United States Government Publications, Volume 1

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J.H. Hickcox, 1885

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Page 48 - BY THE DEPARTMENT oF STATE.—The foregoing act having and not having been returned by him to the house of Congress in which it originated within the time prescribed by the Constitution of the [Payment for lost
Page 228 - Auditor. Annual report of the Fifth Auditor to the Secretary of the Treasury for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1885. 8°. Washington, 1885. 37pp. (Diplomatic and consular, and Internal revenue, etc., accounts.) (?«) [Treasury Department Document
Page 136 - no. 613.] BARLOW, JW Annual report upon the improvement of the harbors on Lake Superior (east of Superior City), on Green Bay, and on the western shore of Lake Michigan, north of Milwaukee. Being Appendix FF of the annual report of the Chief of Engineers for 1884. 8°. Washington, 1884. pp. xiv, 1825-1861. 2 plates. (157)
Page 13 - 4. An investigation of the composition of American wheat and corn. Second report, by C. Richardson. 8°. Washington, 1884. 98 pp. Bureau of Entomology. Catalogue of the exhibit of economic entomology at the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition at New Orleans, 1884-85. 8°. Washington, 1884. 95 pp. Bureau of
Page 262 - A digest of the laws of the US governing the granting of army and navy pensions and bounty-land warrants; decisions of the Secretary of the Interior, and rulings and orders of the Commissioner of Pensions thereunder. Compiled by FB Curtis and WH Webster. Washington, 1885. 8°.
Page 140 - ELLIOT, GEORGE H. Annual report upon the improvement of harbors and rivers on the southern coast of Massachusetts, and in Rhode Island and Connecticut. Being Appendix C of the annual report of the Chief of Engineers for 1884. 8°. Washing. ton, 1884. pp. xvi, 591-633, 7 maps.
Page 233 - 20 tables. No. 18. Report of the geological exploration of the fortieth parallel, made by order of the Secretary of War, according to acts of Congress of March 2, 1867, and March 2, 1869, under direction of Gen. AA Humphreys, by Clarence King. 7 vols. 4°, and atlases, 2 vols. folio. Washington, 1870-80., viz: Vol.
Page 259 - COURT OF CLAIMS. Letter from the assistant clerk of the Court of Claims, transmitting a copy of the order and findings of that court in the case of JH Ayres vs. the US Dec. 12, 1885. 8°. 2 pp.
Page 227 - [Treasury Department Document 735.] Mint. Thirteenth annual report of the Director of the Mint to the Secretary of the Treasury [on the operations of all the mint and assay officers of the United States] for the fiscal
Page 245 - PENSIONS. Annual report of the Commissioner of Pensions to the Secretary of the Interior for the year ending June 30, 1885. Washington, 1885. 8°. 57pp. (809) Instructions to examining surgeons for pensions. 1886. [Washington, 1886.] 8°.

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