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cave of Măch-pēlah, which he AND Abră-hăm was old, and ch.11.27, Abraham, ch.25.1. Abraham buyeth Machpelah.


He sweareth his servant. 7 And A’bră-hăm stood up, and Hē'bron in the land of Cā'năan. ch.13.18, Hebron. ch.37.7, Obeisance. bowed himself to the people of 20 And the field, and the cave

the land, even to the children that is therein, were made sure p.p.Je.32.10.
of Hěth.

unto Aobra-hăm for a possession
8 And he communed with of a buryingplace by the sons
them, saying, If it be your of Hěth.

ch.10.15, Heth.
mind that I should bury my

dead out of my sight; hear me, Abraham sendeth his servant to get a B.C.1857.
and intreat for me to E'phron wife for his son Isaac: 50 he ob-

taineth Rebekah; 62 Isaac meeteth
the son of Zö här,

her. 9 he may give ch.19.30, Caves, ch.50.13.

well stricken in age: and ch.15.15, Old Age.
hath, which is in the end of his the LORD had blessed A’bră-hăm v.35, Temporal Blessings.
field; for as much money as it in all things.
is worth he shall give it me for 2 And A’bră-hăm said unto his
a possession of a buryingplace eldest servant of his house, that
amongst you.

ruled over all that he had, Put,
10 And Eʻphron dwelt among I pray thee, thy hand under my
the children of Hěth: and thigh:
E'phron the Hittite answered 3 And I will make thee swear ch.26.31, Oaths (3).
A’bră-hăm in the audience of by the LORD, the God of heaven,

the children of Hěth, even of and the God of the earth, that Gates (1), ch.34.20. all that went in at the gate of thou shalt not take a wife unto Marriage (3), ch.28.1. his city, saying,

my son of the daughters of the P.p.2 S.24.22.

11 Nay, my lord, hear me: the Că'năan-ites, among whom I
field give I thee, and the cave dwell:
that is therein, I give it thee; in 4 But thou shalt go unto my; ch.28.2.
the presence of the sons of my country, and to my kindred, and ch.2.18, Wife.
people give I it thee: bury thy take a wife unto my son I'şaac. ch.17.19, Isaac, ch.26.12.

5 And the servant said unto
12 And Abră-hăm bowed down him, Peradventure the woman
himself before the people of the will not be willing to follow me

unto this land: must I needs
13 And he spake unto E'phron bring thy son again unto the
in the audience of the people of land from whence thou camest?

the land, saying, But if thou 6 And Asbră-hăm said unto
wilt give it, I pray thee, hear him, Beware thou that thou
me: I will give thee money for bring not my son thither again.
the field; take it of me, and I 7 The LORD God of heaven,
will bury my dead there. which took me from my father's

14 And É'phron answered house, and from the land of my
Abră-hăm, saying unto him, kindred, and which spake unto

15 My lord, hearken unto me: me, and that sware unto me, ch.22.16, God's Oaths.

the land is worth four hundred saying, Unto thy seed will I give Nu.14.8, Confidence in God. ch.20.16, Silver (1), Jud.17.2. shekels of silver; what is that this land; he shall send his De.8.2, Divine Leader.

betwixt meand thee? bury there- angel before thee, and thou ch.15.6, Faith (5).
fore thy dead.

shalt take a wife unto my son
16 And Abră-hăm hearkened from thence.

unto Eʻphron; and A’bră-hăm 8 And if the woman will not Weighing, Ezr.8.25. weighed to E'phron the silver, be willing to follow thee, then

which he had named in the thou shalt be clear from this my
audience of the sons of Hěth, oath: only bring not my son
four hundred shekels of silver, thither again.
current money with the mer- 9 And the servant put his hand

under the thigh of Abră-hăm; 49.30; 50.13. 17 TAnd the field of E'phron, his master, and sware to him ch.21.27, Covenant (4).

which was in Măch-pēʻlah, concerning that matter.
which was before Măm'rē, thé 10 (And the servant took ten ch.37.25, Caravans.
field, and the cave which was camels of the camels of his mas- ch.12.16, Camels.
therein, and all the trees that ter, and departed; for all the
were in the field, that were in goods of his master were in his
all the borders round about, hand: and he arose, and went
were made sure

to Měs-o-pô-tā'mi-à, unto the city Mesopotamia. De.23.4. 18 Unto Abră-hăm for a pos- of Nā'hôr.

ch.11.27, Nahor (b). session in the presence of the 11 And he made his camels to

children of Hěth, before all that kneel down without the city by v.10, Gates (1).

went in at the gate of his city. a well of water at the time of ch.21.30, Wells. De.10.6, Burials.

19 And after this, A'bră-hăm the evening, even the time that ch.11.29, Sarah. ch.19.30, Caves.

buried Sāʻrah his wife in the women go out to draw water. ch.47.30, Burying-places. cave of the field of Măch-pēlah 12 And he said, O LORD God of ch.4.26, Prayer (1). Machpelah, ch.25.9. before Măm're: the same is my master Abră-hăm, I pray|

Abraham's servant


meeteth Rebekah.

Ps.5.8, Guidance Sought. thee, send me good speed this his head, and worshipped the ch.22.5, Worshippers, day, and shew kindness unto my LORD.

(Ex.348 master Abra-hăm.

27 And he said, Blessed be the 13 Behold, I stand here by the LORD God of my master Abră- 1 Chr.29.11, Glorifying God. well of water; and the daugh-hăm, who hath not left destitute De.7.9, Divine Faithfulness. ters of the men of the city come my master of his mercy and his out to draw water:

truth: I being in the way, the De.8.2, Divine Leader. 14 And let it come to pass, LORD led me to the house of my Guidance (3), Ex.13.21.

that the damsel to whom I shall master's brethren.
Pitchers, Jud.7.16. say, Let down thy pitcher, I 28 And the damsel ran, and

pray thee, that I may drink; told them of her mother's house
and she shall say, Drink, and I these things.

will give thy camels drink also : 29 | And Re-běk'ah had a v.15, Rebekah. p.p.Pr.19.14.

let the same be she that thou brother, and his name was Lā'- Laban, ch.29.16.

hast appointed for thy servant ban: and Lāban ran out unto 2 K.18.5, Trust (3). I'şaac; and thereby shall I know the man, unto the well.

that thou hast shewed kindness 30 And it came to pass, when
unto my master.

he saw the earring and brace- v.22. Earrings.
p.p.Is.65.24; Ps.34.14. 15 TAnd it came to pass, before lets upon his sister's hands, and v.22, Bracelets.
Ex.15.25,Prayers Answered. he had done speaking, that, be- when he heard the words of
Rebekah, ch.25.20.

hold, Re-běk'ah came out, who Re-běk'ah his sister, saying,

was born to Běth-u'el, son of Thus spake the man unto me; ch.11.27, Nahor (b), ch.31.53. Mil'cah, the wife of Nā'hôr, that he came unto the man ;

A’bră-hăm's brother, with her and, behold, he stood by the

pitcher upon her shoulder. camels at the well. ch.12.11, Beauty (1),ch.29.17. 16 And the damsel was very 31 And he said, Come in, thou ch.18.4, Hospitality (2), Is.7.14, Virgins. fair to look upon, a virgin, nei- blessed of the LORD; wherefore

(Ex.2.20. ther had any man known her: standest thou without? for I See Blessings (5), ch.27.27. and she went down to the well, have prepared the house, and and filled her pitcher, and came room for the camels. up.

32 And the man came into the 17 And the servant ran to house: and he ungirded his

meet her, and said, Let me, I camels, and gave straw and Ex.17.3, Thirst.

pray thee, drink a little water provender for the camels, and p.p.Jn.4.7. of thy pitcher.

water to wash his feet, and the ch.18.4, Feet-washing, Ac.27.3, Courtesy. 18 And she said, Drink, my men's feet that were with him.

(ch.43.24. lord: and she hasted, and let 33 And there was set meat be- SeePressure ofDuty,Je.20.9.

down her pitcher upon her fore him to eat: but he said, I See Servants' Duty, Ep.6.5. 2 Chr.28.15, Helpfulness. hand, and gave him drink. will not eat, until I have told ch.39.6, Fidelity (1).

19 And when she had done giv- mine errand. And he said,

ing him drink, she said, I will Speak on. ch.12.16, Camels.

draw water for thy camels also, 34 And he said, I am Abră

until they have done drinking. hăm's servant. See Industry (1), Pr.31.13. 20 And she hasted, and emptied 35 And the LORD hath blessed Temporal Blessings, her pitcher into the trough, and my master greatly; and he is be

ran again unto the well to draw come great: and he hath given ch.13.2, Riches (4).
water, and drew for all his him flocks, and herds, and silver, De.8.18, Riches (1).

and gold, and menservants, and
21 And the man wondering maidservants, and camels, and
at her held his peace, to wit asses.
whether the LORD had made 36 And Sā'rah my master's
his journey prosperous or not. wife bare a son to my master ch.15.3, Heirs.

22 And it came to pass, as the when she was old: and unto him

camels had done drinking, that hath he given all that he hath. Parental Gifts, ch.37.3. Earrings, ch.35.4. the man took a golden earring 37 And my master made me

of half a shekel weight, and two swear, saying, Thou shalt not Bracelets, ch.38.18. | bracelets for her hands of ten take a wife to my son of the v.3, Marriage (3). v.53, Presents.

shekels weight of gold; daughters of the Cā'năan-ites,

23 And said, Whose daughter in whose land I dwell:
art thou? tell me, I pray thee: 38 But thou shalt go unto my
is there room in thy father's father's house, and to my kin-
house for us to lodge in ? dred, and take a wife unto my

24 And she said unto him, I son.
am the daughter of Běth-u'el 39 And I said unto my master,
the son of Milcah, which she Peradventure the woman will
bare unto Nā'hôr.

not follow me.
25 She said moreover unto 40 And he said unto me, The

him, We have both straw and LORD, before whom I walk, will ch.17.1, Walk before God. Provender, ch.42.27. provender enough, and room to send his angel with thee, and ch.15.6, Faith (5). lodge in.

prosper thy way; and thou shalt Nu.14.8,Confidence in God. ch.5.24, Piety. 26 And the man bowed down take a wife for my son of myl

Abraham's servant obtaineth


Rebekah for Isaac.
kindred, and of my father's 53 And the servant brought

forth jewels of silver, and jewels Jewels, Ex.3.22.
41 Then shalt thou be clear of gold, and raiment, and gave Presents, ch.45.22.
from this my oath, when thou them to Re-běk'ah: he gave
comest to my kindred; and if also to her brother and to her
they give not thee one, thou mother precious things.
shalt be clear from my oath. 54 And they did eat and drink,

42 And I came this day unto the he and the men that were with v 27, Guidance (3). well, and said, O LORD God of my him, and tarried all night; and

master Å'bră-hăm, if now thou they rose up in the morning,
do prosper my way which I go: and he said, Send me away unto

43 Behold, I stand by the well my master.
of water; and it shall come to 55 And her brother and her
pass, that when the virgin mother said, Let the damsel
cometh forth to draw water, abide with us a few days, at
and I say to her, Give me, I pray the least ten; after that she
thee, a little water of thy pitch- shall go.
er to drink;

56 And he said unto them, 1 s.21.8, Haste. D.D.He.13.2.

44 And she say to me, Both Hinder me not, seeing the LORD p.p.v.40.
drink thou, and I will also draw hath prospered my way; send ch.39.3, Prosperity (4).
for thy camels: let the same be me away that I may go to my
the woman whom the LORD master.
hath appointed out for my mas- 57 And they said, We will call
ter's son.

the damsel, and enquire at her D.p.Is.65.24.

45 And before I had done mouth.

speaking in mine heart, behold, 58 And they called Rë-běk’ah, v.15, Rebekah.
Re-běk'ah came forth with her and said unto her, Wilt thou go
pitcher on her shoulder; and with this man? And she said,
she went down unto the well, I will go.
and drew water: and I said 59 And they sent away Re-
unto her, Let me drink, I pray běk'ah their sister, and her

nurse, and Abră-hăm's servant, Nurses, ch.35.8.
46 And she made haste, and and his men.
let down her pitcher from her 60 And they blessed Re-běk’ah, ch.27.27, Blessings (5).
shoulder, and said, Drink, and and said unto her, Thou art
I will give thy camels drink our sister, be thou the mother
also: so I drank, and she made of thousands of millions, and let
the camels drink also.

thy seed possess the gate of See Seed of the Righteous, 47 And I asked her, and said, those which hate them.

(Ps.25.13. Whose daughter art thou? And 61 TAnd Re-běk’ah arose, and she said, The daughter of Běth- her damsels, and they rode upon u'el, Nā'hôr's son, whom Mil'cah the camels, and followed the ch.12.16, Camels.

bare unto him: and I put the man: and the servant took Rev.22, Earrings.

earring upon her face, and the běk'ah, and went his way. v.22, Bracelets.

bracelets upon her hands. 62 And l'şaac came from the ch.17.19, Isaac. ch.5.24, Piety.

48 And I bowed down my head, way of the well Lâ-hāi’-roi; ch.21.30, Wells. ch.22.5, Worshippers. and worshipped the LORD, and for he dwelt in the south

blessed the LORD God of my country.

master A'bră-hăm, which had 63 And l'şaac went out to De.8.2, Divine Leader. led me in the right way to take meditate in the field at the Meditation (2), Ps.1.2.

my master's brother's daughter eventide: and he lifted up his
unto his son.

eyes, and saw, and, behold, the
49 And now if ye will deal camels were coming.

ch.37.25, Caravans.
kindly and truly with my mas- 64 And Re-běk'ah lifted up

ter, tell me: and if not, tell me; eyes, and when she saw I'şaac,
that I may turn to the right she lighted off the camel.
hand, or to the left.

65 For she had said unto the
50 Then Lā’ban and Běth-u'el servant, What man is this that

answered and said, The thing walketh in the field to meet The Lord's Doings, 1 S.3.11. proceedeth from the LORD: weus? And the servant had said, Mt.6.10, Submission (2). cannot speak unto thee bad or It is my master: therefore she good.

took a vail, and covered her- Vail (1), ch.38.14. 51 Behold, Re-běk'ah is before self.

Modesty, Est.1.12. ch.6.22, Obedience (2). thee, take her, and go, and let 66 And the servant told I'şaac

her be thy master's son's wife, all things that he had done.
as the LORD hath spoken. 67 And I'şaac brought her into

52 And it came to pass, that, his mother Sā'rah's tent, and

when Abră-hăm's servant heard took Re-běk'ah, and she became See Marriage (1), Pr.18.22. ch.22.5, Worshippers. their words, he worshipped the his wife; and he loved her: and Conjugal Love, ch.29.20. ch.5.24, Piety.

LORD, bowing himself to the I'şaac was comforted after his

mother's death.


The death of Abraham.


Birth of Esau and Jacob. CHAPTER 25

17 And these are the years of B.C.1853 (?)

The sons of Abraham by Keturah: 7 the life of Ish'ma-el, an hundred ch.5.4, Longevity (2).
his age and death. 2 The genera, and thirty and seven years: and
tions of Ishmael.
Esau and Jacob. 29 Esau selleth he gave up the ghost and died;
his birthright.

and was gathered unto his ch.11.27, Abraham, v.8. THEN again A’bră-hăm took people.

18 And they dwelt from Hăv'iKe-tū'rah.

lah unto Shûr, that is before 2 And she bare him Zim'ran, E'ġýpt, as thou goest toward Ås- ch.2.14, Assyria, 2 K.15.19.

and Jõk’shan, and Mē'dan, and sýr’i-å: and he died in the presMidian, Ex.18.1.

Mid-i-an,and Ish'băk,and Shụ'ah. ence of all his brethren.

3 And Jõk'shan begat Shē'bå, 19 [And these are the generaand Dē'dan. And the sons of tions of I'şaac, Ã'bră-hăm's son: ch.17.19, Isaac. De'dan were Ås-shụ'rim, and A’bră-hăm begat I'şaac: Lê-tū'shim, and Lê-úm'mim. 20 And I'şaac was forty years 4 And the sons of Midsi-an; old when he took Re-běk'ah to ch.24.15, Rebekah, ch.26.7. E'phah, and E'phēr, and Hā'- wife, the daughter of Běth-u'el noch, and A-bi’dah, and Elda- the Sỹr'i-an of Pā'dan-ā-ram, the ah. All these were the chil- sister to Lā'ban the Sýr'i-an. ch.24.29, Laban. dren of Ke-tū’rah.

21 And i'şaac intreated the ch.4.26, Prayer (1). ch.31.28, Paternal Love. 5 And A’bră-hăm gave all that LORD for his wife, because she ch.15.3, Heirs, Nu.27.8. he had unto l'şaac.

was barren: and the LORD was ch.11.30, Childless. ch.16.3, Concubinage. 6 But unto the sons of the con- intreated of him, and Re-běk'ah Ex.15.25,Prayers Answered. cubines, which A’bră-hăm had, his wife conceived.

ch.21.2,Conception,ch.30.23. v.28, Parental Partiality. A’bră-hăm gave gifts, and sent 22 And the children struggled

them away from l'şaac his son, together within her; and she
while he yet lived, eastward, said, If it be so, why am I thus ? Ps.5.3, Prayerfulness.
unto the east country.

And she went to enquire of the See Devout Women,1 S.1.15. 7 And these are the days of LORD.

Inquiring of God, Jud.1.1. the years of Abră-hăm's life 23 And the LORD said unto her, ch.5.4, Longevity (2), which he lived, an hundred Two nations are in thy womb,

[De.31.2. threescore and fifteen years. and two manner of people shall ch.11.27, Abraham,

8 Then A’bră-hăm gave up the be separated from thy bowels;

[2 Chr.20.7. ghost, and died in a good old and the one people shall be Nu.23.10, Death of Right

fecus. age, an old man, and full of stronger than the other people; Supremacy, ch.27.29. ch.15.15, Old Age.

years; and was gathered to his and the elder shall serve the subjection, ch.27.40. people.

younger. De.10.6, Burials.

9 And his sons I'şaac and Ish- 24 And when her days to be ch.19.30, Caves.

ma-el buried him in the cave of delivered were fulfilled, behold, ch.23.19, Machpelah, Măch-pēʻlah, in the field of there were twins in her womb.

[ch.50.13. E'phron the son of Zōʻhär the 25 And the first came out red,

Hit'tite, which is before Mămórê; all over like an hairy garment;

10 The field which Ābră-hăm and they called his name E'sąu. Esau, v.34.

purchased of the sons of Hěth: 26 And after that came his ch.47.30, Burying-places. there was Abră-hăm buried, and brother out, and his hand took Sā'rah his wife.

hold on E'sąu's heel; and his 11 And it came to pass after name was called Jā'cob: and Jacob, v.34. ch.24.35, Temporal the death of A’bră-hăm, that i'şaac was threescore years old

[Blessings. God blessed his son I'şaac; and when she bare them. ch.21.30, Wells, ch.26.18. I'şaac dwelt by the well Lā- 27 And the boys grew: and hāi'-roi.

E'sąu was a cunning hunter, a ch.10.9, Hunters, ch.27.3. 12 Now these are the gen-man of the field; and Jā'cob ch.16.11, Ishmael, Jud.8.24. erations of Ish'ma-el, A’bră- was a plain man, dwelling in p.p.He.11.9.

hăm's son, whom Hā'gar the tents.
E-ġýpʻtian, Sā'rah's handmaid, 28 And I'şaac loved E'sąu, be- Parental Partiality, ch.33.2
bare unto Abra-hăm:

cause he did eat of his venison : ch.31.28, Paternal Love.
13 And these are the names of but Re-běk'ah loved Jā'cob. ch.21.16, Maternal Love.
the sons of Ish'ma-el, by their 29 And Jā'cob sod pottage:
names, according to their gen- and E'sąu came from the field,
erations: the firstborn of Ish'- and he was faint:

Mt.4.2, Hunger. Arabians, 2 Chr.9.14. ma-el, Né-bā'joth; and Kē'där, 30 And E'sąu said to Jā'cob,

and Ad'bê-el, and Mib ́sam, Feed me, I pray thee, with that

14 And Mishʼmá, and Du'mah, same red pottage; for I am See Appetites, Nu.11.5. and Măs'så,

faint: therefore was his name
15 Hā'där, and Tē’må, Jē’tūr, called E'dom.
Nā'phish, and Kěd'e-mah: 31 And Jā'cob said, Sell me ch.3.1, Craftiness.

16 These are the sons of Ish- this day thy birthright. Birthright, ch.43.33.
ma-el, and these are their 32 And E'sąu said, Behold, I
names, by their towns, and by am at the point to die: and
their castles; twelve princes ac- what profit shall this birthright
cording to their nations. do to me?

Isaac goeth to Gerar.


God blesseth him. 33 And Jā'cob said, Swear to all his people, saying, He that Rash Oaths, Jos.9.19. me this day; and he sware unto toucheth this man or his wife De.5.18. Chastity. ch.3.6, Yielding to Tempta- him: and he sold his birthright shall surely be put to death. ch.2.17, Sin's Penalty. [tion, Jos.7.21. unto Jā'cob.

12 Then I'şaac sowed in that ch.17.19, Isaac, ch.28.1. v.26, Jacob, ch.27.6. 34 Then Jā'cob gave E'sậu land, and received in the same ch.2.15,Agriculture, Le.25.3. Lentiles, 2 S.17.28. bread and pottage of lentiles; year an hundredfold: and the Increase, ch.41.47. See Carnality, Ex.16.3. and he did eat and drink, and LORD blessed him.

ch.24.35, Temporal BlessV.25, Esau, ch.26.34. rose up, and went his way: thus 13 And the man waxed great,

(ings, De.29.5. Pr.1.30. Despisers. E'sąu despised his birthright. and went forward, and grew ch.39.3, Prosperity (4).

until he became very great: CHAPTER 26

14 For he had possession of ch.13.2, Riches (4), ch.30.43. B.C.1804 (?)

Isaac because of famine goeth to flocks, and possession of herds, ch.18.7, Herds.
at Beer-sheba, and blesseth him. and great store of servants:
26 Abimelech's covenant with him. and the Phi-lis'tineş envied him. ch.4.5, Envy (2), ch.37.11.
34 Esau's wives,

15 For all the wells which his ch.21.30, Wells. ch.12.10. Famine (2), Ru.1.1. ND there was a famine in father's servants had digged in


famine that was in the days of father, the Phi-lis'tỉneş had

A'bră-hăm. And l'şaac went stopped them, and filled them Est.3.6, Malice (2). ch.20.2, Abimelech. unto A-bim'e-lěch king of the with earth.

ch.4.9, Selfishness (2). Phi-lis'tỉneş unto Gē’rär.

16 And A-bỉm'e-lěch said unto ch.12.7, Divine Appearances, 2 And the LORD appeared unto l'şaac, Go from us; for thou ch.37.4, Man's Jealousy. (ch.35.9. him, an

said, Go not down into art much mightier than we. ch.12.10, Egypt, ch.39.1. Egypt; dwell in the land which 17 1 And I'şaac departed I shall tell thee of:

thence, and pitched his tent in ch.13.18, Tents, ch.31.25. ch.28.15, Divine Presence. 3 Sojourn in this land, and I the valley of Gēʻrär, and dwelt ch.1.28, Blessings (4). will be with thee, and will bless there.

thee; for unto thee, and unto 18 And I'şaac digged again the ch.12.7, Promised Land. thy seed, I will give all these wells of water, which they had ch.21.30, Wells, ch.29.2.

countries, and I will perform digged in the days of Abră-hăm ch.22.16, God's Oaths. the oath which I sware unto his father; for the Phi-lis'tines ch.21.32, Philistines, Aobra-hăm thy father; had stopped them after the

[Jos.13.3. 4 And I will make thy seed to death of A’bră-hăm: and he ch.15.5, Posterity Promised. multiply as the stars of heaven, called their names after the Ps.25.13, Seed of the Right- and will give unto thy seed all names by which his father had

(eous. these countries; and in thy seed called them. ch.22.18, Gentiles (1). shall all the nations of the earth 19 And l’şaac's servants digged be blessed;

in the valley, and found there a

5 Because that Abră-hăm well of springing water. ch.6.22, Obedience (2). obeyed my voice, and kept my 20 And the herdmen of Gēʻrär Nu.12.7, Fidelity (2). charge, my commandments, my did strive with I'şaac's herd- ch.13.7, Strife (5), De.1.12. statutes, and my laws.

men, saying, The water is our's: ch.21.25, Dishonesty (2), 6 TAnd I'şaac dwelt in Gē’rär: and he called the name of the

(ch.31.41. 7 And the men of the place well E'sěk; because they strove

asked him of his wife; and he with him. ch.12.13. said, She is my sister: for he 21 And they digged another De.1.17, Fear of Man. feared to say, She is my wife; well, and strove for that also:

lest, said he, the men of the and he called the name of it ch.24.15, Rebekah, v.35. place should kill me for Re- Sit’nah. ch.12.11, Beauty (1). běk'ah; because she was fair to 22 And he removed from

thence, and digged another 8 And it came to pass, when well; and for that they strove he had been there a long time, not: and he called the name of that A-bỉm'e-lěch king of the it Rē-hōʻboth; and he said, For

Phi-lis'tỉnes looked out at a now the LORD hath made room Ps.115.12, Divine Care. Jud.5.28, Windows.

window, and saw, and, behold, for us, and we shall be fruitful
I'şaac was sporting with Rē- in the land.
běk'ah his wife.

23 And he went up from
9 And A-bim’e-lech called thence to Bē'er-shē'ba.

ch.21.31, Beer-sheba. I'şaac, and said, Behold, of a 24 And the LORD appeared un- ch.12.7,Divine Appearances. surety she is thy wife: and how to him the same night, and said, ch.15.1, Visions. saidst thou, She is my sister? I am the God of Ā bră-hăm thy “Fear Not," Nu.21.34.

And I'şaac said unto him, Be- father: fear not, for I am with ch.28.15, Divine Presence. ch.3.12, Excuses (1). cause I said, Lest I die for her. thee, and will bless thee, and Ex.23.25, Blessings (2).

10 And A-bim’e-lệch said, What multiply thy seed for my serv- ch.15.5, Posterity Promised, Ps.141.5, Reproof (2). is this thou hast done unto us? ant Ābră-hăm's sake.

(Le.26.9. one of the people might lightly 25 And he builded an altar ch.8.20, Altars (1), ch.33.20. havelien with thy wife, and thou there, and called upon the name Ps.5.3, Prayerfulness. shouldest have brought guilti- of the LORD, and pitched his ness upon us.

tent there: and there I'şaac's 11 And A-bim'e-lěch charged servants digged a well.

Ich.21.30, Wells.

look upon.

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