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Literary Romance, fragment of, 382, 465, Patents lately enrolled, 440.

Plants, on the vegetable power in the seeds
Lithography, or art of engraving on stone, of, 239.
method of, 128.

Pernambuco, insurrection there, 431..The
Lovat, Lord, his memorial to George I. rebels defeated and put down, 532.

Pirates, a number of them executed at Con-
Lyall, Margaret, remarkable case of, 61. stantinople, 649. Account of their ex.

cesses in the Persian Gulf, 651.
Macbeth, charter granted by him to the Cul. Poetical Epistles, review of, 626.
dees of Lochleven, 85.

Poetry, Original. The Desolate Village,
Mackenzie, Sir George, of Rosehaugh, ac 70..-Italy, 71.-Verses on the final Vic-

count of his Ms. History of Scotland, tory over the French, 72.-A last Adieu.

-The Past The Mossy Seat, 169.-
Mareschal, on the nature and office of, 123. A Night Scene-Lines written in Spring,
Marlow's Tragical History of Dr Faustus,

170. The Mermaid ; from the German
remarks on, 388.

-Greece; from the French, 171.-Son.
Marriages, 119, 227, 339, 450, 557, 670. net to the Yew Tree-The Wreath
Marshal, Billy, a gypsey chief, account of, Song--The Burial of Sir John Moore,

462.Humorous story concerning, 618. 277. The Moss Rose The two Graves,
Memorandums of a View-Hunter, 27.-His 278.--The Captive Lark-Sonnets, &c.

observations at Dover, 28.-On Shak 404.--The Lesson ; from the German,
speare's Cliff, 373.-Passage to Calais, 405.–Lines written in a Highland Glen
374.-Calais, 589.

The Widowed Mother-On Domestic
Meteorological Tables, 118, 226, 338, 448, Happiness, 501.Sonnets-On Friend.
556, 665.

ship-On the Grave of a Child, 502....
Observations, 572.

On the Death of a Young Lady, 623.
Milton's Satan, the original of, 140.

Passage through the Desert-A Fairy
Mineral Spring, account of one at Dun Ballad, 624.-

To the Memory of a very
blane, 485.

Promising Child, 625.
Mitchell, James, the blind and deaf boy, Poland, military conscription in, 99.Emi-

narrow escape of, from drowning 240. grations from Scotland to, 543.
Modern Greece, a poem, review of, 515. Pompeii, on the researches at, 372.
Montrose, disfranchisement of the burgh of, Poor, communication on the subject of their

relief, 241..Method of supplying them
Moore's Lalla Rookh, review of, 279, 503. with soup at Geneva, 387. On the edu-
Sacred Songs, review of, 630.

cation of their children, 474.
Moorish Privateers in the North Sea, 437. Pope, The, issues a bull against bible socie-
Mount Blanc, account of a journey to the ties, 201.-Concordat between him and
summit of, 59.

the King of France, 647. Authorises the
Mudge, Colonel, communication from him King of Spain to levy a subsidy on the

respecting the trigonometrical survey of property of the church, 647.
Great Britain, 234.

Port-au-Prince, explosion of a magazine by
Music, cursory remarks on, 343, 459. lightning there, 651,
Musical Museum, Scots, account of, 377. Portugal, conspiracy in Lisbon discovered

and defeated, 428.-.Trial of the conspi-
Natural History, on the study of some

rators, 647.
Branches of, 569.

Prince Regent, his speech on opening Par-
Navy, British, regulations respecting, 659. liament, 102.---Attack on his coach by
Nelson, Lord, erection of a pillar to his me a London mob, ill.His Speech on
mory at Yarmouth, 660.

proroguing Parliament, 655.
New Coin, description of the, 212, 216. Printing Presses established in Constanti-
Newfoundland, distressing fire there, 649.

nople, 649.
Niger, failure of the expedition to, and Printing Press, account of Mr Ruthven's
death of Captain Campbell, 631.

new one, 125.
Nugæ Literariæ, 484,

Printing, Scottish, documents relating to,

O'Connor, Roger, arrest of, on a charge of Prussia, the King of, visits Paris under the

mail-coach robbery, 330.-His trial and title of Count Ruppin, 647.
acquittal, 660.

Public accounts, 441.

Publications, list of new ones, 90, 196, 310,
Parliament opened on 28th January, 102. 424, 629, 643.

-The Regent's message on the state of
the country, 103.-Numerous petitions Quebec, numerous emigrants from Britain
for reform in, 208.-Resignation of the

to, 650.
Speaker, 542.- Suspension of the Habeas

Corpus Act, 654.- Prorogued by the Review of Chalmers's Discourses, 73.-Of
Prince Regent, 655.

Harold the Dauntless, a poem, 76.Of
Pastoral Life, tales and anecdotes of, 22, Armata, a fragment, 78. Of Stories for
143, 247.

Children, 79. Of the Duchess of Angou-

leme's Journal, 172...Of Ricardo on Poe Steam Boat, explosion of one at Norwich,
litical Economy, 175.-Of Bingley's Use 325.--and at Richmond, 545.
ful Knowledge, 178.-Of Moore's Lalla Stewart's Natural History, review of, 510.-
Rookh, 279, 503.-Of Irving's Life of Stewarts of Allanton, communication re-
Buchanan, 286.Of the Craniad, a poem, specting them, 319. -Feuds between
288.-0f Lord Byron's Manfred, 289. them and the Somervilles, 350.--Reply
Of Grenfell's Speech, on the transactions • to the foregoing article, 476.Curious
with the Bank of England, 406.-Of the inventory of the effects of Allan Stewart,
Life of William Hutton, by his Daugh 480.-Singular dedication of a fountain
ter, 413.-_Of a comparative view of the to his memory, ib.
British and American Constitutions, 414. Stories for Children, review of, 79.
-of the Bower of Spring; 415.-Of Strathearn, geological observations on, 587.
Coleman's Eccentricities for Edinburgh, Sugar Cane, observations on its culture in
417.-Of Stewart's Natural History, 510. the United States, 25.
Of Modern Greece, a poem, 515.-0f Sweden, plot to overturn the government
Miss Edgeworth's Harrington and Or of, 98.-Anti-commercial policy of, 317.
mond, 519, 631.--Of Poetical Epistles, -Its absurdity and inutility, 648.

626.-Of Moore's Sacred Songs, 630. Switzerland, dreadful avalanche there, 202.
Ricardo on Political Economy, review of, - Tradition related by a monk in, 270.

Damage by inundations, 532.-A tile
Robbery of the mail from Edinburgh to manufactory set on fire by water, 648.
Stirling, 214.

Romance, fragment of a Literary, 382, 465, Tales and anecdotes of the pastoral life,

Russia, pacific policy of, 648.

22, 143, 247.
Ruthven, Mr, account of his new Printing Thermometer, on its use as a hygrometer,

Press, 125.

Thunder Storm, account of one in Lanark-
Sacred Songs, by T. Moore, review of, 630.

shire, 471.-In Edinburgh, 544.
Saddler, Mr, crosses the Irish Channel in

Tradition related by a monk in Switzer-

land, 270.
his balloon, 548.
Saint Hilary, inscription in the church of, Trigonometrical Survey of Britain, com-

Treasons, trials for, 541.

munication from Colonel Mudge on the
Salt, on the ancient custom of sitting below
it at table, 33, 132, 349.

subject of, 234.
Salt, on the symbolical use of, 579.

Scots Musical Museum, account of, 377. Unlawful Oaths, trial of Mackinlay for ad-
Appeal, decision of an interesting one,

ministering, 547.

Scottish Songs, on the humour of our an-

Vegetative power in the seeds of plants, Mr
cient ones, 237.

Lauder Dick's experiments on, 239.
Peer, election of one, 326.
Sculpture, observations on that of the View-Hunter, memorandums of, 27, 373,

Venice, present state of the city of, 16.
Greeks, 9.

Sedition, trials for, in Scotland, 324, 437.

Vincent, Dr, letter respecting the late Dr
Shakspeare Club of Alloa, account of, 152.

Adam, 260.
Shakspeare's Macbeth and Richard III. ob.
servations on Kemble's Essay on, 455.

Sketches of foreign scenery and manners, Waterloo Subscription, general account of,
251, 359, 487, 582.

Somervilles, Memorie of the Family of, 162 Wellington, Duke of, brings an action a.

-Feuds between them and the Stewarts gainst a Flemish editor for libel, and is
of Allanton, 350.

cast, with expenses, 648.
Somnolency, remarkable instance of, 61. Wernerian Society of Edinburgh, some ac-
Southcotte, Johanna, instances of fanaticism count of, 231.
among her followers, 111, 213.

Whig and Tory, origin of the terms, 246.
Spain, riots in Valencia, 97.--Tyrannical Witches, commissioun for examinating of,
measures of the king, 98.-Conspiracy 497.
of General Lacy at Barcelona, 201.- Witchcraft, confessions of, in Scotland, 167.
Execution of Lacy, 531.--Good under Trials for, 497.

standing betwixt and Russia, 647. Wordsworth, Mr, observations on his letter
Spring Guns, trials respecting, 328.

relative to Robert Burns, 26).
Spurzheim, Di, attack on his system, 35. Works preparing for publication, 88, 194,
Defence of, 365.

308, 423, 527, 612.
Steam Frigate, account of the American Wyfe of Auchtermuchtie, ancient ballad of,


one, 30.


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