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The birth of Moses.

EXODUS, 2, 3

He fleeth into Midian. 22 And Phā'raõh charged all E-ġġp'tian, and hid him in the Ge.3.8, Concealment. v.16, Infanticide.

his people, saying, Every son sand.
Ge.37.24,Cruelty (2),Jud. 1.6. that is born ye shall cast into 13 And when he went out the

the river, and every daughter second day, behold, two men of
ye shall save alive.

the Hē'brewş strove together: Ge.14.13, Hebrews.

and he said to him that did the See Strife Forbidden, B.C.1571.

[Pr.3-30. Moses is born, and laid among the wrong, Wherefore smitest thou flags : 6 he is found, and brought thy fellow ?

Pr.24.25, Reproof (1). up by Pharaoh's daughter; 12 hel 14 And he said, Who made 1 S.17.28, Contempt. into Midian. 2i He marrieth Zip- thee a prince and a judge over porah.

us? intendest thou to kill me, v.2, Moses, ch.3.3. A a Ge.29.34, Levi.

house of Lē’vī, and took to And Moʻşeş feared, and said, Ge.3.8. Guilty Fear. Pr.18.22, Marriage (1). wife a daughter of Lē'vi. Surely this thing is known. Nu.32.23, Exposure of Sin. Ge.21.2, Conception. 2 And the woman conceived, 15 Now when Phā'raõh heard

and bare a son: and when she this thing, he sought to slay See Death Penalty (1), saw him that he was a goodly Mo'şeş. But Mo'şeş fled from

(Ge.9.6. Moses, v.10.

child, she hid him three months. the face of Phā'raõh, and dwelt Fugitives, De.23.15.

3 And when she could not in the land of Mid’ı-an: and he Midian (b), 1 K.11.18.
longer hide him, she took for sat down by a well.

Ge.21.30, Wells, ch.15.27. Bulrushes, Jb.8.11. him an ark of bulrushes, and 16 Now the priest of Mid i-an

daubed it with slime and with had seven daughters: and they p.p.Ge.29.10. Ge.6.14, Pitch, Is.34.9. pitch, and put the child therein; came and drew water, and filled See Woman (3), Ge.3.16. Ge.21.16, Maternal Love, and she laid it in the flags by the troughs to water their fa(1 8.2.19. the river's brink.

ther's flock. Miriam, ch.15.20. 4 And his sister stood afar off, 17 And the shepherds came

(Ge.4.2, Shepherds, ch.3.1.

Ge.4.9, Selfishness (2), to wit what would be done to and drove them away: but

(Nu.20.21. him. Mōʻses stood up and 'helped | Ge.50.21, Kindness (2).

(Ru.2.16.; 8.20. 5 TAnd the daughter of Phā'- them, and watered their flock.

2 Chr.28.15, Helpfulness. Ge.18.4, Cleanliness (2). raõh came down to wash herself 18 And when they came to

at the river; and her maidens Reu'el their father, he said, How Jethro (Reuel), ch.3.1.
walked along by the river's side; is it that ye are come so soon
and when she saw the ark to day?
among the flags, she sent her 19 And they said, An E-gựp'-
maid to fetch it.

tian delivered us out of the
6 And when she had opened hand of the shepherds, and also
it, she saw the child: and, be- drew water enough for us, and

hold, the babe wept. And she watered the flock. Human Compassion, had compassion on him, and 20 And he said unto his daugh

[2 Chr.28.15. said, This is one of the He'-ters, And where is he? why is' p.p.Ge.24.31. Ge.14.13,Hebrews,2C0.11.22. brews' children.

it that ye have left the man ? Ge.18.4, Hospitality (2). 7 Then said his sister to Phā'- call him, that he may eat bread.

[Jud. 13.15. Pr.12.23, Prudence. raõh's daughter, Shall I go and 21 And Mo'şeş was content to Pr.15.16, Contentment. Ge.24.59, Nurses, Ru.4.16. call to thee a nurse of the Hē'- dwell with the man: and he gave

brew women, that she may nurse Mōʻşeş Zip-põ'rah his daughter. See Marriage (1), Pr.18.22. the child for thee?

22 And she bare him a son, 8 And Phā'raõh's daughter said and he called his name Gēr'- Ge.4.25, Children Named. to her, Go. And the maid went shỏm: for he said, I have been and called the child's mother. a stranger in a strange land. Ge.12.10, Sojourners.

9 And Phāʻraõh's daughter said 23 {And it came to pass in unto her, Take this child away, process of time, that the king of

and nurse it for me, and I will É'ġýpt died: and the children Le.19.13, Wages.

give thee thy wages. And the of Iş'ra-el sighed by reason of Jb.3.24, Sighing. woman took the child, and the bondage, and they cried, and Crying to God, ch.14.10. nursed it.

their cry came up unto God by ch.1.11, Bondage of Israel, p.p.Lu.1.80. 10 And the child grew, and reason of the bondage.

[ch.5.4. she brought him unto Phā'raõh's 24 And God heard their groan-Jb.10.1, Complaints. Ge.15.3, Adoption, Est.27. daughter, and he became her ing, and God remembered his See Prayer Heard. Jb.34.28. Ge.4.25, Children Named,

[Ru.4.17. son. And she called his name covenant with A ́bră-hăm, with De.7.9, Divine Faithfulness. v.2, Moses, v.14. Mo'şeş: and she said, Because I I'şaac, and with Jā'cob.

p.p.Ge.15.14. drew him out of the water. 25 And God looked upon the Ps.115.12, Divine Care.

11 | And it came to pass in children of Iş'ra-el, and God had Ge.4.4, Divine Favor, P.p.He.11.24-26. those days, when Mo'şeş was respect unto them.

(ch.33.12. grown, that he went out unto

CHAPTER 3 ch.1.11, Bondage of Israel, his brethren, and looked on their

(v.23. burdens: and he spied an E-ġġp - Moses keepeth Jethro's flock ; God B.C.1491. 1 K.22.24, Smiting. tian smiting an Hē'brew, one of

appeareth unto him in a burning

bush, 7 and sendeth him to deliver his brethren.

Israel. 19 Pharaoh's obstinacy.

COW Mõ’şeş kept that way, and when he saw that Ge.4.8, Murder (2). there was no man, he slew the law, the priest of Mid’i-an: and


God sendeth Moses


to deliver Israel. Ge.4.2, Shepherds, 1 S.16.11. he led the flock to the backside 13 And Mōʻşeş said unto God,

of the desert, and came to the Behold, when I come unto the

mountain of God, to children of Iş'ra-el, and shall Mt. Horeb, ch.17.6. Hö'reb.

say unto them, The God of your Ge.32.1, Angels Appear. 2 And the angel of the LORD fathers hath sent me unto you; See Answers by Fire, appeared unto him in a flame of and they shall say to me, What

(Le.9.24. fire out of the midst of a bush: is his name? what shall I say p.p.Ge.32.29.

and he looked, and, behold, the unto them? Burning Bush, Mk.12.26. bush burned with fire, and the 14 And God said unto Mōʻşeş,

bush was not consumed. I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Le.22.2, God's Name. ch.2.2, Moses, v.11. 3 And Mo'şeş said, I will now Thus shalt thou say unto the

turn aside, and see this great children of Işóra-el, I AM hath
sight, why the bush is not sent me unto you.

15 And God said moreover un-
4 And when the LORD saw to Mõ’şeş, Thus shalt thou say

that he turned aside to see, unto the children of İşóra-el,
Ge.12.1, Divine Call (2). God called unto him out of the The Lord God of your fathers, p.p.v.6.
Ge.3.8, God's Voice. midst of the bush, and said, the God of Abră-hăm, the God

Mo'şeş, Mōʻşeş. And he said, of I'şaac, and the God of Jā'cob,
Here am I.

hath sent me unto you: this is 5 And he said, Draw not nigh my name for ever, and this is De.32.40, God Eternal. Shoes Removed, De.25.9. hither:

: put off thy shoes from my memorial unto all generaGodly Reverence, Jos.5.15. off thy feet, for the place tions.

whereon thou standest is holy 16 Go, and gather the elders of Elders, ch.4.29.

işóra-el together, and say unto p.p.Ge.28.13; Mk.12.26. 6 Moreover he said, I am the them, The LORD God of your

God of thy father, the God of fathers, the God of A'bră-hăm,
Āʼbră-hăm, the God of l'şaac, of l'şaac, and of Jā'cob, appeared Ge.12.7, Divine Appear-
and the God of Jā'cob. And unto me, saying, I have surely

[ances, 1 K.3.5. See God Unseen, ch.33.20. Mōʻşeş hid his face; for he was visited you, and seen that which Ne.5.15, Godly Fear. afraid to look upon God. is done to you in E'ġýpt:

7 TAnd the LORD said, I have 17 And I have said, I will bring De.8.2, Divine Leader. Divine Compassion,De.30.3. surely seen the affliction of my you up out of the affliction of

people which are in E'ġýpt, and Egypt unto the land of the Cā’- Gе.10.18, Canaanites. Jb.34.28, Prayer Heard. have heard their cry by reason năan-ites, and the Hittites, and

of their taskmasters; for I know the Am’ôr-ites, and the Pěr'iz- Gе.10.16, Amorites. p.p.Ge.18.21. their sorrows;

zītes, and the Hi'vites, and the Ge.13.7, Perizzites, ch.23.23. ch.14.30, Deliverance (1). 8 And I am come down to de- Jěb'u-sites, unto a land flowing Jos.11.3, Jebusites. liver them out of the hand of with milk and honey.

v.8, Fruitful Land. De.8.2, Divine Leader. the Ê-ġġp'tians, and to bring 18 And they shall hearken to

them up out of that land unto thy voice: and thou shalt come, Fruitful Land, Nu.13.27. a good land and a large, unto thou and the elders of Işóra-el, Le.26.5, Plenty Promised. a land flowing with milk and unto the king of E'ģýpt, and ye

honey; unto the place of the shall say unto him, The Lord D.p.Ge.15.18; v.17. Cā'năan-ītes, and the Hittites, God of the Hē’brewş hath met

and the Am’ôr-ites, and the Pěr'- with us: and now let us go, we p.p.Nu.23.3.
iz-zites, and the Hi'vites, and beseech thee, three days' jour-
the Jēb'u-sites.

ney into the wilderness, that we Ge.16.7, Wildernesses. p.p.v.7.

9 Now therefore, behold, the may sacrifice to the LORD our Ge.46.1, Sacrifices (1).

cry of the children of işóra-el God. Ge.6.5, Divine Vision, is come unto me: and I have 19 And I am sure that the king Pr.15.11, Hearts Read.

[2 S.22.28. also seen the oppression where- of Eʻgypt will not let you go, Is.42.9, Foreknowledge. 1 S.2.3, God's Knowledge. ch.1.14, Oppression (2). with the E-ġġp'tianş oppress no, not by a mighty hand. them.

20 And I will stretch out my Ge.12.1, Divine Call (2),


10 Come now therefore, and I hand, and smite E'ġýpt with all ch.7.5, Divine Hand (2). Nu.16.28, God's Messengers, will send thee unto Phā'raõh, my wonders which I will do in ch.4.21, Wonders. Ge.12.1, Divine Direction, that thou mayest bring forth the midst thereof: and after SeeGod's Judgments,ch.6.6.

[Jos.1.2. Hag.2.23, Chosen Instrumy people the children of Iş'- that he will let you go. (ments. ra-el out of Eʻgypt.

21 And I will give this people ch.2.2, Moses, ch.12.21. 11 (And Mo'şeş said unto God, favour in the sight of the Human Favor, ch.11.3. Ge.18.27, Self-abasement, Who am I, that I should go un- E-ġġp'tianş: and it shall come

[ch.4.10. to Phā'raõh, and that I should to pass, that, when ye go, ye Ge.32.10, Humility (3). bring forth the children of iş'- shall not go empty: Excuses (2), cb.4.1. ra-el out of Egypt?

22 But every woman shall bor- ch.22.14, Borrowing. 12 And he said, Certainly I row of her neighbour, and of her p.p.Ge.15.14. Ge.28.15, Divine Presence, will be with thee; and this that sojourneth in her house,

(ch.29.45. shall be a token unto thee, that jewels of silver, and jewels of Ge.24.53, Jewels, ch.35.22.

I have sent thee: When thou gold, and raiment: and ye shall
hast brought forth the people put them upon your sons, and

out of E'ġýpt, ye shall serve God upon your daughters; and ye
lupon this mountain.

shall spoil the L-gỹp'tians.

Moses is loth to be sent.


He departeth from Jethro. CHAPTER 4

14 And the anger of the LORD God's Anger, Nu.11.1. B.C.1491.

Moses' rod is turned into a serpent: was kindled against Mōʻşeş, and

6 his hand is leprous: 18. He de- he said, Is not Aâr'on the Lē'- Aaron, ch.5.20.
parts from Jethro. 21 God's mes-
sage to Pharaoh. 27 Aaron is sent vite thy brother? I know that 1 5.2.3, God's Knowledge.
to meet Moses.

he can speak well. And also, be-
ND Mo'şeş answered and hold, he cometh forth to meet

A ,

ch.3.11, Excuses (2), v.10. not believe me, nor hearken un- he will be glad in his heart. 1 S.18.3, Brotherly Love (3). Ge.17.17, Unbelief (1). to my voice: for they will say, 15 And thou shalt speak un- ch.17.12, Co-operation.

The LORD hath not appeared to him, and put words in his
unto thee.

mouth: and I will be with thy Ps.37.30, Mouth of the
2 And the LORD said unto him, mouth, and with his mouth, and Divine Teacher, De.4.36.

[Righteous. Weak Instrumentalities,


What is that in thine hand? will teach you what ye shall do. v.12, Inspiration (2). Moses' Rod, v.17. And he said, A rod.

16 And he shall be thy spokes3 And he said, Cast it on the man unto the people: and he Ge.6.22, Obedience (2).

ground. And he cast it on the shall be, even he shall be to thee Hag.2.23, Chosen InstruSerpents (1), ch.7.10. v.21, Wonders. ground, and it became a serpent; instead of a mouth, and thou

(ments. Mt.14.30, Needless Fear. and Mōʻşeş fled from before it. shalt be to him instead of God.

4 And the LORD said unto MÖ- 17 And thou shalt take this
seş, Put forth thine hand, and rod in thine hand, wherewith v.2, Moses' Rod, v.20.
take it by the tail. And he put thou shalt do signs.

forth his hand, and caught it, 18 1 And Mo'şeş went and re

and it became a rod in his hand : turned to Jěth'ro his father in ch.2.18, Jethro, ch.18.1. Aids to Faith, ch.19.9. 5 That they may believe that law, and said unto him, Let me SeeFilialHonor (2),Ge.47.12.

the LORD God of their fathers, go, I pray thee, and return un-
the God of A bră-hăm, the God to my brethren which are in
of l’şaac, and the God of Jā'cob, E'ġýpt, and see whether they
hath appeared unto thee. be yet alive. And Jěth'ro said

6 TAnd the LORD said further to Mōʻşeş, Go in peace.
Divine Commands, ch.6.11. more unto him, Put now thine 19 And the LORD said unto

hand into thy bosom. And he Mōʻşeş in Mid'i-an, Go, return Ge.12.1, Divine Direction. put his hand into his bosom: into E’ğýpt: for all the men are Ge.12.10, Egypt, Is.30.2. and when he took it out, behold, dead which sought thy life.

p.p.Mt.2.20. p.p.Nu.12.10; 2 K.5.27. his hand was leprous as snow. 20 And Mö'şes took his wife

7 And he said, Put thine hand and his sons, and set them upon Ge.6.22, Obedience (2). into thy bosom again. And he an ass, and he returned to the

put his hand into his bosom land of E'ġýpt: and Mo'şeş took Ge.6.22, Obedience (2). again; and plucked it out of the rod of God in his hand. v.2, Moses' Rod, ch.7.19. p.p.2 K.5.14; Mt.8.3. his bosom, and, behold, it was 21 And the LORD said unto

turned again as his other flesh. Mōʻşeş, When thou goest to re

8 And it shall come to pass, if turn into E'ġýpt, see that thou
they will not believe thee, nei- do all those wonders before Wonders, ch.15.11.

ther hearken to the voice of the Phā'raõh, which I have put in Jud.6.38, Signs Given. first sign, that they will believe thine hand: but I will harden

the voice of the latter sign. his heart, that he shall not let Is.42.9, Foreknowledge.

9 And it shall come to pass, if the people go.
See Unbelief (1), Ge.17.17. they will not believe also these 22 And thou shalt say unto

two signs, neither hearken unto Phā'raõh, Thus saith the
thy voice, that thou shalt take Iş'ra-el is my son, even my first- ch.6.7, Israel (2).
of the water of the river, and born:

De.14.2, Spir. Adoption. pour it upon the dry land : and 23 And I say unto thee, Let my

the water which thou takest son go, that he may serve me:

out of the river shall become and if thou refuse to let him go,
blood upon the dry land. behold, I will slay thy son, even Le.26.16, Threatenings.
10 | And Mo'şeş said unto the thy firstborn.

ch.13.2, First-born. ch.3.11, Excuses (2), LORD, O my Lord, I am not elo- 24 TAnd it came to pass by the


quent, neither heretofore, nor way in the inn, that the LORD

since thou hast spoken unto met him, and sought to kill him. Ge.18.27, Self-abasement, thy servant: but I am slow of 25 Then Zip-po'rah took a

(1 5.9.21. speech, and of a slow tongue. sharp stone, and cut off the

11 And the LORD said unto foreskin of her son, and cast it See Spir. Utterance, Ac.2.4. him, Who hath made man's at his feet, and said, Surely a p.p.Ps.94.9; 146.8.

mouth? or who maketh the bloody husband art thou to me. 1 Chr.29.12, God's Power. dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or 26 So he let him go: then she

the blind? have not I the LORD ? said, A bloody husband thou

12 Now therefore go, and I art, because of the circumcision. Ge.17.10, Circumcision. Inspiration (2), Is.50.4. will be with thy mouth, and 27 TAnd the LORD said to Aâr'- Gе.12.1, Divine Direction. De.4.5, Instruction (5). teach thee what thou shalt say. on, Go into the wilderness to Ge.16.7, Wildernesses.

13 And he said, O my Lord, meet Mõ’şeş. And he went, and SeeNeglect ofDuty,Jud.5.23. send, I pray thee, by the hand met him in the mount of God, 1 S.18.3, Brotherly Love (3). p.p.Jona.1.3. lof him whom thou wilt send. and kissed him.

Ge.27.27, Kiss (1),

Pharaoh increaseth


the Israelites' task.

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28 And Mōʻses told Aâr'on all cers, and they spake to the Nu.16.28, God's Messengers. the words of the LORD who had people, saying, Thus saith Phā'

sent him, and all the signs which raõh, I will not give you straw.
he had commanded him. 11 Go ye, get you straw where

29 | And Mōʻşeş and Aâr'on ye can find it: yet not ought of

went and gathered together all your work shall be diminished. ch.3.16, Elders, ch.19.7. the elders of the children of Is-12 So the people were scatra-el:

tered abroad throughout all the 30 And Aâr'on spake all the land of E'ġýpt to gather stubble ch.17.12, Co-operation. words which the LORD had spo- instead of straw. See Miracles (3), (Index). ken unto Mōʻşeş, and did the 13 And the taskmasters hasted

signs in the sight of the people. them, saying, Fulfil your works, Jn.2.22, Believers.

31 And the people believed: your daily tasks, as when there

and when they heard that the was straw.

LORD had visited the children of 14 And the officers of the chilch.3.7, Divine Compassion. Işʻra-el, and that he had looked dren of Işóra-el, which Phā'

upon their affliction, then they raõh's taskmasters had set over Ge.22.5, Worshippers.

bowed their heads and wor- them, were beaten, and demand- De.25.3, Beatings.

ed, Wherefore have ye not ful- Ge.37.24, Cruelty (2).

CHAPTER 5 filled your task in making brick p.p.Is.10.14. B.C.1491.

Pharaoh chideth Moses and Aaron: both yesterday and to day, as

6 he increaseth the Israelites' task: heretofore?
10 the people have no straw.

15 | Then the officers of the
ND afterward Mōʻşeş and children of Iş'ra-el came and

Phā'raõh, Thus saith the LORD Wherefore dealest thou thus
ch.19.5, God's People. God of Işóra-el, Let my people go, with thy servants ?

that they may hold a feast unto 16 There is no straw given un-
me in the wilderness.

to thy servants, and they say to Pride (2), 2 K.5.11. 2 And Phāʻraõh said, Who is us, Make brick: and, behold, thy Impiety. 2 Chr.32.17. the LORD, that I should obey his servants are beaten; but the Jud.2.10, Ignorance of God. voice to let Işóra-el go? I know fault is in thine own people. ch.32.9, Stubbornness (2). not the LORD, neither will I let 17 But he said, Ye are idle, Işóra-el go.

ye are idle: therefore ye say, 3 And they said, The God of Let us go and do sacrifice to the Ge.14.13, Hebrews. the Hē brewş hath met with us : LORD.

let us go, we pray thee, three 18 Go therefore now, and Deserts (1), Mk.6.32. days' journey into the desert, work; for there shall no straw Ge.39.20, Injustice (3). Ge.46.1, Sacrifices (1), and sacrifice unto the LORD our be given you, yet shall ye de

God; lest he fall upon us with liver the tale of bricks.

pestilence, or with the sword. 19 And the officers of the chilPr.16.14, King's Wrath. 4 And the king of E'ġýpt said dren of Işóra-el did see that they pop.Pr.28.15.

unto them, Wherefore do ye, were in evil case, after it was ch.1.11, Bondage of Israel, Mōʻşeş and Aar'on, let the people said, Ye shall not minish ought

(Nu.20.15. from their works? get you unto from your bricks of your daily See Oppression (2), ch.1.14. your burdens.

5 And Phāʻraõh said, Behold, 20 (And they met Mo'şeş and

the people of the land now are Aarson, who stood in the way, ch.4.14, Aaron, ch.6.20.
many, and ye make them rest as they came forth from Phā'-
from their burdens.

6 And Phā'raõh commanded 21 And they said unto them,
ch.1.11, Taskmasters, v.10. the same day the taskmasters The LORD look upon you, and

of the people, and their officers, judge; because ye have made Ge.18.25, God a Judge. saying,

our savour to be abhorred in 7 Ye shall no more give the the eyes of Phā'raõh, and in the Ge.39.20, Injustice (3). people straw to make brick, as eyes of his servants, to put a

heretofore: let them go and sword in their hand to slay us.

gather straw for themselves. 22 And Mo'şeş returned unto p.p.Nu.11.11. Ge.11.3, Brick.

8 And the tale of the bricks, the LORD, and said, Lord, where- Ps.5.3, Prayerfulness.

which they did make heretofore, fore hast thou so evil entreated ch.14.11, Murmuring (2). ch.1.14, Oppression (2), ye shall lay upon them; ye shall this people ? why is it that thou Ge.17.17, Unbelief (1).

[2 K.4.1. not diminish ought thereof: for hast sent me? p.p.v.17.

they be idle; therefore they cry, 23 For since I came to Phā'

saying, Let us go and sacrifice raõh to speak in thy name, he
to our God.

hath done evil to this people ; Jb.12.6, Apparent Injustice.
9 Let there more work be laid neither hast thou delivered thy Nu.11.15, Despondency.
upon the men, that they may people at all.
labour therein; and let them not

CHAPTER 6 regard vain words.

God reneweth his promise by his B.C.1491. ch.1.11, Taskmasters. 10 TAnd the taskmasters of the

name JEHOVAH. 14 The genera

tions of Reuben, 15 of Simeon, 16 people went out, and their offi- of Levi.

God's covenant.


Genealogy of Moses and Aaron.


NHEN the LORD said unto their fathers' houses: Thé sons
Ge.24.50, The Lord's Doings. Mo'şeş, Now shalt thou see of Reuben the firstborn of Ge.29.32, Reuben.

what I will do to Phā'raõh: for Işóra-el; Hā'noch, and Păllu, 1 K.8.56, God's Promises. with a strong hand shall he let Hěz'ron, and Cär'mi: these be

them go, and with a strong hand the families of Reụ'ben.
shall he drive them out of his 15 And the sons of Sim'e-on; Ge.29.33, Simeon, Nu.3.12

Je-mū’el, and Jāʼmin, and O'hăd,

2 And God spake unto Mo'şeş, and Jā'chin, and Zoʻhär, and and said unto him, I am the Shā'ul the son of a Cā'năan-itLORD:

ish woman: these are the fam- See Marriage (3), Ge.24.3. Ge.12.7, DivineAppearances. 3 And I appeared unto A bră-ilies of Sim'e-on. p.p.Ge.17.1; 35.11. hăm, unto l'şaac, and unto Jā'-16 And these are the names of

cob, by the name of God Al- the sons of Lē'vi according to Ge.29.34, Levi. p.p.Is.52.6; Je.16.21. mighty, but by my name JE- their generations; Gēr'shon, and Ge.46.11, Gershon, Nu.3.17.

HÖÖVAH was "I not known to Kōʻhath, and Mê-rā'ri: and the Ge.46.11, Kohath, Nu.4.15. them.

years of the life of Lē'vi were Ge.5.4, Longevity (2). p.p.Ge.15.18. Ge.17.2, Covenant (2),

4 And I have also established an hundred thirty and seven

[Nu.25.12. my covenant with them, to give years. Ge.11.31, Canaan, ch.15.15. them the land of Cā’năan, the 17 The sons of Gēr'shăn; Lib'Ge.47.9, Pilgrimage,

(1 Chr.29.15.

land of their pilgrimage, where-ni, and Shiľmi, according to their Ge.12.10, Sojourners. in they were strangers.

families. See Prayer Heard, Jb.34.28. 5 And I have also heard the 18 And the sons of Kõ'hath;

groaning of the children of Iş-- Åm'răm, and Izhär, and He'

ra-el, whom the E-ġġp'tians bron, and Úz’zi-el: and the years ch.1.11, Bondage of Israel. keep in bondage; and I have of the life of Kōʻhath were an De.7.9, Divine Faithfulness. remembered my covenant. hundred thirty and three years.

6 Wherefore say unto the chil- 19 And the sons of Mê-rā'ri;; 7.4.

dren of Iş'rael, I am the LORD, Mā'ha-li and Mū‘shi: these are ch.14.30, Deliverance (1). and I will bring you out from the families of Lē’vi according

under the burdens of the E-ġýp'- to their generations.

tianş, and I will rid you out of 20 And Amʻrăm took him Ps.31.5, Redemption (1). their bondage, and I will redeem Jõch'e-běd his father's sister to Divine Arm, De.33.27. you with a stretched out arm, wife; and she bare him Aâr'on ch.4.14, Aaron, ch.7.1. God's Judgments, ch.12.12. and with great judgments: and Mo'şeş: and the years of ch.2.2, Moses. De.14.2, Spir. Adoption. 7 And I will take you to me the life of Am'răm were an Ge.5.4, Longevity (2). Israel (2), Nu.23.9. for a people, and I will be to you hundred and thirty and seven ch.19.5, God's People. a God: and ye shall know that I years. Knowledge (5), ch.8.10. am the LORD your God, which 21 And the sons of Iz'här; Ko'

bringeth you out from under rah, and Nē'pheg, and Zich'ri.

the burdens of the E-gỹp'tianş. 22 And the sons of Uz’zi-el ; De.8.2, Divine Leader. 8 And I will bring you in unto Mish'a-el, and Élʻza-phăn, and Ge.12.7, Promised Land,


the land, concerning the which Zith'ri. Ge.22.16, God's Oaths. I did swear to give it to A’bră- 23 And Aâr'on took him E-lish'

hăm, to l'şaac, and to Jā'cob; e-bå, daughter of Ăm-min'a-dăb,

and 'I will give it you for an sister of Na-ăsh'on, to wife; and Abihu, ch.24.9. Ps.37.11, Earthly Heritage. heritage: I am the LORD. she bare him Nā'dăb, and A-bi'- Eleazar, ch.28.1.

9 | And Mo’seş spake so unto hū, E-le-ā'zar, and ith’a-mär. Ithamar, Nu.3.4.
the children of Is'ra-el: but they 24 And the sons of Koʻrah;

hearkened not unto Mōʻşeş for As'sir, and Æl’kı-nah, and A-bi'aDespair, De.28.34.

anguish of spirit, and for cruel săph: these are the families of See Oppression (2), ch.1.14. bondage.

the Kôr'hītes.
10 And the LORD spake unto 25 And E-le-ā'zar Aâr'on's son
Mōʻşes, saying,

took him one of the daughters ch.4.6, Divine Commands, 11 Go in, speak unto Phā'raõh of Pū'ti-el to wife; and she bare

[ch.7.19. king of Egypt, that he let the him Phin'e-has: these are the Phinehas, Nu.25.7.

children of Iş'ra-el go out of his heads of the fathers of the Lē'-

vites according to their families.
12 And Mōʻşeş spake before 26 These are that Aâr'on and
the LORD, saying, Behold, the Mö'şeş, to whom the LORD said,
children of İş'ra-el have not Bring out the children of Iş'ra-el

hearkened unto me; how then from the land of E'ġýpt accord- See The Uncircumcised,

shall Phā'raõh hear me, who am ing to their armies. (Ge.34.14. of uncircumcised lips ?

27 These are they which 13 And the LORD spake unto spake to Phā'raõh king of

Mo'şeş and unto Aar'on, and Egypt, to bring out the chil-
Nu.27.23, Charges. gave them a charge unto the dren of Igʻra-el from E'ġġpt:

children of işʻra-el, and unto these are that Moʻşeş and
Phā'raõh king of E'gýpt, to Aâr'on.
bring the children of Íşóra-el 28 TAnd it came to pass on the
out of the land of Egypt. day when the LORD spake unto
14 [ These be the heads of Mōʻges in the land of Eįgypt,

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