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21 But there Jehovah shall display his glory to us.

[There] is our place upon flowing rivers, and spacious

Thither shall come no vessel of war with oars, 5

Neither shall gallant ship pass by. Verse 24. _" shall be forgiven their iniquity;' rather, “ have borne their iniquity;" their sufferings are come to an end.

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CHAP. XXXIV. “ This and the following chapter makes,” says Bishop Lowth, “one distinct prophecy, consisting of two parts; a denunciation of divine vengeance against the enemies of the people or church of God, and a description of the flourishing state of the church of God consequent upon the execution of those judgments.” In the preceding prophecies the Assyrian has been the representative of some powerful head of the irreligious faction in the latter days. In this prophecy Idumea and Bozra seem to be

* Or thus, [There is] our place upon rivers, (and) streams wide of channel.

Sh of war among the antients were of a long make, and moved by oars; merchantmen were broader, and carried sail.

images of a promiscuous mass of people in the interests of infidelity and irreligion, which will remain to be extirpated after the overthrow of that Assyrian.

Verse 2. _“ he hath utterly destroyed them;" rather, with Bishop Lowth," he hath devoted them.” The original expresses that they are under the extreme malediction of the Dn. In the next clause, for “ he hath delivered,” “ he hath appointed.”

Verse 5. “ For my sword” rather, “ my knife," the knife of sacrifice. • Deus enim hic non eom. paret ut bellator, Idumæos gladio persecuturus, sed ut eos, instar victimarum cædi destinatarum, jugulaturus et mactaturus.' Vitringa ad locum.

“ to judgment;" i. e. to execute judgment. Verse 7. _" shall come down ;" rather, with Bishop Lowth, 66 shall fall down."

Verse 11. _" the stones of emptiness;" rather, “ the plummet of emptiness."

Verse 12. Houbigant's emendation of this verse seems preferable to Bishop Lowth’s.

ואין שם מלוכה יקראו חריה וכל שריה יהיו אפס :

And there they shall no more mention the kingdom ;
Her nobles and all her rulers are no more.

Verse 13. For usage onbyy, read, with Bishop

.יעלו בארמנותיה ,Lowth and the antient versions

Verse 15. -" the great owl;" -" the night raven,” Bishop Lowth : rather, “the darting serpent.”

serpens jaculus,” Houbigant. «xovtides. Verse 16. For 17pp, read 0797, to agree with the feminine nominative. Verse 17. “ for my mouth it" - Read, 595

" For the mouth of Jehovah itself hath commanded, and his Spirit itself hath gathered them."

כי פי

,יהוה הוא

CHAP. XXXV. Upon this whole chapter, see Bishop Lowth in his notes, and also his twentieth prelection.

.יששו read ,יששום Verse 1. For

Verse 4. -" to them that are of a fearful heart; rather, “ to the docile of heart,” or “ to the well instructed."

_"behold your God will come with vengeance," &c.; rather,

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Behold your God! To avenge he cometh!
God, who maketh retribution,
He will come and save you!

Verse 7. " in the habitation of dragons, where each lay,” &c.

In the habitation of dragons [shall be ] a bed of grass

Instead of reeds and bulrushes. -“ a bed” in the masculine is used for a place where cattle, oxen, and sheep, may lie down, Is. lxv, 10; Jer. 1, 6.

Verse 8. “ And a highway shall be there, and a way".

And a causey and a way shall be there,
And it shall be called the way of the Holy One.
The unclean shall not pass over it.
But he [that is, the Holy One] shall be with them, walking

in the way,

And fools shall not go astray. These twelve chapters, following the twenty-third, seem to form one entire prophetic discourse, of which the general subject is the final triumph of the church over the apostate factions, and the previous judgments with which the Jews will be visited.

CHAP. XXXVI. Verse 5. For in7px, read, with many MSS., NIDX. See Bishop Lowth.

Verse 16. -" make an agreement with me by a present;" rather, “ do homage unto me.”

CHAP. XXXVII. Verse 4. " the remnant that is left." Samaria being already captivated, he calls the two tribes of the kingdom of Judah the remnant.

Verse 18. For X87, read, with ten MSS. and the parallel place, Dn. See Bishop Lowth.

Verse 25. -"all the rivers of the besieged places;" rather, “ all the streams (that descend) from the rocks." See Houbigant.

Verse 26. -" to lay waste defenced cities into ruinous heaps ;" rather, “ to lay waste fruitful hillocks, fenced cities;" to destroy the towns and ra. vage the adjacent cultivation. -" fruitful hillocks,”

, 66 des collines fleurissantes."

,גלים נצים

CHAP. XL. Verse 1. "her warfare is accomplished for she hath received of the Lord's hand double of all her sins. Significantur in primis hoc loco militiæ labores, sive mala per bellum invecta, in quibus Judæi poenas duplices Deo dederant pro peccatis suis. Quæ pænæ duplices, duæ sunt captivitates, una sub Assyriis, altera sub Romanis._Qui interpretes hæc dicta putant de uno reditu ex captivitate Babylonis,



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