Gods heavenly host concerning his royal seed, and noble off-spring, the eternal plant of his own renown, the everlasting covenant of light ; and of the arraignment of all that wilfully oppose and fight against it, at the barr of Gods righteous judgement; with a warning to them to repent, and to fear and dread the infinite, eternal God, who will undoubtedly set up his Son, his light, life, spirit, and seed over all to reign in the pure dominion and authority in the kingdoms of men. [By William BREND.] Printed in the year 1662. Quarto. Pp. 8." Signed W. B. and dated at the end, The 8th Moneth, 1663. [Smith's Cat. of Friends' books, i. 316.]

SHORT (a) defence of the Church and clergy of England. Wherein some of the common objections against both are answered; and the means of union briefly considered. [By Robert GROVE, D.D.]

London, 1681. Quarto. Pp. 91.”

SHORT (a) defence of the doctrine of atonement for sin by the death of Christ. With remarks on some late publications on that subject. [By William HEY.] Leeds, 1774. Octavo. [Queen's Coll. Cat., i. 263. Mon. A'ev., lii. 367.]

SHORT (a) defence of the doctrine of the divinity of Christ with some remarks upon a late appeal to the serious and candid professors of Christianity. [By William HEY.] Third edition. 1790. Octavo.

SHORT (a) defence of the last parliament with a word of advice to all

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SHORT (a) discourse of the truth & reasonableness of the religion delivered by Jesus Christ. Wherein the several arguments for Christianity are briefly handled; the miracles done by our Saviour, apostles and Christians, in confirmation of this doctrine, are proved from the confessions of the enemies of our religion, Jews and heathens, and from the unquestioned authorities of the most eminent Fathers of the primitive Church. [By Sir Henry YELVERTON.] Unto which is added A disquisition touching the Sibylls and the Sibylline writings; wherein the objections made by Opsopaeus, Isaac Casaubon, David Blondel, and others, are examined, and the authority of those writings asserted ; which may serve as an appendix to the soregoing discourse. By another hand. [John Twysden.] London, 1662. Octavo. Pp. 12. b. t. 251.” [Bodl.] The Disquisition has a separate title and preface; but the pagination is continuous.

SHORT (a) discourse of three kindes of peppers in common vse, and certaine special medicines made of the same, tending to the preseruation of health. [By Walter BAILEy, M.D., New College, Oxford.] N. P. 1588. Octavo. No pagination.” [Brit. Mus, copy signed by the author.]

SHORT (a) discourse on sermons, suggested by Archdeacon Sinclair's recent charge to his clergy, by Pyngle Layne. [J. Fox TURNER.]

London: 1855. Octavo. Pp. 15.” [Manchester Free Lib. Cat., p. 739.]

SHORT (a) discourse on the Sabbath. By a member of the Society for promoting Christian knowledge. [J. CHARLEsworth.] Newark: 1787. Duodecimo. [W., Brit. Mus.] SHORT (a) dissertation concerning the four last kings of Judah. Occasioned by a small tract, intituled, Josephi Scaligeri judicium de thesi quadam chronologica. And more especially, by some passages in Lud. Cappellus's notes upon the twelfth table of his Chronologia sacra. [By John MILNER, B.D.] London, 1689. Quarto." [New Coll. Cat., p. 418.] SHORT (a) dissertation upon eating blood. [By Edward SYNGE, Archbishop of Tuam.] Dublin: MDCCXxxiii. Quarto.” [Brit. Mus.] SH O R T (a) dissertation upon that species of mis-government called an oligarchy. [By Gregory SHARPE, LL.D.] London : 1748. Octavo. Pp. 58. [Darling, Cyclop. Bibl.] SHORT (a) enquiry into the nature of the titles conferred at Portsmouth, and in the Camps, by his Majesty, in 1773 and 1778; shewing the origin and ancient privileges of KnightBanneret. . [By Sir William FITzHERBERT.] The second edition. London: 1779. Octavo. Pp. 24. [Moule, Bib. Herald., p. 653. Zowndes, Bibliog. Man., p. #} The first edition was published in 1773.

SHORT (a) essay of afflictions, a balme to comfort if not cure those that sinke or languish under present misfortunes. . . Written from one of His Majestie's garrisons, as a private advice to his onely sonne, and by him printed to satisfy the importunity of some par

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SHORT (a) hint, addressed to the candid and dispassionate, on both sides the Atlantic. [By Francis Godolphin OSBORNE, Duke of Leeds.] London, 1775. Octavo. [Almon's Biog. Anec., i. 35. Mon. A ev., liii. 513.]

SHORT (a) historical view of the controversy concerning an intermediate state and the separate existence of the soul between death and the general resurrection, deduced from the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, to the present times. With some thoughts, in a prefatory discourse, on the use and importance of theological controversy. [By Francis BLACKBURNE.] London: 1765. Octavo." [Mon. Rev., xxxii. 345; xlviii. 482.]

SHORT (a) historical view of the principal religious and military orders of the Roman-Catholic Church. By the author of the “Horae Biblicae.” [Charles BUTLER.] N. P. 1815. Octavo." The Pamphleteer, vol. v. pp. 33-53.

SHORT (a) history, and vindication of the Revolution. Collected out of the writings of the learned Bishop Burnet, and Dr. Kennet. [By John LINDSAY.]

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SHORT (a) history of the East India Company. Exhibiting a state of their affairs, abroad and at home, political and commercial ; the nature and magnitude of their commerce; and its relative connection with the government and revenues of India. Also remarks on the danger and impolicy of innovation, and the practical means of ensuring all the good effects of a free trade to the manufacturers of Great Britain and Ireland, by matter of regulation, without disturbing the established system. [By Francis RUSSELL, F.R.S., F.A.S., of the India Board.] London: 1793. Quarto. Pp. 80. [EuroAean Mag., xxix. 294. A/on. A'ev., xi. 315.]

SHORT (a) history of the first beginning and progress of the Protestant religion. Gathered out of the best Protestant writers, by way of question and answer. foy Richard CHALLONER, Bishop of Debra.] London: 1735. Duodecimo. [W.]

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SHORT (the) history of the regal succession, and the rights of the several kings recorded in the Holy Scriptures, enlarged and improved in a third edition: illustrated with seasonable remarks on Mr. Whiston's Scripture politicks and several other modern tracts and sermons on the same subject. The whole written with an eye to that most execrable fact, for which our nation is justly visited with the Divine displeasure, even to this day: and dedicated to all the true sons of the Church of England. . By a presbyter of the same Church. [John LINDSAY.] London, [1720..] Octavo." [Darling, Cyc/op. Bibl.]

SHORT (a) history of the revolution in
Scotland, in a letter from a Scots
gentleman in Amsterdam to his friend
in London. [By John COCKBURN,
London 1712. Octavo.
Lib.] Signed A. B. C.
Ascribed to Charles Leslie.
Wisdom, p. 214.]

SHORT (a) history of the Sabbath; containing some few grounds for its morality, and cases about its observance; with a brief answer to, or anticipation of, several objections against both. In a letter to a friend. . [By Sir Francis GRANT, Lord Cullen.]

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SHORT (a) inquiry into the nature of the titles conferred at Portsmouth. See Short (a) enquiry.

SHORT (a) inquiry into the policy, humanity and past effects of the poor laws : and into the principles upon which any measures for their improvement should be conducted : in which are included a few considerations on the questions of political oeconomy, most intimately connected with the subject; particularly on the supply of food in England. By one of His Majesty's Justices of the peace for

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