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tural disposition. On an inclination to censure what
the censurers themselves perform. — Whether or
not anger be hurtful to the health. – A good temper
is adapted for all conditions of life. — The folly and
inutility of anger. – On a querulous disposition. —
Instances in which anger may be allowed.-Methods
for checking unreasonable anger - - Page 73

The nature of humility and pride. - Humility is uni-

versally admired. — Extravagant dress and sloven-
liness. — Pride sometimes connected with plain ap-
parel. – Honours and dignity. - Respect and homage
in various countries. — Affected humility. — The
duty of the poor, as well as of the rich, to cherish
humility. — Humility does not imply ignorance of
rank, wealth, or ability. - Power should be wielded

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