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Jacob presented to Pharaoh.


Egyptians sell their land. land are we come; for thy serv- 17 And they brought their cat

ants have no pasture for their tle unto Josseph: and Josseph ch.12.10, Famine (2). flocks; for the famine is sore gave them bread in exchange Barter, 1 K.5.10. ch.11.31, Canaan.

in the land of Cā'năan: now for horses, and for the flocks, De.17.16, Horses.

therefore, we pray thee, let thy and for the cattle of the herds,

servants dwell in the land of and for the asses: and he fed ch.22.3, Asses. ch.45.10, Goshen, Ex.8.22. Go'shen.

them with bread for all their
5 And Phā'raõh spake unto Jo - cattle for that year.
seph, saying, Thy father and 18 When that year was ended,
thy brethren are come unto they came unto him the second

year, and said unto him, We
6 The land of E'ġýpt is before will not hide it from my lord,
Pr.16.15, King's Favor. thee; in the best of the land how that our money is spent; Je.32.10, Money.

make thy father and brethren my lord also hath our herds of ch.18.7, Herds, Ex.10.9. to dwell; in the land of Gōʻ- cattle; there is not ought left See Poverty (1), (Index). shen let them dwell: and if in the sight of my lord, but our

thou knowest any men of ac- bodies, and our lands: ch.39.5, Promotion. tivity among them, then make 19 Wherefore shall we die bep.p.1 K.11.28.

them rulers over my cattle. fore thine eyes, both we and our ch.30.24, Joseph, ch.48.1. 7 And Jõʻseph brought in Jā'- land ? buy us and our land for

cob his father, and set him bread, and we and our land will

before Phā'raõh: and Jā'cob be servants unto Phā'raõh: and ch.27.27, Blessings (5). blessed Phā'raõh.

give us seed, that we may live, 8 And Phā'raõh said unto Jā'- and not die, that the land be ch.15.15, Old Age.

cob, How old art thou ? not desolate. ch.25.26, Jacob, ch.48.2. 9 And Jā'cob said unto Phā'- 20 And Jõ’seph bought all the

raõh, The days of the years of land of E'gỹpt for Phā'raõh; for ch.5.4, Longevity (2). my pilgrimage are an hundred the E-ġýp'tianş sold every man Life Brief, 1 Chr.29.15. and thirty years: few and evil his field, because the famine ch.12.10, Famine (2).

have the days of the years of prevailed over them: so the
my life been, and have not at- land became Phā'raõh's.
tained unto the days of the 21 And as for the people, he

years of the life of my fathers removed them to cities from one ch.11.4, Cities.
Pilgrimage, Ex.6.4. in the days of their pilgrimage. end of the borders of E'ġġpt

10 And Jā'cob blessed Pha'- even to the other end thereof.
raõh, and went out from before 22 Only the land of the priests p.p.Ezr.7.24.

bought he not; for the priests
11 sAnd Joʻseph placed his fa- had a portion assigned them of
ther and his brethren, and gave Phā'raõh, and did eat their por-

them a possession in the land tion which Phā'raõh gave them:

of E'ġýpt, in the best of the wherefore they sold not their Rameses, Ex. 12.37. land, in the land of Rā-mē'sēs, lands.

as Phā'raõh had commanded. 23 Then Jõ’seph said unto the Filial Honor (2), 1 S.22.3. 12 And Jõʻseph nourished his people, Behold, I have bought ch.37.28, Traffic in Men.

father, and his brethren, and you this day and your land for ch.13.9, Unselfishness. all his father's household, with Phā'raõh: lo, here is seed for

bread, according to their fam- you, and ye shall sow the land.

24 And it shall come to pass in De.28.48, Want.

13 And there was no bread the increase, that ye shall give ch.26.12, Increase. ch.12.10, Famine (2). in all the land; for the famine the fifth part unto Phā'raõh,

was very sore, so that the land and four parts shall be your
of E'ġġpt and all the land of own, for seed of the field, and
Cā’năan fainted by reason of for your food, and for them of
the famine.

your households, and for food

14 And Jo’seph gathered up for your little ones. Je.32.10, Money.

all the money that was found in 25 And they said, Thou hast

the land of E'ġýpt, and in the saved our lives: let us find ch.41.49, Grain.

land of Cā'naan, for the corn grace in the sight of my lord, Ex.3.21, Human Favor.

which they bought: and Jo'şeph and we will be Phā'raõh's serv- ch.25.23, Subjection, ch.39.6, Fidelity (1). brought the money into Phā'- ants.

[ch.49.15. raõh's house.

26 And Josseph made it a law
15 And when money failed in over the land of E'ġýpt unto
the land of Egypt, and in the this day, that Phā'raõh should
land of Cā’năan, all the E-ġġp'- have the fifth part; except the p.p.v.22.

tianş came unto Jõ’seph, and land of the priests only, which Eze.4.16, Bread (3). said, Give us bread: for why became not Phā'raõh's.

should we die in thy presence? 27 | And İşʻra-el dwelt in the p.p.v.11.
for the money faileth. land of E'ģýpt, in the country

16 And Jõ’seph said, Give your of Gōʻshen; and they had pos- ch.45.10, Goshen. ch.1.25, Cattle.

cattle; and I will give you for sessions therein, and grew, and; Ex.1.7. ch.34.10, Trading.

your cattle, if
money fail.

multiplied exceedingly.

AND est came to pass after his right hand, and laid it upon Laying on Hands (Hi


Jacob blesseth


Ephraim and Manassen. 28 And Jā'cob lived in the sons, and said, Who are these? pop.v.9.

land of E'ģýpt seventeen years: 9 And Jõ’seph said unto his

so the whole age of Jā'cob was father, They are my sons, whom ch.33.5, Children (I); ch.5.4. Longevity (2). an hundred forty and seven God hath given me in this

(Jos.24.3. years.

place. And he said, Bring them, p.p.De.31.2,14; 1 K.2.1. 29 And the time drew nigh I pray thee, unto me, and I will 2 S.14.14, Death Universal. that Iş'ra-el must die: and he bless them. called his son Jõʻseph, and said 10 Now the eyes of Iş'ra-el

unto him, If now I have found were dim for age, so that he ch.27.1, Dimness of Vision,,49. grace in thy sight, put, I pray could not see. And he brought

(1 S.3.2. thee, thy hand under my thigh, them near unto him; and he ch.27.27, Kiss (1). and deal kindly and truly with kissed them, and embraced ch.31.28, Paternal Love. me; bury me not, I pray thee, in them. E'ġýpt:

11 And Işóra-el said unto Joʻch.31.30, Love of Home. 30 But I will lie with my fa- seph, I had not thought to see p.p.De.31.16.

thers, and thou shalt carry me thy face: and, lo, God hath Ps.17.7, Loving-kindness.

out of E'ġýpt, and bury me in shewed me also thy seed. Burying-places, Nu.19.16. their buryingplace. And he 12 And Jõʻseph brought them v.12, Filial Honor (2). said, I will do as thou hast said. out from between his knees, and

31 And he said, Swear unto he bowed himself with his face ch.47.12, Filial Honor (2). ch.26.31. Oaths (3), ch.50.25. me. And he sware unto him. to the earth.

And Işʻra-el bowed himself upon 13 And Jõ’seph took them
the bed's head.

both, E'phră-im in his right hand

toward İş'ra-el's left hand, and B.C.1689.

Joseph with his sons visiteth his sick Má-năs“seh in his left hand

father. 3 Jacob repeateth God's toward Iş'ra-el's right hand, and
promise, and taketh Ephraim and brought them near unto him.
Manasseh as his own; he blesseth
Joseph's sons.

14 And Işóra-el stretched out


ch.41.52,Ephraim,i Chr.7.20. ch.30.24, Joseph. ch.50.1. Josseph, Behold, thy father is younger, and his left hand upon 2 K.20.1, Sickness (2). sick: and he took with him Mā-năs'seh's head, guiding his ch.41.51, Manasseh (a), his two sons, Mā-năs'seh and hands wittingly; for Mā-năs'seh

(Jos.16.4. E'phră-im.

was the firstborn.
ch.25.26, Jacob, ch.49.33. 2 And one told Jā'cob, and 15 [ And he blessed Jõ’seph, p.p.He.11.21.

said, Behold, thy son Jo'şeph and said, God, before whom my ch.17.1,Walk before God.
cometh unto thee: and Işóra-el fathers Ābră-hăm and I'şaac did
strengthened himself, and sat walk, the God which fed me all ch.1.29, Food (1).
upon the bed.

my life long unto this day, De.2.7, Divine Supplies. 3 And Jā'cob said unto Joʻ- 16 The Angel which redeemed Ps.31.5, Redemption (1). ch.12.7.Divine Appearances. seph, God Almighty appeared me from all evil, bless the lads; ch.27.27, Blessings (5). See Beth-el, ch.28.19. unto me at Lŭz in the land of and let my name be named

[Jos.14.13. ch.1.28, Blessings (4). Ca'năan, and blessed me, on them, and the name of my See Adoption, ch.15.3.

4 And said unto me, Behold, I fathers A'bră-hăm and I'şaac;
will make thee fruitful, and mul- and let them grow into a multi-

tiply thee, and I will make of tude in the midst of the earth.
ch.15.5, Posterity Promised. thee a multitude of people; and 17 And when Jõ’seph saw that
ch.12.7, Promised Land. will give this land to thy seed his father laid his right hand
Ps.25.13, Seed of the Right-after thee for an everlasting upon the head of Eʻphră-im, it ch.41.52, Ephraim.
(eous. possession.

displeased him: and he held ch.41.52, Ephraim, v.14. 5 And now thy two sons, up his father's hand, to remove ch.41.51, Manasseh (a),v.14. E'phră-imand Mả-năs'seh, which it from E'phră-im's head unto were born unto thee in the land Ma-năs'seh's head.

ch.41.51, Manasseh (a). of Egypt before I came unto 18 And Jõʻseph said unto his thee into E'gypt, are mine; as father, Not so, my father: for

Reụ ben and Sim'e-on, they this is the firstborn; put thy Ex.13.2, First-born. ch.15.3, Adoption, Ex.2.10 shall be mine.

right hand upon his head.
6 And thy issue, which thou 19 And his father refused, and
begettest after them, shall be said, I know it, my son, I know
thine, and shall be called after it: he also shall become a peo-

the name of their brethren in ple, and he also shall be great: Nu.36.2, Inheritance. their inheritance.

but truly his younger brother 7 And as for me, when I came shall be greater than he, and ch.25.23,Supremacy, ch.49.8. ch.29.6, Rachel.

from Pā'dan, Rā'chel died by his seed shall become a multi- ch.15.5, Posterity Promised. ch.11.31, Canaan.

me in the land of Cā'năan in tude of nations.
the way, when yet there was 20 And he blessed them that ch.27.27, Blessings (5).

but a little way to come unto day, saying, In thee shall Îşóra-el See Burying-places,ch.35.19. Eph'răth: and I buried her there bless, saying, God make thee as

in the way of Eph'răth; the E'phră-im and as Mā-năs'seh : Beth-lehem, Ru.1.19. same is Bēth'-le-hem,

and he set E'phră-im before 8 And Işóra-el beheld Jõ’seph's Mā-năs'seh.

Jacob calleth


his sons together. 21 And Işʻra-el said unto Jõ'- 12 His eyes shall be red with 2 S.14.14, Death Universal. şeph, Behold, I die: but God wine, and his teeth white with ch.23.15, Divire Presence. shall be with you, and bring miik.

you again unto the land of your 13 { Zěb’u-lìn shall dwell at ch.30.20, Zebulun. Nu.11.8, Confidence in God. fathers.

the haven of the sea; and he p.p.De.33.18. D.p.Jn.4.5.

22 Moreover I have given to shall be for an haven of ships ; ch.25.28.Parental Partiality, thee one portion above thy and his border shall be unto

1 Chr.20.10.brethren, which I took out of Zi’dòn. See Birthright, i Chr.5.1.

ch.10.19, Sidon, Jos.13.6. ch.10.16, Amorites, Ex.23.23. the hand of the Am’ôr-ite with 14 1 Ís'sa-char is a strong ass ch.30.18, Issachar, Jos.19.17.

my sword and with my bow. couching down between two

burdens: B.C.1689.

Jacob calleth his song together: 3 he 15 And he saw that rest was

pronounceth curses on Reuben, 5 good, and the land that it was
and on Simeon and Levi; 8 a bless- pleasant; and bowed his shoul-
them concerning his burial; 33 his der to bear, and became a serv- ch.25.23, Subjection,
ant unto tribute.



A , ch.30.6. Dan, Ex.1.4.



sons, and said, Gather your- as one of the tribes of Işʻra-el. Nu.11 25, Inspiration (3). selves together, that I may tell 17 Dăn shall be a serpent by p.p.Nu.24.14.

you that which shall befall you the way, an adder in the path, Adders, Ps.58.4. Is.2.2, Last Days. in the last days.

that biteth the horse heels, so 2 Gather yourselves together, that his rider shall fall backand hear, ye sons of Jā'cob; ward. and hearken unto Igʻra-el your 18 I have waited for thy sal- Waiting for God, Ps.33.20. father. vation, O LORD.

Ps.27.1, Salvation of God. ch.29.32, Reuben.

3 (Reuben, thou art my first- 19 { Găd, a troop shall over- ch.30.11, Gad, Ex.1.4. Ex.13.2, First-born. born, my might, and the begin- come him: but he shall over

ning of my strength, the excel- come at the last.
lency of dignity, and the excel. 20 T Out of Åsh’ēr his bread ch.30.13, Asher, De.33.24.
lency of power:

shall be fat, and he shall yield p.p.De.33.24. Ps.106.13, Instability (2). 4 Unstable as water, thou shalt royal dainties.

not excel; because thou wentest 21 1 Năph'ta-li is a hind let ch.30.8, Naphtali. Ro.1.26, Evil Passions. up to thy father's bed; then de- loose: he giveth goodly words. See Wise Words, Jb.6.25.

filedst thou it: he went up to 22 | Josseph is fruitful ch.30.24, Joseph.
my couch.

bough, even a fruitful bough See Fruitfulness, Mt.3.8. ch.29.33, Simeon, Ex.6.15. 5 4 Sim’e-on and Lē'vī are by a well; whose branches run ch.29.34, Levi, Ex.6.16. brethren; instruments of cru- over the wall: Cruelty (1), Ps.27.12. elty are in their habitations. 23 The archers have sorely De.8.5, AMiction (3).

60 my soul, come not thou grieved him, and shot at him, Ps.7.1, Persecution (5). p.p.Ps.64.2. into their secret; unto their and hated him:

ch.27.41, Hatred (2). ch.4.5, Man's Wrath. assembly, mine honour, be not 24 But his bow abode in ch.4.8, Murder (2), Jud.9.5. thou united: for in their anger strength, and the arms of his ch.33.19, Hamor, Jos.24.32. they slew a man, and in their hands were made strong by the Ex.15.2, God our Strength. De.1.43, Self-will. selfwill they digged down a wall. hands of the mighty God of De.5.15, God's Hand. Ps.37.8, Anger.

7 Cursed be their anger, for it Jā'cob; (from thence is the

was fierce; and their wrath, for shepherd, the stone of Iş'ra-el:) p.p.Jos.19.1.

it was cruel: I will divide them 25 Even by the God of thy
in Jā'cob, and scatter them in father, who shall help thee; and De.33.29, Divine Helper.

by the Almighty, who shall bless ch.29.35, Judah, Nu.26.19. 8 TJū’dah, thou art he whom thee with blessings of heaven ch.24.35, Temporal Blessch.27.27, Blessings (5). thy brethren shall praise: thy above, blessings of the deep

[ings. P.p.Ps.18.40.

hand shall be in the neck of that lieth under, blessings of

thine enemies; thy father's the breasts, and of the womb: ch.25.23, Supremacy. children shall bow down before 26 The blessings of thy father ch.27.27, Blessings (5). p.p.1 Chr.5.2. thee.

have prevailed above the blessp.p.Re.5.5.

9 Jū’dah is a lion's whelp: ings of my progenitors unto the
from the prey, my son, thou art utmost bound of the everlasting

gone up: he stooped down, he hills: they shall be on the head De.33.22, Lions (2). couched as a lion, and as an old of Joʻseph, and on the crown of

lion; who shall rouse him up? the head of him that was sepSceptres, Nu.24.17.

10 The sceptre shall not de- arate from his brethren. R.V. Nor the ruler's staff part from Jū’dah, nor a lawgiver 27 [Běn'ja-mîn shall ravin as ch.35.18, Benjamin. 2.p.P3.60.7.

from between his feet, until a wolf: in the morning he shall p.p.Jud.20.21,25. ch.3.15, Messianic Prophe.. Shiʻlõh come; and unto him devour the prey, and at night

(cies, De.18.15. shall the gathering of the peo- he shall divide the spoil. p.p.Ps.2.6-9; 72.8.

28 TAll these are the twelve 11 Binding his foal unto the tribes of Iş'ra-el: and this is it

vine, and his ass's colt unto the that their father spake unto Le.26.5, Plenty Promised. choice vine; he washed his gar- them, and blessed them; every p.p.Is.63.2.

ments in wine, and his clothes one according to his blessing he
in the blood of grapes:

blessed them.

ple be.

The death and


burial of Jacob.

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the Hittite,

Nu.27.23, Charges.

29 And he charged them, and ones, and their flocks, and their

said unto them, I am to be gath-herds, they left in the land of
ered unto my people: bury me Gōʻshen.

ch.45.10, Goshen.
with my fathers in the cave 9 And there went up with him

that is in the field of Eʻphron both chariots and horsemen : ch.41.43, Chariots (2).
the Hit'tite,

and it was a very great com- ch.37.25, Caravans. ch.19.30, Caves.

30 In the cave that is in the pany. ch.23.19, Machpelah. field of Măch-pēʻlah, which is 10 And they came to the ch.11.31, Canaan, Ex.6.4. before Măm’re, in theland of Ca'- threshingfloor of A’tăd, which Threshing-floor, Jud.6.37.

năan, which A'bră-hăm bought is beyond Jôr'dan, and there
with the field of E'phron the they mourned with a great and

Hittite for a possession of a very sore lamentation: and he Lamentations, Jud.11.40. ch.47.30, Burying-places. buryingplace.

made a mourning for his father v.3, Mourning. ch.11.27. Abraham. 31 There they buried Abră- seven days.

ch.2.3, Seven Days. ch.11.29, Sarah.

hăm and Sā'rah his wife; there 11 And when the inhabitants ch.17.19, Isaac, He.11.17. they buried I'şaac and Re-běk'ah of the land, the Cā'năan-ites, ch.10.18, Canaanites. ch.24.15, Rebekah.

his wife; and there I buried saw the mourning in the floor of ch.29.25, Leah. Lē'ah.

A'tăd, they said, This is a griev32 The purchase of the field ous mourning to the E-ġýp'

and of the cave that is therein tianş: wherefore the name of ch.10.15, Heth, 1 Chr.1.13. was from the children of Hěth. it was called Abel-miz'ra-im, ch.25.26, Jacob, ch.50.13. 33 And when Jā'cob had made which is beyond Jôr'dan.

an end of commanding his sons, 12 And his sons did unto him Pr.1.8, Filial Obedience.

he gathered up his feet into the according as he commanded Nu.23.10, Death of the bed, and yielded up the ghost, them:

[Righteous. and was gathered unto his peo 13 For his sons carried him ch.25.26, Jacob. ple.

into the land of Cāʼnăan, and ch.11.31, Canaan. CHAPTER 50

buried him in the cave of the De.10.6, Burials. B.C.1689.

The mourning for Jacob:? his fu- field of Măch-pēlah, which ch.19.30, Caves, Jos.10.16.
neral. 24 Joseph prophesieth to his Abră-hăm bought with the ch.23.19, Machpelah.
brethren their return to Canaan :
22 his age, 26 and death.

field for a possession of a bury- ch.47.30, Burying-places.
ch.30.24, Joseph, v.26.
ch.23.2, Grief.

ther's face, and wept upon before Măm'rē. ch.27.27, Kiss (1). him, and kissed him.

14 And Josseph returned into 2 And Joʻseph commanded his E'ġýpt, he, and his brethren, ch.12.10, Egypt. Physicians, 2 Chr.16.12. servants the physicians to em- and all that went up with him Embalming, v.26. balm his father: and the physi- to bury his father, after he had

cians embalmed Işóra-el. buried his father.
ch.7.17,Forty Days,Ex.24.18. 3 And forty days were fulfilled 15 TAnd when Jõ’seph's breth-

for him; for so are fulfilled the ren saw that their father was
days of those which are em-dead, they said, Jõ’seph will per-

balmed: and the E-ġýp'tianş adventure hate us, and will cer- ch.3.8, Guilty Fear.
Mourning, Nu.20.29. mourned for him threescore and tainly requite us all the evil
ten days.

which we did unto him. 4 And when the days of his 16 And they sent a messenger mourning were past, Jõ’şeph unto Jõʻseph, saying, Thy father spake unto the house of Phā'- did command before he died, raõh, saying, If now I have saying, found grace in your eyes, speak, 17 So shall ye say unto Josseph, Jb.9.13, Proud Humbled. I pray you, in the ears of Phā - Forgive, I pray thee now, the Mk.11.25, Forgiveness (2). raõh, saying,

trespass of thy brethren, and 5 My father made me swear, their sin; for they did unto thee

saying, Lo, I die: in my grave evil: and now, we pray thee, Nu.23.34, Confession of
which I have digged for me in forgive the trespass of the serv-

[Sin (3).
the land of Cā'năan, there shalt ants of the God of thy father.
thou bury me. Now therefore And Jõ’seph wept when they

let me go up, I pray thee, and spake unto him.
ch.47.12, Filial Honor (2). bury my father, and I will come 18 And his brethren also went

and fell down before his face; ch.37.7, Obeisance.
6 And Phā'raõh said, Go up, and they said, Behold, we be thy ch.32.10, Humility (3).
and bury thy father, according servants.
as he made thee swear.

19 And Josseph said unto them, Ex.14.13, Encouragement.
7 1 And Jõ’seph went up to Fear not: for am I in the place p.p.De.32.35.
bury his father: and with him of God?

went up all the servants of Phā'- 20 But as for you, ye thought De.15.9, Evil Thoughts. Ex.3.16, Elders.

raõh, the elders of his house, evil against me; but God meant De.4.39, Sovereignty of God.

and all the elders of the land of it unto good, to bring to pass, as Pr.17.9, Charitableness.

it is this day, to save much peo- ch.24.50, The Lord's Doings.
8 And all the house of Jõ’seph, ple alive.
and his brethren, and his fa- 21 Now therefore fear ye not:
Ither's house: only their little I will nourish you, and your lit-lch.45.15, Good for Evil.

The children of Israel


oppressed by Pharaoh. ch.13.9, Unselfishness,

tle ones.

And he comforted brethren, I die: and God will 2 S.14.14, Death Universal. [Nu.11.29. Comfort (4), 1 Chr.7.22.

them, and spake kindly unto surely visit you, and bring you De.7.9, Divine Faithfulness. Kind Words, 2 Chr. 10.7. them.

out of this land unto the land Nu.14.8, Confidence in God. Kindness (2), Ex.2.17. 22 | And Joʻseph dwelt in which he sware to A bră-hăm, ch.12.7, Promised Land, Egypt, he, and his father's to I'şaac, and to Jā'cob.

[Ex.6.8. ch.5.4, Longevity (2). house: and Josseph lived an 25 And Jõ’seph took an oath of ch.26.31, Oaths (3), Jos.9.15. hundred and ten years.

the children of Iş'ra-el, saying,
23 And Jõ’seph saw E'phră- God will surely visit you, and
im's children of the third gen-ye shall carry up my bones

eration : the children also of from hence. Machir, Nu.26.29.

Mā'chir the son of Ma-năs'seh 26 So Jõ’seph died, being an ch.30.24, Joseph, Ex.13.19. were brought up upon Jõ’seph's hundred and ten years old: and v.2. Embalming, 2 Chr.16.14. knees.

they embalmed him, and he was See Death of the Righteous, 24 And Jõ’seph said unto his put in a coffin in É'ġġpt.


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ed them, the more they multiB.C.1706.

The children of Israel multiply: 8 plied and grew. And they were

they are oppressed by a new king. grieved because of the children
22 The male children destroyed.

of Işóra-el.

are names 13 And the -ġġp'tians made Ge.12.10, Egypt.

which came into E'ġýpt; every with rigour:

man and his household came 14 And they made their lives Ge.25.26, Jacob. with Jā'cob.

bitter with hard bondage, in Oppression (2), ch.5.8. Ge.29.32, Reuben.

2 Rey’ben, Sim’e-on, Lē’vi, and morter, and in brick, and in all Mortar, Le.14.42. Ge.29.35, Judah. Jū’dah,

manner of service in the field : Ge.11.3, Brick, Is.65.3. Ge.30.18, Issachar.

3 Is'sa-char, Zěb’u-lìn, and all their service, wherein they Ge.35.18, Benjamin. Běn'ja-min,

made them serve, was with
Ge.30.6, Dan, Nu.26.42. 4 Dăn, and Năph'ta-li, Găd, and rigour.
Ge.30.11, Gad, Nu.26.15.

15 1 And the king of E'ġýpt 5 And all the souls that came spake to the Hē'brew midwives, p.p.Ge.46.26.

out of the loins of Jā'cob were of which the name of the one Ge.30.24, Joseph. seventy souls: for Jõ’seph was was Shiph'rah, and the name in E'gýpt already.

of the other Pū'ah:
2 S.14.14, Death Universal. 6 And Jo’seph died, and all his 16 And he said, When ye do

brethren, and all that genera- the office of a midwife to the

Hē'brew women, and see them p.p.Ge.46.3; De.26.5. 7 And the children of Iş'ra-el upon the stools; if it be a son, Infanticide, Mt.2.16.

were fruitful, and increased then ye shall kill him: but if it ch.20.13, Murder (1). See Posterity Promised, abundantly, and multiplied, be a daughter, then she hall

(Ge.15.5. and waxed exceeding mighty; live.

and the land was ålled with 17 But the midwives feared Ne.5.15, Godly Fear. them.

God, and did not as the king of 1 S.1.15, Devout Women. p.p.Ac.7.18.

8 | Now there arose up a new E'ģýpt commanded them, but p.p.Da.3.16.
king over E'ġýpt, which knew saved the men children alive.
not Jo'şeph.

18 And the king of E'ġýpt P.p.Ps.105.24.

9. And he said unto his people, called for the midwives, and
Behold, the people of the chil- said unto them, Why have ye
dren of Iş'ra-el are more and done this thing, and have saved
mightier than we:

the men children alive?
Is.29.14, Worldly Wisdom. 10 Come on, let us deal wisely 19 And the midwives said unto
Ge.3.1, Craftiness. with them; lest they multiply, Phā'raõh, Because the Hēbrew Ge.14.13, Hebrews.
Ps.36.4, Evil Devices. and it come to pass, that, when women are not as the Ê-ġýp'-

there falleth out any war, they tian women; for they are live-
join also unto our enemies, and ly, and are delivered ere the
fight against us, and só get midwives come in unto them.

them up out of the land. 20 Therefore God dealt well Ge.4.4, Divine Favor. v.13, Israel Humbled. 11 Therefore they did set over with the midwives: and the Ge.15 1, Reward (3). Taskmasters, ch.5.6. them taskmasters to afflict them people multiplied, and waxed 1 K.19.2, Persecution (1). with their burdens. And they very mighty. Bondage of Israel, ch.2.11. built for Phāʻraõh treasure cit- 21 And it came to pass, be- Ne.5.15, Godly Fear.

ies, Pi'thom and Rā-ăm ́sēs. cause the midwives feared God, ch.19.5, Obedience (3). See Affliction (2), Jb.5.17. 12 But the more they afflict- that he made them houses. De.4.40, Godliness Profitable.

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