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Moses' song.


The people murmur. Ps.37.38, End of the Wicked. wind, the sea covered them: 24. And the people murmured ch.14.11, Murmuring (2), Lead, Nu.31.22. they sank as lead in the mighty against Mōʻşeş, saying, What

(ch.16.2. waters. shall we drink?

Nu.21.4, Discouragement. ch.8.10, None like God, 11 Who is like unto thee, 0 25 And he cried unto the ch.2.23, Crying to God.

[De.33.26. LORD, among the gods ? who is LORD; and the LORD shewed Prayers Answered, Jud.6.40. God's Holiness, 1 8.6.20. like thee, glorious in holiness, him a tree, which when he had p.p.2 K.2.21; 4.41. Ps.9.11, Praise God. fearful in praises, doing won-cast into the waters, the waters Ge.21.14, Water, ch.17.6. ch.4.21, Wonders, Jos.3.5. ders?

were made sweet: there he made 12 Thou stretchedst out thy for them a statute and an ordich.7.5, Divine Hand (2). right hand, the earth swallowed nance, and there he proved Ge.22.1, Spir. Tests. them.

them, Ps.17.7. Loving-kindness. 13 Thou in thy mercy hast| 26 And said, If thou wilt diliDe 8.2, Divine Leader. led forth the people which thou gently hearken to the voice of Ps.31.5, Redemption (1). hast redeemed: thou hast guided the LORD thy God, and wilt do Ps.23.2, Guidance (1). them in thy strength unto thy that which is right in his sight, See Obedience (3), ch.19.5. holy habitation.

and wilt give ear to his com- Ps.40.6, Hearing Ear. p.p.De.2.25; Hab.3.7. 14 The people shall hear, and mandments, and keep all his De.6.6, Commandments. p.pPs.48.6.

be afraid: sorrow shall take statutes, I will put none of these Statutes, Le.26.46.
hold on the inhabitants of Păl- diseases upon thee, which I have ch.8.22, Immunity, Ps.91.7.

brought upon the E-gỹp'tianş:
15 Then the dukes of E'dom for I am the LORD that healeth Health Promised, De.7.15.
shall be amazed; the mighty thee.
men of Mo’ab, trembling shall| 27 | And they came to Elim,

take hold upon them; all the where were twelve wells of Ge.21.30, Wells, Jos.18.15. Ge.11.31, Canaan, Nu.32.32. inhabitants of Cā’năan shall water, and threescore and ten melt away.

palm trees: and they encamped Palm-trees, De.34.3. Ge_35.5, Fear of God (4), 16 Fear and dread shall fall there by the waters.

p.p.1 Co.10.3. (ch.23.27. 16 36.36, Terror.

upon them; by the greatness ch.6.6, Divine Arm. of thine arm they shall be as

CHAPTER 16 ch.19-5, God's People. still as a stone; till thy people The Israelites come to Sin. 2 They B.C.1491.

pass over, O LORD, till the peo- Quails and manna are sent. De.32.6, Divine Owner- ple pass over, which thou hast

Manna not to be found on the sab(ship (2). purchased.

bath. 32 An omer of it preserved.

shalt them in, ND they their journey Ge.12.7, Promised Land. PpPs.4.2; 80.8.

tain of thine inheritance, in gregation of the children of De 12.5, Sacred Places. the place, O LORD, which thou îş'ra el came unto the wilder

hast made for thee to dwell in, ness of Sĩn, which is between P.p.Ps.78.69.

in the Sanctuary, O Lord, which Elim and Si'nāi, on the fif. Mt.Sinai, ch.19.11.

thy hands have established. teenth day of the second month God, King, 2 Chr.20.6. 18 The LORD shall reign for after their departing out of the See God Eternal, De.32.40. ever and ever.

land of E'ġýpt.

19 For the horse of Phāʻraõh 2 And the whole congregation Le.4.13, Congregation. went in with his chariots and of the children of Işóra el mur- ch.14.11, Murmuring (2). with his horsemen into the sea, mured against Mōʻşeş and Aâr'on

Ich.17.3. and the LORD brought again the in the wilderness : Ps.37.2. Fate of the Wicked. waters of the sea upon them; 3 And the children of Isóra-el Jb.26.10, Sea Controlled. but the children of Iş'ra-el went said unto them, Would to God ch.14.16, Way Provided, on dry land in the midst of the we had died by the hand of the Nu.11.15, Death Sought.

LORD in the land of E'ġýpt, ch.6.9, Despair. ch.2.4, Miriam, Nu.12.1. 20 And Mir’i-am the proph- when we sat by the flesh pots, Prophetesses, Jud.4.4. etess, the sister of Aâr'on, took and when we did eat bread to Nu.11.5. Appetites. 15.1.15, Devout Women. a timbrel in her hand; and all the full; for ye have brought Carnality, Nu.11.4. Timbrels, Jud.11.34. the women went out after her us forth into this wilderness, to Dancing (2), 2 S.6.14. with timbrels and with dances. kill this whole assembly with Nu.21.4, Discouragement. 21 And Mir'i-am answered hunger.

Mt.4.2, Hunger. V.1, Songs of Victory. them, Sing ye to the LORD, for 4 i Then said the LORD unto ch.3.7, Divine Compassion. Ps.21.13, God Exalted. he hath triumphed gloriously; Mōʻşeş, Behold, I will rain bread Manna, v.15.

the horse and his rider hath from heaven for you; and the De.2.7, Divine Supplies.

he thrown into the sea. people shall go out and gather p.p.Ps.77.20.

22 ( So Mōʻşeş brought Işóra-el a certain rate every day, that I Daily Duty, 1 Chr.16.37. ch.10.19, Red Sea. from the Red sea, and they went may prove them, whether they Ps.17.3, Life Tested. Ge.16.7, Wildernesses. out into the wilderness of Shûr; will walk in my law, or no.

and they went three days in 5 And it shall come to pass, Nu.20.2, Dry Places. the wilderness, and found no that on the sixth day they shall p.p.v.22. water.

prepare that which they bring D.D.Nu.33.8.

23 | And when they came to in; and it shall be twice as
Mā’rah, they could not drink of much as they gather daily.

the waters of Mā'rah, for they 6 And Mö'şeş and Aâr'on said Ge.22.2, Faith Tested. were bitter: therefore the name unto all the children of Iş'ra-el, ch.4.5, Aids to Faith. of it was called Mā'rah. At even, then ye shall know that ch.6.7, Knowledge (5).

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(Jos.3.17. sea.

Quails and manna are sent.


The manna described. the LORD hath brought you out they gathered every man acfrom the land of E'ģýpt: cording to his eating.

7 And in the morning, then 19 And Mōʻşeş said, Let no ch.24.17, God's Glory. ye shall see the glory of the man leave of it till the morning.; 23.18. 2 S.22.7, Divine Hearing. LORD; for that he heareth your 20 Notwithstanding they hear

murmurings against the LORD: kened not unto Mōʻşeş; but Ge.32.10, Humility (3). and what are we, that ye mur- some of them left of it until Ge.3.11, Disobedience (2). mur against us?

the morning, and it bred worms, 8 And Mōʻşeş said, This shall and stank: and Mo'şeş was wroth ch.32.19. Indignation.

be, when the LORD shall give with them. Ge.1.29, Food (1).

you in the evening flesh to eat, 21 And they gathered it every Le.26.5, Plenty Promised. and in the morning bread to the morning, every man according

full; for that the LORD heareth to his eating: and when the sun ch.14.11, Murmuring (2). your murmurings which ye mur-waxed hot, it melted.

mur against him: and what are 22 TAnd it came to pass, that

we? your murmurings are not on the sixth day they gathered p.p.1 S.8.7; Lu. 10.16. against us, but against the LORD. twice as much bread, two omers

9 And Mōʻşeş spake unto Aâr'- for one man : and all the rulers Le.4.13, Congregation. on, Say unto all the congrega- of the congregation came and

tion of the children of İşóra-el, told Mõ'şes. 1 S.14.36, Draw Near God. Come near before the LORD: for 23 And he said unto them, 2 S.22.7, Divine Hearing. he hath heard your murmur- This is that which the LORD ings.

hath said, To morrow is the ch.23.12, Rest Enjoined. 10 | And it came to pass, as rest of the holy sabbath unto Ge.2.3, Sabbath (1), Aâr'on spake unto the whole the LORD: bake that which ye

(Ps.118.24. congregation of the children of will bake to day, and seethe Baking, Le.2.4. Igʻra-el, that they looked toward that ye will seethe; and that

the wilderness, and, behold, the which remaineth over lay up ch.24.17, God's Glory. glory of the LORD appeared in for you to be kept until the ch.13.21, Pillar of Cloud, the cloud.

morning (ch.33.9. 11 And the LORD spake unto 24 And they laid it up till the Ge.3.8, God's Voice. Mōʻşeş, saying,

morning, as Mū’şeş bade: and it 12 I have heard the murmur- did not stink, neither was there ings of the children of Iş'ra-el : any worm therein.

p.p.v.20. speak unto them, saying, At 25 And Mōʻşeş said, Eat that

even ye shall eat flesh, and in to day; for to day is a sabbath De.2.7, Divine Supplies. the morning ye shall be filled unto the LORD: to day ye shall ch.6.7, Knowledge (5), with bread; and ye shall know not find it in the field.

(Jos.3.10. that I am the LORD your God. 26 Six days ye shall gather it; 1 K.8.56, God's Word Sure. 13 And it came to pass, that at but on the seventh day, which Quails, Nu.11.31. even the quails came up, and is the sabbath, in it there shall Multitude Fed, Nu.11.31. covered the camp: and in the be none. Ge.27.28, Dew, De.33.28. morning the dew lay round 27 {And it came to pass, that about the host.

there went out some of the 14 And when the dew that lay people on the seventh day for Sabbath Desecration, was gone up, behold, upon the to gather, and they found none.

[ch.31.14. face of the wilderness there lay 28 And the LORD said unto a small round thing, as small as Mo'şeş, How long refuse ye to Ge.3.11, Disobedience (2). the hoar frost on the ground. keep my commandments and ch.32.9, Stubbornness (2).

15 And when the children of my laws ?

Işóra-el saw it, they said one to 29 See, for that the LORD hath v.4, Manna, v.33.

another, It is manna: for they given you the sabbath, therefore
wist not what it was. And Moʻ- he giveth you on the sixth day

şeş said unto them, This is the the bread of two days; abide ye Jn.6.32, Bread of Life. bread which the LORD hath every man in his place, let no De.2.7, Divine Supplies. given you to eat.

man go out of his place on the ch.23.12, Rest Enjoined. 16 This is the thing which the seventh day. ch.4.6, Divine Commands. LORD hath commanded, Gather 30 So the people rested on the ch.20.8,Sabbath Observance.

of it every man according to seventh day.
his eating, an omer for every 31 And the house of Işóra-el
man, according to the number called the name thereof Manna: v.4, Manna.
of your persons; take ye every and it was like coriander seed,
man for them which are in his white; and the taste of it was Wafers, ch.29.2.

like wafers made with honey. Ge.43.11, Honey.
17 And the children of Işʻra-el 32 TAnd Mö'şeş said, This is
Ge.6.22, Obedience (2). did so, and gathered, some more, the thing which the LORD com-
some less.

mandeth, Fill an omer of it to 18 And when they did mete it be kept for your generations; ch.12.14, Memorials,ch.28.12. p.p.2 Co.8.15.

with an omer, he that gathered that they may see the bread
much had nothing over, and he wherewith I have fed you in the
that gathered little had no lack; wilderness, when I brought you

Water from the rock.

EXODUS, 17, 18

Amalek discomfited. forth from the land of E'ģýpt. u-å, Choose us out men, and go

33 And Mo'şeş said unto Aảr - out, fight with #m'a-lěk: to morp.p.He.9.4.

on, Take a pot, and put an row I will stand on the top of V.4, Manna, Nu.11.6. omer full of manna therein, and the hill with the rod of God in ch.4.2, Moses' Rod. lay it up before the LORD, to mine hand.

See Trust (3), 2 K.18.5. be kept for your generations. 10 So Josh'u-å did as Mo'şeş

34 As the LORD commanded had said to him, and fought with ch.4.14, Aaron, ch.17.12. Mõ’şeş, so Aâr'on laid it up be- Am’a-lěk: and Mōʻşeş, Aâr'on,; 27.21. fore the Testimony, to be kept. and Hûr went up to the top of p.p.Jos. 5.12.

35 And the children of Iş'ra-el the hill. Jb.38.41, Providence. De 2.7, Divine Supplies.

did eat manna forty years, until 11 And it came to pass, nen Forty Years, Nu.14.33. they came to a land inhabited; Mōʻşeş held up his hand, that

they did eat manna, until they Iş'ra-el prevailed: and when he

came unto the borders of the let down his hand, Am'a-lěk pre- 2 Chr.20.12, Dependence. Ge.11.31, Canaan. land of Cā'năan.

vailed. 36 Now an omer is the tenth 12 But Mo'şes' hands were Ephah, Le.19.36. part of an ephah.

heavy; and they took a stone, Nu.11.14,Human Weakness.

and put it under him, and he CHAPTER 17

sat thereon; and Aâr’on and ch.4.14, Aaron, ch.19.24. B.C.1491.

The people murmur for water at Hûr stayed up his hands, the one Hur, ch.24.14.
Rephidim, and are sent to the rock
in Horeb. 13 Amalek overcome ;

on the one side, and the other Co-operation, Jud.20.11.
14 God's vengeance against them on the other side; and his hands Ps.8.2, Strength in Weak-
15 Moses buildeth an altar.
were steady until the going

(ness. Le.4.13, Congregation.

the children of Is’ra-el jour- 13 And Josh'u-å discomfited Ge.16.7, Wildernesses. neyed from the wilderness of Am’a-lěk and his people with the Ge.14.15, Victories.

Sin, after their journeys, accord- edge of the sword. ch.19.8, Theocracy. ing to the commandment of the 14 And the LORD said unto Mo'

LORD, and pitched in Rěph’i- şeş, Write this for a memorial ch.12.14, Memorials. Nu.20.2, Dry Places. dim: and there was no water in a book, and rehearse it in the 1 S.10.25, Books. Ge.22.2, Faith Tested. for the people to drink. ears of Josh'u-å: for I will utter- Is.34.2, Destruction (2).

2. Wherefore the people did ly put out the remembrance of De.32.26, Wicked Forgotten.
chide with Mosses, and said, Give Åm'a-lěk from under heaven.
us water that we may drink. 15 And Mo'şeş built an altar, Ge.8.20, Altars (1), ch.24.4.
And Mōʻşeş said unto them, Why and called the name of it Je-ho'-

chide ye with me? wherefore do vah-nis'si : Nu.15.30, Presumption (1). ye tempt the LORD ?

16 For he said, Because the 3 And the people thirsted there LORD hath sworn that the LORD Ge.22.16, God's Oaths. ch.14.11, Murmuring (2), for water; and the people mur- will have war with Am'a-lěk ch.15.6, God's Enemies.

(Nu.11.1. mured against Mõ'ses, and said, from generation to generation.
Wherefore is this that thou hast

brought us up out of E'ġýpt, to
kill us and our children and our

Jethro bringeth to Moses his wife and B.C.1491.

two sons : 7 Moses entertaineth him. Thirst, Jud.15.18. cattle with thirst?

13 Jethro giveth Moses counsel ; it ch.2.23, Crying to God, 4 And Mo'şeş cried unto the is accepted. 27 Jethro departeth.

. LORD, What shall I do HEN , the priest of ch.2.18, Jethro, V.12. p.p.1 S.30.6; Jn.8.59. ready to stone me.

law, heard of all that God had Ge.25.2, Midian, Nu.22.4. 5 And the LORD said unto Mo - done for Mo'şeş, and for Iş'ra-el

seş, Go on before the people, and his people, and that the LORD De.8.2, Divine Leader. ch.3.16, Elders.

take with thee of the elders of had brought Iş'ra-el out of ch.4.2, Moses' Rod, v.9. Iş'ra-el; and thy rod, wherewith Eğýpt;

thou smotest the river, take in 2 Then Jěth'ro, Mōʻşes' father
thine hand, and go.

in law, took Zip-põ'rah, Mōʻşeş'; 4.25. p.p.Ps.105.41;114.8.

6 Behold, I will stand before wife, after he had sent her back, ch.3.1, Mt. Horeb, De.4.10. thee there upon the rock in Hö- 3 And her two sons; of which

reb; and thou shalt smite the the name of the one was GērGe.21.14, Water, Nu.20.11. rock, and there shall come water shõm; for he said, I have been De.2.7, Divine Supplies. out of it, that the people may an alien in a strange land: Ge.12.10, Sojourners. Ge.6.22, Obedience (2). drink. And Mo'şeş did so in the 4 And the name of the other

sight of the elders of Iş'ra-el. was E-li-ē’zēr; for the God of p.p.De.6.16; 9.22.

7 And he called the name of my father, said he, was mine De.33.29, Divine Helper.

the place Măs'sah, and Měr'i-bah, help, and delivered me from the ch.14.30, Deliverance (1). Ge.13.7, Strife (5). because of the chiding of the sword of Phā'raõh:

children of Işóra-el, and because 5 And Jěth'ro, Mōʻşes' father in

they tempted the LORD, saying, law, came with his sons and his De.32.20, Unbelief (3). Is the LORD among us, or not? wife unto Mōʻşeş into the wilGe.36.12, Amalek. De.25.17. 8 [Then came Åm'a-lěk, and derness, where he encamped at Ezr.4.4, Opposers. fought with Işóra-el in Rěph'i- the mount of God:

ch.3.1, Mt. Horeb. dim.

6 And he said unto Mo'şeş, I thy Joshua, ch.24.13. 9 And Mo'şeş said unto Josh'- father in law Jěth'ro am come

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Moses entertaineth Jethro.


Jethro counseleth Mo unto thee, and thy wife, and thou for the people to God-ward, ch.32.32, Intercession !! her two sons with her.

that thou mayest bring the See Mediator (2), ch.11. 7 And Mōʻşeş went out to causes unto God:

meet his father in law, and did 20 And thou shalt teach them Pr.1.8, Instruction (1). Ge.37.7, Obeisance, 2 S.15.5. obeisance, and kissed him; and ordinances and laws, and shalt Ordinances, Nu.9.14. Ge.27.27, Kiss (1).

they asked each other of their shew them the way wherein Ge.47.12, Filial Honor (2). welfare; and they came into they must walk, and the work the tent.

that they must do. Ps.26.7, Testimony (1). 8 And Mōʻşeş told his father 21 Moreover thou shalt pro

in law all that the LORD had vide out of all the people able p.p.Ac.6.3.

done unto Phā'raõh and to the men, such as fear God, men of Ne.5.15, Godly Fear. ch.6.7, Israel (2). E-ġýp'tianş for Iş'ra-el's sake, truth, hating covetousness; and Ps.41.12, Integrity (1).

and all the travail that had place such over them, to be Ge.39.6. Fidelity (1).

come upon them by the way, rulers of thousands, and rulers
and how the LORD delivered of hundreds, rulers of fifties,

and rulers of tens:
1 S.2.1, Rejoicing (2). 9 And Jěth'rô rejoiced for all 22 And let them judge the v.13, Judges.
Ps.25.8, God's Goodness. the goodness which the LORD people at all seasons: and it

had done to Işóra-el, whom he shall be, that every great match.14.30, Deliverance (1). had delivered out of the hand ter they shall bring unto thee, of the E-ġýp'tianş.

but every small matter they 1 Chr.29.11, Glorifying God. 10 And Jěth'ro said, Blessed shall judge: so shall it be easier

be the LORD, who hath deliv- for thyself, and they shall bear ch.17.12, Co-operation.
ered you out of the hand of the the burden with thee.
E-ġġp'tianş, and out of the hand 23 If thou shalt do this thing,
of Phā'raõh, who hath delivered and God command thee 80,
the people from under the hand then thou shalt be able to en-
of the E-ġġp'tians.

dure, and all this people shall 11 Now I know that the LORD also go to their place in peace. See None like God, ch.8.10. is greater than all gods: for in 24 Šo Mōʻşeş hearkened to the Ge.47.12. Filial Honor (2). ch.5.2, Pride (2). the thing wherein they dealt voice of his father in law, and Ezr.8.21, Teachableness

. I Ps.21.13, God Exalted. proudly he was above them. did all that he had said. ch.2.18, Jethro, Nu.10.29. 12 And Jěth'ro, Mōʻşes' father 25 And Mo'şeş chose able men p.p.De.1.15. ch.29.18, Burnt-offerings. in law, took a burnt offering and out of all Işʻra-el, and made Ge.39.5. Promotion. Ge.46.1, Sacrifices (1), sacrifices for God: and Aâr'on them heads over the people,

[Jud.2.5. ch.3,16, Elders.

came, and all the elders of Iş'- rulers of thousands, rulers of Ps.119.63, Saints' Fellow. ra-el, to eat bread with Mōʻses' hundreds, rulers of fifties, and

(ship. father in law before God. rulers of tens.

13 | And it came to pass on 26 And they judged the people

the morrow, that Mōʻşeş sat to at all seasons: the hard causes Judges, De.1.16.

judge the people: and the peo- they brought unto Moʻşeş, but
ple stood by Mōʻşeş from the every small matter they judged
morning unto the evening. themselves.

14 And when Mo'şes' father in 27 | And Mo'şeş let his father
law saw all that he did to the in law depart; and he went his p.p.Nu.10.30.
people, he said, What is this way into his own land.
thing that thou doest to the

people? why sittest thou thy- The people come to Sinai. 3 God's B.C.1491.
self alone, and all the people message to them. 8 Their answer.
stand by thee from morning

10 They are prepared against the

third day. 12 The mountain must unto even?

not be touched. 16 The fearful 15 And Mōʻşeş said unto his fa presence of God upon the mount. 18.9.9,Inquiring of God (2). come unto me to enquire for de IN the third month

, when the
16 When they have a matter, forth out of the land of E'gypt, Ge.12.10, Egypt.

they come unto me; and I judge the same day came they into
1 8.9.27, Instruction (2). between one and another, and I the wilderness of Si'nāi.
ch.15.26, Statutes. do make them know the stat- 2 For they were departed from
See Lawgiver (2), ch.34.32. utes of God, and his laws. Rěph'i-dim, and were come to

17 And Mo'ses father in law the desert of Si'nāi, and had Deserts (2), ch.23.31. said unto him, The thing that pitched in the wilderness; and

thou doest is not good. there Işóra-el camped before the Nu.11.14, HumanWeakness. 18 Thou wilt surely wear mount.

ch.16.1, Mt. Sinai. away, both thou, and this peo- 3 And Moʻşeş went up unto ple that is with thee: for this God, and the LORD called unto Divine Fellowship. v.20. thing is too heavy for thee; him out of the mountain, saythou art not able to perform it ing, Thus shalt thou say to the thyself alone.

house of Jā'cob, and tell the 19 Hearken unto my children of Işóra-el; Wise Counsel, 1 K.12.7.

voice, I will give thee counsel, 4 Ye have seen what I did unand God shall be with thee: Be to the E-ġýp'tianş, and how I


God's message to the people.


God's presence on Sinai. Divine Support, De.1.31. bare you on eagles' wings, and the people out of the camp to Eagles, 2 S.1.23.

brought you unto myself. meet with God; and they stood 1 S.14.36. Draw Near God.

5 Now therefore, if ye will at the nether part of the mount. Obedience (3), De.4.30. obey my voice indeed, and keep 18 And mount Si'nāi was alto- p.p.Ps.68.8. Covenant-keepers, De.33.9. my covenant, then ye shall be gether on a smoke, because the

a peculiar treasure unto me LORD descended upon it in fire: 1 Chr.29.11, God's Majesty. God's People, De.14.2. above all people: for all the and the smoke thereof ascended p.p.Ps.144.5; Re.15.8. Divine Ownership (1), earth is mine:

as the smoke of a furnace, and (Le.25.23. 6 And ye shall be unto me a the whole mountquaked greatly. Earthquakes, 1 S.14.15. Priesthood (2), Is.61.6. kingdom of priests, and an holy 19 And when the voice of Holiness (3), Le.11.45. nation. These are the words the trumpet sounded long, and

which thou shalt speak unto the waxed louder and louder, Mo'şeş
children of Iş'ra-el.

spake, and God answered him Ge.3.8, God's Voice, 7 And Moʻseş came and called by a voice.

(1 K.19.12. ch.3.16, Elders, ch.24.1. for the elders of the people, and 20 And the LORD came down 15.9.27, Instruction (2). laid before their faces all these upon mount Si'nāi, on the top

words which the LORD com- of the mount: and the LORD
manded him.
called Moʻşeş up to the top of v.3, Divine Fellowship:

[ch.20.21. ch.24.7, Covenant (3). 8 And all the people answered the mount; and Mōʻşeş went up. ch.2.2, Moses, ch.33.11. Theocracy, Nu.9.18. together, and said, All that the 21 And the LORD said unto Ge.6.22, Obedience (2). LORD hath spoken we will do. Mo'şeş, Go down, charge the ch.4.6, Divine Commands.

And Mōʻşeş returned the words people, lest they break through
of the people unto the LORD. unto the LORD to gaze, and See Curiosity, 1 5.6.19.

9 And the LORD said unto many of them perish. JB.23.9, God Hidden. Mōʻşeş, Lo, I come unto thee in 22 And let the priests also, Priests Holy. Le.10.3. Cloud, ch.24.15.

a thick cloud, that the people which come near to the LORD,

may hear when I speak with sanctify themselves, lest the Sanctification (2), Le.20.26. ch.4.5,Aids to FaithIs.41.20. thee, and believe thee for ever. LORD break forth upon them. P.P.2 S. 6.7.

And Mo'şeş told the words of 23 And Mōʻşeş said unto the
the people unto the LORD. LORD, The people cannot come

10 | And the LORD said unto up to mount Ši'nāi: for thou 15.7.3, Spir. Preparation. Moʻşeş, Go unto the people, and chargedst us, saying, Set bounds ch.30.20, Cleansing (1). sanctify them to day and to mor- about the mount, and sanctify it. Le.6.27, Washing.

row, and let them wash their 24 And the LORD said unto

him, Away, get thee down, and
11 And be ready against the thou shalt come up, thou, and See Access, Ps.24.3.

third day: for the third day the Aâr'on with thee: but let not ch.4.14, Aaron, ch.24.14. Ps.113.6, Divine Condescen- LORD will come down in the the priests and the people break See Sin Separates, ch.33.3.

[sion. sight of all the people upon through to come up unto the ch.16.1, Mt. Sinai, ch.24.16. mount Si'nāi.

LORD, lest he break forth upon
12 And thou shalt set bounds them.
unto the people round about, 25 So Mōʻşeş went down unto

saying, Take heed to yourselves, the people, and spake unto them. cb.3.5, Godly Reverence. that ye go not up into the

mount, or touch the border of the ten commandments. 22 Idolatry B.C.1491.

it: whosoever toucheth the forbidden. 24 Directions concernD.D.He.12.20.

mount shall be surely put to ing the altar. Ge.2.17, Sin's Penalty. death: 13 There shall not an hand ANDO God spake all these De.6.6

, Commandments.

Decalogue, ch.32.16. touch it, but he shall surely be 2 I am the LORD thy God, Stoning (1), Le.20.2. stoned, or shot through; wheth- which have brought thee out of ch.14.30. Deliverance (1).

er it be beast or man, it shall the land of E'ġýpt, out of the
not live: when the trumpet house of bondage.

ch.1.11, Bondage of Israel.
soundeth long, they shall come 3 Thou shalt have no other
up to the mount.
gods before me.

De.4.35, One God. 14 | And Mōʻşeş went down 4 Thou shalt not make unto

from the mount unto the people, thee any graven image, or any Ge.35.2, Idolatry (1), v.22, Sanctification (2). and sanctified the people; and likeness of any thing that is

(ch.34.17. Ge.18.4, Cleanliness (2), they washed their clothes. in heaven above, or that is in

[2 Š.12.20. 15 And he said unto the peo- the earth beneath, or that is in Ps.24.4, Purity.

ple, Be ready against the third the water under the earth:
day: come not at your wives. 5 Thou shalt not bow down De.26.10, Worship God.

16 | And it came to pass on thyself to them, nor serve them:

the third day in the morning, for I the LORD thy God am a Divine Jealousy, ch.34.14. 1 S.12.18, Thunder (2). that there were thunders and jealous God, visiting the iniquity Retribution (1), ch.32.34. Lightning, ch.20.18. lightnings, and a thick cloud of the fathers upon the children Parents' Sins, ch.34.7. v.9, Cloud

upon the mount, and the voice unto the third and fourth gen-
of the trumpet exceeding loud; eration of them that hate me;
so that all the people that was 6 And shewing mercy unto ch.34.7, Mercy Fromised.
in the camp trembled.
thousands of them that love me,

Keep Commandments,

(De.4.40. D.p.De.4.10. 17 And Mo’ses brought forth and keep my commandments. Prom. to Obedient, ch.23.22.

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