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Idolatry forbidden.


A curse to the disobedient. 53 And as a yearly hired serv, of the land of Egypt, that ye

ant shall he be with him: and should not be their bondmen; Ex.23.9, Oppression (1). the other shall not rule with and I have broken the bands of Ex.14.30, Deliverance (1). P.p.v.43.

rigour over him in thy sight. your yoke, and made you go up. Ps.91.14, Saints Exalted.

54 And if he be not redeemed right.

in these years, then he shall go 14 (But if ye will not hearken Is.6.10, Spir. Deafness. v.10, Liberty (1).

out in the year of jubile, both unto me, and will not do all De.11.28, Disobedience (1). he, and his children with him. these commandments;

55 For unto me the children of 15 And if ye shall despise my Pr.1.30, Despisers. 1 K.18.36, God's Servants. Iş'ra-el are servants; they are statutes, or if your soul abhor Ps.50.17,“ Word ” Despised. De.8.2, Divine Leader. my servants whom I brought my judgments, so that ye will Pr.11.3, Perverseness.

forth out of the land of Egypt: not do all my commandments,
I am the LORD your God. but that ye break my covenant: Covenant-breakers,
16 I also will do this unto you;

(Ps.55.20. CHAPTER 26

I will even appoint over you Threatenings, Jos.23.15. B.C.1491.

Of idolatry. 2 Of religiousness. 3 A
blessing to the obedient. 14 A curse terror, consumption, and the
to the disobedient. 40 A promise to burning ague, that shall con- Fever, De.28.22.
the penitent.

sume the eyes, and cause sor- Sickness (1), De.28.61. E shall make you no idols row of heart: and ye shall sow De.28.67. Sin's Misery. Ge.35.2,Idolatry (1), De.7.25. nor graven image, neither your seed in vain, for your ene- Adversity, De.28.31. rear you up a standing image, mies shall eat it.

De.28.48, Want. neither shall ye set up any im- 17 And I will set my face See God's Face Hidden, age of stone in your land, to against you, and ye shall be

[De.31.18. Ex.20.5, Divine Jealousy. bow down unto it: for I am slain before your enemies: they Jud.16.20, Wicked Forsaken.

Reprobation, De.28.15. the LORD your God.

that hate you shall reign over Ex.20.8, Sabbath Obsery. 2 Ye shall keep my sabbaths, you; and ye shall flee when Ge.3.8, Guilty Fear, Ps.53.5. (ance, De.5.12. and reverence my sanctuary: 1 none pursueth you.

Ex.1.13, Israel Humbled, ch.19.30, Reverence (3). am the LORD. 18 And if ye will not yet for

(De.28.48. Ex.15.26, Statutes.

3 TIf ye walk in my statutes, all this hearken unto me, then Ex.20.6, Keep Command

(ments. and keep my commandments, I will punish you seven times De.32.35,Divine Vengeance. Ex.20.6. Prom. to Obedient. and do them;

more for your sins. Ex.23.25, Blessings (2), 4 Then I will give you rain in 19 And I will break the pride Jb.40.12, Abasement (1).

[De.28.2. due season, and the land shall of your power; and I will make Ge.26.12, Increase, De.14.22. yield her increase, and the your heaven as iron, and your

trees of the field shall yield earth as brass :
their fruit.

20 And your strength shall be p.p.Ps.127.1; Is.49.4. 5 And your threshing shall spent in vain: for your land

reach unto the vintage, and the shall not yield her increase, nei- Ge.4.12, Barrenness, Vintage, Jud.8.2. vintage shall reach unto the ther shall the trees of the land

[De.11.17. Ex.3.8, Fruitful Land. sowing time: and ye shall eat yield their fruits.

See Famine (3), v.26. Plenty Promised, De.30.9. your bread to the full, and 21 And if ye walk contrary unJb.11.18, Security. dwell in your land safely. to me, and will not hearken un- Ps.32.9, Stubbornness (1). Is.2.4, Peace (8).

6 And I will give peace in the to me; I will bring seven times See Sleep (1), Ps.3.5. land, and ye shall lie down, and more plagues upon you accord- Plagues, Nu.14.37. 2 Chr.16.9, Divine Protec none shall make you afraid: ing to your sins.

[tion. and I will rid evil beasts out 22 I will also send wild beasts p.p.2 K.17.25.

of the land, neither shall the among you, which shall rob you
sword go through your land. of your children, and destroy v.16, Adversity.

7 And ye shall chase your ene- your cattle, and make you few
De.7.24, Invincibility. mies, and they shall fall before in number; and your high ways Jb.15.34, Desolation of
you by the sword.
shall be desolate.

[Wicked. See Spir. Power, Mi.3.8. 8 And five of you shall chase 23 And if ye will not be re

an hundred, and an hundred of formed by me by these things, Impenitence (1), Pr.1.24. you shall put ten thousand to but will walk contrary unto me; De.29.19, Sinful Walk. flight: and your enemies shall 24 Then will I also walk con

fall before you by the sword. trary unto you, and will punish Is.13.11, Punishment. Ge.4.4, Divine Favor. 9 For I will have respect unto you yet seven times for your Ge.15.5, Posterity Promised, you, and make you fruitful, and sins.

[De.7.13. multiply you, and establish my 25 And I will bring a sword War Threatened, v.33. Ge.17.2, Covenant (2). covenant with you.

upon you, that shall avenge the
De.2.7, Divine Supplies. 10 And ye shall eat old store, quarrel of my covenant: and

and bring forth the old because when ye are gathered together
of the new.

within your cities, I will send
Ex.25.8, Tabernacle. 11 And I will set my taber- the pestilence among you; and Pestilence (1), Nu.14.12.

nacle among you: and my soul ye shall be delivered into the Jos.7.4, Defeats.
shall not abhor you.

hand of the enemy.
Ge.28.15, Divine Presence, 12 And I will walk among you, 26 And when I have broken the

Ex.19.3, Divine Fellowship.

and will be your God, and ye staff of your bread, ten women Famine (3), De.28.53. Ex.19.5, God's People. shall be my people.

shall bake your bread in one Ex.16.23, Baking, 1 S.28.24. 13 I am the LORD your God, oven, and they shall deliver you ch.2.4, Ovens, Lam.5.10. De.8.2, Divine Leader. which brought you forth out your bread again by weight:


Divine threatenings.


Laws concerning vows. De.28.48, Want.

and ye shall eat, and not be sat-contrary unto them, and have

brought them into the land of v.33, Dispersion (2). 27 And if ye will not for all their enemies ; if then their unIs.6.10, Spir. Deafness. this hearken unto me, but walk circumcised hearts be humbled, 1 5.7.3, Repentance (2). Ps.32.9, Stubbornness (1). contrary unto me;

and they then accept of the pun- See Submission (2), Mt.6.10 28 Then I will walk contrary ishment of their iniquity : 2 K.22.13, God's Wrath. unto you also in fury; and 1, 42 Then will I remember my De.7.9, Divine Faithfulness. See Chastisement, De.8.5. even İ, will chastise you seven covenant with Jā'cob, and also times for your sins.

my covenant with I'şaac, and Cannibalism, De.28.53. , 29 And ye shall eat the flesh of also my covenant with Abră- Ge.17.2, Covenant (2).

your sons, and the flesh of your hăm will I remember; and I will
daughters shall ye eat.

remember the land.
High Places (2), Nu.33.52. 30 And I will destroy your high| 43 The land also shall be left

places, and cut down your im- of them, and shall enjoy her De.28.26, Unburied. ages, and cast your carcases up-sabbaths, while she lieth desov.17, Reprobation. on the carcases of your idols, late without them: and they p.p.Ps.78.59.

and my soul shall abhor you. shall accept of the punishment Is.13.11, Punishment. p.p.Ne.2.3; Je.5.10. 31 And I will make your cities of their iniquity: because, even

waste, and bring your sanctua- because they despised my judg- Pr.1.30, Despisers. See Temple Destroyed, ries unto desolation, and I will ments, and because their soul Ex.6.6, God's Judgments.

52 K.25.9. not smell the savour of your abhorred my statutes. Ge.4.5, Unacceptable Offer

sweet odours.

44 And yet for all that, when
32 And I will bring the land they be in the land of their ene- p.p.De.4.31.
Is.1.8, Desolation (1). into desolation: and your enemies, I will not cast them away,

mies which dwell therein shall neither will I abhor them, to See Remnant, Is.1.9.
be astonished at it.

destroy them utterly, and to Nu.14.18, Longsuffering (1). Dispersion (2), Ne.1.8. 33. And I will scatter you break my covenant with them : See God's Word Sure, among the heathen, and will for I am the LORD their God.

(1 K.8.56. v.25, War Threatened, draw out a sword after you: and 45 But I will for their sakes re

[De.28.22. your land shall be desolate, and member the covenant of their Ge.17.2, Covenant (2). your cities waste.

ancestors, whom I brought forth De.8.2, Divine Leader. P.p.2 Chr.36.21.

34 Then shall the land enjoy out of the land of Egypt in the her sabbaths, as long as it lieth sight of the heathen, that I desolate, and ye be in your ene- might be their God: I am the mies' land; even then shall the LORD. land rest, and enjoy her sab- 46 These are the statutes and Ex.15.26. Statutes, De.4.5. baths.

judgments and laws, which the De.6.6, Commandments.
35 As long as it lieth desolate LORD made between him and the
it shall rest; because it did not children of Işóra-el in mount Ex.16.1, Mt. Sinai, Ne.9.13.

rest in your sabbaths, when ye Si'nāi by the hand of Mo'şeş.
dwelt upon it.

36 And upon them that are left
Faint-hearted, Nu.14.3. alive of you I will send a faint. Concerning vows. 26 Of the Lord's B.C.1491.

firstlings. 28 No devoted thing may ness into their hearts in the

be redeemed. 30 The tithe may not
lands of their enemies; and the be changed.
Terror, Nu.22.3.
Ge.3.8, Guilty Fear.
chase them; and they shall Shel, AND the Lord spake unto

as fleeing from a sword; and 2 Speak unto the children of
they shall fall when none pur- Işʻra-el, and say unto them, p.p.Nu.6.2.

When a man shall make a sin-
37 And they shall fall one up-gular vow, the persons shall Nu.30.2, Vows Sacred.

on another, as it were before a be for the LORD by thy estip.p.Jud.2.14.

sword, when none pursueth: and mation. Powerlessness, De.28.32. ye shall have no power to stand 3 And thy estimation shall be before your enemies.

of the male from twenty years Is.34.2, Destruction (2). 38 And ye shall perish among old even unto sixty years old,

the heathen, and the land of your even thy estimation shall be Jb.22.16, Wicked Cut Off. enemies shall eat you up. fifty shekels of silver, after the Ge.20.16, Silver (1).

39 And they that are left of shekel of the sanctuary. Pining Away, Lam.4.9. you shall pine away in their in- 4 And if it be a female, then

iquity in your enemies' lands; thy estimation shall be thirty

and also in the iniquities of their shekels. Ex.20.5, Parents' Sins, fathers shall they pine away 5 And if it be from five years [Nu.14.18. with them.

old even unto twenty years old, ch.16.21, Confession of 40 If they shall confess their then thy estimation shall be of [Sin (1), Nu.5.7. iniquity, and the iniquity of the male twenty shekels, and for Ex.30.13, Shekels, Nu.3.47.

their fathers, with their trespass the female ten shekels.
which they trespassed against 6 And if it be from a month

me, and that also they have old even unto five years old,
De.29.19, Sinful Walk. walked contrary unto me; then thy estimation shall be of p.p.Nu.18.16.
41 And that I also have walked the male five shekels of silver,

Laws concerning vows.


Of the Lord's firstlings.
and for the female thy estima- unto it, and it shall be assured
tion shall be three shekels of to him.

20 And if he will not redeem
7 And if it be from sixty years the field, or if he have sold the
old and above; if it be a male, field to another man, it shall not
then thy estimation shall be fif- be redeemed any more.
teen shekels, and for the female 21 But the field, when it goeth
ten shekels.

out in the jubile, shall be holy
8 But if he be poorer than thy unto the LORD, as a field de-
estimation, then he shall pre- voted; the possession thereof
sent himself before the priest, shall be the priest's.

ch.2.3,Priests'Dues,Nu.3.48. and the priest shall value him; 22 And if a man sanctify unto ch.14.30, Give ac. to Ability, according to his ability that the LORD a field which he hath


vowed shall the priest value bought, which is not of the fields

of his possession;
9 And if it be a beast, whereof 23 Then the priest shall reck-
men bring an offering unto the on unto him the worth of
LORD, all that any man giveth thy estimation, even unto the
of such unto the LORD shall be year of the jubile: and he shall

give thine estimation in that p.p.v.33.

10 He shall not alter it, nor day, as a holy thing unto the change it, a good for a bad, or a LORD. bad for a good: and if he shall 24 In the year of the jubile ch.25.10, Year of Jubilee. at all change beast for beast, then the field shall return unto him of it and the exchange thereof shall whom it was bought, even to be holy.

him to whom the possession of 11 And if it be any unclean the land did belong.

Nu.36.2, Inheritance. beast, of which they do not offer 25 And allthy estimations shall a sacrifice unto the LORD, then be according to the shekel of Ex.30.13, Shekels. he shall present the beast before the sanctuary: twenty gerahs the priest:

shall be the shekel. 12 And the priest shall value 26 TOnly the firstling of the Ex.13.2, First-born, Nu.3.13. it, whether it be good or bad: as beasts, which should be the thou valuest it, who art the LORD's firstling, no man shall priest, so shall it be.

sanctify it; whether it be ox, Ge.4.4, Sheep. 13 But if he will at all re- or sheep: it is the LORD's. Ex.19.5, Divine Ownerdeem it, then he shall add a 27 And if it be of an unclean

[ship (1). fifth part thereof unto thy esti- beast, then he shall redeem it mation.

according to thine estimation, 14 TAnd when a man shall and shall add a fifth part of it sanctify his house to be holy un- thereto: or if it be not redeemed, to the LORD, then the priest shall then it shall be sold according estimate it, whether it be good to thy estimation. or bad: as the priest shall esti- 28 Notwithstanding nodevoted p.p.Ny.18.14; Jos.6.17. mate it, so shall it stand. thing, that a man shall devote See Giving (1), Ex.25.2.

15 And if he that sanctified it unto the LORD of all that he will redeem his house, then he hath, both of man and beast, and

shall add the fifth part of the of the field of his possession, Je.32.10, Money.

money of thy estimation unto shall be sold or redeemed: every
it, and it shall be his.

devoted thing is most holy unto
16 And if a man shall sanctify the LORD.
unto the LORD some part of a 29 None devoted, which shall
field of his possession, then thy be devoted of men, shall be re-

estimation shall be according to deemed; but shall surely be put Homer, Nu.11.32.

the seed thereof: an homer of to death. Ex.9.31, Barley.

barley seed shall be valued at 30 And all the tithe of the land, Ge.14.20, Tithes, Nu.18.21. fifty shekels of silver.

whether of the seed of the land, Ge.1.11, Fruit. 17 If he sanctify his field from or of the fruit of the tree, is ch.19.23,Trees (1), De.16.21. ch.25.10, Year of Jubilee, the year of jubile, according to the LORD's: it is holy unto the

[Nu.36.4. thy estimation it shall stand. LORD.

18 But if he sanctify his field 31 And if a man will at all re

after the jubile, then the priest deem ought of his tithes, he Je.32.10, Money.

shall reckon unto him the money shall add thereto the fifth part
according to the years that re- thereof.
main, even unto the year of the 32 And concerning the tithe of

jubile, and it shall be abated the herd, or of the flock, even of Ge.18.7, Herds.
from thy estimation.

whatsoever passeth under the p.p.Je.33.13; Eze 20.37.
19 And if he that sanctified the rod, the tenth shall be holy un-
field will in any wise redeem it, to the Lord.
then he shall add the fifth part 33 He shall not search whether
of the money of thy estimation it be good or bad, neither shall

Moses numbereth


the men of war. he change it: and if he change 34 These are the command- De.6.6, Commandments. it at all, then both it and the ments, which the LORD comchange thereof shall be holy; manded Mōʻşeş for the children Jit shall not be redeemed. of Iş'ra-el in mount Si'nāi. Ex.16.1, Mt. Sinai.





17 | And Mōʻşeş and Aâr'on B.C.1490.

The men of war numbered. 47 The took these men which are ex-
Levites exempted for the tabernacle pressed by their names:

18 And they assembled all the ND the LORD spake unto congregation together on the Le.8.3, Congregation (2), p.p.Ex.19.1.

[ch.8.9. Ex.25.8, Tabernacle, of Si'nāi, in the tabernacle of and they declared their pedi- p.p.Ezr.2.59; Ne.7.61.

the congregation, on the first grees after their families, by
day of the second month, in the the house of their fathers, ac-

second year after they were cording to the number of the Ge.12.10, Egypt.

come out of the land of E'ġýpt, names, from twenty years old

and upward, by their polls.
Ex.4.6, Divine Commands, 2 Take ye the sum of all the 19 As the LORD commanded p.p.2 S.24.1.

(ch.35.2. congregation of the children of Mōʻşeş, so he numbered them in Ge.6.22, Obedience (2).

Işóra-el, after their families, by the wilderness of Si'nāi.

the house of their fathers, with 20 (And the children of Reu'- Ge.29.32, Reuben. Census, ch.26.2.

the number of their names, ben, İş'ra-el's eldest son, by their
every male by their polls; generations, after their fami-

3 From twenty years old and lies, by the house of their fathers,

upward, all that are able to go according to the number of the See Warriors, ch.32.17. forth to war in Iş'ra-el : thou names, by their polls, every

and Aâr'on shall number them male from twenty years old and
by their armies.

upward, all that were able to go; 1 Chr.27.1. 4 And with you there shall forth to war;

ch.32.17, Warriors.
be a man of every tribe; every 21 Those that were numbered
one head of the house of his of them, even of the tribe of

Reu'ben, were forty and six
5 TAnd these are the names of thousand and five hundred.
Ex.17.12, Co-operation. the men that shall stand with 22 [Of the children of Sim'- Tribe of Simeon, ch.25.14.
Ge.29.32, Reuben.

you: of the tribe of Reuben; e-on, by their generations, after

E-li’zur the son of Shěd'e-ur. their families, by the house of Ge.29.33, Simeon.

6 Of Sim'e-on; She-lū miel the their fathers, those that were son of Zū-ri-shăd'da-i.

numbered of them, according to Ge.29.35, Judah.

7 Of Jū’dah ; Näh'shõn the son the number of the names, by of Am-min'a-dăb.

their polls, every male from Ge.30.18, Issachar.

8 Of Is'sa-char; Ne-thăn'e-el twenty years old and upward, the son of Zū'ar.

all that were able to go forth to p.p.Ps.144.1. Ge.30.20, Zebulun.

9 Of Zēb'u-lūn; E-li’ab the son war; of Hē'lon.

23 Those that were numbered Ge.30.24, Joseph.

10 Of the children of Jõ’seph : of them, even of the tribe of Ge.41.52, Ephraim. of E'phră-im; E-lish'a-må the Sỉm'e-on, were fifty and nine Ge.41.51, Manasseh (a). son of Am-mi'hůd: of Mā-năs'- thousand and three hundred.

seh; Gā-māʻli-el the son of Pê- 24 [Of the children of Găd, by Ge.30.11, Gad.
däh zur.

their generations, after their Ge.35.18, Benjamin. 11 Of Běn'ja-mỉn; Ab’i-dăn families, by the house of their the son of Gide-oʻni.

fathers, according to the numGe.30.6, Dan.

12 Of Dăn ; A-hi-ē’zēr the son ber of the names, from twenty of Åm-mi-shăd'da-i.

years old and upward, all that Ge.30.13, Asher.

13 Of Ash’ēr; Pā’ği-el the son were able to go forth to war; ch.32.17, Warriors. of Öc'ran.

25 Those that were numbered Ge.30.11, Gad.

14 Of Găd; E-li’a-săph the son of them, even of the tribe of of Deū’el.

Găd, were forty and five thouGe.30.8, Naphtali.

15 Of Năph'ta-li; A-hi'rả the sand six hundred and fifty. son of E'nan.

26 {Of the children of Jū’dah, p.p.Ge.29.35.
16 These were the renowned by their generations, after their
Princes, ch.7.2.

of the congregation, princes of families, by the house of their
the tribes of their fathers, heads fathers, according to the num-
of thousands in Işóra-el. ber of the names, from twenty

Moses numbereth the men of war.


The Levites exempted. years old and upward, all that fathers, according to the numwere able to go forth to war; ber of the names, from twenty

27 Those that were numbered years old and upward, all that

of them, even of the tribe of were able to go forth to war; De.33.7, Tribe of Judah. Jū’dah, were threescore and 39 Those that were numbered

fourteen thousand and six hun- of them, even of the tribe of

Dăn, were threescore and two Tribe of Dan, Jos.19.48. Ge. 30.18, Issachar.

28 TOf the children of Is'sa- thousand and seven hundred.
char, by their generations, after 40 9 Of the children of Åshsēr, Ge.30.13, Asher.
their families, by the house of by their generations, after their
their fathers, according to the families, by the house of their
number of the names, from fathers, according to the num-
twenty years old and upward, ber of the names, from twenty
all that were able to go forth years old and upward, all that
to war;

were able to go forth to war;
29 Those that were numbered 41 Those that were numbered
of them, even of the tribe of of them, even of the tribe of
Is'sa-char, were fifty and four Ash'ēr, were forty and one

thousand and four hundred. thousand and five hundred.
Jud. 1.30, Tribe of Zebulun. 30 of the children of Zěb'u- 42 TOf the children of Năph-

lùn, by their generations, after ta-li, throughout their genera-
their families, by the house of tions, after their families, by
their fathers, according to the the house of their fathers, ac-
number of the names, from cording to the number of the
twenty years old and upward, names, from twenty years old
all that were able to go forth and upward, all that were able
to war;

to go forth to war;
31 Those that were numbered 43 Those that were numbered
of them, even of the tribe of of them, even of the tribe of
Zēb’u-lìn, were fifty and seven Năph'ta-li, were fifty and three ch.2.29, Tribe of Naphtali.

thousand and four hundred. thousand and four hundred. Ge.30.24, Joseph.

32 TOf the children of Jo-44 [ These are those that p.p.v.21; ch.2.4; 3.16; seph, namely, of the children were numbered, which Mo'şeş

(Jos.8.10. of E'phră-im, by their genera- and Aâr'on numbered, and the tions, after their families, by princes of Işʻra-el, being twelve the house of their fathers, ac- men: each one was for the cording to the number of the house of his fathers. names, from twenty years old 45 So were all those that were and upward, all that were able numbered of the children of Isto go forth to war;

ra-el, by the house of their fa33 Those that were numbered thers, from twenty years old

of them, even of the tribe of and upward, all that were able Tribe of Ephraim, De.33.17. E'phră-im, were forty thousand to go forth to war in Iş'ra-el; and five hundred.

46 Even all they that were
Ge.41.51, Manasseh (a). 34 TOf the children of Mā-năs'- numbered were six hundred p.p.Ex.12.37; 38.26.

seh, by their generations, after thousand and three thousand
their families, by the house of and five hundred and fifty.
their fathers, according to the 47 {But the Lē'vītes after the Ex.32.26, Levites.
number of the names, from tribe of their fathers were not
twenty years old and upward, numbered among them.
all that were able to go forth 48 For the LORD had spoken
to war;

unto Mo'şeş, saying,
35 Those that were numbered 49 Only thou shalt not
of them, even of the tribe of ber the tribe of Lē'vī, neither
Mā-năs'seh, were thirty and two take the sum of them among the

thousand and two hundred. children of Iş'ra-el :
Ge.35.18, Benjamin. 36 TOf the children of Běn'ja- 50 But thou shalt appoint the

mịn, by their generations, after Lē'vites over the tabernacle of Ex.32.26. Levites, ch.3.6.
their families, by the house of testimony, and over all the ves- p.p.Ex.38.21.
their fathers, according to the sels thereof, and over all things
number of the names, from that belong to it: they shall
twenty years old and upward, bear the tabernacle, and all the
all that were able to go forth vessels thereof; and they shall
to war;

minister unto it, and shall en-
37 Those that were numbered camp round about the taberna-
of them, even of the tribe of cle.
Běn'ja-min, were thirty and five 51 And when the tabernacle Ex.25.8, Tabernacle, ch.2.17.
thousand and four hundred. setteth forward, the Lē'vites

38 of the children of Dăn, shall take it down : and when by their generations, after their the tabernacle is to be pitched, families, by the house of their the Lē’vites shall set it up: and|

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